Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World 🍔

Published on Sep 30, 2018
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Meat is a complicated issue. But also a delicious one. Let's talk about it.
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Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World


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    • Hi ich mache Street Interviews wär krass wenn ihr vorbeischauen würdet :)

    • You should get really mad and break your mundane voice and rant in a video it would be hilarious

    • Hello Kurzgesagt! I love your video and have been subbed for over 6mo. I was wondering, you did a couple videos about what a portion of the immune system is and how it attacks bacteria and viruses. Could you do a 2-3 part video that explains the entire complicated process? I think it would be very interesting how the entire things work! Is there any research out there that is finding new ways to attack bac/viruses in ways our immune system doesn't, or ways to fight with/train our immune system? That would be really interesting to know!

    • Gave themselves a heart lmao

    • Turkish subs PLEAASEEE 😧😧😧

  • I hate those peoples who eat meat everyday ( lol I am a vegetarian).....

  • If all these chickens and animals were goblins someone would be in a constant bliss

  • Best video ever

  • Does anyone realize the characters in the beginning are from bobs burgers cuz im not seeing any comments about it xd

  • I love to harvest liberals for meat. Something about meat from a liberal that tastes too good.

  • I love your channel i want a new Suggest end Request to your Intro Its: .In Start it wil be Earth .Sun Far Away .Camera rotate to Gas Giants .Belts Would appear .Long music! .Kurzgesagt Text (Same Font in the 2018 Intro) .Camera Rotates to Sun .Sun turn into Kurzgesagt Text! Done!

  • Simple solution: Eat vegans.

  • really should have mentioned the up and coming alternative of lab grown meat

  • are those bob's burgers characters?

  • Bobs Berger characters at the start


  • Vegan FTW!

  • The captions said: Intro-In a nurshell

  • Arabic translation please

  • Not sure why this doesn’t have ads, but this type of video where you examine environmental impacts of everyday activities are by far my favorite.

  • I'd be ok with meat being a rare commodity again. Super special occasions and farms wont have to have as much live stock so the animals have their own space. My mom and stepdad have a ranch and they keep all of their animals happy and healthy. Chickens roam around the property and have their own hen house, pigs and cows have large stall to run and play, and most of all, they are loved. My step dad gets the pigs drunk off their bottoms before they go to the slaughter house.

  • The aestheticization of morality. Gross.

  • I still like me sum good'ol bacon bruh

  • i'm a vegetarian though?

  • Completely cutting out meat is not the answer. Taking charge of where you get it and how often does.

  • Am i going to be the only person that notices how the characters in the first 25 seconds of the video are the ones from Bob's Burgers?

  • but if the majority of the earth became vegan aren’t we contributing to deforestation? also i hate all other meats apart from chicken and that’s the only meat i eat

  • *Watching this while gobbling down on a double bacon smokehouse*

  • 4:54 theres where nuggest come from...

  • As a right winger and (real) conservative I respect vegans and leave them alone, but there is a solution we conservatives have thought up that carries our values and also reduces most meat problems. Meat is still a deep part of the culture of almost all Western and Eastern cultures - cuisine is a beautiful expression of ethnic culture and folk nations. Most real cultures add meat only in moderation too, exceptions being some things in Korea and such. So rather than a black and white view of this where either nothing is done, or all meat must be banned (likely not plausible politically - yet), focus on removing the low-quality, pointless "Meat-stuffs" that make up the bulk of production. Hold meat to a high standard - requiring it to fulfill 3 conservative principles to exist: Cultural authenticity, nutritional cleanliness and price-to-quality acceptability. 90% of meat fails those basic qualifications and thus is perfectly fine to phase out. This would ban and eradicate all the bad, pointless toilet-meat that's mass produced for things like fast-food, junk food, frozen "meals", big box store bulk "meets". Those pseudo-meats have no cultural value - they are not linked to any ethnic history thus no reason for any conservative to want them protected, they almost always have abysmal quality and nutritional value -wheelbarrows of cheap chemical salt, dozens of questionable preservatives, Trans Fats (almost every fast food item in North America related to meat has Trans Fat contamination hidden), horrible preparation methods with cheap soybean oil for frying and harsh factory chemicals for cleaning (which is why the morning opening is one of the worst times to get fast food) - and not to mention the nightmarish factory farming that makes it, injected with estrogen and antibiotics, fed cheap soy and corn (at least in North America), animals soaked in sickly wet manure. Every conservative opposes this industry. And lastly a return to being a semi-luxury item, people should purchase real Organic and clean meat from butchers and normal grocery stores, small amounts, for daily consumption either as part of cultural cuisine or protein for building muscle in the Temple of Iron. Meat production shrinks drastically, leaving only the quality meat remaining, bankrupting fast food corporations, frozen meal manufacturers and other fake "Meetz" of no value. Obesity and hypertension go down with the reduction of trans fats and less bulk sodium, overfishing is lessened without fish being wasted on McDonalds or Walmart. We don't get rid of all meat, we get rid of bad meat. Vegans will make an impact voluntarily on top of that

