You will never wake up late after watching this II TRUTH REVEALED

Published on Nov 13, 2016
Waking up early in winters seems like an impossible task for most of us and despite knowing that it is crucial for us to wake up early, which is a time very important to be utilized for many important things such as exercise, day planning or simply for active & healthy lifestyle however we still fail to get out of bed early.
Waking up early not only has health benefits but it gives you an edge over your competitors, while they are sleeping you are doing something to get better. All successful people who have become the eyes of the world are early risers.
I have also been victim of not being able to wake up in the morning especially in winters, but I got really fed up of waking up late and literally hated the feeling of over-sleeping. Then I decided to research and cultivated the habit of waking up early.
In this video I have shared the steps that have worked wonders for me and now I don't even need an alarm clock to wake up early, which is why I am sharing these steps with all of you on this great platform called "you tube".
My purpose is to spread the message to everyone out there and even if one person found it relevant and benefited from it then that is going to be fulfilling for me.
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  • Reading the news paper in the morning gives you enough negative energy

  • Although I wake up nothing is motivating enough for me to get out of my bed on time. Thats my problem...I get up with struggle and a heavy heart.

  • So you're telling me I can't sleep in the nude anymore?!! D:

  • I hit snooze and bring the clock to my bed then back to sleep, so i can snooze agian and again :(

  • Oh. I just wanted to wake up early to watch US-tv and steal fridge snacks. :(

  • I turned off the snooze button so basically I forced myself to wake up and then if I wanted to turn it off I would manually unlock the screen open the app and turn it off, by that time I'm too lazy to go back to sleep so I do something productive.

  • Who the fuck is gonna wear warm shit to bed?! Lmaooo

  • I can't sleep unless my room is like -10 degrees lol

  • I do the same thing daily I think tomorrow definitely I wake up early morning but I can't 😓😓😴😭

  • Though getting your good intentions, I must say it is not kind or considerate to yourself and your body-servant, because you need sleep.It is not good for the brain at all to be interrupted in sleep, and with awful noise at that. Better to let it get used to early, regular sleep every day,and wake up naturally the same time or when y choose. Go out early into daylight weather , increases sleep hormone for the coming night.

  • Who else is watching this before bed?

  • I wake up so late and i dnt sleep whole night 😐

  • every time when i wake up my eyes keeps on closing

  • Well done

  • It's 3 am, I need to wake up 6 am and I still can't sleep 😭😭

  • Who is the one reading comments before watching the video ?

  • I just sleep through alarm clock

  • My cellphone just fell down in the toilet with poop while im watching this

    • +Balbaton yes

    • did you pick up your phone in the toilet and type this

  • 2:49 *draws black X with yellow sharpie* for my sharpies thats pretty accurate

  • padoore pad marne wale tatti awara mardood harami kutta jahil manoosmar ja

  • What am I planning to do-go to school🙄🙄

  • Hey for your step no. 2, wearing warm clothes to bed, where I live, it's tropical weather and its mostly hot and humid and wearing warm clothes get so uncomfortable and the heat just kills me. What should I do?

  • watching this at 3am eating a bag of chips with my sleep deprived ass

  • I'm really addicted to clicking click bait videos

  • The thing with me is i go the sleep late and wake up late and when i wake up my family is going to sleep

  • In a morning time body is not allowing to work , that's why not easy to wake up early to bed...

  • I forget to set alarm 😊

  • Have ur responsibilities n commitments in the morning. For example fix any appointments to someone come n meet you when you're a well off, otherwise you go n buy milk, newspaper in the early morning. Do this practice for a month, u ll used to the habit.

  • Put warn clothes near you

  • I know no matter what I do nothing will work to get me up early. So I don't even know why I bother clicking on this. And this is exactly why: 1: I sleep HARD so I can never hear my alarm even though it's at max volume (I mean wake-the-whole-house-up volume) playing tv static, the most annoying and earrape sound on earth, _right next to my ear_ and I still don't hear it. 2: I wake up for a few seconds and roll back over and fall asleep again. 3: I have trouble getting up at 7 AM which for some of you people is nothing. So yeah. 4: I probably have a longer normal morning routine than most people (and so for that reason I don't want to wake up and do productive things) before I get around to actually doing something with my life. Which is this: struggle to wake up for 20 minutes or probably longer, take a shower, get dressed, put my glasses and hearing aids and all that garbage on, try to get smudges off my glasses for 10 minutes, eat something, then do whatever, mostly go to school. And still almost fall asleep sometimes. 5: I stay up kinda late. Which is a thing I try to fix on my own but I can never bring myself to do it. Like right now it's past midnight. so uh *_send help_*

  • pleade help , its easy to wake up for exercise and all but difficult to wake up for studying

  • what if you live in a desert? 😂

  • *I alarm like this 5.00-5.05-5.10-5.15-5.20-5.25-5.30 etc...near my ear...still cant wake up*

  • I would suggest NOT to watch or read the news. It's full of negative crap and you don't want to start you day that way. Why not listen to music or your favorite You Tube video? Otherwise great tips.

  • like it

  • Alarms are useless. These steps are optional if u use the alarm invented in this video.

  • My phone gives me a random puzzle that I have to solve in order to turn off the alarm. I've gotten so good at it that I do it in my sleep.

  • 3K people woke up late

  • Lol @me changing into sweats and placing my phone far away at 6 am thinking my sleep schedule will be better while deep down knowing I will wake up when my alarm goes off then I will walk to my phone, turn the alarm off and walk right back into bed 🌚 why am i even still up at 6 am is the good question...

  • Tq

  • is this video for the people who live in a cold places? i think this is not gonna help me.

  • I like how it looks like youre drawing and drawing with the pen but youre not...

