World Cup Day #1 - First Round Qualifying, Leroy on 30+ PSI of Boost!

Published on Nov 2, 2018
When you go 7.8 and barely qualify top 10 lol!
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  • Been a sub under 1k

  • That's allot of bald eagles

  • Sick

  • Nice video! Gotta break stuff to have fun sometimes. Peace

  • It says "Turn on Intercooler"!

  • Jesus i just realized the 0-60 in Leroy

  • hell ya brother. keep them coming. Cleetus for president

  • take Leroy to the streets!!

  • Just curious what does it weigh?

  • Mt Dew needs to get their act together and release a special edition “Freedom Dew” bald eagles edition.

  • The American Freedom add-ons are what make this channel so special. I can feel my personal Liberty and Freedom increase with every press of the bald eagles button. ‘merica!

  • U named the car Leroy cus he black?? Lol LMAO!

  • I’m 10 mins from budds creek , lots of records broke because of the air and temp .... wish I knew y’all would be there I woulda checked it out but I was sick

  • the helmet cam is nice but in my opinion put in the chin of your helmet like motorcycle driver they put it there (just saying)

  • 6:57 my exact same computer.

  • @13:04 HAWK LAW!

  • i love the idea of cleetus but im dying to see the mile an hour on that car with some fucking body panels

  • He should put an auto in it next to make it even faster. Manuals are fun but autos win races.

  • Excellent video! Continue doing high-quality content and you will increase very quickly! Subscribe to our channel then we should subscribe back!

  • the bad eagle sound makes me think of an Indian casino.

  • If you have wider tires in the back you'll probably spin less

  • Remove: Battery, Passenger Seat and Belts, Tail lights, Mirror, Smaller Fuel Cell.

  • What motor is he running in this?

  • Great run brother. Keep at it!!

  • I always thought Leroy was a punk. He's no punk these days..... Good job Cleetus.

  • Wauw I'm so proud of Leroy dam yeah!!!!!!!!

  • What does the red button on the e brake do/called?

  • :O :O :O You were here in MARYLAND!!!!

  • cant wait to see when u put some panels on Leroy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LS from hell his knew name is hellroy 😮😮

  • U Got Tun Leroy at 28-30 boost everytime. It fastttttt


  • Once upon a time there was a corvette named Leroy he wished he was the fastest corvette ever. Look at him now smokin the supras next to him in his lane while sipping a mtn dew

  • If I were in the military I would wear that righteous helmet.

  • I love Cleetus. Not like that you cheeseballs.

  • it bothers me how much drag the car would be creating, ecen if you made minor modifications because of the speed you will cut time with less drag

  • You're going to need a roll cage in that!

  • Hey, you probably won’t see this, but I was just looking at Leroy’s turbos during one run. You know with your turbos up in the open air like that, the turbo blankets are almost preventing the high speed air from cooling the exhaust side when at speed. It would probably be more efficient if you put them on the intake side. Then at speed the compressor side will cool from the intake air and when sitting at idle the blankets will protect them front the heat at the exhaust side. Most cars have the turbos in the engine bay where the turbos don’t see too much fresh air. That is what the blankets are designed for. Keep the heat where it’s coming from. Please throw some sensors on the charge tube and exhaust housing and test it both ways. I’m an engineer. This critical thinking is what I’m paid to do. Please test it out.

  • So I'm subscribbled, and I watch the occasional video, but I haven't been a fan long enough to know the origins of do it for dale. What does that actually mean?

    • +nic jones I actually don't. So it's a tribute then?

    • You know Dale Earnhardt the NASCAR driver? That's who he's talking about.

  • Your editing skills are getting insane. The cuts between the different camera angles gives the viewer such an awesome perspective. I would not be shocked if someone at Pepsi sees this and makes you an offer. Give leroy a commercial Pepsi. #doitfordale

  • Can I ask... How do you deploy the parachute?

  • heellllll yeah bruther!

  • Some say he puts anger into his shifts

  • I knew I recognized the place 😂 I’m like 30-40 minutes from there.

  • How much hp?

  • Leroy needs a custom unique Pro Mod body on it!

  • MDIR is the absolute best world class track in the country. They have an unbelievable team and track prep is all that.

  • this looks like a blast!!

  • Trending Cletus

  • This car seriously fucks off the line...

  • This car seriously fucks off the line...

  • Damn, I'm a huge fan of yours, but also PDI Brent and Boostedboiz, I didn't see them at all, I was down there from Friday till Sunday night.

  • Great weekend, too bad you broke 330 times

  • 6 seconds in Australia from a Ford Falcon FG F6 FPV 4.0 Turbo RWD road car, from Dynomite Performances, And thats from a manufacturing car, or production car... single turbo too. Videos on full boost youtube

  • Leroy spitting flames now💪🤤

  • Why does leroy crank for so long before turning on?

  • Leroy is a beast!!!!! 😎👍👍

  • Ever launch uh insane!

  • Your trending right now. One spot below soda vs water filter dang it's a close one

  • Geez, the starter hung you out to dry on that 2nd run on the vid. He was clearly waiting for the guy in the other lane to come up on boost or something- althou that would be strange on a test run. Boy were you on that 2 step for ages. Cost you a few mph with all that heat it built up on the line. Hope that didn't become an issue over the coarse of the event

  • This is still #46 on trending!!!

  • You need to get that wing back on her

  • My name is leroy this makes me more happy.....

  • i watched this car all weekend, you even broke down right in front of our camp site. I will say this, I can tell you learned a lot about your car's potential this weekend. Great job competing even though this event is really tough to even qualify in class. Great job man

  • Do you even have a clutch? How are shifts like that?

  • Would you ever consider a dry sump system on leroy? that might help your oil issue if it doesnt add to much weight

  • Got to meet you out at world cup, awesome time hanging out with you guys and thatdudeinblue

  • My powerstroke runs stock at 30 psi



  • Number 44 on trending! Hell yeah doing big things on the tube!

  • Sounds like pure ‘Murican sex yeeeehawwe

  • Love your disclaimer @2:20 Real racer

  • You still getting walk by a honda

  • This video is number 43 on trending

  • Hitting the button is calling the eagles!

  • How much does Leroy weigh?

  • to all the people that say auto is better than manual lol

  • Woah, last time I checked you were 300k XD

    • Bogan Boy yy 6

  • Leroy is a fucking beast

  • I love the Bald Eagle screeching sound effect!

  • Nice. What's the button you hit after your burn out.

    • If it's the switch that say LINELOCK, then it only uses the front brakes while you heat the rear tires.

  • From 0-60 MPH in 144 MPH! xD

  • I like that your number is all 7's...

  • On the contrary I am not flying

  • A roll cage with wheels. And a big ass motor.

  • HFS put it on the "list"! No wait it's a pro mod.

  • New engine by molar called the helephant 1000 horsepower

  • That to step on that Mustang at the 13-minute Mark was crazy

  • Bald eagle @19:20

  • Love the helmet cam bro

  • 21:22 Schemer spotted .

  • You tube has become Facebook with all the toxic commentors. He even had to mention it sad.

  • Anyone know what class he's running rules say you can't remove body panels so I'm confused 🤔

  • What car is this? Just found this channel what is the body of it from?

  • Thumbnail If u look down to the wheel looks like he mowed down someone

  • 0-300kph 8 sec impressive :D

  • Great driving view.

  • Sup with the passenger seat

  • My civic can beat that