Why Landlocked Countries Still Have Navies

Published on May 19, 2018
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  • 0:55 and they died in a tornado

  • Kosovo is serbia u peace of shit

  • Where is Slovakia? Slovakia have navy at Kaliningrad and Poland.

  • Bolivia made a secret alliance with Peru against Chile, but we kicked their ass

  • coast line wasnt long wnough?

  • I declare war

  • Can the Swiss trade along the Rhône river?

  • bolivia sucks

  • Where is Belarus you stupid?


  • Switzerland has one for very real reasons but Boliva does not? Please explain how having a navy to stop crime and drug trafficking to improve the quality of life for your citizens is not a very real reason? I'm confused.

  • Bolivie start a war already

  • They have navies cuz they have rivers

  • Our beloved neighboring country Switzerland highlighted in the thumbnail...

  • What’s the song in this video

  • Another stupid video with a stupid music. I couldn't watch for more than one minute.

  • 0:57 cuz he died in a tornado.

  • Mongolian navy is pretty cute

  • Why kosovo isnt in Serbia wtf

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  • Her: He's probably thinking about other girls Him:

  • HEY ! 0:43 DDH 283 HMCS ALGONQUIN CANADIAN NAVY !!! Woot woot any other Canadian sailor here ? She got scrapped though ...

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  • I live in Switzerland!🇨🇭🙃

  • What's the Name of the beat in the Backround?

  • Many of these landlocked nations are located on major rivers, so their having navies makes quite a bit of sense.

  • Chile ur fucking near water why the fuck u invade Bolivia

  • lol bolivia and chile, chile gotta have dat coast

  • in a shellnut i guess *Mongolia* -Russia: hey man, we need some high ass safety to trasnport the oil in this lake *Bolivia* Bolivia: WE GONNA GET OUR SEA BACK COÑO Chile: fuck off lel Bolivia: *plays danny g in spanish* Chile: fuck off or war, little africa Bolivia: ok, but since your natural disaster rate is similar to japan the get ready to get nuked boi Switz Switz: well, we have a river so why not do a navy that were never going to use since we dont go to wars

  • One of whom is said to be able to swim lololol

  • why do they have barcodes on Norwegian ships.... So when they come back to port they can .... *Scandinavian*

  • You spelled khövsgöl so wrong

  • I live in French Switzerland

  • Wait, how did Swiss get permission from Nazi Germany to use their river-occupied territory for their merchant ships?

    • Emiya Kiritsugu pretty much. Of course, there was always the fear of a invasion. The nazis had plans. The best developed one was operation Tannenbaum

    • So it basically a win-win situation where everyone can live happily in Swiss? XD

    • We were the trading place for everyone in europe at that timeperiod. Even enemies did their business on safe ground in switzerland, in reason of the neutrality. Nazi-germany didn't want to lose that opportunity, otherwise they would lost their trading partners for iron and other most importend items at the WW II.

    • Emiya Kiritsugu the nazis had a large deposit of gold in Switzerland, plus they wanted to utilise the Gotthard route to easily trade with Italy. They basically just let us use the Rhine while we let them use the Gotthard route.

  • 0:58 the mongols owned Korea too

  • 0:44 That’s A Canadian ship look at the flag Canada is not landlocked it has 3 oceans

    • just stock footage meant to represent navies in general.

  • The thing is that bolivia attacked chile first together with argentina and lost and now complain...

  • Im swiss

  • Where is Belarus on your landlocked map?

  • I don't think having a navy and having commercial ships are quite the same. But I did enjoy the video 😀

  • Yepp, landlocked Hungary has three tiny ships, mostly to help demolition experts take out WW2 bombs from rivers.

  • If travelling across Axis territory on land or in the air was too dangerous then how is travelling by boat down river any better?

  • Garbage video. A tugboat is not a naval vessel. And transport ships are not a navy. Complete garbage video, thumbs down and unsub

  • Next video:why sealocked and landlocked countries have airplanes?

  • Bruh you forgot Serbia -.-

  • The undefeated Mongolian navy... OP pls nerf.

  • Austria also has a Navy

  • Mongolia's NAVY will take over the world.

