Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World 🍔

Published on Sep 30, 2018
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Meat is a complicated issue. But also a delicious one. Let's talk about it.
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Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World


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    • estoy muy decepcionado con ustedes, todo este video no es nada mas que ocho minutos de agenda vegana, es necesario que te indique en todo lo que fallan, de lo cual mucho estaria en esta video si ubieran echo bien su trabajo con la calidad que suelen hacer como deverian? muy decepcionado me tienen.

    • Wow i didnt realize this channel was owned by crazy vegans. You can tell this video is so biased against eating meat, makes me wonder if this info is even true

  • You curel bich I will destroy your chanel

  • Eating a huge plate of chicken wings right now

  • Hm

  • Thanks, very quality information, we must stop it

  • Essentially, our American lifestyle is wasting enough water and, arable land to easily feed the world.

  • Nothing wil stop me from eating a delicious steak

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  • Stop evil meat industry

  • Go vegan its the only way!

  • I'm vegan in Minecraft.

  • Keep buying your meat, you simpletons. I Hunt.

  • I’m literally crying 😢

  • the way we treat animals will be the way AI treat us

  • What’s the worst best thing

  • What about seafood? How does that affect?

  • Anybody notice Louise mr fishodeour and teddy from bob burgers

  • Plants are also alive and they suffer. We have to eat something to survive. :(

  • **cries in vegan**

  • As if humans could be perfectly healthy. Humans had beem evolving for 7.000.000 hunting, and eating more meat than vegetables.

  • eating fried chicken as i watch the video ;-;

  • 74 bill animals a year??? FAKE

  • Well thats kinda depressing

  • Come to India we will make you learn to prepare taste meatless food😀

  • You made me hungry

  • I called my cats Bob, Linda, Louise, Tina, Gene and Teddy.

  • plants are living, sentient beings...

  • We have too much at ...steak.

  • my parents would allow only one meat meal a week I made them 3 but who the hell eats meet everyday ??! it is not healthy !

  • im both but i dont like meat alot

  • meat is good... processed food is bad, every kind

  • I think vegans would have a better time promoting their cause if they did it like this video. Encourage people to reduce meat consumption, don't call them heartless monsters. Reasonable discourse is not as fun though I guess.

  • Ok, we stop eating meat then.

  • plants are the producers, most energy. When an organism eats plants it gets 10%, then the next gets 10% of that other 10% and it goes on and on. If you eat meat, your gonna need to eat more to be full, and less when eating plants to be full

  • Im gonna learn how to raise and slaughter and butcher my own meat, a single cow could feed a single human for several years. This whole video is ridiculous.

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  • But hold on, where’s the meat

  • Yeah aight

  • Interesting but I think I’ll keep eating what I eat.

  • Ed-E spotted at 6:07

  • Wait I’m a boy if I was a chicken... I WOULD BE DEAD!?!?! Wot

  • This video just turned me vegan

  • I'm glad this video was made

  • *Veganism intensifies*

  • Gotta love the Bob's Burgers characters

  • Conpletely against commercial meat, everyone should hunt if they wanna indulge

  • "Humans are rampant genocidal maniacs who thrive on suffering" -Chicken

  • If GOD didn't want us to eat animals, he wouldn't have made them out of meat.

  • You think this scares me. Jello is made out of bones and I still eat that.

  • “Life is complicated, and so is the world we’ve created.” I think that pretty much sums up everything.

  • Man, humanity is cruel.

  • And this is why thanos wanted to snap his fingers so baaaddd

  • I'm actually crying now

  • "Few decades ago, meat was a luxury.* That is false. Humans have been eating and hunting animals since the dawn of time. It's the meat's quality that has been improved. I really can't believe that Kurzegesagt got a sinple thing like this wrong, and i'm very dissapointed by it.

    • Meat was a luxury, They do their research, mean was not something you could eat every day. Because, a few decades ago, not a lot of people were hunting. They had to work to be able to pay for food (without meat) and shelter. And since meat was expensive, not a lot could buy it.

  • Kursgesagt... Skillshare... SKILLSHARE KIRBY!

  • Now I want a burger.

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  • Are you vegan?

