Why does the Hawaii Kilauea volcano keep erupting?

Published on May 10, 2018
Hawaii's Kilauea volcano could soon send boulders and ash shooting out of its summit crater in the kind of explosive eruption last displayed nearly a century ago. CBC science commentator Bob McDonald explains why Kilauea has been continually erupting for centuries and how it compares to other volcanoes.
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  • I’m from the islands and this information was given to us in first grade

  • Excuse me but isn’t that how island are form? Everyone should know that by now, the island of Hawaii is on the fire chain of the Pacific Ocean is no surprise that Hawaii is still a virgin island because is still growing

  • U live on a volcano and it errupts and it's news lol

  • if the fissures are coming open above the hole where volcano erupts and it takes thousands of years to shift from one fissure to the next the why are there over 20 fissures spread over a long distance? wouldn't it just come out one spot for a long time then slowly shift along as the plates move, i don't know, i'm not really satisfied with that explanation

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  • The lady is trying to get him to play into the panic and he's not having

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  • wow bob is so good at explaining things, i wish he taught me science in school!!

  • let experts talk about this, and keep ignorant reporters from scaring people. stop interrupting him until hes done talking!

  • If you throw water on it there is a chance it will turn into cobblestone or obsidian.. Bad Minecraft joke 😞

  • thanks for explaining how the Volcano works

  • Repent, and believe the Gospel., holy scriptures.

  • It’s a warning from God.

  • The only bother to us on the other side is the vog blowing this way.

  • Lava is earths ejaculation

  • People in this clips look happy

  • Why is she yelling?

  • nice Bob .could this be part of the trump effect ?

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  • He's a good teacher.

  • I thought Yellowstone was the biggest volcano but not active right now

  • Ouch...no water? Um...ocean? Water table? Hmmm...the lava in the volcano has dropped and yes there could be water that gets to it from tubes made by the volcano itself centuries ago/decades ago. It is a danger. It may not ever happen but you can't say it won't happen. It's not likely to hurt anyone because it's in a National Park area (thank goodness for national parks).

  • The Pacific plate is moving at just 7 cm per year. In a thousand years that's less than the length of a football field. I think Bob's estimate of "a couple thousand years" may be a bit optimistic. :-)

  • because the god awakoawko is mad

  • People are being evacuated. It isn’t “spectacular.” 😒

  • Really good Idea there boss......living on a Volcano that is 😆

  • I was reading the comments and I guess everyone was thinking the same. This man should or I hope he is a teacher. Wow, his way of explaining and giving a visual to help us understand is amazing.

  • That lava looks awesome

  • Cause it ain't done!

  • Why? Because Pele is pissed 😂

  • Well make some good ole man made fissures to direct the lava flow. Pop that zit before it pops itsself. Use your lava wisely.

  • if you are hawaii you need to evacuate

  • You ask why the volcano keeps erupting. It's because Madame Pele is annoyed with the people on Hawaii.

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  • This is all part of the end times scenario, the 7 year Tribulation is right around the corner, GOD'S wrath upon the unbelievers. Please get rapture ready people! Accept JESUS CHRIST as your personal Lord and Savior who paid n the cross for your sins and came back to life on the 3rd day!!!

  • Finally new land

  • I love all these jealous mainlanders acted like we should evacuate the islands and they're not coming here because of "dangerous" Ash in the sky when our air is still like a hundred times cleaner then the city they live in probably a hundred times cleaner in every aspect Jealousy pure and simple

  • The next volcano should be called moana so Maui isn't lonely

    • Maui Randall Maui is a god in moana named after the volcano, the people in the movie are Samoan, just thought it was a funny pun

    • I'm kind of lonely but I don't see how naming a volcano after a kids movie would help that

  • Here's some common sense the hawaii volcano had a eruption like this before it just effected hawaii

  • My girlfriend made me erupt

  • Bad idea to live by a volcano! 🌋

  • Serious question. In the area that has been destroyed or covered in magma; do they rebuild on top of it, remove the product when it dries or hardens, or do they just permanently abandon the area and let mother nature take over?

  • POUNDS! MILES! this is not Europe. Please stop using the metric system to reference information in a country that does not use the metric system. Use English units of measure, distance and mass please.

  • Damn I would prefer a hurricane and then that s***

  • She isn’t done yet, boy are they in for an interesting ride.

    • Please Nostradamus bless us with more vague prophecies got any lucky numbers? well too bad there aren't any lotteries here.

  • pyroclastic flow--that's what covered herculaneum-boiling hot mud/cinder wave that covered it and turned to rock cement.

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  • It's caused by Kim Jong-un's nuclear tests. 💥

  • Because It’s under a hot spot

  • Thank God someone explained this better then anybody!! Give this man a promotion!

  • This is worst the volcano the ground opening everywhere very scary you don't know where to run.

    • What are you talking about you know exactly where to run even if you didn't have government officials telling you exactly where to go and when to go there, downhill or away from smoke\stench is a pretty good bet and anyone who lives in Hawaii knows that And these cracks open up pretty slowly

  • Lol the way she pronounced kilometer-killohmeeter

  • Everyone please be careful, heed the warnings,...things can be replaced! One day we will no longer have natural disaster on our beautiful planet. Psalms 37:29 "The righteous themselves will possess the earth, And they will reside forever upon it." And the "earth abidth forever" Ecclesiastes 1:4

    • Your God has no dominion over Hawaii This is Pele at work

  • Thanks For Keeping It Real 💯💯💯

  • "Stop plate tectonics". It's not surprising HI had to be explained, it's a shield volcano.

