YouTubers Get A REAL JOB For The First Time!

Published on Nov 27, 2018
We started YouTubing when we were 15 so we never really had a real job before. In this video we find out what its like, and also find out that we should probably just stick to youtube lolol.
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  • Hahhaha I love this

  • “There’s no guy in the back. I am the guy in the back” 😂😂

  • No one will probably get this but the first few seconds of the video they reminded me of Sam and dean from supernatural 😂

  • This is giving me so much ANXIETY OH MY GOD

  • This is seriously stressing me out 😂

  • This reminds me of the video pewds made last year. He was selling hotdogs 😂

  • What the heck you guys didn't post yet.

  • This is hilarious 😂😂😭😭😭

  • we have vanilla

  • Ethan: I blamed it on the guy in the back, there is no guy in the back, I’m the guy in the back. I died

  • Why did he act so shocked when he says barista like they can’t edit it out

  • Can you guys do another colab with Molly Burke I loved the last collaboration!!! Please❤️☹️

  • Why when he said “his crew” I just see Cameron doing everything by herself😂

  • Watching this before postulating to Starbucks

  • 16:14 for all the fangirls

  • You guys should collab with Free Time that would be so lit

  • I’m fucking crying! 😂😂 I have the cringe sweats!

  • anyone else notice they werent charging anyone for there coffee

  • This makes my anxiety fly out of my ass

  • My last two brain cells in school

  • Loveeeeeeee you

  • This gives me anxiety

  • ethan: "yo gray" *silence* grayson: "I nEeD mOp jUicE"

  • Try work at KFC as a cashier I do lol

  • Loved the video guys

  • Lol.."Do you think he would notice that it isn't chai tea?" Hahahahhahaha... Grayson what do you think?

  • This is so cringy!!! I feel so bad for you guys!

  • Loving that top notch training they got...definitely setting them up for 100% success...?? Did that *really* count as a real job experience tho? Did I just miss tve 'real' interview and 'real' training? Wut...

  • I would rather take my coffee from Ethan cuz your gonna wear aprons so it’s gonna be weird wearing a suit and a apron and there freaking 18??????!!!!!!!!!

  • i don’t know why but this is my favorite video of yours 🤠

  • E baby looks so Fluffy n Soft .

  • there so funyyyyyyyy and cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • In that suit

  • Ethan I would rather get a coffee of you

  • I was cringing soon hard😂😬😬

  • Sup my dudes my sister loves you Grayson

  • Grayson was super BS'ing during the interview 😂😂😂😜

  • This is literally my worst nightmare 🙂

  • Grayson is such a babe

  • As someone who works as a Barista, watching this I'm like.... cringing a lot....

  • when you see the Dolan twins for that long they weirdly don't look the same

  • This hurts to watch

  • I felt so embarrassed for them😂

  • Omg i hope they stopped the customers and made things right! What if you put stuff in there they were allergic to?

  • that’s like the cooking fever game but in real life omg

  • *awesome* haha

  • I love this!!!

  • "Professional dumb asses." 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • "Like for that guy's refund." 🤣🤣🤣 Oh Greyson, you are the best. 💕💕

  • This is officially their best video lmao

  • Omg I love you dolans but I cringed so hard

  • umm who filmed this because I got really dizzy at 9:25 ?

  • What am I going to do when they quit US-tv 💔

  • There is never one video you guys dont make me laugh Love u❤❤❤

  • 15:47 I fucking can't. He's just chilling and silently freaking laughing. XD

  • 17:25 😂 they have a nutella latte

  • Ethan: what are you doing? Grayson: *whispers* I don’t know

  • Ethan: "Sorry the Nutella machine is down" Me: The what? They're lucky they're cute lmao

  • 19:35 , it’s uh chai enough

  • Grayson's rolled up button down gave me cold sweats

  • I love how Ethan says, "camera"

  • i’ve never been so anxious in my life 😭💀

  • For some reason, this video was making me so stressed 😩 and giving me anxiety. 😖😭

  • *goes to job interview* *says,”I’ve never had a job before* *gets job^

  • I love how during the interview Grayson kept on downgrading Ethan. Like “ im more outgoing than Ethan” Ethan Ethan Ethan lol

  • "the Nutella machine?" IM DEAD

  • Hopefully these aren't real customers 😂😂 oh no

  • This seemed fake

  • "the guy in the back must have mixed that up" "I lied there is no guy in the back, the guy in the back is ME" IM CRYING FUNNIEST VID EVER

  • they convinced like every1 to order the one drink they knew how to make IM CRYING

  • This video is giving me secondhand anxiety for them yIKES

  • GRAYSON DRAGGED ETHAN IN HIS INTERVIEW "yeah im more mature... ethan sits in his room all day"

  • "sometimes it gets a little crusty"

  • I love that they always fight over the intro

  • i was worrying about every single customer and like the shop's reputation if anyone's gonna come back and when the twins were fighting and now they look like they dont know what theyre doing which is okay cuase its their first time but like people dont know that and ahhhh i still liked the video tho

  • Watching this video gave me SOOOOO MUCH ANXIETY!!! I probably would have passed out........

  • it took them 4 minutes to say they were gonna be baristas

  • i'd rather get hot chocolate from Grayson

  • The guy should have taught you guys more drinks than just a iced vanilla latte

  • Hahahahahah they look so lost hahaha

  • I am going to kill myself it’s not because of the Dolan twins so don’t hate on them people say go kill your self or cut yourself and life would be better without you if you comment something so nice that changes mind then you saved my life and I do not want to die help plz help

  • lets pray those customers were fake :)

  • Grayson is like the hot guy that works at the cafe around the corner from you and Ethan is like your hot best friend that works at the cafe at your school.

  • We did good "we did not do good" 😂😂🤣

  • 15:44 poor guy is just regretting everything😂

  • I keep pausing the video cuz I’m cringing but also enjoying it lol😂

  • Grayson looks so good in a suit

  • I wonder what the custemers are thinking?

  • I’m dying😂😂😂😂😂

  • is anyone even paying them ?😹😹

  • Is it just me or can nobody understand the guy that taught them how to make the iced coffee

  • i love how Ethan is learning how to make coffee for emma its so lovely

  • Omg why are they the only ones and why do they not know how to make anything I feel so bad for them they look so stressed

  • This is fake but its interesting to watch. At the start of the job you could see it was dark outside so not many people would come into a coffee shop at night. Also not everyone would be like "Yeah I'll take the vanilla latte," even though it's fake I'm still a fan of the twins

  • Try a different job for a new video loving your content

  • The music reminds me of an intense cooking show

  • The guy that showed them the tutorial and advice about working there was so weird and awkward😂

  • this is the most stressful video i’ve ever seen

  • You guys are freaked up you say you don’t know why haters hate and your literally doing a video about working at a coffee place and having no freaking idea of what ur doing plus lying to customers

  • This is so funny... Lolled all the time when they were in the shop😂😂🤣🤣🤣