Why I Started Waking Up at 5:30 AM And How It Changed My Life

Published on Jul 9, 2018
How to Change Your Life through Your Sleep Cycle. We keep hearing how early birds are way more productive and successful. We decided to conduct an experiment to find out whether it's truly helpful or necessary to wake up super early every day. If you want to try to change your sleep cycle and transform your life you can follow some simple tips on how to become an early bird.
How it all started 0:48
The first week of the experiment 1:55
How I changed my morning routine 3:55
Why introverts will love early rises 5:33
The new attitude to breakfast 7:06
How the quality of sleep changed 7:59
How to become an early riser 8:17
Jerry Seinfeld approach 10:23
Good Starts . Jingle Punks
Happy Haunts . Aaron Kenny
-The first couple of days were the worst. I could barely keep my eyes open, and I dreamed about getting back to sleep.
-After the first week, however, I learned an eye-opening truth about myself: mornings are the most productive time of day for me. I started to wake up with a clear mind, a well-rested body, and the ability to immediately concentrate on important tasks and set goals for the following day.
-My new sleeping regime gave me 2 extra hours before I had to leave for work. All the spare time I had opened doors to new possibilities, habits, and hobbies.
-If you're an introvert and enjoy spending time alone in silence, you'll definitely have a new level of appreciation for early rises: no kids yelling, no babies crying, no cars honking, and no television noise.
-I had enough time not only to prepare breakfast but to sit down and enjoy it as well. And after that, I'll never go back to my old “I'll just grab a snack” ways.
-During this monthlong experiment, I realized that I don’t need to stay in bed for 10-12 hours to get enough sleep. Waking up at 5:30, I feel rested and full of energy to start a new day.
-To become an early riser, open your curtains before going to bed. Withdraw from your phone, tablet, and TV at least an hour before bed if you want to improve the quality of your sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep, try reading in bed or listening to an audiobook.
-Jerry Seinfeld has a big wall calendar, and for every day that he writes new material, he puts a big red “X” on it. He aims to create an unbroken chain of these “X” marks for as long as he can.
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  • TIMESTAMPS How it all started 0:48 The first week of the experiment 1:55 How I changed my morning routine 3:55 Why introverts will love early rises 5:33 The new attitude to breakfast 7:06 How the quality of sleep changed 7:59 How to become an early riser 8:17 Jerry Seinfeld approach 10:23

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    • I love you.

    • getting up is one thing but when do you go to bed?

    • UFC events changed your bum life

    • Good advice ... i am an early riser

  • The number one thing people who start getting up early forget to do is... go to bed early. You still need good quality sleep.

  • If i woke up at 5.30 am. That whould give me about 15 minutes to get to my car and then to work which takes about 45 minutes. Let alone the time i need to get ready.

  • I’ve been doing this for awhile and been an early riser and turn off snooze on your alarm

  • I have to get up at 5:15-5-30. Because my work starts at 7.....hell no that I am getting up earlier! because I get home around 5 and than need to do stuff in the house. And than I am in bed around 8-9

  • Night owl

  • Then I bet u'll find more miraculous secrets about Islamic teaching as I did. Muslims are required to do prayer before sunrise, When I tried, It's so refreshing I find more ideas in the early morning. I interested to study more about Islamic teaching.

  • Great tips!!

  • They should have said which time he went to sleep :) and how many hours he found appropriate instead of just wake up 5:30 am

  • night is the most productive time for me. having to get up even at 7:30a makes me totally miserable...

  • If I live in the worm country,I would go to work/school by bike. Omg I can’t wait to road:(

  • I try it

  • Clickbait is kind of getting out of hand now

    • This video is not clickbait. There are several other videos on US-tv as well as website articles (Google it) about the benefits of waking up at 5:30 a.m. everyday. The main takeaway is that you should go to bed earlier than you normally would have if you want this experiment to be successful.

  • I'm a night owl for sure!

  • I wake up at 10h30am and I sleep like 1h00 am , now is 8h40pm and I am driking a coffee ....

  • Ok so what if you work at night, like for 10 hours till 10pm.....

