Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World 🍔

Published on Sep 30, 2018
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Meat is a complicated issue. But also a delicious one. Let's talk about it.
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Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World


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    • How can you have any pudding if you haven't eaten your MEAT?!

    • 6:30

    • I am vegetarian

    • I can't survive without your videos

    • you can say the same about grass in 2:45 because we trim them and that gotta hurt right? stupid logic

  • this is fake.

  • Bob's Burgers amiright

  • In a nut shell:pork belly Muslims:wHY yOU bUlLY uS

  • So Martin Luther and Smaug both eat people. Ok then.

  • I like meat ! I live in the countryside of France and we have our own animals:some duck and hen a pig and even a horse ! We eat them and treat them well

  • A lot of the animal rights thing about slaughter and farms are not accurate. I know cause I study this stuff. The amount of farms have gone down because out genetics have improved. How the animals are aren’t the best but they are not as horrible as they make it out to be.

  • But hot dogs are even worse some hot dogs can have cancer in it that might lead to death

  • Waaaaaaaaa i love chicks :( 1 like= 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Chicks that are males will be alive again

  • meat is great so f**k you

  • Wth ö You know what i will never like the meat

  • 4:47 es culpa del patriarcado

  • 1 KG of chicken = 2500 litres of water. 1GB of tomatoes =150 litres of water.

  • Why are the characters from Bob's burgers?

  • Dont kill birds on farms

  • 1 like = 1 Animal Revived

  • All humans don't live meat.

  • Please add subtitles. I can't understand anything.

  • Welp that's one more reason to kill myself we are a terrible species

  • Is it just me or is every character in this video from the cast of a cartoon show called Bobs Burgers... ?

  • how to trigger vegans 101

  • The best thing to do is just... just... not get into this.

  • I'm still gonna eat meat

  • tell me where i can order a chesse burger for a dollar...

  • Is the animal suffering really a problem beyond the super bacteria? I mean they're animals not humans, I don't want to be an ass hole, I am just genuinely curious and confused

    • +Nove To be fair my opinion on whether humans are superior or not vary based on what I see when I'm asked, but I believe that generous humans who use their resources as a means to help others could be considered above animals because, well we may be the only species to think that way even for other species, although with the exception of a few as some animals such as dolphins and elephants can be similar in that way and in cases such as that I would totally agree they equal humans as they grieve, have funerals for their dead and even suffer depression but for animals such as chickens not so much

    • +TheNintendoFanatic that is a very good question, it made me think a lot. personally, i believe that humans are not superior beings, all we have really is a more developed brain. actually, sometimes i am led to think that some dogs are smarter and more aware than a human baby. with that said, from a personal point of view, i do believe that we should care for animal suffering. but if you do believe that humans are somehow superior than other species, then that is a different question. do you?

    • Nove I totally agree with that, I just meant like. For the sake of argument say we genetically engineer animals that are wayyyy more efficient with resources to the point of sustainability but it comes at the cost of suffering for the animals, should we do it? Like they’re not people, not humans and their self awareness is debatable considering they can’t identify themselves in a mirror in many cases so in that scenario should we worry about their suffering?

    • if you do not consider the animal suffering a big problem, the first part of this video gives you even bigger ones. i'm sure you won't disagree that ending our natural resources is one of the biggest problems we have right now

  • You have my respect, poor chickens. When I'm done (with this fillet burger), half of the slaughterhouse chickens will still be alive. I hope they remember you.

