WILL IT FIT... in the Museum?

Published on Sep 26, 2018
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On this episode of Beyond Dinosaurs, Coyote and the crew head to Hill City, South Dakota, and team up with renowned paleontologist Peter Larson to learn how to clean and prepare the fossils they found on their fossil hunting excursion! Can Coyote prepare the fossil well enough for it to fit in a museum?!
Get ready to find out if this fossil will FIT in the MUSEUM!

HUGE thanks to the Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, Peter Larson and his team, and Reiss Hozak! Make sure to visit the Black Hills Institute website for more information: www.bhigr.com
Archive footage/media Courtesy of Black Hills Institute.
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  • Who in the Coyote Pack has ever found a fossil before???

    • I’ve found a fossilized croc tooth

    • Close to my home in south Sweden we have a lime-pit called Ignaberga. All of Skåne (south Sweden) used to be covered in water during the Cretaceous period, so you can find everything from small octopuses to shark tooth! The most exciting find by me was a shell from a clam, but my mother found a tiiiiiiiny shark tooth!

    • No but my dogs have xD

    • +Christopher Parent Oh, thats cool. I never will probably find any because I am scared sort of going down unless I have somebody with me. I am trying to find small shark teeth at La Jolla Cove in California since there is ALOT Of shells and coral that wash up on the beach.

    • +CąmTheMåsţęř doing some scuba diving is really fun.

  • This is pretty cool! I have never seen a fossil from a prehistoric turtle

  • This is awesome! I’m from the Black Hills it’s an amazing place. You should have made a video about the Mammoth Site when you were here!

  • Do more video of dinosaur plźzzzz

  • Can I have a shout out my name is Ellie I’m you’re biggest fan in the history of fans of fans and infinity fans

  • Is it me or coyote sounds like doctor mike?

  • All my life I've heard "it can take years to clear the dirt from one small fossil" Then it turns out they freaking sandblast them....

  • my cousins grandpa gave me a piranah it was reall but it was dead but it look alive

  • I have......it was my grandma😂😂😂😂

  • So, there was a brief discussion of hardness (Moh Scale) which talked about bones having hardness 3.5 . How does that interact with fossilisation? I thought that the process replaced the bone with stone, in which case isn't the fossil just as hard as the surrounding stone?

  • "This Belongs in a Museum" ~Indiana Jones/Harrison Ford

  • Use water to wash it off :))

  • Ahh yes turtle butt

  • I have found Hundreds of fish fossils at one of the fossil quarries outside of kemmerrer Wyoming. my best find, is half a fish that has super nice scales and many visible bones... its extremely delicate though and ive been working on it for years now with dental picks and various scrapers and needles to clean it up from the Matrix rock. I found a specimen my last trip to the quarry that was an "exploded" fish, where it reaches the bottom and the pressures cause it to explode and it leaves all its scales in a jumble around it.. I pulled it from the face of the quarry cliff in a single slab, I has used a super thin chisel and found a spot in the rock that looked nice, and I slowly hammered it in until the entire slab was free, I lifted it up and I saw the fossil sitting there without an imprint or split side on the lifted slab and it was the best find of the day. perfect preservation, no need to poke at it to clean any matrix off. only prep it needed, was to use the gas powered diamond saw to trim it square, and make the piece smaller so we could send it back home more easily. ive also found tons of trilobite fossils on at least 2 different trips when I was much younger. and just the other night I was working on some rocks that where brought back from a trip my parents went on, and I found a fossil Bee! it was super cool. (also, non fossil related, I do love to visit The Crater of Diamonds in Arkansas, for a chance at finding some Carbon shiny someday haha...)

  • No but i found a not a dino fossil but a diffrent one

  • dinosaurs are biblical and they existed at the time God created the earth. they were destroyed in the flood of Noah' time 6000 years ago. the earth is not millions or billions of years old... it is 6000 years old. that is GOD's truth, not man's.

