Wilford 'MOTHERLOVING' Warfstache

Published on Aug 5, 2018
After the events of Who Killed Markiplier, The Detective has never forgiven The Colonel for what happened in that mansion. After countless close calls, Abe's finally cornered the madman as his latest persona... Wilford 'Motherloving' Warfstache
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1st AC - Jay Dallen
Key Grip - Chris Boulos
Gaffer - Jon Boal
Sound Mixer - Matt Burgette
Costume Designer - Megan Lian
Hair + Makeup - Cheyanne Armstrong
Production Designer - Susannah Lowber
Caterer - Jon La Fleur
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  • Evidence: Dead people EVENMOREDEADPEOPLE Details are fun to look through. Always worth a laugh.

  • I want the experience of watching this for the first time again so badly, if only...

  • Is no one going to talk about how smooth and satisfying Mark's dancing is when he first appears in the club? lol

  • Wait...markiplier is dead😨no one tells me anything...who's the bald guy

  • Это обалденный короткометражный фильм Маркплиер , я твой русский подписчик ) спасибо за фильм)

  • Why is it the the crazy guys are the wizest

  • what the hell was that

  • I've been going through a fair portion of existential type shit, and I gotta say, I think that this has really helped me out. Markiplier, you really have been a light in my life. You've made me laugh when I just wanted to cry, gave me a reason to keep trying when I felt like quitting, and touched me when I thought my heart had gone to stone. Thank you so much.

  • Probably hasn't happened yet? Spoiler alert we all did it? OH MY GOSH, I forgot how much I loved the mark mysteries

  • Oh my gosh he dances so good XD


  • you should do infinity war meme edition by Titan Guy.

  • Dose dance moves

  • woah mandela his mustache supposed to be pink

  • I just got hyper realization that when we die, we shouldn’t me sad, it’s amazing, thinking about what has all happened, all your friends. It’s a thought I everyone pushes away, but death itself, is great. No I’m not suicidal

  • 11:22. Is Colonel/Wilfred like Ukyo? He’s gone through different dimensions and lived through these events?

  • 5:26. *...Lestrade?*

  • Is he dead?

  • What’d Bozo the Magnificent do?

  • I'm sorry, was this supposed to be happy or sad?! I AM IN CONFUSION!!!!

  • Dang, Wilford got le moves

  • is this really a dream you had?


  • 18:00 lol

  • Detective!

  • Damn he got the moves

  • 4:30 look at this man in the background

  • "We all did it." is a reference to the Murder on The Orient Express.

  • Great Film hilarious acting and yes props to the guy who played the detective

  • After this and Who Killed The Markiplier, I’m a certain the defective is gay.

  • I hope markaplire is not gay he is my SENPIII

  • this is so good ,your range is amazing

  • The video is 19:11 minutes long and in the thumbnail, the handgun seen is a M1911(I think) Was this done on purpose or am I just going crazy.

  • 1: Mark's disco moves oml 2: The contrast between black and white where Abe is introduced to the bright colours of Warfstache. 3: All of the cliche dodges 4: The script was perfect. 5: "WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING?" "GET OUT OF MY HEAD" "*YOU'RE STILL SHOUTING*" 6: The acting was phucking superb. 7: The weird tone actually works. 8: Everything just works. 9: THEORY FODDER

  • Can we please for the love of god get a continuation on this? I'm begging here!

  • u intelligent bastard

  • "Oh the train! One of your best works. Spoiler alert, we all did it!" Ooooh I see what you did there :3

  • gavin?GAAAAVINN!

  • Lol “ we all did it” nice mureder on the orient express reference!

  • Wait did i see jack

  • Love the whole video Mark! Great job!

  • This community led me to believe that all of his egos were evil. I've watched WKM and I'm currently watching this, and so far I know that Dark is the combo of two relatively good people and that Warfstache is the product of a man who fell into madness thanks to his friends

  • I always felt like this takes place at the end of Who Killed Markiplier. I think this takes place after the Colonel shot the detective and shot you on accident. I think this is all in the detective’s head that his mind is trying to accept the fact that he’s dying. What clues me is when he shouts “you killed people! So many people! You killed my friends! You killed my partner!” The detective made you his partner and after he got shot, you were shot shortly after on accident. Also if you remember before the detective was shot he tells the colonel he needs to explain himself and he calls him the murder (obviously he was wrong but even as he’s dying he thinks the colonel did it). Warfstache also points out the it’s impossible to survive a bullet through the heart and that “life needed a bit a madness why should death be any different”. And when he says “why don’t we,just for tonight, have a little fun?” The detective accepts the fact that he’s dead and let’s go. What do you guys think?