  • nibba the fuck u mean it was a luxuary

  • Few Bits of Information to those of you on either side: Meat IS in fact, less efficient to process in the human body. Your body uses a noteworthy amount of calories when it produces the key enzymes needed to break the protein structure of meat down into its usable base components. This is part of why you get a more noticeable "Food-Coma" after eating a large amount of meat. There is a reason Slaughterhouses are called "Slaughterhouses" and not "Happy fun-time free-range internment camps". Example: Chickens are typically "rolled" across a spinning blade that slits their throats on a conveyor (it's very reminiscent of the movie "Saw"). On the OTHER spectrum.. Soy, a major staple in Vegetarian and Vegan Diets, is one of THE MOST destructive crops we have today. The climates that are the most beneficial to the cultivation and harvest of Soy are in tropical and sub-tropical regions, demanding that once dense forests, rain-forests and entire tracts of land be leveled to make way for Soy. This destabilises local ecosystems and displaces thousands of species. Another common argument for Anti-Meat Protesters is that "Plants don't feel pain". This is, to a certain extent, at least HALF-correct. Plants do lack the complex nervous system of mammalian species, but that doesn't mean that all plants are oblivious to what is happening to them. Rye-Grass, for example, releases a chemical distress signal of sorts when damaged, attempting to attract a predatory insect species to defend it. Many plants have similar "signals", just because you don't hear Kale scream, doesn't mean it isn't aware of its imminent demise on a cellular-level. Want to be 100% Morally superior? Eat Soylent Green. _Mic Drop_

  • Humans have been eating meat since they came around hundreds of thousands of years ago. You are correct that we are wasting a ton, and we should eat less. But your bit about it being a luxury item just wasn't correct. Meat is a very important part of our diets and we actually need it for certain types of proteins to be healthy. That's why there have been HUNTERS and GATHERERS. Not just Gatherers. I also do not agree with how we treat the animals, that's probably the sh*ttiest the we can do.

    • Meat has become a luxury since the dawn of agriculture and the rise of modern civiliations simply because mass agriculture was more efficient at feeding bigger populations that no longer needs to be nomadic to survive. The video is correct.

  • Got an ad about meat lol

  • Meat is a good energy directly to the body to producenergy!

  • Epic Shit. I love cool Stuff.

  • The End Is Near

  • I hate how this video brainwashes you completely

  • That's it. I'm vegetarian now

  • If ur a vegan..please just show this to meat eater or just say it slowly..rather. FUCKING SCREAMING AT THEIR FACES AND CALLING THEM BRUTAL SERIES KILLER!!

  • i am a vegetarian.

  • Imma say one thing , if your exuse of eating meat is survival of the fittest or something like that , tell me then , Why do we have laws to be civvilized and why dont we just go around killing each others and being canibals cuz like u said , do anything to survive right?

  • The governments shouldve already raised tax in meat but the meat industry just have too much money from meat eaters 🙃 The problem roots in our body, so please be responsible.

  • And in india people are protesting against it and they are said to be violent 😯😯what a world

  • Lab meat is made from poop and Lab liquid

  • Im an omnivore not a herbivore, plus i eat free range animals from my hometown so i still don't have the reason to stop eat meat but its sound fun to have some vegetables-only days

  • What would happen if the whole meat sources are consumed and there's nothing left out in the world? Do humans look for other sources or they kill themselves to feed them?

  • Looking for PETA comments from people who watch half of the video

  • People who think that this is to turn people vegan are brainlets.

  • Haha, I never knew that male chickens were useless and were killed at birth, I guess the Amazonians still got their lifestyle going strong in the meat industry. Where them warrior hens.

  • Honestly factory farms are the real masterminds. If we didn’t have factory farms then most of these problems would be gone. Back in the day we didn’t have factory farms. It’s all supply and demand so stop demanding all the meat.

  • Why was there character from Bob's burgers

  • Bob’s Burgers!!

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  • Lol the bob burger references haha

  • To be honest, I didn’t really like meat all that much anyways. I can live without it.

  • Vegitarian unite!!!

  • I wanna be that man who goes to vegan eating fastival while wearing go vegan and die tshirt and eating bloody meat when they say you are killing animals but they kill too our diet needs to contain Animal products its a real fact but i agree about its effects on earth

    • +Berkay Baş google what exactly? Toxins? Everything is a "toxin" if you have enough of it

    • Starco 2312 google it

    • +Berkay Baş I don't believe in god, and bears don't eat plants all the time because they need calories that plants don't provide enough of, for humans, eating meat is now optional and not mandatory for survival. Also, define "toxins"

    • Starco 2312 do you think god gave us plants to be source of food hell no they posses toxins when something trys to kill it eat it... animals aren't chemists. safer and complete in amino acids not containing as much unnecessary minerals as plants. Humanity takes ideas from nature Why dont now? Bears can eat plants too like us why they dont do that all the time

    • Our diets don't NEED animal products

  • Human didnt create the World it was our God

    • Wanna know the Secret? Im son of God and im getting 1 power level everyday and i live 400 trillion years

    • +Erkian PL sorry but i dont feel like reading an incredibly long fictional book right now.

