World Cup Day #1 - First Round Qualifying, Leroy on 30+ PSI of Boost!

Published on Nov 2, 2018
When you go 7.8 and barely qualify top 10 lol!
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  • I wonder how much drag those nets cause

  • You do a second gear burnout?!

  • Frickin send ittttttt

  • And to think im a diehard Ford guy, but i HAVE to watch Garrett make these vids, then watch ALL of em..I LOVE THEM!! Hell yeah!!!

  • what video did they put the trz k member on????? please help

  • When you hit the “bald eagle switch” Leroy should shoot flames out the pipes

  • Did anyone else notice the car behind him after the 2nd run at 10:19 disappeared from view?? Like ghost vanished!! That's some crazy video editing guyz... Why bother?

  • Y’all should either wrap Leroy with Mtn Dew logo or American flag

  • Cleetus needs a nose cone too

  • I want that go-kart!

  • I’m a dad of 2 with a mini van. But I grew up going to the drag strip. I LOVE this channel. Thanks for the content! #riskitforthebiscuit

  • That helmet gives extra 5 pounds boost

  • *Helll Yeaaaa Bruther! You’re watching the Cleetus McFarland US-tv channel*

  • I wonder if Leroy feels like the fastest fuckin thing ever

  • Bald Eagles released @13:06

  • Put the wing back on

  • 0-60 in like 1.3 seconds hahaha

  • Cleetus, what is your Speedo/Tach panel brand part number?...Thinking that would be sweet in my slow ass 9 sec 76 T/A...Thanks

  • Low 8's all day long..... Proving how crazy the ls motor is. Even using a stick shift car

  • What size any type of tire Do you run

  • fabbing up some sheet metal for front-end aero would shave a couple tenths off your time.

  • in indiana all our cars are female

  • I know this is a month old, but how much difference is that awesome new diff mount making to your launch?? Diff moving less means something else moves more 👌🏻👌🏻

  • Hitting the button is not American, it's ricer. It's either off the line or not at all, that's American.

  • How can anyone dislike this video, this dude/car is awesome!

  • Thank you fred 16:23

  • I wish my parents had lots of money too.

  • Car is cool, I'd love to see it go round a track with good aero, seems like a wasted opportunity

  • Ok honestly, who would buy a diecast model for Leroy, because I'd be all over that

  • I gunned down 2 12 packs of baryle skeets in this one video

  • Leroy flys like a bald eagle

  • Leroy sounds awsome

  • That moment the florida guys are freezing and saying how cold it is....and theres people in only tshirts around them, lol...fucking love leroy

  • Anyone ever notice the drivers view of the intake and turbo setup looks like a murican eagle flying 🤔 FREEDOM!

  • 2:34 Is that a Supra

  • Bald eagles goin super saiyan....

  • Love how you always compliment Leroy and talk to him. I'm hsure he listens and usually responds if he can

  • A proper US-tv channel

  • When you realize you have a LS problem, and your wathcing this video for the foruth time. Yeah that's me.

  • Yo I felt that shit hit

  • Hey wanna hit a brother up #doitfordale

  • Damnnnnn. You built a car that runs in the sevens! Outstanding. I can’t believe how straight you keep it. Great driving. Well done!

  • Why does the bald eagle button have a red tail hawk sound effect?

  • Should’ve left the wing on let that bald eagle fly baby 🦅

  • 182 mph visor open 😂

  • He beat a supra, I’ve seen everything

  • 2:22 why I watch these videos. Much respect

  • 180mph with ya visor open 😳🤣👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • LMAO... I drink Code Red Dew like you drink the Green Dew. It's dang good isn't it? I'm tellin' ya... The Dew will cure what ails ya.

  • Oh hell yeah

  • Bet Leroy would love that 572

  • Oh hell yeah Leroy

  • *Thanks one **_BIG_** Thanks for using a front-facing* camera which gives a good impression of your runs....