  • y tho

  • How can Mongolia's "Navy" be considered a Navy when all they do is ferry oil across a lake? Where's the law enforcement/national defense aspect of it? Same with Switzerland. It's privatized and used for shipping commercial goods.

  • funny and interesting, also its interesting how they try to explain practical calculus in the program you advertise. the countries are linked to rivers and seas.

  • Wouldn't they be better off spending that money on the air force?

  • Only Bolivia has a proper navy and this video is pretty useless


  • Czechoslovakia and later the Czech Republic also had a navy, but one guy sold it and escaped to Bahamas

  • Switzerland has a navy for Lake Constance

  • Bolivia should just unite with Peru if they Really want a coast so much.

  • Hahahahahaha

  • I'm sorry but considering Kazakhstan et al. landlocked stupid in my honest opinion.

  • I always wondered why "The Captain" in "Sound of Music" was a Naval Captain, when Austria is landlocked.

    • Georg von Trapp was in his late thirties when WWI ended in 1918, so, yeah, his service in the Austro-Hungarian Navy was prior to that. After the Nazis took over Austria in '38, they commissioned him for the German navy, which he turned down. (In the real story, Maria became governess to Georg's seven children in 1926 and married him a year later -- over ten years before the Anschluss! The musical greatly condensed the timeline/narrative so that Maria arrives just before the annexation of Austria, and the three children she had with Georg in the decade before the Anschluss were omitted.)

    • +musicaltheatergeek79 Except that "Sound of Music" occurs during the Anschluss with Nazi Germany in 1938. I can imagine he was a captain before WWI, and his title was only symbolic by then.

    • Because at the time (1867-1918), the Austrian and Hungarian monarchies were united as the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which also controlled present-day Croatia and Bosnia/Herzegovina, which border the Adriatic Sea. The empire ceased to exist after WWI.

  • Who woulda thunk id?

  • So Mongolian Navy really exists :)

  • Haha but the USA Navy cannot attack Mongolia by waters so the hungry homeless American bums to eat all the Mongolian beef in the country to populate the bushes all over to built tent cities and to begg all available cigarettes from Mongols

  • Where are the Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus, "Kosovo", Macedonia, etc. (only in Europe) shown?

  • Vayican city.... landlockrd no naval and army forces... *STILL CANT ATTACKED BY AN COUNTRY*

  • I’m dying 😂😂😂😂 at the Mongolian navy 💀💀

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  • Laos also have a navy even tho it is landlocked

  • Did he just said transport oil *AMERICAN INTENSIFIES*

  • Whats the song?

  • "Merchant Marine" does not equal "Navy" (eg Switzerland and Mongolia). You might as well say a country that has trucks has a tank corps.

  • where's the sequel

  • Mongol empire should used their strategic area when it was their prime, sadly they in awkward situation

  • lmao the shade @ chile i love it

  • What's that background music though?

  • You're welcome switzerland

  • So, when is Landlocked Navies 2 coming out?

  • To.. war at their lake?

  • were is Hungary in this ?

  • He completely butchered the pronunciation of “Basel”

  • haha love it, serious clickbait

  • Kosovo is Serbia!

  • Does a merchant fleet really count as a navy?

  • With Argentina being knocked out of the World Cup, Bolivia will soon have access to the Atlantic with the ocean of Argentinian tears that is steadily forming.

  • Nobody likes chile in south america... and in any part of the world for that matter

  • A video about nothing. Of course land-locked militaries have some naval vessels if they have to deal with large lakes and rivers. Whether that's called "having a navy" or not is just semantics.

  • Also, Switzerland traded with both Axis and Alies during WW2 which helped them to remain neutral without being invaded by either force.

  • Now where are these navies based?

  • Interesting

  • I never appreciated my easy access to the world's salty waters until I realized that some countries are landlocked. Lol

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  • Switzerland only has a navy because those beta males love seamen.

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  • Nepal is worst landlock country because southern part is india

    • Nepal can't get a Ocean connection ! there are no sea near Nepal ! instead nepal can surrender to China or India to get a Ocean

  • Can you please provide the list of all nine land-locked countries having active navies?

  • Are cargo ships manned by merchant marines really a Navy? We all think of warships, when we think of a "Navy". But it's interesting none-the-less.

  • It's weird but amazing