    • Go read bible

    • Fuck you atheist

    • Prove that first

  • Bob's burger

  • 0:23 that guy on the rigth is cute

  • GO VEGETARIAN Please !!!!!!!!🐷🐷🐷🐮🐮🐮🐔🐔🐔🐣🐣🐣🐣🐥🐥🌱🌱🌱 🌱🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎

  • This video is sooo biased it hurts. Yes over 90% of the calories animals eat is transferred to the meat. But the manure is NOT wasted. It goes back into agriculture. Cows do NOT need to breed constantly to lactate. Even human females are capable to lactate for years after giving birth just once. Lactation is like a diesel engine. Once started it keeps going. And that's as far i'm willing to watch this bull... Yes cows produce a lot of methane but just one drop of truth in a bucket of disinformation is like a drop of pure water in a bucket of shit. At the end the bucket of shit is still shit.

    • The video showed only 4% of the calories are converted into meat and as a result more than 80% of all crop yields are actually grown and produced just to feed the livestock.

  • just kill humans , we’re overpopulated anyway

  • there is not just "vegan" and normal like meat eating you idiots! there is also VEGETARIAN

  • I want m- *this video* Uhhhh. Maybe..... noo??? BUT I WANT MAH STEEK

  • The world is perfectly balanced if meat eater and vegetarian wants to live together peacefuly

  • U don't understand that cattle are supposed to be free range they eat grass u don't grow grass grass grows naturally same most other animals. Can be raised the same way

    • Then its been done wrong can't help that other poeple are stupid just like when poeple have thirty kids knowing dam well they can only support one so as to put their kids under stupid hard conditiond

    • Ronald Johnson the vast majority of beef is from corn fed cattle.

    • If u are doing it any other way your wrong

  • Young generation will look down upon us with disgust? You're not a prophet....not everyone iz moralist...

  • We can stop eating meat & only eat birds (eatable ones dat iz) & fishes~

  • I am commenting on this video as it goes so these are live reactions. Lots of things wrong in this video, let start with one large bit of it. "Calories put into animals MADE to convert plant matter into useful energy is a waste, but pumping that same mass into humans is MUCH smarter" Point to me the human who has 4 stomachs and an enlarged cecum? That's what I thought. Our digestive systems are not meant to digest most of this material anyway, if you want to talk about nutritional waste let's talk about what happens on a vegan diet and the need for supplements, or better yet the anti-nitrification that plants use as one of the MANY defense mechanisms to prevent death. Diets containing fiber cause constipation and most digestional blockages and studies show a complete cut of fiber in a diet prevented these blockages. Whoever sourced this video should have really gone and did research into the opposite end of the spectrum because some real bias is showing in this video. WOAH THERE PARTNER! My expectations were low but this takes the cake. I didn't realize plants were not alive. Are we going to start feeding tigers like vegans, because meat is murder? As to my comments about defense mechanisms for plants. We know that plants are chemical warfare masters. Leading to the inability to properly absorb nutrients and in fact sometimes preventing you from absorbing nutrients from other foods you eat. The eskimo are a great example of what happens regarding a low carb diet vitamin C, Folate and Thamin, all necessary for human health are needed in lower levels because fiber or glucose affect your absorption of these vitamins, as well as magnesium and potassium. HUMANS THRIVE ON SUFFERING! This is the most shock value you can get with also being a lying sack of shit. First off, with industrialization of slaughter methods the way we kill animals as been quicker and cleaner then ever before. Even if we thought about the slaughter of animals in the most selfish way possible it is in our best interest to have animals die with as little suffering as possible. Not only does this improve the quality of the meat, but it also reduces the risk of the animal coming to harm wasting the meat product possible. In fact an autistic woman revolutionized the way we kill cows by following their herding instinct to turn left. It actually ends up calming them and produced a better product in the end. Am I the only one that thinks this entire line would seem stupid if it came from the perspective of a plant and the cow is the genocidal manics? Holy shit is this video so out of touch and reaching it isn't even funny. Now we get to the part where we humanize things that are not actually human, what a great video really. I wonder since this is such hot topic issue when @Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell will do a video on abortion? Or is it too out of the realm of them to humanize actual humans who are actually slaughtered for no reason. The argument that their is a moral issue is weak and ignores the definition of "morality", at best it is an ethical issue. I think it is more of an ethical issue to claim that diets are best without meat because an animal wouldn't suffer the way we sympathize suffering, even though you clearly forget they aren't human. Especially so, considering medically more people would suffer from food diseases with a high carb diet. "Wrong side of history argument" Don't really need to point out why that's just intellectually devoid, but I will point out that we don't look at our ancestors with disgust the way they used use animals bladders for canteens and bones for sewing needles. I'd still consider it barbaric since we have better technologies to do it. Guess how slaughter house improve, starts with a "T" and ends with "ime"? If anything the future will be auto generated protein with more focus on fat as a highly dense energy source. We know that plants are not a sustainable source of fuel either...holy shit can we get back to the facts here. The stuff a cow eats is not compatible with a fucking human. I can't believe this has to be said, but apparently to the same people that make videos on black holes and space travel, basic nutritional facts are just too high of a science to comprehend. Chicken and pig are less nutritionally dense then beef. Like did any research go into the actual health ramifications of the shit you are trying to sell to people like the health risks linked to high insulin? This video needs redoing hardcore, if you want a great video concept to talk about may I suggest bug products to replace mammal meats? That's a video I could get behind. Lastly, maybe you guys should go on Skillshare and take a few courses on basic metabolic processes.