  • Whatever. You can't stop me from eating all those chickens😈

  • One of your very best. You explain and illuminate a difficult reality but remain practical rather than preachy. I'll share as widely as I can and hope that others will also.

  • 226k vegans liked this

  • Okay, so for 1kg of steak takes about 25 tons of water. But, guess what? That water doesn't stay inside a cow (or we'd see a cow balloon), as well as other consumed resources.

  • I am not agree with you.

  • Who here likes Bob's Burgers?

  • A question, why the video about schorinder cat is not in your chanel? Or i imagined that 😓

  • The beginning and middle of the vid I agree with, the end, however it disappointing. There is an ever-increasing, large pile of studies linking meat, egg, fish, and dairy to most lethal diseases due to saturated fat, cholesterol, and carcinogenic properties. You skipped that, instead you pandering to the source of the problem. You often do not hold back the hard truths of existence. But with diet, something people can change, you wavered. Beyond the suffering of animals, the wasteful and toxic environmental issues, there are solutions. Simply get your complete proteins from combining the right foods. Better for the planet, our morality, and your own health as you take in dramatically less hormone damaging pesticides, farm drugs, mercury, cadmium, PCB's and more. That's how this vid should have ended.

  • Sound logic, except I doubt very much you could get all those health freak vegans to live off the shit we feed farm animals. Regardless of how nutritious it is.

  • yes we should eat less meat, but we shouldnt cut it out. There's a reason why traditional cultures never depended solely on just plant based products. even the poorest in the past still had access to dairy and occasionally meat if they can afford it. For example, u can look at the tribes today where they would obtain meat for celebratory events even though their livestock is very expensive to them. The problem here is not the meat but the industry that sprung forth to sate our unchecked and uneducated desire for meat. A lot of us aren't built to just exist on one food group alone. Anemia is a common symptom if one is not extremely careful with their plant only diet. And one would need a lot of money and time to keep track of what they need to replace in order to meet every nutritional requirements, eg. Iron, vitamin B12, Omega 3. Yes, u can just eat the crops that we feed animals, but they are not nutritionally the same. The same reason why we eat plant parts for glucose instead of eating the sun's rays (because u can't do that). Furthermore, more plantations will have to be set up to grow more plants, not just soy, in order to meet the nutritional needs of every vegan. Why grow more of several plants all containing different vitamins and nutrients, when u can just grown in bulk of soy that you feed to livestock, and that livestock converts and condenses all the nutrients you need in its meat? That being said, too much meat in the diet is a bad thing as well as its wholely unnecessary unless one is injured or ill and need nutrients to recuperate. We should eat what we need. We need better regulations over farms, and in order to do that we need to cut down meat to what we need. However, if you live in a relatively well off area and u have enough time and money on ur hand to maintain a vegan diet, then that's ur decision to do. Just pls dont act like a snob.

  • Why dafuk the title and description are automatically translate ? o.O

  • Yes

  • is it just me or this channel is becoming more and more politics and left's agenda with recent videos.

  • Haha yes shred all the baby chickens >:)

  • *This is disgusting* 🤦🏾‍♀️🤢😤

  • I almost became a vegan...

  • Wait hear me out guys what if all of the jobs in the world would get taken away by robots and all the humans in the world don't need to work and we would all be jobless and getting food supplies and things from the government everyday

  • Vegans approved

  • 5:15 Does That Mean That Its Good That I Eat Organic?

  • Wow! I remember when you had 1.5 million, you have grown a lot since then! This channel is great because of all the quality information, and being educational, but also teaching a wide variety of topics.

