When Your School Degree Is Useless

Published on Apr 12, 2018
Are you looking for a fool-proof way to convince your parents that you don't need to spend thousands and thousands and THOUSANDS of dollars going to university? I present to you this video:
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  • Can relate. I have an art historian degree... and I work at a gaming shop 😂😂😂

  • Don't do biomed. You'll regret it.

  • OMG the ad before this video was for Air Canada. If you know Lilly, you know why I posted this comment lol.

  • allot of Z-Visa regulations requires a minimum bachelors degree of any major. I didn't have one so I couldn't teach English in China further. So It does definitely help. But don't expect the world, even if you have one. There are very successful people without them but they were just lucky. You might not be as lucky. So if can get one, do it. It will also boost your self-esteem. Some people being not successful and not having education links the two together, like myself. A degree will help me to be more confident and have a better appeal on a candidate list. It happens to be so.

  • Be your self lily and I love you the way you are 🥰😘😍😊😅

  • 42.5 % IS GOOD ???? AT CLASS 9

  • I want to be psychologist, but after this video I am actually gonna change to something else, I don’t want a useless degree... good thing I’m still 13

  • im a communication major with a media studies emphasis and am looking for customer service jobs to start my US-tv channel.

  • I could actually see your psychology degree in your 5 things ruining your relationship

  • Oh god I want to study psychology but y'all are saying it's useless? So now my passions are irrelevant in my survival?

  • That's because psychology degrees are the most useless degrees after philosophy, all the other degrees are harder to obtain, and therefore have more power. Im not saying its immediately easy, but degrees in the field of science are probably more useful in resumes.

  • I am got a degree on chikostrist in 1899

  • This helps me be everyone around me is getting a degree, but I chose not to 😭😭

  • I swear, I keep thinking I have seen every superwoman video, but almost every day, I watch a new one

  • hey, my friend actually used her psychology degree. she worked as a school psychologist part time and got half of the minimal wage for it.

  • I'm scared. I'm going to be 13 next year. I need good advise. (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)

  • I am showing your video to my parents thank you ..

  • Anyone thinking Domics Architecture ----> animator on YT

  • Should i get my degree then...im becoming a doctor...but i make money of of drawing..sooo am i getting my degree for nothing when i already have a good money making job...IM CONFUSED!!!

  • lilly u inspire me

  • Millennial life. Our parents told us we had to get degrees and now hate us for being poor and not buying enough diamonds.

  • For Christ's sake the video is made for a joke. Don't take it too hard.

  • I feel happy when people say clg degree is worthless Hearing these words from super women makes me feel much happier

  • Forget about degrees , going to school is useless in itself. ... like what's the point ? School is all about marks and mugging uo everything that you read ...

  • What about a bachelors I. Social welfare ?

  • Wow watching this and I have two days left before I graduate from college and I'm majoring in film

  • The English degree is beyond relatable to me !!!!!!!!

  • Gets undergrad degree, tries to get a job, realises all the jobs she wants require a masters degree, gets a masters degree, tries to get a job, realises all the jobs she wants require a phd...is now 2 years in to phd...

  • *school is pointless*

  • Without school degree u have nothing 😂😂😂😂😂😂my parents are quakinggg

  • This is why I quit my school early

  • Scarbrow is like, "What's going on mommy?" 💕💕💕💕

  • None of this is copy and pasted.

  • What was your friend hoping to do studying English?? Woulda done better studying food ( can't spell the word for it 😅😅 )

  • U mean juiceless

  • I'm studying art and pay thousands of euros just so People can ask me to draw them fro free :|

  • I love this girl

  • Anyone can get a degree. But sometimes not everyone follows through with that degree. like...they just got it for the label. There are plenty of people who got their degrees, and actually used it and it helped them. Please don't just say degrees are useless. Maybe you're just mad because you didn't get into that psychology field. I don't know. My father got a degree in business, and for many years he's worked as a business consultant. Instead of retiring, (he's 62) he's now doing freelance consulting and is doing rather well for himself. So no kids, degrees are not useless. If you don't go into the field you got your degree in, that's your fault.

  • i can relate. my parents didn't finish college and they both were offered to go at no cost to them but i was always compared to my best friend growing up and she was in advance classes and I was in normal college prep classes. She got a 4.0 in honors in hs and I got a 3.5 but she ended up dropping out of college and now I am in honors at the 5th best public university in the u.s. but I worry I will not be able to pay off my student loans. i probably wouldn't have gone to college if it wasn't for all the pressure other people put on me or that I was constantly compared to other people. I have learned a lot but not sure it was worth the price- I could have learned most of it from the internet.

  • My mom got a degree in criminal justice..... she’s a cashier for Cosco

  • This is NOT what you said in the Interview with Michelle Obama in 2016.

  • I am an Engineer and Psychology is NOT a useless profession, specially in today's world. More and more, people don't control their thoughts, their emotions and we see more erratic behaviors then ever before. People are being led by their emotions, instead of being lead by their intellect. People are letting the "Auto-Pilot" mode run their lives and this is when great psychologists come into play. One day as you grow older, you will understand the great tool that you have at your disposal... and you will value the knowledge in psychology that you have. You just need to learn how to apply those principles to change the lives of other people.

  • Loved the star wars reference

  • Love you Lilly, but have you even attempted to find a psychology job? Where you could be making hundreds of dollars per session? Not having to worry about demonitization? Not every one wants to be a US-tv star you know. Some people would like to have a real job. Please be considerate when the facts are college and degrees for whatever field you want to go into are more important and valuable that you tube will ever be.

  • This is literally me...

  • Believe me that 10 years experience part is the #StoryOfMyLife and I am the one with a Law Degree 😒

  • Sadly, very relatable ^^; I haven't had any use for my degree, nor do any of my friends with their degrees, we've tried.