  • Who else watching super late just to get goodnight sleep for school and wake up feeling ok

  • Going to bed early at a certain time consistently is the one task to start with...

  • Is it just me that when I set my alarm across the room I turn it off then go back to bed? 😂

  • Thank you! The warm clothes did the trick for me!

  • I can't even hear the alarm when I'm sleeping. Who's like me

  • I just put like 100 alarms on my phone 😂

  • TEAM. T ogether E veryone A chieve M ore

  • I always sleep naked so warm clothes is no option for me

  • top

  • Thank god i m in india...not so cold days

  • when my alarm sings for me,that time I think ..uffff I will be wake up after 30 minutes...after 30minutes I repeat this again and again.. what's the solution

  • Nice..... What the name of the app used to draw

  • 3- Put Alarm clock far from the Bed

  • I sleep at 11 - wake up at 5

  • I will skip step number one

  • get better to.get.her

  • Failure is nothing but of your wish we wish and the your weakness only it's not that success people will always study always be brilliant they can't it's their capacity and availability it can be the reason reason Prince

  • No sleep past 7:30am on school days!

  • I fell asleep watching this. =/

  • Your voice is dam sleepy

  • The best way to not wake up late is to stay up all night and day and then go to sleep early at night. It will be hard but it's worth it.

  • You werent talking about the benefits at all just how to wake up which is fkn stupid


  • If your like me and like sleeping with just boxers on another thing to do is keep a morning robe near you when you wake up

  • I need 10 hours of sleep so I dont wake up all tired

  • on monday-friday, when i have work its impossible to wake up before 7am , but on sundays and saturdays, I just wake up at 5am without even alarms or legos.😔

  • My cute cat 😻 wakes me up for his mum mum jus b4 the alarm ⏰ rings

  • 1:find a reason 2:sleep with warm clothes 3:put alarm clock farm from bed 4:be realistic and make a transiction

  • Just set an alarm with the rock music as the alarm ringtone...WAKE UP! GRAB A BRUSH AND PUT A LITTLE MAKE UP! SOAD - Chop Suey

  • Fuckin great! My first day off in 10 days & im wide awake because of my dodgy smoke detector! Looks like the dogs are gonna get a nice walk this morning 😟😟😟

  • Thankz alot, it worked

  • Wow

  • how we can manage this if we work in 2nd sift? say we reach home by 12 midnight ..

  • Lol i sleep 1:00 am and woke up at 7:am😂

  • Video was great but wearing socks during sleep isn't a good idea in my opinion as it doesn't allows heat to escape from our body due to witch we faint sometimes and in many people,problem with blood circulation is also noticed.

  • The problem is i love night

  • Thank you for these tips. M gonna practice for sure

  • Editing software name ????

  • i think 1st point is not for summer days

  • I walk up earlier but I don't need any alarm because I walk up early morning by my own

  • It amazing to walk up earlier but. This can be helpful for your body and your mind

  • Is it ok to stay up until 7 am becuase now whenever i go to sleep its at like 3am or like 5am so will the ruin my life at all?

  • I pulled a all-nighter

  • How u make a written explained vedios plij reply

  • Explain why ur drawing with a high lighter

  • I will try it...

  • actually waking up early is no big deal for me but sleeping early is I used to sleep at 10 pm and wake up at maybe 5 am before and now I sleep at 3 am and wake up at 10 or 11 tbh I cant sleep early rn for some reasons 1- my sister plays ps4 in the room and talks in mic and shes annoying af so i go to sleep late to avoid her 2- i dont notice when time goes by quickly i keep telling my self that ill sleep after finishing this or that ill try to sleep at 10 pm tonight (its 3:34 am rn and i will go to sleep just now ;-;)

    • also i didnt use alarms to wake up at 5 am before i just woke up for some reason

  • I went to sleep for 19 hours😵😵

  • I try that before it didn't work for me I sleep through it

  • my neighbor is up at 0:530 every morning..he starts making noise at around I wake up around 06:00.

  • I'm a hard case I suppose. Even when it's bright sunlight in the morning I'll sleep just fine. I've slept with no curtains and put my alarm clock on a distance for years but I simply go back to bed every time. Because I feel too tired. For some reason I always feel too tired when I wake up before 9:00 AM, whether I've had 5, 8 or 9 hours of sleep. And I don't give a damn about my reasons when the alarm clock actually goes off, because I feel too tired. HOW DO I NOT FEEL SO TIRED?

  • 3:41 the stick man is dabbing

  • Which means it’s an approach to tame ourselves as efficient obedient slogging donkeys? No thanks

  • What I have done to wake up early is install an alarm that rings extremely loud for 20 minutes. Then I would open my eyes, and think “ do I want to wake up early? 💭” if I really do, I jump out of my bed with so much courage and run over to the sink and dump extremely cold water on my face. Believe me, later you feel like you weren’t sleeping 2 minutes ago! :)

  • I have to wake up at 6:30 coz my college gate closes at 7:30 😕

  • Thanks for making this video. In weekend, I felt very lazy to get up of my bed and I spent my weekend just holding my phone... I don't have any plans to do on that day. I feel bored when my parents ask me to do the chores, I wasted my times with something useless.. and sometimes, I just watched someone success and I dreamed to be like them and now I realized, "How could I be like them when myself still regretting my own life?" And I was bad at organize my weekdays and weekend schedule and planning.. that's why I wanna thank you very very much cause now I know how to make my life better than before. Thank you 😢

  • Who get up early always have their purpose

  • Ya it's very difficult to wake up early in the morning.... I always said at the night that I will wake up early in the morning... But we can't do that... This is the biggest Prblm... Of my life.... Plz help me... Anyone I want to wake up early in morning but how?... From this video I can't understand anything..... Anyone plz help meeee