  • I only eat chicken cuz they’re dumb

  • well we used to hunt our food, but u fuckers call us backwards and replace it with farming

    • hey now, if everyone on earth hunted for food there'd be nothing left. Like it or not, we HAVE to farm our meat now.

  • Great Video

  • I dont regret that burger

  • Thx to god you told that vegan isnt “The Solution”

  • I swear I’m never gonna touch meat again

    • I've been meaning to quit masturbating too, but never is kind of extreme.

  • or we could supply the world with an insect protein and plant based :)

  • Meat is bad? Better eat wood

  • No, meat is not the "best thing in the world". It destroys our bodies, causing cancer and other autoimmune disorders. It gets in our vegetables when we don't want it. It causes heart disease in increasing numbers, and worst of all, videos like this, sponsored by the meat and dairy industries, try to divert viewers' attention away from the fact that it's labelled a class 1 carcinogen by the WHO.

  • Im sad with the girl chicks ;(

  • How can you tell someone is a trusted seller?

  • At the start the 4 characters are from bobs burgers

  • As a fellow Indian I'll say !! These practices doest takes place here ...not for cattles atleast !!animals roam around freely in India !! And they are worshipped !!like cows are considered. The mother of all human beings !!! Which doesn't mean we don't consume meat !! We do consume meat however animals are raised here with care !! Pork is consumed very less here !! Only some regions of India consume pork and they are raised with care as well !! Ofcourse I feel bad for broiler chickens !! As they face the same fate here in India !!!still some percentage of chickens are raised here in a good manner !! So if care is your concern !! So guess this is what should be done !! ..

  • 7:29 Yeah...as long as it does not turn into something like Bio Meat Manga....

  • The art work is stunning

  • Damn, what a delicious video

  • We all can agree that shredding baby chickens is cruel but we can't agree that killing a viable human inside a mother is too? GG humanity

  • But more humans are bad. We need 4 billion not 10.5

    • Just we need less food so we can not get the problm

    • We're at over 7 billion now, and we're just gonna keep growing. today the world, tomorrow the galaxy!

    • They're not saying that we should feed 10.5 billion people they're saying that we could. i.e there would be no difficulty feeding our current population using the plants that we already grow.

  • Well im not eating chicken wings or bacon burgers for a long time

    • I just cut a chicken's head off.

  • So many pretend vegans in this comment sections stroking their balls that one video on the internet validates their life choices. LOL. Thanks guys for further increasing the toxicity these "humans" will continue to emanate at every possible opportunity

  • Can you build muscles on a vegan diet??? Yes you absolutely can. 😊 A plant based diet is the answer, I feel better, stronger, I have more energy, my mind is not fogged up. the best thing being a vegan is, you are not causing harm to innocent beings.

  • But... but... I can’t give up Ice Cream!

    • Don't! The best Ice Cream I've had has been vegan Ice Cream and it's getting more available every day.

  • This video is so biased and doesn’t even recognize that consumption is regulated by prices, if conditions were truly unsustainable, meat would cost more and more until it was back in balance.

    • If you can prove that they perceive suffering, I'll retract my statement.

    • Actually it has come to be known that animals perceive reality just like humans do. Just not as developed as humans.

    • In addition this video feeds on the belief that animals are like humans and have complex emotions and desires, the sad truth is that animals are nothing more than organic robots, killing them is insignificant because they aren’t sentient like us.

  • Eat Humans instead.

  • ヴィーガンが作ったような最低の動画 動物には意思があるから殺したら可哀想というのは人間のエゴ なぜ同じ生物なのに植物は殺しても可哀想と思わないのか、明確な意思表現がないからか? 生きるということは他の生物を殺すということで、全ての動物が発生から今日まで行っていること それを止めるには全ての生物が死ぬしかない 消費したエネルギーも地球から消滅しているわけではなく、別の形で地球に還元されている 活動家というのは自分に都合のいいところしか見ていないというのがよく分かる動画

  • I'm still eating my mtfck Burguer, fuck that shit

  • Make sure to load up on VITE-D vegans, or you will d i e. No kidding.

  • Yeah, still eating meat. Y'all can go vegan/vege if you like, but I'm sticking with what's healthy and satisfying.

    • Scorpion - If merely confronting people with something as simple as the reality of their actions is the same as demonizing them, then that's a pretty clear sign that those actions need to change. We can easily feed ourselves without abusing animals, which means that violently abusing animals for food is obviously unnecessary, so it's time to stop making excuses.