  • 6:44 Meet your 'Meat' Get it *Pam pam tssssss!* Pun intended


  • In Sweden it’s illegal to treat animals like that.

  • Come mai il titolo è in italiano?

  • Just eat fish

    • according to vegan you can't even step on an ant

  • I didnt know you where vegan

  • My crazy solution : "Plant meat"

  • This seems like vegetarian promotion for me

    • you can't deny the truth. (I tell you this as a carnivore)

  • 2:47 I have no roots if you're reading this message and need use of a skilled intelligent activist please call me I need to do I can do nothing no longer 3:15 If you think this you need to not exist any more. Just do everyone a favor and stop existing. Commit not exist. 4:03 God dam it someone use me SOMEONE USE ME GOD DAM IT WHY ARE YOU DEAF TO YOUR SHOUTING RESOURCE BEGGING TO BE EXPENDED? 7:33 They may have grown protein cells which is awesome and a step, but it's currently a slop iirc. Also yes, meat is flipping GUUD. I don't know how to nutritionally suffice me and my dog without it PLEASE HELP US. I WANT TO SUPPORT -YOU-

  • Thanks for this video, and thanks for making it from an understanding standpoint rather than from a moral high ground. Nothing convinced me to consider giving up on meat more than this video.

  • I ever ate vegetarian meat and it was made from flour and taste like beef

  • This does not happen in my country I live in the phillipines Hello to other filipinos

  • Im watching this whilst eating a bigmac😂😂

  • Only here for bobs burgers

  • Them: *eats a heck of a lot of meat and also throws a lot away* Me: hey maybe eat less or actually eat the stuff you buy instead of throwing it away, also here is this video with lots of facts Them: god put it here for me to use Me: but the poor abused animals Them: GOD PUT IT HERE FOR ME TO USE. -this is actually the argument that my stepmom and sisters use.

  • Not Chipotle's meat!

  • Love the Bob's burgers cameo 😍❤❤

  • The bobs burger

  • Vegans: *Triggered*

  • vegans must be laughing

  • Meat is awesome.

  • Not everything has to be scientific, just let us enjoy our meat and keep this little bit of happiness that we have in being human. We're not robots that have to prioritize efficiency

  • I want a big ass gyro

  • This is depressing

  • *you can't tell if it's human if it's in a burger*

  • This is my opinion on the matter. I'm not going to be a triggered vegan, or a triggered meat eater. Health: Vegetarianism is usually healthier. Not because you aren't eating meat, but because people nowadays act like carnivores instead of what a human is, an omnivore. When we were more animalistic, we would eat roots, plants and berries for the most part, and eat meat every now and then. Some people nowadays eat meat, three meals a day. That is NOT healthy. So many people have heart attacks because of meat. The human body is more like a herbivore than a carnivore. We don't have the teeth to dig into flesh, for example. But that doesn't mean you can't eat meat and be healthy. You can. You just need to limit the meat consumption a bit, and then your good to go. Vegans: The stereotypical vegan is really annoying, I know. But as a vegetarian, I've had a multitude of people ask what I eat, then make fun of me for not being a meat eater. When I defend myself, they would say "look at the triggered vegan!" Meat eaters can be just as judgey as vegans. Vegans and meat eaters are human. There are good and bad vegans. There are good and bad meat eaters. And if you judge somebody for eating meat, you are a bad person. If you judge somebody for not eating meat, you are a bad person. Morals: The cruelty to animals does need to stop. My suggestion is that if you are going to kill an animal, kill it in a more humane way, and let them live a happy life before they are killed. Shoot them in the back of the head or something. Supplements: I have been a vegetarian ever since I was 5 years old. I have never had to take a vitamin supplement. Same with my vegan grandparents. This whole vitamin supplement thing is a big fallacy. The vegans that do take supplements are usually those annoying hipster vegans that actually have no idea what veganism is about. If you are a vegan, you need to be more careful with what you eat. Also, people say vegans and vegetarians have less protein. Quorn is vegetarian meat. It has all important 8 amino acids, and it has a special protein called mycoprotein. It is just as healthy and at most slightly worse than meat. See? If you do your research you won't need to take supplements. Also, iron and stuff is in peas, and you don't need meat to get a lot of things. Environment: If we eat meat less, there will be less land that we need to support livestock. The emissions of methane would slow down as well. Solution: Meat eaters, become more like omnivores. Eat less meat, eat meat once a week or something instead of 3 meals a day. Kill animals in a more humane way. And some of you need to work on not being as judgey. Vegans, you need to work on being less judgey as well. Some vegans think that the world is going to turn vegan, which is stupid. There will always be somebody who still eats meat, which isn't bad. All you need to do is not eat meat as much, and I'm almost certain that most problems that meat causes will lessen. Sorry if you got triggered by that, and sorry for the comment being so long. We need to work together to solve this problem, vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters. We shouldn't be enemies, we should be friends, and work on making this world better for ourselves and the animals that live here.

