Yodeling Kid Mason Ramsey Performs at Coachella | TMZ

Published on Apr 14, 2018
Yodeling kid Mason Ramsey just did the unimaginable ... he went from playing the Walmart aisle to performing for thousands -- including Justin Bieber -- at Coachella in less than a month.
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  • Its literally the only song he can do.

  • dont wanna live on this planet anymore :D

  • Oh Lord I Thought I Would Cry!!

  • i saw his last name and now i'm wondering if he related to gordon but i'm just going to say no because i over think

  • At least.he doesn't lips sync like beiber

  • This is a joke right? Please tell me he wasn’t really at Coachella....

  • "Started from Walmart and now I'm here"

  • Idadooo idadododo


  • so people can be hype for a fucking meme and not tyler? wow

  • You could say the performance was ...RAW!!!

  • Yooooooo cockadoodadooo shawty!

  • And this Love all???????!

  • Can this kid go away now Yodeling sucks so much

  • This is so stupid

  • All of you people complaining about this- TMZ makes money off your views and comments! You’re supporting the kid! And the reason why he performed at Coachella was a business move. It’s not because he’s talented. It’s because they knew the humor of it all would produce revenue. It’s 2018.... everything is about money.

  • I wanna know how much money this kid is making off all the stuff he’s doing. I kinda feel bad for him because it kinda seems like his family is pressuring him... but at the same time I feel like he’s old enough to say no. I just hope he’s saving the money for when he’s an adult, and his family isn’t taking it away from him.

  • Gugu Gaitero internacional

  • Why did people pay for this?

  • The Crowd Got The Most Hype For A Kid Who Got Famous For Performing In A Walmart Aisle What A World We Live In In The Year 2018.

  • He not even that good y he famous

  • If it's not in US-tv Rewind... I will blame my eyes for that.

  • ....

  • I think it’s cool. He’s not doing stupid stuff. He showing his talent.

  • yodelling sounds creepy

  • People disappoint me

  • He’s Popular

  • yes please

  • В чем прикол? Он не попадает ни в одну ноту

  • He made it I swear he has made it Walmart gave him a 15,000 dollar for college and will preform at the great opry

  • Great job America. Putting a horrible singer at a freaking concert? Jesus.

  • When memes went to far...You get this

  • I’ve heard people say that the song he’s singing is inappropriate for him to sing? It’s Hank Williams! How is it inappropriate?

  • so this is what it comes down to in America ...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • You the man ur name should be lil yodel

  • This is blatant discrimination why didn’t PPAP get a performance in Coachella

  • The world is fucking going mental

  • Why did they let this cancer cell perform ?

  • Society is so strange

  • can this kid get shot???????

  • Why

  • Kids like him I don’t even mind becoming famous, he actually has a talent and a brilliant voice. I’d rather see him go viral than one of them stupid musically kids who get attention from literally nothing.

  • How do you delete the internet?

  • What a fucking joke

  • This kid ows Walmart money mate😂

  • this kid is a meme. and as of 4-20-18 it’s already pretty much a dead meme now.

  • I come back later when i sung at Walmart

  • The song fits the crowd though, because it's about a girl that will screw everyone.

  • All he frickin' did was sing at wal-mart ... now this, well now we all know how to get famous XD


  • He's not born, he's made in the Pixar studios

  • Wish I could time travel to see his grown up a$$

  • Is this really where we're at in the world

  • Just for singing in walmart

  • this is sad

  • Talent wise he n Kardie are on par, Kardie used to check out at Walmart. I think Walmart shoppers are just a bunch of Kardie clones. I must have seen her there a thousand times, Why do so many Walmart shoppers look like Kardie B.

  • HISTORY IN THE MAKING. First yodeller at Coachella

  • lol.

  • honestly can you guys be more mature about this? hes just a kid and his yodeling is UH MAY ZING

  • i hope he realized he's getting meme d

  • I have never seen an audience so white before 😂😂

  • So if I sing at Walmart I’ll be famous Or should I go to target

  • seriously who pays for this garbage????

  • See when i was that loud in the store when i was his age i got yelled at, wish i was a little kid nowadays lol

  • Man last year it was the backpack kid this year it’s the yodeling kid

  • This is why I regret being in this generation

  • I can feel myself descending into hell

  • Pure legend right there

  • This is the stupidest shit i've seen in a while

  • Biggest meme troll of 2018😂

  • The Movie Idiocracy came true

  • Y’all let’s all make a song and maybe we’ll make it to Coachella

  • Wtf did i just watch?

  • Goosebumps

  • This HAS to be photo shopped!!!!

  • we have a pathetic society :(

  • Pewdiepie called it

  • Are they saying boo ?


  • Am I the only one that feels sorry for this kid?

  • Lol this is the best thing ever

  • If he was black, he would be praised for being a genius

  • Look at this chode fest

  • *T E S T I E P O P*

  • Is everyone screaming because they don't wanna listen to the song???

  • Feels like they used him as a side show like a mockery...

  • he does not have that much talent tbh they make any little kid a sensation for no reason

  • Never knew Walmart could make you so famous..

  • Amazing

  • SMH he's not even that good. I think after he went on the Ellen show that was honestly more than enough exposure. If anyone else randomly started yodeling in a Wal-Mart they would have been told to shut up.

  • Why they frontin like they know the song? 🤣

  • I Feel Bad for the guy that recorded him in the first place at Walmart. He is the one that needs the credit.

  • I Feel Bad for the guy that recorded him in the first place at Walmart. He is the one that needs the credit.

  • Another kid to be given everything in life.

  • TUTORIAL HOW TO SING TO COACHELLA Step 1: Sing at walmart The End

  • Every day...we stray further from gods light....

  • what is that little kid singing

  • I would never stand in front of people

  • Never seen a meme perform live before

  • Hes so cute