Yodeling Kid Mason Ramsey Performs at Coachella | TMZ

Published on Apr 13, 2018
Yodeling kid Mason Ramsey just did the unimaginable ... he went from playing the Walmart aisle to performing for thousands -- including Justin Bieber -- at Coachella in less than a month.
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  • ”She do me”, ”she do you” and she a hoe

  • Dreams really do come true... it was all of our dreams to get him there

  • White people finna be lining up to demand a refund for the MDMA they dropped 20 minutes before he got on stage.

  • Nice video

  • Puberty hit him like a bullet train with a crap load of coc

  • Eu até que gostei

  • This meme is dead you Normies lmao

  • Minus well just sing at McDonald's with a hat on.


  • it is fake he is lipsyncing and you think i am kidding but i am not

  • I think this was a joke

  • Why couldn't this kid get snatched by Pennywise? Smh.

  • only 1 song. everywhere?

  • I actually almost cried when I found out he got to perform for an audience this big. I just think its really cool :)

  • How is he popular all he is doing is making annoying noises my brother does that all the time

  • I just think to myself wow this kids like 8 and more successful than I’ll ever be

  • HOW DID I GET HERE??? 😂😂

  • what?

  • What's kinda sad is I don't know if all those people genuinely like that song or if they like it because it's so silly but in that case if they like it because it's silly then thats just sad. That poor boy probably thinks he's got a croud of people who really love his song because it means something to them all. 😆

  • Que carajo le pasa a la gente hoy en día?:|

  • Why they do him like that?

  • let the poor kid live a dream yo

  • He's getting booed terribly

  • *I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'D DOOO OOH OOH OH OHH* okay now can i preform at coachella


  • You need any other proof to realize that Coachella sucks now? Good to know i went a long time ago when music still mattered.

  • *Famous singer wakes up from coma* 'How much has the music industry improved? ' *Nurse shows this video* 'Put in coma again'

  • Kys :-:

  • American people are so stranges sometime. How a so big buzz around that shit can exist..?

  • People were actually calling me an asshole because i said he shouldn’t have been to coachella. He got famous for yodelling at walmart, that was all he did yet he is at fucking coachella! I would have loved to go to coachella

  • Poor little boy. I’m feeling bad for him

  • the purest soul to ever walk this earth

  • people say its yodeling, but i say it's his voice cracking.

  • You gotta give this kid a lot of props! He's livin the dream

  • Does he only sing one song??

  • One video make this kid famous lucky

  • Copyright overload probably didn’t get permission

  • “She’ll do me” *crowd uproar

  • People doing stuff all the time but did not get viral. It's all about luck and only luck. Even if you can turn back in time and yodel in Walmart before the kid what makes you think you can be like this?

  • Im at there and I came for the meme

  • All this kid did was sing at at Walmart I’m so confused

  • I, can't believe

  • So... if I sing in an aisle of Walmart, I’ll get a coachella performance? 🤔🤔🤔

  • I was there he was so good

  • they really just let anyone performe these days

  • rip everyones ears at coachella they had to listen to this cringe kid for 3 minutes

  • When he’s a adult Him:what have I done

  • So if I yodel at walmart I can become internet famous.... wtf happened to this world

  • Why can't they make an official EDM song and perform that one people will go nuts

  • yodel kid isnt funny

  • Cringey😬😨

  • Y’all make white people famous for no reason

  • hes terrible

  • this is such a normie meme omfg

  • He's going to have a bad time in highschool

  • From the floors of walmart to the stage of cochella

  • His voice is shiiiitttttt

  • this is awful

  • Pure art

  • Is it just me or he seems so much more confident than his Walmart video

  • I’m happy for this kid. But I would like to apologize to the actual artist and rappers who are trying to make a name for themselves and this kid gets to perform at Coachella just because he became a big meme...

  • *ill go to Walmart and start yodeling*

  • Anything is possible in 2018

  • How the hell did him get so famous by yodlaying in walmart

  • How to become popular Yodeling at WALMART Make someone record you and post it on social media Get popular and go to Coachella lol Also it looked like he was Having anxiety ME when I am scared for a test

  • I'd quit smoking if he'd teach me how to yodeler!


  • Hope he gets famous soon!

  • America where everbody can get his 15 mns of fame thanks to youtube


  • Meme on stage 😂💗

  • Hella hater on her saying why him and not me, yall asking the wrong questions..... im out to work....on my dreams not punch another mans clock


  • Yodeling kid Mason Ramsey just did the unimaginable of making himself look like acomplete idiot

  • Cough... baby jesus reborn ...cough

  • Not coachella worthy...

  • they turned the meme into the real thing 😂😂😂👌👌👌👌

  • I wanna deck him in the face

  • So if I go to whole foods and sing Eminem songs I'll become famous..

  • Y el remix mi yodel

  • I’m glad the crowd was cheering because no one heard the retched yodeling/terrible singing

  • Yodeling retard

    • Pigs what?

    • FrostFlakejr pigs

    • Pigs I was joking

    • FrostFlakejr what someone cannot put their favorite animals as a name and picture

    • Pigs I don't know why you're saying that when your username is Pigs and your profile picture is a cat.

  • The terrible lip syncing th

  • But why? Why would you?

  • I feel like he doesn’t know why he’s there

  • I feel like he doesn’t know why he’s there

  • Idk

  • Wow, this is a thing now. A new legend is born. I wish they introduce him amazingly. "Please welcome the yodelling kid from Walmart with sWeEt DAaAaAdy."

  • legends only

  • Memes Of Brazil is Best

  • I don’t get it lol I cringe when I hear him sing

  • This racism in its purest form

  • This meme went too far

  • He was the sensation of coachella people scream more for him than beyonce hahaha god bless him

  • se pasan de verga

  • Wow I would sound like a donkey he actually good damn

  • Ok I'm going to Walmart now

  • This is terrrrrrrrrrible.

  • Didn't even sound good

  • So f*cking stupid. Forced Facebook meme. And this is what it comes to. Smfh