Who Knows Gwen Stefani? - Gwen Stefani vs. Superfan

Published on Apr 19, 2018
A Gwen Stefani superfan goes head-to-head with Gwen Stefani herself to find out who knows more about Gwen Stefani.
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Who Knows Gwen Stefani? - Gwen Stefani vs. Superfan


  • 3:24 the voice breaj

  • Man it's the first time this super fan meeting her idol however she didn't seem that excited

  • Gwen is killing it now - looks wise...omg....I luved her on the voice...unbelievably sexy

  • 3:24 voice crack

  • Gwen

  • My name is gwen

  • I would love to do a Britney Spears one 😍🤩

  • lol..people just shocked when their see gwen with different make up, long hair , and bright lipstick .. just watched her newest video with blake shelton , she is wearing red lipstick & vintage looks ..and she just look the same like she did in "dont speak" video from 1996..she is a vampire lol..

  • Why are all these superfans all nonchalant?!?!? I'd be loosing it 🤦‍♂️

  • Cringe worthy video lol

  • Is the superfan real short because gwen looks real tall how tall is she anyways does anybody know ?


  • The Stepford-Gwen memory CPU is malfunctioning

  • this is so awkward to watch. No? just me?...ok

  • I feel like neither of them want to do this.

  • I would tounge punch her fart box for hours

  • Bruh if i was Gwen I’d be like who tf is this girl get me outta here

  • god gwen is so pretty

  • why does she look younger than me.. i’m 15

  • That super fan is so chill. I would have been freakin out. For me this feels kinda staged 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • What kinda fan is that. I am a huge fan of Jonathan Davis of KoRn and if I saw him I would be freaking out, big time. And I'm 30 so I'm not some teenager. This "fan" seemed way too calm.

  • I genuinely have no idea who she is

  • She's so selfish super cringy

  • wow! She looks so young!

  • She's so gorgeous

  • Australians: does anyone think the girl who orders a vegan burger (in the hungry Jack's ad) is an idiot, for being surprised when she gets a vegan burger?

  • Damn Gwen was always hot but now she is like beyond hot

  • Lay off the botox and face lifts Gwyneth

  • At First I thought that's melissa villasenor as gwen

  • The Superfan is probably so disappointed that she lost and she didn’t get the prize and she was trying so hard not to freak out you could tell because how much she moved around jk she won 😘

  • I love gwen so much!!! Hope she give out more songs and album!!!

  • Gwen's plastic surgery makes her look like older-blonde version of Blair Waldorf.

  • I hate Blake Shelton

  • 3:24 haha fuckin fgt

  • the superfan tries to hug her everytime she gets something right

  • She’s fine af

  • Follow me @cookie_mobb on instagram

  • Is it weird that I thought it was Hailey Baldwin in thumbnail?

  • jesus, Gwen is taaaaaaall

  • Jimmy went through puberty like 8 times in this episode with those voice cracks

  • Omg she looks HAWT

  • Gwen looks so different. It's good but too much plastic surgery

  • Janeane Garofalo vs Gwen Stefani

  • Gwen Stefani is 5'6" tall. That fan is only 4'6" then? Which could only mean the podium is 2 feet above the floor. Think about it. WTF is going on here??

  • While watching this video, I was humming "Sweet Escape" By Gwen Stefani XD

  • I think they both did great, for being a superfan it must've took everything not to fangirl, Gwen was cute towards her really small cringiness overall, I think it was more cute than anything else

  • Gwen is the most beautiful woman alive

  • Did Gwen/they pick the ugliest stuff out of her closet to give to Diane?

  • If the fan were a guy, he'd definitely get a restraining order

  • This is officially Ill...

  • Gwen looking like holly madison

  • Her name is Gayane. I hear Russian accent. Gayane Zurian, most likely Armenian.

  • 1. Gwen makes me miss NO DOUBT 2. Gwen don't kiss jimmy! (Even if it's fake and on the cheek) or Blake will call BullCrap!

  • Not a Gwen fan, sorry....

  • I can't tell which is gwen Stefani or Jimmy Kimmel.

  • is that really gwen stefani? She is unrecognizable here. Did she get plastic surgery or something?

  • The Curious Case of Benj.... Gwen Stefani

  • Yup... A lil creepy...


  • How is she 48 though??? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • No lo sé rik parece falso

  • Stalkers meet the 🌟

  • Until I had seen Gwen host the voice I thought she was dead like a decade ago since I haven't heard anything about her for that decade, and when I had seen farel I'm thinking so who is this guy I've never heard of him. People told me he's sings the happy song, ok, but what else does help sing because I'd never heard of him till he started on the voice

  • Gwen seems like an ass hole!

  • Why is she not quaking

  • yo i could do this with Tom Hiddleston easy i know heaps out him

  • That dress.

  • Gwen is soooooo beautiful

  • My goodness, she's beautiful

  • she is so gorgeous!! blake sheldon is lucky to have her

  • The fan is creepy. I don't know that much about any star.

  • Gwen is 48. Looks like 20. WTF

  • lol what? i refuse to believe that's Gwen..she looks so different

  • Would you do this for tv personalities??

  • Gwen looks different, I don’t really recognize her anymore. What happened?

  • Gwen Stefani doesn’t even look like Gwen Stefani.

  • I know it's what a celebrity has to deal with, but I would be creeped out someone knows so much about my life and can answer it before even I can

  • I like how she goes in for a hug everytime she gets one right XD

  • Jesus, she looks amazing

  • I love seeing a fan who isn't freaking out and screaming. This girl was so chill.

  • I thought that Gaiane would start screaming when she met Gwen lol

  • stafani is so damn hot

  • Gwen Stefani has Asian aging genes

  • She looks so good

  • WOW SHE IS STUNNING!!! wow... seriously she is absolutely gorgeous and is truly reverse aging

  • Cringed the whole time.

  • Wow she wasn't that excited when she met Gwen

  • I don't see what Gwen sees in Blake Shelton...Sorry !!

  • This is awkward

  • Gaian is just weird

  • I hope Gwen took her out to dinner.

  • I heard jimmys voice crack so much lol

  • 5:10 when you go in for the kiss but she denies it

  • Idk I feel like I would be more excited if I met my favorite celebrity (no hate, just my opinion)

  • A little illuminati humor

  • Wtf this is Gwen Stefani? Guess I remember her circa No Doubt

  • 3:24 😂

  • BTW My first music concert was SEAN CASSIDY. so funny that is gwen's first album buy.

  • This makes me concerned for Gwen ...

  • Gwen looks so different without her iconic red lips