  • Hey Coyote unorthed the trilobite once at my summer camp.

  • ME and ha ha 'turtle butt.'

  • This was a very cool series, do it again!

  • Was the title a sexual innuendo

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  • I love dinosaurs and turtles 🐢

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  • Tordes :Ha!I was just try to take a nap! This is the threed time! Ciody : sorry!

  • I’ve found a SUPER RARE THING it was a skull from a turtle and it was all together

  • Did I miss something or was this actually the last prehistoric adventure?

  • WILL IT FIT... in the museum

  • Fire fights fire, as well as dust fights dust.

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  • And Christians still don’t believe in dinosaurs.

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  • You heard the man. FIND A T-REX!!

  • Who else got so interested in fossils after watching him 🧐🤨

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  • Is '' Beyond Dinosaurs '' over?

  • Now I'm going to be let down every time I unwrap something in aluminum foil.

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  • RIP COYOTE PETERSON. Poor kids of his (If anyone know how he actually died could they comment and tell me please?)

    • Mia13Sunshine13 He didn’t

  • This stuff is from the Oligocene White River Formation. In the same badlands, you can find primitive horses, small artiodactyls called Oreodonts, cat-like carnivores called Nimravids, rhinos, etc. It's one of the best places in North America for mammal fossils (and complete turtle shells), but you cannot find dinos there....it's too new, geologically speaking. You'd need the Hell Creek Formation of Montana or some other exposure Cretaceous or older to find those. Cool to see fossils and paleontology getting some love here...That's always been my passion.

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  • Watch Coyote find a new species of dinosaur one day. He's lucky like that.

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  • No matter what, coyote always finds a turtle

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  • Ancient Box Turtle? Looks like front hinge completely shut

  • Once I have found a dinosaur egg here,s the story My dad and uncle and I Were shooting in the mountain and I found something that looked like a dinosaur egg

  • Pete: You get an A+ for today. Coyote: Yes I have passed.

  • I found a dinosaur bone


  • nice turtle 😂

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  • I have found so many fossils it's unbelievable

  • Coyote I'm just curious what kind of turtle was this fossil from if you know please tell me love the content keep up the great work

  • The music at the start is so intense I feel like I’ll have nightmares XD

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  • Us dental technicians use that sand blaster(magic wand) to blast metal and plaster in our profession as well. It's very satisfying.

  • Hunt for moreeeee!!this inspired me to study this in my own time im 14

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  • The clean stop at 8:15

  • Can you show ilus what is inside of the turtle shell

  • That looks awesome!!! I feel like I wanna work there idk why!

  • I found fossils in my mouth its a leg thigh of a chicken

  • Fossilized NINJA TURTLE :P HA!

  • I want Pete to be my granpa👴

  • I will always remeber when I went to the beach a couple years ago and found a crab shell fossil. At my beach there is a hard wall of sandstone like material in between the ocean and the beach houses, because the beach is lower down than the beach houses. I was exploring around the rock wall and noticed something that stuck out so I picked it up and there it was. A crab shell fossilized in sand stone. It is one of the coolest things I have ever found but unfortunately I misplaced it while moving recently and can't find it and don't think I ever will. :(

  • Isn't it just a sandblaster but with finer grains

  • Search 43.825289,-102.288334 on google map and zoom in you'll see a t-rex shape

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  • When I grow up I want to catch lizards,but I already do

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  • When I grow to be an adult, I wanna be like Coyote!

  • Who lives in Hawaii?

  • I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! I graduated from the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology a couple years ago with a BS in Geological Engineering. It almost makes me want to go back and get my Masters in Paleontology! I hope you can make it back to SD and visit the Paleontology Research Lab on the campus in Rapid City. I think you'd really enjoy working with the students there!!!

  • Pete what kind of turtul called


  • sand blasting

  • I want to be a paleontologist when I grow up

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  • Is it hard being a paleontologist?

  • It reallyjust looked like a rock at first