  • ***Slowly exits video as currently viewing at **02:30*****

  • I'd only get up at 5 a.m if I'd 💩 my bed...🙊

  • I have been a night owl for almost 10 years. Even I need to get up at 6 am for school I would still go to bed after midnight or later which is very harmful to my body. Recently I am trying to change my sleeping schedule to get up earlier and earlier, but the essential thing is to go to bed earlier and earlier. I know it is hard but worthy to do it. I will let you know the outcome of this experiment. XD

  • Okey..you wake up 5 30 every day.If sometime you want to go to a party??

  • I get up @ 4:00 am, so I would have to sleep in to Get up at 5:30! LOL

  • I start this experiment yesterday!

  • The healthiest way to wake up is to wake up without alarm when the body wants to. 5am will not xhange your life.

  • I used to be a night owl. I was at my worst craving and eating fast food between 1- 3 am. any day of the week before bed. (not giving a sh*t about anything) sleeping 4-5 hrs before going to work, loading up on more fast food to make it thru work. at 30, i had had enough and turned it around. Now i MUST to to bed early, wake up between 6-7 am, fasted cardio, breakfast, etc. Becoming an Early bird changed my life!

  • As much as I despise waking up early, I must agree with this. It does make me a happier person in the end because I am never rushed.

  • 5:05 This gives me Henry Danger vibes

  • Actually,study shows 8 am is good time to wake up

  • Wow

  • Honestly, even when you wake up at 5:30 in the morning in my country, you still have to rush crazily cause you start you school day at 7 am ! I don't say that i am always late for school, but i am jealous with you !

  • Totally an early riser...

  • Ideal muslim always wake up at dawn to observe dawn prayer

  • night owl

  • I wake up at 4:00 am

  • I'm gonna fool you Read more

  • Waking up 2 1/2 hrs. before work makes for wonderful, peaceful mornings, everytime.

  • What time would you recommend one goes to sleep then?

  • So, stopped Polyphasic sleep?

  • Night owl

  • If you want help getting yourself up, set the alarm to 5:30, and put your alarm across the room so that you will be forced to get up and turn it off. Once I hear it I jump out of bed and leap to my phone which is across the room. That way you're out of bed and awake at precisely a few seconds after 5:30.

  • bro did not start taking his bike to work okay 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • I Wake Up On 12 am or 1pm

  • mine is about 11 to 430am since I have full time job and full time school.

  • I fell off the wagon this summer, but starting again with the early rise tomorrow. It really does work. The peacefulness is reward enough if you have school aged kids .

  • I desperately need this

  • I wake up every morning at 5.30 but im ill and have a lot of medication too take at diffrent hours can you help me feel more enwrgetic all day please some one give me more advice and help please thank you Alexandra Wilson.

  • Was a night owl but now a early riser from 2 months ... N now I love to be a early riser

  • but i have to be at work at 5:30am,so should i still exercise


  • early bird

  • I am a night owl..But it' ls better to get early riser, I know that.

  • Night owl

  • i am a night owl... but from today i will try to get up early

    • It is worth it for the extra sunlight alone!

  • Night out but now i'm gonna change my habit.

  • I need contact no of yours

  • What time do they go to bed? 8:30?

  • Why are people so hard to wake up early

  • You don't gain any time though, you just have to go to bed earlier and who wants to go to bed at 8-9pm every night. Especially when one point is to spend more time with family which probably don't go to bed or get up that early. Try sleeping that early with a family still awake forcing them to be quiet because your selfish and want to get up at 5am.

  • I'm a night owl, but after watching this vid, I want to give this experiment a whirl myself.

  • I used to be a night owl but I started to figure out that waking up earlier gave me more time to accomplish tasks. Now, I wake up between six to seven in the morning depending on the weather and what will be happening during the day.

  • Wow

  • nyt owl

  • how is anyone getting 10-12 hours in Bed? no wonder it's not a problem getting up early if that was your schedule.

  • I'm a early riser nd I am proud of it

  • I am early riser

  • You wake up at 5:30 but when do you go to bed ?????????????? Failed video!

  • Congratulations for the video!!