  • I died for like an hour when I saw him dancingXD

  • nice

  • This should be on Netflix

  • 11:59 that is adorable I kinda ship them

  • Wilford: “Did we date at some point?” Me: Yes. Yes, we did, Wilford. 😉💕

  • 3:40 your not getting enough credit for how good this is

  • Wait... That detective looking guy looks like the guy from Who Killed Markiplier...

  • After I watched Who Killed Markiplier this made a lot more sense to me.

  • Panic! At the disco

  • aw what happened to the cool thing with the subtitles??

  • *Pepe Silvia*

  • 4:14 Panic! At The Disco

  • is no one else noticing the murder on the orient express reference


  • ...FABULOUS!!!

  • Everything is cool and all, like always. But damn, Abe's actor needs an Oscar.

  • I love Warfstache he is my favorite ego I have a book on Wattpad about him! “Is this insanity”

  • This really needs to be a movie in theatres. Along with the who killed Markiplier series.

  • I love this so much because it’s like CLUE, with that Markiplier charm. The beginning is black/white/gray then Wilford comes in with his bright colors and dance music. This video is just hilarious and weird in a lot of ways. Wilford’s transition from the hot-headed and suspicious Colonel to the eccentric and slightly supernatural Wilford ‘Motherloving’ Warfstache. Wilford seems forget almost everything before the end of WKM. He barely remembered Abe, and has repeated the phrase ‘Things get jumbled so easily’ and ‘I don’t understand anything anymore.’ Also I think Abe was just suffering from the most extreme burnout in the history of nothing and everything all at the same time and at no time. Mark does an AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG job being this insane, weird dancing, supernatural, philosophical, rather genuine sounding, kinda drunk on living, but still a sad shell of a tortured man who had to watch his friend die and then swap bodies then come back to life, then he was going to get arrested, maybe executed, for his friends murders that he didn’t commit, so he ran. And ran. And ran. All the way through (what I think) what was about 1965 to some time in the 70’s. So if you last this long, good job! You now have good luck. If you don’t want the luck, f@#& you, you’re going to get it anyway because everyone else matters more than my psychological and physical health, mental sanity or appearance. Have a nice day 😊

  • this is so underrated

  • Damn Mark is self-actualized. Living to his fullest potential. He isn't much older than I, but I still have so far to go.

  • Continuation?

  • Wait... Why was the color of Apes blood the color of dried blood? I dunno random fact

  • Why the F does this only have 2.4 million views? I've watched this video at least 2.5 million times!

  • He's such a Mar-shmello-kiplier

  • 4:14 they really pulled a brendon urie on mark 😂

  • Mark should have been an actor.


  • Googleplier is best Ego and you can't change my mind

  • *me seeing Wilford in an afro-* 👏 B 👏 O 👏 I 👏

  • I love u Markiplier !!! I am watching your vids for about 4 years , and u are always best at what u do. U will always be my favourite youtuber. Never surrend at what u are doing , like i know u wont. U are so funny , amazing and talented at what u do. I have all the respect for u.

  • Im totally recommending this to my friend she’ll LOVE this

  • this is the gayest thing ive ever seen i love it make it a series rn plz

  • this was the best sequel to anything. I really loved and enjoyed this!

  • FINALLY! You don't know how long I've waited for this!!!

  • I get it now wilford explains the whole who killed markiplier series I quote "it doesn't make sense that's the beauty of it" end quote

  • loved it!

  • Confirmed: Wilford Warfstache is a Trickster God!


  • wish markaplire would work with corridor digital that would be really cool

  • Don’t make it weird

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂*shouting*

  • Hold up is this just Abe's mind running over itself as it dies and giving one last night of imagined 'fun' before really dying?

  • did any one here know mark could dance so fluidly ?

  • "Did we used to date?"

  • 11:56 I'm sowy

  • Art

  • So the colonel went insane after the events after Who killed Markiplier

  • Does he actually smoke? cause he smoked SO many cigarettes AND one vape

  • Mark is an amazing actor, GET HIM IN AVENGERS ENDGAME AS >Random Background Character


  • Mark : Acting... come on, your good at it...

  • “Where Gonna Play Pin The Donkey But Hes The Donkey And The Tail Is My Feelings” *What The Hell 😂 Lol*

  • I'm crying

  • That's what's happening inside my head right now

  • 5:51 I love how he shrugs off getting arrested XD

  • Ok I know I said this in 2018 but seriously mark needs to be an actor