  • Probably still gonna eat meat

  • Worst thing? Oh wait, it's made before tiktok is a thing

  • I get what you're saying, but what's with the appeal to emotion? That comes off as really manipulative. Why should I care what happens to other animals? A lion doesn't care about the well being of its prey, so why should humans be any different? In the end, we're animals too. I'm not against the idea of artificial "lab" meat and would gladly buy it as long as it tastes good. But I'm not gonna go out of my way to care about the meat I'm eating or where it came from. I have more important things to worry about in life. That's just my take on it.

    • The problem isn't that we care about life, many vegans or vegetarians do not eat meat because they want to help save the planet.

  • Still gonna cook and eat my animals

  • Bacon is a Carcinogen, you can still eat it but in maybe a little less often and in smaller portions but hey I’m just a random human on the internet, do you’re own research!

  • Is as people should start looking into what we’re doing to our world and environment we live on. We easily ignore it because we are far from really recognizing it. I’m the type of person who’s loved animals and nature their whole lives, but try to help! Try to be as the good human kind and think about it. It doesn’t mean you have to be hard on yourself or keep schedule about it, just note it. Spread the word, try to turn humanity around. Make a difference!

  • humans are getting nurfed next update

  • Just shows how being vegetarian/ vegan is just better for the planet 🤦🏾‍♀️this was kinda sad if u truly care 😢

  • I eat meat for a minority of meals a week haven't given it up completely but if lab grown meat is widespread and available that's all I would buy because it's literally the best of both worlds we can spare the suffering of animals and we can engineer healthier meats lower in fat too that way.

  • We were eating meat way before homo sapiens 200,000 years ago.

    • +Preston Swooper we can't know,we can only assume people were less sensible besause of the brutality of life and only sacred animals were cared for,and they would surely kill a animal for food if the had the chance because people started feeling bad for animals and getting ptsd from "traumatic" events when murder,rape and violence became more "illegal" and less people started experiencung it,but maybe we should feel better because we are the only living creatures(not all of us though) that can say if something is beautiful,that can feel bad for other species(though this happens in nature too if for example a female cheetah that recently ate encounters an defensless baby deer/herbivore it raises it until a certain point,but this is very rare;a dog cares for us because they think we're part of the pack/family,because we raised them and domesticated them,a wild wolf will probably run away if you don't, and a pack of wolves isn't something you want to meet;also cats control us)

    • +Beres Robert So it was different say 250,000 years ago was it? Humas have been evolving for the past 6 million years I just don't understand why particular to a couple of hundred thousand years ago. How do we know it wasn't a problem before then?

    • We were hunting them,this "problem" is more modern,we were eating meat and killing animals,but there weren't 7 billion of us

  • Question is, if meat is really THAT inefficient, what do you eat to replace it ? A balanced diet that include meat, vegetables/legumes, and fruit will always be the healthiest. Even if you only eat vegetables there is still the risk of vitamin deficiency, and i don't think food supplements should be a solution.

    • You could always eat meat less. I don't think they meant giving it up entirely. They just said eat meat less often (e.g once a week) Also, the vegetarian meat supplement, Quorn, actually has more protein than meat. Coming from a vegetarian ever since I was five, I haven't needed any vitamin supplements at all. Maybe vegans need to take supplements, but I don't.

  • what about beating meat

  • 7:46 no kurtzgesagt, nothing tastes better than steak.

  • go vegan !

  • Are those animations made in After Effects?

  • 18:000 vegans dislike