Will Food GO BAD in a Vacuum Chamber?

Published on Sep 30, 2018
Today we're seeing if putting different types of food in vacuum chambers can keep them from going bad after a month!
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  • It’s kind of odd that mold seems to grow BETTER in the vacuum jars than the open ones,

  • How to make croutons

  • Could you potentially use a large enough vacuum chamber to juice apples?

  • If there is water there is no vacuum

  • the black on fruit is probably from the knife used to cut it up. oxidation from the iron in knife

  • Should of just used clamp lid jars, this is such an ineffective way of doing this I wanna see this again but with clamp lid jars.

  • Hind sight is 20/20... I would have put something like Vaseline under the rubber seals to maintain a perfect airtight seal... rubber can be somewhat porous or at least the contact point between the rubber and the metal...

  • Great video never thought of putting food in a vacuum this is something Preppers may want to get into it would be a fraction of the cost how about doing a long-term storage video like put the chips in a vacuum and 10 months to a year later check on them

  • Louis Pasteur did it...Better.

  • LOL..... You retards poked holes in canning jars!?!? Next time do your homework before making yourselves look like fools!!

  • People keep saying he poked moldy bread and didnt eat the bread, but kept the same gloves on while eating the chips... like y’all didn’t realize he used different hands huh? 😂😂

  • 9:15 you look like pewds lol

  • Sorry but it was not a vacuum.

  • next video: use a laser to transmit sound

  • You didnt sterilize the jars - so sealed everything with germs. No point in this experiment

  • touching the moldy items and then grabbing food to put it his mouth 🤮

  • oml... this guy touches a bread infested with mold. it doesn’t look like it but it’s covered in it. it’s just microscopic. but you basically touched it with the same gloves then ate a chip after. the mold was carried onto your gloves from the bread so you basically just ate mold😤😤

  • Wow

  • Will gallum stay watery in vacuum chamber

  • Duh.. Oxygen and Moister are your enemy when it comes to preservation. Wont hurt to toss in some kosher salt with hot water. Learn to prep and blow your mind.

  • You are missing one vital aspect of canning with a pressure cooker. Not only are you creating a vacuum seal, you are also bringing the temperature of the food item above the boiling point. Most organisms not native to oceanic magma vents will die. The sterility of the food is key to vacuum storage. I grew up around canners. If you screw up temperature or vacuum seal you got spoiled food.

  • This dude just killed my lunch 😪

  • does clay get hard in a vacuum chamber

  • You cannot have liquids in a vacuum. If you see liquid, there is no vacuum, you will have a partial pressure that depends on the properties of the liquid in question and the ambient temperature.

  • Vacuum sealing made the bread and apples worse!

  • Does the vacuum change the flavor if it is still fresh?

  • Right hand to poke the bread. Left hand to taste the chips. Unless the you expect the mold to jump from one hand to the other, where's the issue? "Derek Lidstorm"

  • What happens to balloons with varying amounts of air or water inside a vacuum?

  • If you put your cat in a vacuum it stops it from scratching the furiture!

  • Eggs would be interesting to see how they are after 2 months

  • Keep things warm, or refrigerated which spoils or molds first? As in keep it 40F and 180 for warm.

  • will phosphorus burn in vacuum?

    • nothing burns on vacuum. Oxygen, dude.

  • Omg way too much talking....get on with it!!!

  • Um you know those lids are designed to let air out and not in so the rubber stopper is redundant.

    • OOOOPs... I have actually canned a couple of items but didn't even catch that... probably because he was using a vacuum chamber and not a water bath... DUH...

    • BP J I guess not everyone knows how canning jars work.

    • I'm glad somebody said it, lol

  • Did anyone else notice he put in gloves after the MOLDY bread then got a chip nd ate it with the glove on xD (then again idk he could've changed the glove. That just popped in head)

  • dry stuffs do well in vacuum than hydrated stuffs

  • I knew already what was going to happen because I did the exact same experiment when I was 10 years old. I was really fascinated with mold and microscopy. I know, I was a weird kid.

  • Awsome experiment

  • Now I'm wondering if you can juice an apple with a vacuum chamber.

  • Make vacuuming grenades withe the bottles

  • The reason why it molds is the bacteria, I wonder if you sterile every thing, would it still rote? Does food rote in outer space?


  • The difference is moisture.