    • @scorpionzam if u keep feeling that this is a fight or a war between vegans and non vegans, that is what u will get from it, even if it is not the intention of any both perspective. It is not between vegans and non vegans thing, it is about humans choosing to cause the less harm possible, while living in OUR planet. Don't see it as attack to you, because it is not. It is just a way to prevent alot suffering. But while u keep thinking it is something that is against you, it will prevent you to see the benefits it have.. But it is with you.

    • @scorpionzam by unnecessary, it means that we dont need animals products to live or to be healthy, it means we can make another choice that dont include torturing and killing sentient beings, and avoiding to let them live in a hell, instead choosing compassion for ourselves and others.

    • You try to demonize people when they don't agree with you. That's desperation. And what you call an "unecessary purpose" provides millions of people with food and jobs.

    • If by "desperate" you mean correct, then sure.

  • So you're saying we should stop importing millions of third worlders, who eat little meat at home, into the first world, where they immediately start consuming meat at the levels of the average first worlder? Yup sounds right to me. Closed borders to save the planet!

  • This makes me feel bad now 😥

  • Am I the only one who noticed that the children from Bobs Burgers showed up in this video?

  • And wolfs bite their Hunt tô death cmon

  • Still not gonna become a vegan. If it’s dead it’s dead no point in wasting

    • EFYN If I never buy meat again, the demand won't go down. So much of it goes bad in stores anyway. It won't stop them from producing just as much

    • But by not eating meat the demand goes down so less animals are killed.

  • The only time you should eat meat is when you hunt or fish for your own

  • Oh wow, well I'm vegetarian

  • Humans don’t deserve this planet

  • I love these videos the animation is very amazing!

  • Ok, I think i'm going vegan

  • how much meat do you eat in one day?

  • This did not even show real footage but is still so hard to watch. Go vegan peeps 🌱

    • EFYN - Actually it's the opposite. The demand for vegan options has increased massively in the last few years and as a result their availability has dramatically increased to meet that demand. If you look into it you'll also find that generally vegan options are very cheep and absolutely delicious. We all agree that abusing animals is wrong and a lack of alternatives is no longer a valid excuse to continue. So as more peeps realize that, more peeps will be going vegan.

    • To make people go vegan we need to make vegan options more available, cheaper and tastier.

  • Thanks 🙌

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  • but God created animals so we have food it says it in the bible

    • But it's ruining the planet.

  • Soy el único o el titulo esta en español?

  • I respect your nutritional choices, all I want is that you respect mine.

  • Fucking vegans

  • This channel is just much more better than school. One video a day keep my horror teacher away. Thank you so much Kurzgesagt.

  • How will we shift 7+ billion people to "trusted local suppliers"?

  • ส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็(ಠ益ಠส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็) you've forgotten to mention horses slaughtered for food, damn

  • This is probably the best piece of pro-vegan stuff I’ve seen. Other people trying to make your point come across as whiny and annoying and “if you’ve touched meat even once you’re a piece of trash” but this video makes me understand their viewpoint. Good job guys!

  • Kurzgesagt you guys are such a great channel!

  • Please god, how i pronounce kurzgesagt???????

    • IchGebMeinenSenfDazu oh. Thank you. I finally can rest in peace hahahaha

    • Pedro Linhaus it’s German for „in short“. You pronounce it like koortz-geh- zahgt. Ok, this looks stupid but that’s the best I could do.

    • Lilac Lizard i think can be a translation too. About the pronounce, I guess is something like "KURgeseg", with a germanic tone.

    • I don't even attempt to pronounce it! I wouldn't have a clue how to even start lol If I tried, I think I'd end up with something like you say there. I'm guessing a German would probably know how to say it? Hmm I'm just wondering, maybe it's pronounced as "in a nutshell", as in that's the English translation of that word?

    • Lilac Lizard yes. I guess. Every time i try to say i say: "Kurgejatssyaguavys..."

  • Maybe there are simply too many humans. If we continue at this rate, something else will become an issue. Reducing on meat consumption isn't a bad idea, but it is nothing more than a temporary solution.

  • This video is pure extremism and it's only goal is to promote vegans. Dislike! Stop those videos!

    • David S what is wrong with prompting veganism?

    • why is promoting veganism bad and how is it purely extremism. This video basically explores the complicated issue of meat and how we obtain it and the bad and good things about why we should or should not do it. Calm down