YoungBoy Never Broke Again Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Published on May 14, 2018
YoungBoy Never Broke Again goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in New York City and talks about wearing Air Jordans growing up, never wearing the same outfit twice, and wanting to start his own sneaker brand.
NOTE: This episode was shot on February, 22, 2018.

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  • 5:11 joe is so anal he’s like let’s go sounding like a little bitch

  • Yo is it me or is this niqqa weird af😂 i mean i fuck with his music but idk some really cringy about him

  • 2 million shoes?!?!

  • If I was that fan I would NOT have been that chill I would’ve done fainted bout 3 times lost my voice took 3,000 picture post em on ig and everythang😍‼️

  • Aye n that’s why I really fw slime bro shared his wealth

  • Not even Young Thug

  • 4:23 when mom tells you to take the trash out cause if you don’t she gonna take your phone

  • Brother can i get a littlebit of money

  • So 12 come in half sizes ? lol

  • YoungBoys these days Nah I ain't with it Hell No

  • 3:45 PERIOD ❤️😂

  • how it always is in downtown detroit

  • Why they cost so much my nigga

  • Nah dah deh gane weh deh ball at😂😂 3:56

  • How much for all the shoes

  • He looked like he was so bored 😂😂but love u NBA

  • I think he will be broke again

  • I ain't fan of nobody

  • I would die if I could spend 3000 on some shoes . Lmao

  • Any one know the song in the outro ???

  • I can tell young boy you are hie motherfuker

  • Hows his music more clearer than him speaking normally

  • He’s so dull


  • This nigga really act like he stupid a little bit. "I don't know"..

  • Why he gotta be so fine tho 🤤

  • Youngboy is the hardest to understand other that kodak black

  • 5:30 had me dead she said what his total was then he responds with jus “yeaaa” 😂😂

  • put that money away for ur kids, leave something for them, wealth is better than Rich. fucking young black dudes with money

  • I would’ve gone for some Red Octobers

  • This Dude Got 4 Kids Already, Wow

  • That was nice of him buying the fan shoes but this was mad awkward

  • Baby daddy😫

  • He talking to him like the resource officer at school trying to win him over 😂

  • Why nba young boy sound like he just woke up

  • nba straight from the walking dead

  • Is he drafted already or is he a prospect ? D league or some ? Pelicans

  • N B A E R G V O A E K I R E N

  • Easy money no fraud anyone can do it swear to god this legit like fr nigga no lie

  • I would’ve grabbed the carmines 🥶

  • 4:24 sorry

  • 4:25 sounds like he don’t even wanna be there lol

  • Thats love respect

  • Hope joe didn’t get herpes

  • He acts like that because he doesn't really know the guy so he's in auto sus mode and keeps everything lowkey and basic it's not being awkward it's just not trusting the person

  • Another mumble rapper.

  • l dont know

  • That "no" at 3:28 😂

  • Me and that nigga got the same shoe size 😂😂😂🧢

  • Is. He. 18