Yodeling - Kerry Christensen - Yodeler

Published on Jul 12, 2008
Kerry Christensen is not your typical yodeler. His concerts and events this year will take him to as many as 23 US states and two or three countries internationally. Kerry spent two years in the country of Austria right out of high school. There he became interested in the Alpine yodeling art. After mastering this difficult medium he was asked in l983 to move his six member family to Orlando, Florida and use his yodeling skills at Walt Disney World's Epcot Center. He performed there for almost seven years until 1990.

Today Kerry performs at all kinds of state fairs, corporate events, festivals, and community concerts.

He recently lent his unique classical yodeling talent to a full-length Disney animated feature called "Home on the Range."

Kerry is perhaps the only full-time yodeler in the world that specializes in all styles of yodeling. He can be strictly Alpine, or he can put on his Stetson hat and do an all-cowboy yodeling show. However, many of Kerry's fans say that their favorite show is when Kerry mixes up the styles. You will hear cowboy, Alpine, Cajun, Latin, Jewish, Hawaiian, jazz, classical, and his always popular mouth trumpet and humorous chicken yodeling renditions. Learn how to yodel with Kerry's instructional yodeling cd. It teaches how to yodel quite easily,


  • Kerry. hi there, I listen to your records all the time. Are you still traveling or have you given it up and just be home and Utube. I'm so happy that you are on Utube. Have you made any new records lately? Hope all is well with your family. Wish you could come here again. Its good old Deming N M. Keep up the good work and Emily is really great also.

  • I stumbled onto a cassette for 25 cents at a local thrift store! This guy is empowered! I didn`t realize he grew up quite so close to where I did! Awesome!

  • Where is he now?

  • A true master.

  • I love this yodeling, and i listen to alot of yodlers! A young senior cowgirl Fresno, Cal USA

  • This guy was my neighbor growing up. and his son is one of my best friends. haha. You think this is cool. Imagine hearing him do this around a camp fire up in the Uintah Mountains, and then topping it off with a Tarzan yodel! haha, yeah, he's the man.

  • WOW!!! Where have I been? Never heard of this man. What a fantastic talent in so many fields. I love yodeling, but never knew there were so many varieties. I love Roy Rogers, Slim Whitman, Patsy Montana, and Max McCauley, but Kerry beats all of them hands down. I am writing this comment in Oct. 2012. Does Kerry have anything coming up in San Antonio, Texas? God I want to see his show so much. Lovet the William Tell Overture; what a novel idea. Yodel Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?

  • amazing

  • did he yodel in snow white? I like it how he changes his style so we dont get bored of it.

  • wow

  • Kerry was a mainstay at Disneyland for many years. A lot of people went to Disneyland primarily to see his show. Great!

  • what's the name of this song???

  • swiss forever !!!!!! I LOVE Switzerland

  • I have one of Kerry's tapes from Florida with Emily when she was maybe 10 year old. Very entertaining!

  • I just love Kerry's performances. He is such a consumate performer and musician. Yodeling is very entertaining and when Kerry does it (along with his daughter Emily) it is so nice. Thank you Kerry! -Jimmy

  • my dad came and was like wth r you watching me yodeling him wow kids are just getting crazier

    • I've been practicing my yodeling and I'm getting better, I just need more air. This COPD isn't helping matters.


  • im almost as good as this weirdo..

  • Bin aus Bayern... Er ist unglaublich professionell, weil er deutsche, österreichische und schweizer Stile jodeln und kann, zudem American Western Yodel singt und unglaublich Akkordeon und Alphorn spielt. Er kann Jodelstile, die in ganz Deutschland keiner drauf hat...


  • "Mei Vata is a Appenzeller" or "Der Appenzeller Jodler"

  • hmmm.... hes pretty damn epic tbh :)


  • me why not

  • It's called "Ol' Man River: from the 1927 musical "Showboat".

  • omg ;P

  • We're going to see him tomorrow!

  • I'll be seeing him later today at Germanfest in Milwaukee!