  • Explain the 1000 earthquakes on 1 spot of the islands he said theres no water to create steam to cause an explosion... BS Hawaii is has water under the ground but theres GYOTHERMAL that's shooting tons of water to create fissures to create steam to collect for energy.. tell the truth

    • Maui Randall and it's only on the puna side where the earthquake are multiple

    • From April to may 2018 go research theres a video of earthquakes and evidences that proves GYOTHERMAL creates earthquakes etc..

    • Half time Sione over what period of time was the 1000 earthquakes cuz most earthquakes aren't very noticeable especially the people who are very close to the volcano And the water used for geothermal isn't nearly on the same level as say the Saint Helens eruption

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  • This man loves his work!.

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  • Seems like this guy is talking down this horrible earth diaster. People should take this serious!!! Read the bible.

    • Maui Randall no response is better! I rebuke your offense to my holy bible! I pray for positivity for you verse the negativity you give out!

    • He's talking down this "horrible disaster" in which nobody died why don't you look into Hawaiian mythology specifically Pele They explain volcanoes better than your Bible (which isn't saying much)

  • Kilauea? I thought she said killer whale

  • Mts. Vesuvius and St, Helens are Plinean volcanoes. These volcanoes also have pyroclastic flows. Yellowstone Volcano is a caldera and a Plinean type volcano; Plinean because when it eventually goes will have pyroclastic flows.

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  • sad thing is the news anchor is trying to spread fear with her questions. with this being said this guy shut her down.

  • Is CBS News not based in the United States ? When did we officially convert to measuring things in kilograms and kilometers ?? Can you translate that into feet and miles , some of us are still just American, not globalists.

    • Fact of the matter is, metric is *not* the standard means of measurement in the U.S., has nothing to with laziness tard. Go find an argument worthy of debate instead of disputing facts.

    • PS even if it was converted to feet I doubt you'd be able to convert it to miles without looking it up even though they're the same *American* system, because it's a dumb system, even if I gave you the number of feet and the conversion of feet to miles you'd still probably have to break out a calculator, which you wouldn't have to do if it was a base 10 system

    • I love how you use American in place of lazy "I'm just too *American* to convert it to feet and miles"

    • And by the way what's wrong with a global measuring system what's wrong with trying to limit the amount of confusion between countries what's wrong with the metric system cuz I can give you a million things that are wrong with the system that we're forced to use

    • Canada Broadcasting Corporation is what CBC stands for (That's what your watching)

  • The top of the volcano may not blow but the rockfall that has now blocked the chimney will blow out of there if the lava bed continues to sink and gets lower than the water table, then they are now saying all that rock may blow out and up

  • Nice report, nice video, nice interview. Thanks for explaining everything so well and clearly and thanks for the approach, that I share completely.

  • What would possess people to want to be in this damn area during these events??

  • Judgment

  • In 1924 halema'uma'u blasted boulders weighing more than 8 tons OVER a mile up in the air landing a mile from the crater rim!!!

  • 2:13 Ric Flair explains the volcano in depth

  • These so called expert don't know what's going to happen or what they are talking about. It's mother nature.

  • I said this was going to continue over a week ago. It is a Grand Solar Minimum. #1 Increase Volcanic Activity #2 Increased Earthquake Activity #3 Increased Clouds #4 Drop in cold temperatures in the same locations as the Great Ice Age 45,000 year ago #5 Rising Temperatures in the exact same places as the Severe Droughts in the last Ice Age 45,000 years ago #6 Ocean rise will slow and then stop. #7 As the ice sheets start to rebuild, the oceans will start lowering. The earth is still in the effects of the last ice age. The inter-glacial cycle ended around 1999-2000 and is going back into a glacial period. Every return to an ice age, is marked by increased Volcanic and Earthquake activity. Did you know that some of the record cold temperatures and snow fall that were set in 1924, were matched or broken here in the North East USA during this winter cycle. What happened in Hawaii in 1924? Bing Go! It was a Solar Minimum, but it was a Solar Minimum in a warming cycle. This is a Solar Minimum in a cooling cycle.

  • BE safe everyone

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  • I’m sorry, I’m American, don’t use kilometers and kilograms to explain the rocks. I don’t care if the Volcano is named after kilos.


  • 74,000 or so years ago a volcanic eruption/explosion, Mt. Toba, took mankind down to just a few thousand people. That's why our DNA is so close to each other. Screws up that whole looking for the Mitochondrial Eve nonsense we heard about in the early 90s.

  • Title is dumb as it gets. Funny listening to an American try to use metric terms.

  • Why is there even a volcano in the middle of the pacific ocean no where close to the ring of fire where the tectonic plates are located? And every other volcano on the planet is located close to the tectonic plates seams.

  • Bob, you didn't calculate sea level... UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  • Wait... US IS NEXT!??!?!

  • Weather update: Hawaii is exploding | Weather update: THE SUN IS A DEADLY LAZER!

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  • some scents are saying it will blow ,i wouldnt say never

  • The best explanation ever to understand volcanic movement

  • this guy is saying it as if it's something fun to talked about....and he seems really excited when he say there's a new volcanos that will blow out very soon.

  • pompeii italy, if it erupted at night why where so many people outside?

  • lived on the big I for 6 years. great times .. great people

  • Anyone know how they clear all of the lava? Or what happens after the volcano finishes?

  • I felt like I was in history class all over again when he started to explain the meaning of the volcano

  • islands gonna BLOW BOOM!!