Why Landlocked Countries Still Have Navies

Published on May 19, 2018
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  • Azul como el mar haaaaay que maaal, tu no sabes que es el mar lo mas cerca que has estado de el es tomando un vaso de agua con saal

  • You marked hungary why?

  • Double landlocked countries

  • I though that the Mongolian Empire captured South Korea.

  • The Mongols will always the Exception !

  • I love those 3 pixels on the map, can see everything there

  • Who else lives in Basel?

  • Just in case

  • Amazing information . good job sir. I am from Pakistan .

  • I already knew that Switzerland has got a navy😂 since the Second ww Edit: I am Swiss 🇨🇭

  • *B O L I V I A*

  • Being landlocked is such a horrible curse to a country. Its inhabitants never know the joy of having coastline and playing on beach.

  • Seriously I didn't even give it a thought that you shouldn't be landlocked to have a navy... Like if even you were not aware

  • When the mongols invaded Japan they ruled China so they were on the sea back then and not landlocked.

  • why a german title in a english video?!

  • 0:56 Mongol had korea too, your map is wrong

  • You never know when you find yourself annexing some nice seafront property.

  • Cause their Ships and Aircraft Carriers can fly like in Marvel Movies.

  • I don't think a merchant fleet counts as a navy....

  • Chile won the war and took over their coastline since theirs wasn’t long enough 😔

  • Mmmm landlocked have a navy OK!!!!

  • Mmmm landlocked have a navy OK!!!!

  • you didn't show full scale of azerbaijan wtf ?

  • I live in poor landlocked country😭

  • 2:12 when you’ve had a rough day so you hop onto PornHub

  • 0:35 So its basically a big bath tub.

  • I will save you 5 minutes It's because rivers. The end.

  • Before in the 1200's mongolia had a population of 100 million but since the mongongolian land is not that fertile all the mongolians had a hard time farming so about 90% of them moved to china

  • It's obvious! Rising Sea levels!

  • Why land locked countries still have navy? Because they are rich, can afford it. I doubt Central Africa has its own navy.

  • so your saying Switzerland has ocean access???? SO HOW IS IT LAND LOCKED?!?!

  • Music?

  • Fear the Kansas navy

  • I think the main reason why land-locked countries have a navy is because in those countries (like wherever else) the person deciding about throwing out the money for such nonsense isn't the person who pays the bill.

  • Mongols couldn't invade Japan because their ships were built by Chinese

  • انا ارف كل لفت بيلاد 我只道全六與連和國 i Love the World je me amor les pays я говорю на все шесть языков оон yo hablo espanol

  • Hungary has been landlocked since 1918 and it had a Navy and was run by an Admiral until the end of WW2...

  • So switzerland couldnt trade over air with allies but could send really slow ships that go through whole europe while nazi germany had like submarines and shit

  • The mongols died in a tornado

  • They have River

  • Navy and Naval presence are Not the same thing.

  • 9 will know

  • There are plenty of landlocked country! Here’s a few: Kazakhstan Luxembourg Austria Hungary South Sudan Nepal

  • Easy answer- why not

  • WHY do you TALK LIKE thaaat. speak like a human.

  • im mongolia

  • Shitty video made to gain views no matter the outrage it may cause

  • Talking too fast. Had to pause and rewind to catch some of the things you were saying. Thnx for the info though. Appreciate it.

  • Because land is actually water, the distinction between the two is mossad propaganda

  • When your country has a Navy where only 14% of the sailors claim to maybe be able to swim, and the other 86% just don't give a f*ck, well... That's one Navy you don't want to mess with.

  • Chile Is Just Cost Line

  • For that reason Bolivia has the most strong Navy, 😂😂😂

  • Isn’t America land locked?

  • Chileans always try to justify their invasion and economic consequences saying look Switzerland has no access to the sea and its rich

  • Kosovo je srbija!

  • I feel bad for Bolivia

  • That ad man, at least put it in the middle. Give us a little content before.

  • Bosnia doesnt have navy but is not land locked country :D weird huh


  • Sukbathar 4 when?

  • ONE CAN SWIM!?!?

  • Lol I’m watching pewdiepie now!

  • This is an honest question. Sorry. Does Austria and Hungary have navy? They are both connected to the open sea by Danube river right?

  • Austria have Navy to!

  • I drove 1800 kilometers to hop into that ferry this summer! It was worth it!

  • only one from bolivia xd..

  • Mongolia has a navy, in case Russia tries to use the undefended lake to annex the interior. Should the defense fail, its the swimmer's job to triathlon his ass and raise the alarm. The logic is flawless.

  • Wow just wow I got hit in the face with a BRILLIANT ad here just wow

  • Thanks for this interesting video, can you tell me please where is located the beautiful city that was shown in the 4.o8 mn of the video.

  • Why didn't Germany use the river to invade Switzerland in WWII?

  • Laos is famous landlocked country!

  • Get over it, Bolivia.

  • Because there’s rivers around their borders then, they sail through those rivers to get to seas and oceans plus they can transport goods from other countries by using those rivers sooooo never put trash on bodies of water and land of course!

  • soon Nepal is also going to have it's navies though it's landlocked..🇳🇵🇳🇵

  • Sounds like they got the wrong idea group. Its an easy mistake for a newbie in eu4.

  • During the 1950s the Communist country of Czechoslovakia had an Admiralty of the Navy, even though it was landlocked and had no Navy. They also had a Minister of Justice.....

  • You're talking land locked countries with a navy and you show a warship from the country with the longest coastline. Not smart. 0:43

  • Interesting

  • Chile is greedy for coast. And their all like "oh. I only want the coast. I won't go that far inland". That's like " oh. I'll only eat every muffin top. You guys can all have the rest of the muffin. May as well be called The Coast.

    • I beleive Chile will one day claim every coast. Literally every other nation will be landlocked by usually only about 30 miles

  • honestly the mongol navy one was just... weird

  • Do they have submarines?

  • They want to conquer closeby coastal cities run by other countries

  • the music in your videos are amazing

  • You forgot Uzbekistan

  • Hungary has a navy? Wow..

  • Poor Bolivia...😭

  • So Switzerland’s navy is cargo ships? This video was stupid

  • Britain: Brittania rules the sea *sees mongolias navy* Britain: im sorry master

  • 1:23 Only one person can swim, that can't be good =D

  • Well they have some sort of ships because they can fight on river idk

  • Interesting that, at :43 they show the old DDG283 HMCS Algonquin - a Canadian warship. If one country is NOT landlocked, it's Canada.

  • They can just use Toyota Corollas

  • landlocked countries have navy? top10 questions science cant answer

  • Nothing can stop the mighty Mongolian navy

  • Why can I see the title in German?

  • Rivers Rivers Rivers

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  • Also switzerland has a military navy

  • Lake navy :D

  • Mongolia will take over Europe and Asia again with their navy and yes you should be scared of them