YBN Cordae "Old N*ggas" (J. Cole "1985" Response) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

Published on May 16, 2018
Watch the official music video for "Old Niggas" by YBN Cordae.
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Directed by: @PplCallMeAce
Shot and Edited: @SimonDavid__
YBN Mixtape Vol 1. “Young Boss N*ggas”
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  • “And these supposed to be our heroes, Negro please” come on dude why you gotta do em like dat man😂

  • Aye Bruh 1:34💀😂 why you gotta do D Rose knees like that

  • Don’t beef with j cole, y’all are both great. Don’t think he was talking bout you (:

  • Woooah! I was expecting some young thug or lil baby style, he ripped it!!! He got bars bars 💯💯

  • Never clicked cus I thought it wuss guna be trash but shit knocks

  • Lil Dicky made that rose knees part.

  • Love his flow and lyrics but not the white kids being silly ducks part, aren't we all supposed to be equal 😳

  • damn YBN CORDAE SPIT FIREE!!!!!!!!! i love this nigga!

  • Hes not really disagreeing with J. Cole so its not really a response but its still good

  • This better be for your own point of view. If you are even justifying ANYTHING Lil Pump does or that 69.....get the fuck out of here

  • You look like an angry bird

  • J.I.D rip off

  • I used to be a fan of you cordae but you don't diss J.Cole ever fuck you cordae burned your poster.

  • Why you do my nigga D rose knees like that cuz... lmao🤘🏽

  • Best response track I've heard not a diss an only response track I've heard lol


  • nigga don’t know how to speak

  • “Cardi b got rich from love and hip-hop” was probably the worst bar imaginable to end that song with... 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • trash, just complaining and making excuses but at least he took advantage of their beef to make money

  • Hate the stereotype that everyone who prefers 90s rap is an “old head” I’m legit 15 and I KNOW that 90s rap is better..

  • Am I the only one who noticed that they recorded that in Garrett Dixsons barber shop

  • Cute

  • brutal 👍

  • “Old nigga unreliable like d rose knees” 🥺😭😭😭😭

  • He has fucking tinfoil holding each dreadlock wtf


  • Wow. Just wow. Amazing and every line resonates and this is actually refreshing. Like an old school flow that tells people about the old school but from a new school rapper..love it

  • He's too good bro

  • Ravensnation

  • straight... bars

  • In front of a computer

  • tbh I like this one more than 1985

  • BARS

  • He really nice

  • d rose knees acting reliable now😂😂

  • For the old niggas

  • He does realize that Cole wasn't dissing him, right? Cole was going off at kids like Pump and Uzi riding trends and mumbling. Because that shit dont last. Just because you're young doesnt mean it was for you.

  • This nigga look like snarf from the thunder cata

  • One of ybn is lyrical wtf damn this shits bangin!

  • Old niggath

  • the problem with this is.. jcole speaks about new age muble rap cordae isnt mumble rap .. so this response is kinda invalid

    • He explained why he did it in the genius lyric video...also it worked 4 him it got Cole't attention now Cole's producing 4 him & mentoring him 😎👌

  • Am I tripping or is this the same beat as 1985 by jcole

  • It's actually not the number one genre as far as the world is concerned

  • Naw this mf snapped

  • mad respect to the young man spitting grown man bars. hats off to the future of rap.

  • Cardi B started from Love and Hip Hop. Most of these rappers ended up there. Thats the differnce.

  • Truth be told he did this beat justice. I was expecting mumbling or no substance. But he came in heavy. But still his points don't hold enough weight.

  • Niggas unreliable like drose knees 😂😂😂😂🔥🔥💯

  • +Respected

  • Lokwey spits facts

  • Easily the best YBN

  • stupid thing is j cole was dissing the mumble rap trend not all young rappers today because ybn obviously has some skill

  • He looks so confused in ALL of his thumbnails but he has some good songs

  • I wonder what cole thinks about this??

    • Well after this Cole been makin beats 4 him etc

  • Muppet Baby face ass nigga!..DOPE ASS MUSIC THO💯🔥💯

  • D rose dropped 50

  • These Lil niggaz wack fuckYBN I never take these nigga serious........GO J Cole

  • Preach young nigga!

  • This dudes hatin on old school dudes but he raps exactly how old dudes like ppl to rap

  • "Cardi b got rich from love and hip hop" that's facts bruh and it's 🔥🔥

  • Ok i respect it but this whole thing is stupid two most respectble rappers now

  • Flow nasty

  • Bro had me with that Mos Def/Talib bar, 🔥🔥 old head approved.

  • even used the same beat im weak

  • This kid be the integration, the fuck'n common ground

  • No talent found. next

  • He has bars but the message is wrong.

  • old heads aren't due respect.. you have no reason to respect anyone.. only reason they want respect is to stay relevant. stay hungry my dude.. TAKE what you want. just like they did

  • The fact that this nigga rap like he barely got any teeth, already gives him a Big Ass L.

  • His hair looks no different after the cut.

  • I want to collab with you @YBN Cordae

  • tall him him that he dose not do zan

  • Only yung cat I Fuck with

  • Guess I'm a little silly duck...

  • J Cole is better

  • 1:30

  • Fuck you boi drose just dropped 50😂😂

  • Well daaamn

  • He mentioned talib kwelli and he used Kayne flow from get em high ft talib

  • Then DRose drop 50

  • I don't even think Cole was calling people like this guy out. I was expecting mumble rap. These are lyrics. Cole took shots at those face tatted lean sippin mumbly bitches.

    • It got Cole's attention tho now cole produding beats 4 him & mentoring him 😎

  • Who's here After D rose dropped 50 points

  • Well Rose knees looked good to me when he drop 50 points a few days ago.

  • Just realized these are the guys from the top barbershop videos. The Garrick Dixon ones

  • Drose knees just helped him get 50 pts 😂😂

  • dont my nigga d-rose like that

  • This ain’t bad. Thus ain’t a diss

  • God damn he’s a terrible lyricist

  • My dude is way too underrated

  • Drose dropped 50 last night and wants his verse back

  • Ass

  • old negros unreliable like d-rose knees. He dropped 50 today else bar woulda still be hot

  • D-Rose Shut Your Mouth

  • He roasted the life out of D-Rose


  • i lowkey dont think this dude got the full message 1985 was trying to push but no lie as a huge fan of the old school and actual lyrical rap this nigga spittin some murderous bars there

  • Aye....D Rose knees are fire

  • Just me or does 2:40 sound just like Kanye’s song last call 3:23 basically same rhymes. Wild.

  • Haha it's funny that J. Cole and Cordae have the exact same flow in both songs and the beats sound the same

  • D Rose would like a word after tonight