  • -butt- _hole_

  • What would happen if they had some sort of a preserving fluid

  • i thought lays had enough air

  • why putting ur fkin mouth

  • What if you lined a container with some kind of paper/ absorbant material, then just pooled paint (of 2-3 different colors?) At the bottom. Would the vaccum action pull the paint enough to splash the liner paper? Would that make some kind of cool effect for abstract art?

  • Can you make a boat make of zinc and copper, in such a way that, in contact in water, it runs like a battery, and it generates enough energy to move it self?

  • Only $25? This idea got you almost 6 million views

  • What would happen if you vacuum sealed a living Terrarium? One that has plants and such already established?

  • Will a balloon pop if cooled with liquid nitrogen or keep its shape?

  • boi just why

  • Touches moldy bread, continues to use gloves to eat food

  • Replace the oxygen with nitrogen or an inert gas to try to preserve food

  • Is it true that if you take your helmet off in space it will explode?

  • Amazing that mould still grows in a vacuum.

  • Where is grant at

  • did you clean your gloves before eating? have you caught diarrhoea?

  • you made botulism really happy

  • RIP: your toilet

  • So.... if you leave a loft of bread in the moon mold will form?

  • I'm hungry

  • ...don’t y’all know how canning jars work?

  • yo im making an instagram anime group with complete strangers with one common thing (anime) if you wanna join either reply with ur @ DM @Loco_x.x you got nothing to lose :)

  • FYI bread doesn't lose moisture when it stales, the change from soft to hard is chemical and not because of water loss

  • Nice vindertech smasher at the start

  • You contaminated the food during bottling it. Need to boil/heat it up, both jars and food to preserve. Or you get live mould spores in bottles. I conserve my food self, and have no problems with it. Some are 10 years old and still ok. And for next time for your test, use vacuume pump and fill bottles with co2 like in soft drinks as preservative. It's simpler, works on meat for weeks, look in food store...

  • Please tell me he didn't touch moldy bread with the same gloves he touched food he put in his mouth.

  • Can acid burn through dry ice

  • Vacuum chamber is a better refrigerator.

  • You dont even know what vacuum is. Vacuum = when nothing is liquid except some synthetic oils. You also actually NEVER achieved even low level so called "fine"vacuum in any chamber you tried to evacuate. Vacuum sealing is impossible with some piece of gum. And again some small tip for you: vaccum is aways achieved through CONINIOUS pumping. To store vacuum: let pumps run AND monitor the underpressure during ALL the time you want to store it.

  • You should've done meat

  • Lays lays literally just air

  • 12:47 Because...yuck.

  • Why

  • I'm assuming that your printer needed magenta thats why it was black and white 🤣

  • You didn't know that there are purpose made attachments for vacuum sealing mason jars???

  • Can you hear a phine ring in a vacuum chamber

  • Notice that molds grew on near-vacuum-jar stored bread. That shows how DURABLE fungi is. This is one of reason why you get odd body smell getting worse if you do not keep your room, fabrics, and washing machine off from fungus. They are extremely hard to eliminate and will contribute for bad smell!

  • Vacuum chamber ice cream vs normal ice cream

  • Wow, didn't know mold didn't need anything to grow thought at least it needed some carbon dioxide.

  • You should meet food poisoning Doctor Asap

  • fungus can live without air, dont eat any of those

  • Did you copy action lab?


  • Rancidity in oil usually occurs when the C=C bonds are broken destroying the kinks and making more saturated molecules

  • You should do the vacuum sealing properly as a control. I know you used the rubber to attempt to get a stronger vacuum but using the consumer vacuum with the mason jars would be more useful to the viewers and it would keep the seal better. While some things seem to pop on me many things stay under seal seemingly indefinitely.

  • you souls do it with lollies and hot food

  • Would dipping the jars lids into wax to seal them help them retain vacuum?

  • White bread *TRIGGERED* Jk don't forget botulism thrives in vacuum guys

  • Are you sure you had a vacuum seal? A pressure gage on each container would have been a great source for a data point

  • what will happen if you put gallium in the vacuum chamber

  • Did lays sponsor you after this video haha?

  • Not sure how I got here 🤔

  • Also won't the mold get on your gloves and affect you anyway? Unless you cut the part our when you changed your gloves. But maybe i'm wrong cause I don't really know how mold works

  • Will chips,food,drinks,snacks will be stinky and rotten when left somewhere

  • Idk why you drilled the hole cause won't air go in there through the whole even though there is tape...

  • You need to use salt to absorb the water

  • can u try what u did with the marshmellos with a grape