Why did young voters pick a 92-year-old? - BBC News

Published on May 10, 2018
Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has scored a historic victory in the country's general election.
He defeated the Barisan Nasional coalition, which has been in power 60 years.
The BBC asked some young Malaysian voters what they are now hoping for.
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  • Not many people know this but mahathir is a person who will stand by his ground and fight till the very end for his country he built and for the people with just a simple majority he won ge14 because the Malaysian people know who mahathir is and his character towards the nation. Mahathir is an unbelievable amazing human being and we should be so thankful that his still alive and bring back malaysia economy in 2019. old or young , he looks sharp and handsome man. You wouldn’t wanna mess with tun haha. Hidup mahathir 🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾

  • But good video, regardless!

  • Because, BBC, they rather have Mahathir than some corrupt-nut head you and your American friends put as Prime Minister! Heck, I’d even (Or I’d DARE) pick Najib if Jeremy Corbyn, Theresa May, or Nigel Farage was on the ballot! Long live Malaysia! Long live ASEAN! Long live the East!

  • People of Malaysia are so lucky who got a great leader. My respect and love for him. From Bangladesh

  • Dr.Mahathir mohammad... Love you from Bangladesh..❤️❤️ Bangladesh could not find Leader Like you.. May Allah bless you

  • Tht is my PM,so proud of him.He sacrifies his old age for this beloved country.Who cares about his past.

  • Anwar, if you oust Dr M, he may join pas and umno ; so be patient

  • Lim kit siang is a hero;


  • 16th September : Happy Malaysia Day...

  • the father of malaysia is back..Tun M with new goverments will make malaysian greats again..

  • What? What are you, a deceived one with no facts? PKR is the 1st Place winner in 14th GE, in second place the 92 year old past plunderer of Malaysia as well as creator of Najib the global kleptomaniac! Anwar's PKR won for PH. This 92 year old guy is PM because LKSiang conspired with him before the GE, all while Anwar was sitting in jail. And who was the JAILER? IT'S MAHATHIR THE 92 YEAR OLD ORIGINAL PLUNDERER OF 22 YEARS!

  • Because he has a mentality level of a 29 yr old..

  • It is not the 'AGE' that matter, it is the 'Personal Character' a PM suppose to possess, like for example, 'integrity, honesty, cleverness, tough, etc... voters are looking for in a candidate. Age after all is just a number .

  • Because Mahathir is like the Yoda of Southeast Asia #MayTheForceBeWithYou #Malaysia

  • Even without Mahathir's presence with the Opposition, Malaysia's youth voters were FED UP!!! with 1) Rosmah's EXCESSIVE!!! spendings - as a housewife, WHERE n HOW did she managed to fund her extravagant spendings/lifestyle AND wanton acquisitions of companieS that involved rmHundreds of Millions??? 2) Apathy/lackadaisical approach of BN in governance towards proper/indepth investigations into INCREASING no. of murders, AND 1MDB scandal. 3) INCREASING dictatorial approach in BN governance To oppress n silent the rakyat in their grievances. 4) INCREASE in new taxes that put the rakyat AND Malaysian companies in deeper sufferings. 5) Deliberately allocating much more budget monies to help the Indian community development n disrespecting the Chinese community (n also treating partner MCA like a needy beggar) Whom hv played a VERY significant role in building/developing the nation/Malaya into a modern day Malaysia! 6) ALL Malaysians r FED UP!!! with racial politics that seek to DIVIDE the rakyat rather than to UNITE! 7) Very obvious gerrymandering pertaining to delineation of electoral regions, to favour the ruling party, especially UMNO candidates. 8) Youth politicians/young leaders NOT given the chance to shine/lead in the political field Becos of pandering to the insatiable whims n greed of OLD n OVER-staying politicians/cronies.

  • I'm not a Malaysian but I love this man... God bless him

  • Tun M is a legend.. U need to read his bio, all of his achievements n u will impress.. He is the only one who can save us from our former prime minister.. He is a genius.. He is back because he worried about our country.. Even the kids will choose him.. Believe me if u ask the students who live in KL n Selangor 98% of them will choose Tun M

  • He will be more controversial this time around.Health is Wealth?

  • in chinese there is a saying, 不管是黑猫还是白猫,只要是会捉老鼠的就是好猫。which literally means, be it white cat or black cat, as long as it can catch the rat it is a good cat. So, as long as our PM can help develop our nation and people, age, gender, social background, ethnicity etc. does not matter.