  • Why meat is the best -worst- thing in the world *_oh hell yeah gimme a barbecue some o that eggs ayyyye o gimme some bacons or how about some like fish yum_*

  • When Kurzgesagt says a meat-free day per week already makes a difference. But the meat-free day just lasts 1 hour.

  • Why are humans these days monsters. And I would sue these butchers. And make them GO TO HELL

    • Woah there, it seems you don't understand how horrible it is to say "go to hell" you're literally wanting a person to go through agony and eternal suffering because they butcher animals

  • go vegan or go halal.

  • who else noticed the eyebot from fallout

  • Animals aren't self aware so it's fine.

  • Animal products are never okay......

  • Anyone notice the bob burgers characters?

  • Degenerate race-mixing couple in the video. Why?

  • I'm vegan now

  • Me: yes! I can't wait to eat this burger! Me:*watches this video* Mom: hey! Aren't you gonna finish your burger? Me: I'm vegetarian

  • Now I know why my Mum buys FreeRangeEggs

  • are you making me a vegan!? cuz that's not going to work.. just sayin nvm... just watched the last 2 min of the vid :D

  • if you want the world to stop eatting meat. start by convincing them to eat less of it, oh.. and praise them for doing so. Making people fill guilty just enrages and irritates people, its not very effective is it.

  • Awww now I'm sad

  • thanks for the translations 💫

  • You’re all blaming the population instead of the rich again...

  • Am I the only one eating a hamburger right now?

  • We need a thanos!!!

  • I actually ended up becoming vegetarian because of what I learned from this video after watching it a few months ago. I’m really glad that this channel is making such thought-provoking and impactful information so accessible! Keep up the great work!

  • Ojala que el ser humano se extinga pronto xd

  • Best to raise your own animals or hunt if you have the opportunity to.

  • Tier zoo 👋

  • But it's so good... 😥

  • This video is everything

  • Oh my god this has hit hard. I need to change.

  • Don't eat pig meat.Did you know that pig eats his own shit?Eat chicken.

  • I think we humans should hunt our food in the wild like our ancestors used to since that’s the natural way. Animals wont be farmed and we wont waste resources. What do you guys think?

  • I'm vegan. Anyone here is vegan?

  • I love eating meat. It's how it is. Not sorry. Thank you.

    • There is nothing wrong with that. But I still have a problem with ignorance and reason.

  • Show this to trump and he will have a change of heart

    • TwilightAstronomer No he won’t, trust me.

  • vegen bitches alert!

  • Normal Humans 1 Vegans 0