Wilford 'MOTHERLOVING' Warfstache

Published on Aug 5, 2018
After the events of Who Killed Markiplier, The Detective has never forgiven The Colonel for what happened in that mansion. After countless close calls, Abe's finally cornered the madman as his latest persona... Wilford 'Motherloving' Warfstache
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Producer - Levi Smock
Line Producer - Tyson Lindo
1st AD - Emily Shesh
Set PA - Gregory Bordelon
Asst. to Mark - Evan Bilda
DP - Daniel Marks
1st AC - Jay Dallen
Key Grip - Chris Boulos
Gaffer - Jon Boal
Sound Mixer - Matt Burgette
Costume Designer - Megan Lian
Hair + Makeup - Cheyanne Armstrong
Production Designer - Susannah Lowber
Caterer - Jon La Fleur
FBE - Harris Sherman
FBE - Benny Fine
FBE - Rafi Fine
FBE - Drew Roder
FBE - Nick Bergthold
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  • When Mark dances...hot

  • 3:28 You're welcome 😚😘😉

  • The beauty of it is that the antagonist manages to give some inspiring dialogues

  • hi

  • "AAAAAAAAAAAAA!" "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" Aahah...aaaa?" I was laughing so much from that scene!

  • very qualitatively!Like!

  • It looks 4k on 720HD! Make more.

  • Part 2 ? :D

  • LOVE IT!

  • I feel cheated out I was expecting fan service

  • Me at 3:39 "WTF is this!?" lol

  • This video always cheers me up thank you mark and evreone else!☺️


  • The cringe cherry on the top of the cringe cake

  • Crazy good. Markiplier you should do more like this really. It's amazing (ofcourse only if you feel like it since a pressed script is allways worse than a freely written one)

  • its justlike fightclub the movie the bald guy is insane its all in your head

  • This is seriously one of my favorites. Wilford Motherloving Warfstache lol

  • 10:35 has no one noticed wilford glitches a little?

  • wait.... I'm confused, did Warfstache kill the detective and is this a part of his afterlife, or is the detective actually still alive, somehow?

  • Good dance moves wilford!..... colonel.....markiplier....!?

  • I feel like someone should make a Wilford Warfstache movie. How cool would that be?

  • 5:10 wait. Why is there two of you? 5:18 ...... wtf!?

  • It's that "My Selene" a reference to the Sonata Arctica song?

  • Did anyone noticed the glitches? Like it was Dark who took possesion of Warfstache. And also, did anyone noticed Warfstache moustache turning slightly pink?

  • i cant stop seeing marki dance, the best scene i´ve ever see




  • I know I'm very late to this but I'm finally emotionally prepared to watch this video.

  • This was as hilarious as it was deep. "A newly sprung faun in a world that doesn't make sence.." That's probably the most accurate description of being alive, I've ever heard.

  • Damn boy, you got moves 😍

  • This was really really good.. Well done to the whole team!

  • Who was the cinematographer? Incredible work!

  • I get chills every time man. Better than most movies I've seen. I can see the work, time, and effort put into it and I just gotta hand it to you man. Nice job

  • Filmmaker of the year

  • o and i cant spall some wolds

  • the mustash waze not black it waze pank

  • I've never seen something so confusing but also so beautiful. Thank you Mark, and thank you Wilford.

  • Girl: Ah, finally. This is the moment! Boy: Will you leave me? Girl: Nah! Boy: Do you love me? Girl: Yes, a lot! Boy: Have you ever cheated on me? Girl: No, why are you asking this? Boy: will you kiss me? Girl: Everytime I get the chance! Boy: Will you ever hit me? Girl: Are you crazy?! Of course not! Boy: Can I trust you? Girl: Yes. Boy: Darling. Now read it all backwards!

  • omg i need more of this!!!!! its so good!!!!!

  • Why is this video demonetized?

  • where will it go next? if this is based of the who killed markiplier episodes then what will happen next?