  • My work schedule fluctuates nowadays, so I rarely get up at the same times everyday. But I'm usually up before 8 a.m. Gee, the last time I got up at 5:30 a.m. with enthusiasm, Hmm let me think: well not since the years from 1984-86 when I was in middle school. I woke up for cartoon sunrise before I had to leave to catch the school bus...Underdog at 5:30, Thunder Cats at 6:00, and Vol-Tron at 6:30.(I can't believe I remember that). I had time to eat breakfast and brush my teeth before the school bus came at 7:00. But once I got the grade 7, my family relocated to another state again for the military. The school bus came later, and I saved early morning rises for Saturday morning cartoons only. Oh how I miss my youthful energy. I don't like rising before the sun. So I'm not getting out of the bed at 5:30 a.m. unless work calls for it...(or if my bed is on fire)....lol.

  • *But, who are YOU?*

  • I wake up at 3:30 am

  • My alarm is set for 7:15 but I normally wake up naturally before that, between 6 & 7. Sometimes I drink coffee and read news while spending time with Kitty. Other times i'll tidy the house, do dishes or laundry. i get ready for work at 7:45 & leave by 8:15. it's great. i don't have a ton of chores when i get off work. It's also great that I don't feel the need to get on social media or look at news during the day because I've ready done it.

  • But, this means going to sleep very early. No one ever address this. If you’re unable to go to sleep early you can’t wake up,

  • I normally wake up at 7am. I'm gonna give it shot to wake up at 5am, to see how much energy I would gain.

  • I m early riser after listening videos..

  • you really convicted me i will try it thanks a lot!

  • Left person on the thumbnail: chandler bing

  • God I need this in my life!!

  • Is it just me or does the voice sound cringy

  • As of tomorrow I’m going to start waking up earlier! Rather than going straight at half 5, instead I’m going to just keep taking 5 minutes off everyday until I get to half 5 and stay there :) Hope this helps anybody else wanting to do this

  • Night owl for sure

  • I walk up at 6:15 am is it bad or I should start walking up at 5:30 am

    • 2-3 hours before the work is like the same ! i wake up in 6:30 and do workouts and reading till 8:00, and my work start at 10:00

  • Night owl

  • What if I’m already waking up at 5:00 am everyday for the last 3 years and still feel no progress? :/ please don’t tell me to wake up at 3 or 4 :/

  • morning cold is the worst... temperature drops to so cold you get chills to your bones.....

  • Why wake up at 5.30 if u don't work 9-5 lol

  • Some people say that some people are morning people and other are night person. Is it right ????

  • I'm a early riser when I was 5 years old

  • I stay up till 6 am and wake up around 3 pm

  • Islam told us this 1400 years ago. Allah(God of Mohmmed Jesus and Moses) says pray before the sunrises and then start your daily routines, look for work, food etc.

  • I did the same when i was 13. It really saves you time, but also i was too tired at the evening so i stopped waking up that early. I should try it again.

  • I bet you googled all the information

  • Why if the thumbnail a copy off TopThink

  • Everyone knows whats right but only a few of em really doing things right😐🤣😂

  • WHATS THE BEST TIME TO SLEEP TO WAKE UP AT 5:30??????????? please let me know

  • Sometimes I'm a night owl and sometimes I'm an early riser. Depends on the situation.

  • I definitely agree with the whole putting your alarm on the other side of the room thing. I do it myself. I also put all my electronic devises outside my room and wake up at 6:00am in the morning. Watching this video has inspired me to wake up a little earlier to get stuff done plus it has shown me that even waking up a little earlier means nothing if you are unproductive. I spend countless hours moping around even when i get 9 hours of full sleep. I'm planning to start a daily routine and get into the habit of following it. Thanks the bright side!

  • Wow I already wake up at 530 yay

  • I want to try this honestly 😂

  • I want to wake up at 03:00pm but up to now its hard for me to do it consistent. It's really hard for me but I realise the benefits because when I do wake up early everything falls well in mine agenda.

  • I’m usually up between 4:30 and 5:00 am. Best time of the day

  • Hmmz, how late you go to bed if you wake up at 5.30?