  • Tq kids

  • Tun Dr Mahathir must be listed in a National Geographic documentary. Because he is the oldest government in the world...Like if agree

  • for sure malaysian nation choice for Tun M is more smart than choose donald trump as leader

  • hey I'm there & so happy Tun M finally back to bring back malaysia from corruption

  • He was known as the Father of Developement. Now he is known as the Father of Come back. 😂 Little youthful Malaysian joke for ya. All skeptics aside. We learn as we grow older. And I like to believe that Tun Dr Mahathir has learn his errors in his past and that would change the way this country will be running from now on. Even though, its almost a month since the new party has been in power, they have achieved so much and Malaysia has a brighter future ahead.

  • oh shit,,,, white people not knowing who Mahatir is.... switch to ALJAZEERA...DONT WATCH BBC REVIEWS OF MALAYSIA XD

  • Old is gold....

  • Wow

  • Wow

  • I personally joining "the change" because I don't want to be ended up like The Unhappy Generation of HK. The moment they realized that they are no longer afford to live in HK because of the house price and high cost on living...it was too late.

  • He brings economic booms to the country in 18 and 19 so I can see why. Not gonna lie that he had a mix record but when you have a leader that has been accused to be stealing people money I can see why. I'm just glad my country can pull this through without bloodshed.

  • We chose Tun M because he has done it before and he will do it again, this time better because we have DSAI and Tun M together with a new vision for the country.

  • The winning feels like the cancer that hunted Malaysian has been remove from the world..

  • OMG I love her Attire and .................. of course her comments too


  • Pakatan Harapan, kesaksamaan untuk semua rakyat Malaysia!. The Coalition of Hope, fairness and impartiality for all Malaysians!!.

  • May all Malaysians of all racial backgrounds and religions be treated equally from now on, with this Coalition of Hope (Pakatan Harapan)!. Equal opportunities please, from now on, for all Malaysians, whether they are Malaysian Malay, Malaysian Chinese, Malaysian Indian, Malaysian Orang Asli, Malaysian Iban, Malaysian Kadazan, Malaysian Bidayuh, Malaysian Melanau, Malaysian Kelabit etc.. It's high time, for this Malaysian-style *apartheid* in Malaysia to end, when it comes to study places in the local universities and jobs with the whole government sector, just to give two examples, during the last almost 50 years, in Malaysia. A whole generation (maybe even two generations) of Malaysian Chinese and Malaysian Indian communities have apparently lost out on their career opportunities, during that period of time. That was why the MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association). MIC (Malaysian Indian Congress) and the Gerakan lost almost completely, on 9th May 2018 (they are the traditional partners of the Barisan Nasional). We are now in the modern age and the whole world is watching current events in Malaysia, very closely indeed. Only then, will Malaysia finally, get the respect and admiration from the whole world. **Ubah**!!!!

    • Kesamaan semua orang-orang Malaysia!.

  • Even he is 92 but the his strategy and powerful of skill is as a young man... Good election from Malaysian ... Im also malaysian .... 🤗

  • They did not pick Mahathir, they wanted Najib out. By chance Mahathir happened to be the leader. Just like Trump, who wanted him, they did not want Clinton’s again.

  • Look at the bright side. Hes gonna be the first oldest Prime Minister in the world. How cool is that!!

  • To be honest, me as local youth don't vote for him alone, but his whole coalition which is made of dedicated and relentless people who never stop trying to make a change in the country. Nonetheless, I could see the former "dictator" is a changed man, he realized he made a mistake by reccomending that crook fatass as our PM and restricting freedom of local media during his past reign. Most importantly, he owned his mistake and work hard to fix it. I commended him for that.

  • For me personal, I see Tun M as our grandfather that really want to save and care of all his junior grandchildrens in Malaysia for the better future.

  • Sy dah lama tk cakap..sy bangga jadi rakyat Malaysia..tp hari ini sy sgt bangga..sbb Tun Mahathir perdana menteri yg sgt membanggakan..sangat jelas rakyat Malaysia sangat sayangkan Tun..Melayu Cina India semua sygkan Tun.

  • An old saying, the inexperience of youth is no challenge to the experience and knowledge of age.Good luck and safe ruling Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. Rambo.

  • Orang muda banyak hisap ice sebab tu mereka memilih orang tua nyanyuk

  • He's our Godfather, alhamdulillahi-rabbi-al-amin for giving us the new leader, hope for a better Malaysia, MALAYSIA BOLEH!

  • BBC still calling him controversial! No wonder people do no longer care about propaganda machines like the BBC.

  • Age is just a number

  • Supports only for the reformation father

  • Cos his not najib