  • Psychology like most other health sciences require more than a bachelor degree. I did a double undergrad in nutrition and exercise science and it's pretty useless without masters

  • i knew this was going to happen and i wanna do pycholgy

  • Yay I’m planning on being a phycologist 😂😂 Also I probably just spelt psychologist wrong

  • "The sound of my Indian parents when reading this video title and dying inside."

  • That’s the sound of my Indian parents reading this title. NooNNOOOOooooOoooOONnOewwwwwwwEeEeeeEewww

  • I have know idea what I’m going to do when I have to go off to college even though I don’t need to worry about it cause I’m in elementary school Ahah 😛

  • I have a bachelor’s in Animal science. I’m an actor.

  • Musical Theatre major for the Win! Hahahaha

  • They wanted it. They pay for it🤣

  • Life is useless

  • Actually there was that one time when I used it. Me: Awaiting eagerly. I am your father. 😂😂😂 I died.

  • Major question ... Do you rember my harto

  • I probably shouldn’t be watching this at 2:00 am... oh well Lilly’s worth it

  • How did I know she would be talking to the coffee maker?

  • I don't find her funny anymor

  • Did no one ever tell you in your 4 years of studying psych that you need a masters to be anything.

  • For a chef you need a paper that says that you can cook and you need to renew it

  • I’m literally in school for psychology right now. This is reassuring...

  • There's a reason why I chose a finance degree. Atleast I'd get my way around by corruption.

  • Your eyeshadow isn't even

  • me to a T

  • Ur irritating

  • So I got my bachelors degree in psychology and got a job about 3 months after graduating in 2017 in San Diego, CA. I applied and was hired as a mental health technician paying @ $15 an hr. I Used my degree. Then after 6 months trying to pay bills in Cali I decided to move out of state and went to North Carolina where its cheaper to live and guess what! I used my degree AGAIN as a Research Assistant....starting out @ $15 an hour. Now with both clinical and research experience under my belt Im also applying for another part-time Research Assistant position on HIV/AIDS population analysis with UNC Chapel Hill. If you were really expecting to become a psychologist right out of undergrad you didn't look into the field that much. With a bachelors granted you can't do much with client/patients face to face, however you should have really thought about your end goals while you were in school for those 4 years. If it wasn't your passion to begin with, cool so be it. Before I thought about getting a degree in Psych, I actually was planning on becoming a video editor......but as preferences, I don't like being a freelancer. To me it seemed to unstable with hours and hours of editing random film projects for house productions that didn't fit my ideal goals. If you love what you do you'll find a way, but to say you couldn't use your psych degree for anything is too far fetching. "He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”

  • So you are basically telling People to drop out of school and become a youtuber?

  • You are having a really good hair day. Also thank you for working hard on your videos and you deserve all the many you get. You are awesome, funny, and amazing. Hope you have a great day!! :)

  • there are so many videos that grades dont matter,and it makes me feel like i dont wahnt study anymore...

  • *Within the first 30 seconds she uses her ethnicity as a gimmick for a joke...... And also semi stereotyped her own parents as typical overbearing Indians.... Js.

  • I wish i did psychology bcoz it's so interesting and could find a cure for mental illness but I did finance instead

  • Before y'all drop out of school/uni let the teacher in me offer you a piece of advice. Figure out what you want to do before you go to uni. Once you've figured out what job you want THEN look at what level of education you need. A degree is essential if you need it for your dream job. Otherwise don't put yourself through 3+ years of education because your parents want you to or because you think you will seem more clever. As Lily said you can have a great career without a degree. So figure out what you want first.



  • 1:49 😂😂

  • Yeah that's how I sound yo lol hahahaha get it yo

  • Happy Birthday Lilly.

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  • While she was describing the burger I wanted to eat a burger

  • *_So... its lit?_*

  • So good but so short

  • I'm laughing right now because I just got lectured two days ago about dropping school. Grandpa's like "The one thing people can never take away from you, is your education." I don't condone dropping out of school. But I'm learning more by just homeschooling. Love your video s by the way

  • I'm not gonna study psychology anymore XD

  • i love you i stay in tanzania

  • Me af!! Only one of my friends uses her degree. All the rest of us was like nah fam ✌🏽

  • I am a psychology student!

  • All the dislikes are from parents...

  • ...I wanted to be a psychologist... I don’t know anymore...

  • You great bc of your psychology degree yo

  • I thought I'd binge watch your videos to the end. Seems like I'm loosing. So many videos

  • I guess I shoudn´t study psychology then...

  • "They wanted it... they paid for it."

  • I've always thought of a law degree as a "safe bet" course. It never gets challenged. Seeing the law school friend in this video made my blood run cold and I'm halfway through law school...

  • Being honestly courious: the people saying that a psychology degree is useless... are anyone of you by any chance happen to be american? In my country, every psychologist I know (and I know quite a few) all have good paying jobs either as self employed therapists or employed researchers at companies. In fact a few months ago I finished my therapy with a recently graduated psychologist who helped deal with my anxiety attacks. She was just starting with a friend in the field an was quite professional and insightful (and cheap given she needed patients), not needing a PhD to do "just fine". She also has a job in a psychiatric ward in a mental hospital (like most of the psychologist who are interested in mental illneses), treating teens with bipolar disorder. In a worst case scenario, they find jobs in education department. Is america neglecting their psychologists? Here all of them have good jobs and earn good money out of them :/

  • 😂😂😂😂tell me about your father

  • No, Ms! Because of your Psychology (degree), u must have learnt a lot abt human "behavior" that explains your "understanding" of soooo many things!👆😊😊 Could least b thankful?😊