  • Go job an stay safe my friends

  • I like that he runs his own car not some random dude cause there to scared of there own car

  • hook up an NO2 tank to the intake. you'll have so many bald eagles

  • You should do a “race Leroy”

  • does the rev counter say honey?

  • Close your damn visor. You squint the entire time down the track. Going 180+ in an open car without eye protection is just dumb.

  • All leroy needs are some plastic panels for aerodynamics . congrats

  • Great going, I wish I had that type of money for that sport, I'm crezy about Leyroy.

  • I have no idea what y'all are talking about 85% of the time, but it's really cool to watch a bunch of guys that are really passionate about what they do.

  • Positive bunch of good dudes having fun, making cool stuff. New to channel and LOVE IT.......keep it coming!!

  • So... The only original part of the car left is the tail lights?

  • For your oil pan you should do what boosted boiz did to their Honda to keep the oil in place

  • Way to go Cleetus.So awsome

  • Hey Cleetus I know you probably already told us what it is in previous videos but I haven’t had time to watch in a while but I was wondering what all your switches are for and what the silver bar is for with the red button

  • Leroy just did the 1/8th mile in the time it takes for my car to hit 60mph. Hard to imagine being at 145 in that amount of time

  • I'm more of a JDM guy but God damn LS engines are badass

  • The Eagle scream never gets old!

  • @Cleetus McFarland I Love Leeroy the savage, i love your content! you should make some HELL YEAH SISTER tshirts for us ladies who love your channel

  • How do you NOt put a larger capacity oil system?

  • When I saw 'world cup' I thought you meant what we in the rest of the world mean when we say 'world cup' ie The football (NOT SOCCER!!), world cup. Is the world cup you're referring to the same as your world series where only Americans take part? lol

  • Go big tire on Leroy I think it would make a lot of difference

  • 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽



  • That is insane.

  • What a freakin dork.

  • I was like....

  • 10:00 (Wipes glasses) *"IS THAT A SUPRA?!!"*

  • nice aerodynamics

  • Why don't you convert it to methanol... You would not have the issues with the exhaust temps being so high.... 30 psi and no methanol injection at the least... I'm guessing leroy likes it really hot but if you really wanted to have some boost like 42 lbs you'll have to used some of the cure to get you there 30 psi yeah you should anythover 26 and you are burning valves up even with a perfect tune on a dyno it will lean on the track cuz there air will be denser from motion.... With the air that dense there cuz its cold yeah your pipes will glow cuz your leaning out and that is really bad so your instincts alerting you to that should not be ignored... man when you break a valve from it being warped it destroys the cylinder and it happens on a cold start... you should use nitrogen in your tires not for the reasons you think like what costco says but racing yo have extremes and nitrogen will keep the tire gripping better in colder temps.. I don't think there is any data on this but you will feel the difference for whatever the reason it handles expansion better... Cold temps are good for boost bad for tire grip they will hop instead of spin..

  • Has the turn on intercooler sticker ever reminded you

  • I go there once or twice a year and the track is awesome at night

  • Been a sub under 1k

  • That's allot of bald eagles

  • Sick

  • Nice video! Gotta break stuff to have fun sometimes. Peace

  • It says "Turn on Intercooler"!

  • Jesus i just realized the 0-60 in Leroy

  • hell ya brother. keep them coming. Cleetus for president

  • take Leroy to the streets!!

  • Just curious what does it weigh?

  • Mt Dew needs to get their act together and release a special edition “Freedom Dew” bald eagles edition.

  • The American Freedom add-ons are what make this channel so special. I can feel my personal Liberty and Freedom increase with every press of the bald eagles button. ‘merica!

  • I’m 10 mins from budds creek , lots of records broke because of the air and temp .... wish I knew y’all would be there I woulda checked it out but I was sick

  • the helmet cam is nice but in my opinion put in the chin of your helmet like motorcycle driver they put it there (just saying)

  • 6:57 my exact same computer.

  • @13:04 HAWK LAW!