  • E

  • if this Was a Movie all of us What Love It

  • A hell of a job

  • mark there's a new game coming out its call five night at Roxy's pyro-illusion its coming in on may 31 2019

  • Bad Touch #2 The Sequel.

  • there is a line from the penguins of madagascar

  • I Ship IT!

  • hey

  • poor Wilford his backstory is just so sad but I gotta admit that the “YOU’RE STILL SHOUTING!!!!!” Part made Me laugh so hard

  • 5:11 / 5:13 wait why is there another warfstarche 😂😂😂

  • Amazing! Was super interesting from the start until the end! Great acting, great story, interesting mysterious character. Loved it!

  • I think I know what's going on. This whole video is taking place while the detective was dying after the colonel shot him in "Who Killed Markiplier". That's why the colonel says that its impossible for someone to live after being shot in the heart and why the detective can't remember anything about the case because there was no case. The detective accepting the invitation to dance is probably him accepting death (hence the phrase "dancing with death") and the reason the colonel was there is probably because his sanity is "dead" after killing the detective.

  • Ok?

  • That was genuinely really good, Mark you have a future in TV i'm calling it, I'll watch you programmes

  • He got the moves

  • aaa first waht da faq and second i love it . best wishes :)

  • Okay this video would be a killer concept with a little less goofy. Id watch a movie/series about it.

  • But that Disco song though, how do I get me some of that

  • Сделай перевод на русский,ну нихера не понятно АААА

  • This skit still makes me feel things almost half a year later. I love the egos universe and I honestly can't wait to see where this world goes.

  • my god yes. just yes. more. need more. yes. more

  • I Feel like I lost a Peace of my soul to this holy mother of ducks

  • I accidentally watched this before WKM, and now I'm rewatching.

  • please do more sketches like this. They are so good and enjoyable.

  • Markiplier is almost as good at lore as Papa Franku. Maybe Mark is a minor Peace Lord...

  • Moar.

  • So good

  • i want so much to know the name of that music

  • Dave Looks like The Rock in the movie 6:52 ..

  • btw can you make more SCP vids?


  • i fucking love this slow transformation of wilford from just a random silly persona to a character with lore and mystery and shit it's ridiculous xD

  • I am so very much confused.

  • 7:40 Wig? Snatched. Hotel? Trivago.

  • got doctor who vibes from Warfstash's speech

  • Max Payne 4 (2018)

  • "Did we date at some point?" (YES WILFORD MY PAN OR BI MAN. GET IT!!!)

  • Why does mark in an afro look so much like Peele?

  • Colonel lives outside of time and is driven insane due to his friends deaths

  • Warfstache: *gets tazered* also warfstache: *wakes up after being tazered* did we used to date? lmao he wasn't even mad he was just like "you know what this probably makes sense if we used to date, no wonder he's so grumpy"

  • Why have I not seen this? Why is this not top of US-tv’s recommendations for everyone at all times? And why do these guys not have movie deals thrown at them in every direction?

  • Fixing to watch this, but just wanted to say he looks a shit ton like Darren Criss in the thumbnail.

  • 1.2k who didn't like I think they are kids .......well... meh , I like it the mini movie.... the power of the mustache :) :))

  • Damn it man you've made me feel again. mind blowingly amazing job!

  • It is a SIN that this only has 2.5 mil.

  • "And I'm gonna take my time with that ass."

  • I love this movie thing!

  • William j. *wart* stache 😂

  • Mark, Jack, Wade, and Bob all need to make a movie together. Or at least voice act for a game or something

  • can someone tell me wtf is this ?

    • +NIGHT_ FOXX thanks for telling me but i never heard of him i will look it up

    • Leon S.Kennedy It's wilford motherloving warfstache

  • Why did he not just say :im the detective asshole

  • I

  • What is the name of the disco music?

  • so trippy

  • Things you missed while watching: 1:06 Post it note that says "Touch the butt" 10:54 Post it note above Wilford's head that points to him and says "Foot Fetish" 11:20 Post it note on far left says "DAMN DANIEL"

  • The way they tie in the comedy with the drama is perfect.

  • Those shoes tho