What You Don't Really Know About Backpack Kid

Published on Mar 21, 2018
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Russell Horning first hit the national spotlight with his appearance in Katy Perry's "Swish Swish" performance on SNL. After that, the kid known as "Backpack Kid" and his signature move, flossing, became an internet sensation. Horning has since appeared at professional sports games, charity events, and more. Always in a backpack, of course. But is there more to Horning than swinging arms and a stone-faced glare? Here's everything you don't know about Backpack Kid…
End zone floss | 0:24
He's 2 Litt | 1:30
Backpack squad | 2:22
Philanthropic floss | 3:16
Rap dreams | 3:44
Backpack sponsorship | 4:22
Unfollowed | 5:25
Grooving at games | 6:01
Forever flossing | 6:32
Cookin' up beats | 6:52
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  • What other meme stars do you want to learn more about?

  • I'll be flossing...🥶

  • I honestly hope this kid dies

  • *I bE fLoSiN* *I bE fLoSiNn* *I bE fLoSiNnn* *I bE fLoSeEnNn*

  • he didt Create the Floss its Called the Mashed potato from 2011

  • The Guy's Hilarious, Good For Him...

  • The dance is not even created by this child he just made it popular

  • Cringepack cringe

  • He deff didn't invent the floss. And he looks like the "cashme outside" girl. A punchable face

  • This crazy how society looks at color. The white teacher who quit her job teaching when her twerking video went viral. All the brown girls was twerking on YT forever but nobody noticed them? 🤔🤷 Now we have the backpack kid with a lie he invented the dance. Is the dude for real? Backpack kid is dilusional smh.

  • is it just me or does he look like casey neistat

  • I don't know he is...

  • He didnt make this dance he stole it in

  • Who else HATES his face when he starts dancing? ESPECIALLY at 0:21!! with his fuckin hair! Its all bad 1 like = a punch to his face 👊🏼 sorry if its mean but lets get real here

  • Who else people thought she said horny

  • he didn’t even invent the fucking dance how is he “famous”

  • I hate backpack kid because he didn’t create The floss dance

  • Idk, but I been seeing a lot of people get famous off of Bullshit lately, Am I jealous. NO im just wondering what the Fuck is going on. (🤔💭) it's like I'm stuck in that movie Idiocracy. And its getting worse as the years go by.

  • I dont like the gay overtones. I think I'll do the macareena.

  • If I tell you honestly I think that he looks creepy and he's really proud of himself from one interview that I saw

  • He's just a kid peoples plz no hate

  • Backpack kid didn't create the floss it is actually created by mashed potato man us-tv.org/tv/video-rhaBb36qqGI.html

  • Why didn’t you add that he didn’t make it it was a kid and it was called mashed potato 8 years ago

  • Such trash.


  • No he’s not the creator

  • He's not at the top

  • sigh

  • He didn’t create floss

  • He didn't create the floss

  • Shit he will sue these NFL football players too!!😂

  • He seems really wierd

  • *he stole the floss*

  • He didn’t create the dance

  • God he’s so ugly

  • Gay

  • Did you know that thebackpack kid copy mashed potato man mash potato created it on 2011 but bckpckd copied

  • facebook moms be like i know that kid he’s famous

  • Hold up, Wait! Nicki Swift is a real person? And she refers to herself in third person?

  • *MASHED POTATO MANNNNNNN* I keep saying it, look it up, check the date it was made, lul

  • He didn’t even make the dance...

  • Look up mashed potatoes. He was the one that made the floss up. Search Floss mashed potatoes

  • He was Born a Male but looks Genderless....... He don't look like a Male or Female WTF

  • He didn’t create it

  • What you didn’t know about backpack kid; He’s transgender

  • Another thing to blame Katy Perry for.

  • He even stole the dance

  • us-tv.org/tv/video-rhaBb36qqGI.html

  • He didn’t even create the floss dance. us-tv.org/tv/video-rhaBb36qqGI.html

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Id punch this kid deadass in the face just because i dont like his face!

  • He didn't make the floss look up the video from morejstus look what I can do.

  • This foo is wack

  • Idk anything of him because idc

  • omg kid first of keep your hair grounded its trying to fly away and second you didnt create the dance go check out Jstu studios video called look what i can do, it came out in 2014 a while before you did it and also its a dance from the 90’s oh and third YOU CANT DANCE HAVE A DANCE BATTLE WITH ME I DARE YOU

  • He stole the floss.

  • Song 1:17

  • It isn’t his dance...

  • you gets to say, who deserves what? and what is talent anyway? it's a unique expression. this is his uniqueness. This is his time, he should enjoy it. don't be haters ...

  • He didnt even make it

  • Jstustudios made the floss

  • The backpack kid did not do the floss jstustudios

  • Eventually the truth is he didn't even owned the dance,a guy did it in 2014 us-tv.org/tv/video-YyoGZ8QDU5k.html,watch this vid and check the date of the vid before he made his dance

  • Ok people please stop 🛑 hating on him because he dances better than most people

  • Well the saints are close this year

  • He didn't make the dance

  • turns out he didn't create the dance here is the original: us-tv.org/tv/video-rhaBb36qqGI.html

  • He didn’t invent it

  • Not even a dance 👎

  • Why do we make stupid people and things famous?

  • First of all he didn’t even invent it I was made by jstudios 4 years ago so.....

  • He didn’t make the dance btw...

  • Americans love all this rubbish. How does this talentless kid become famous

  • Backpack kid more like spas kid

  • Machine gun Kelly hava a little brother?

  • Hi

  • i live in lousiana that play made me cry

  • Who care that was idiot

  • Oringflossis

  • I hate this kids face . He has a punchable face !!!!! Cringe

  • That dance is getting to popular

  • Saw him at walmart in snellville today. He was throwing around a box of crackers like a football. Nothing but a little turd.

  • He didn't make the dance look up morejstu look what I can do

  • wow Americans these days

  • 1:46 when people take your spot in line Edit: the dude that walked away

  • Don't know kid's gender


  • everyone hating on him lmao its ok guys his 15min of fame is pretty much over and he is one ugly mofo so dont be too hard on him

  • I thought backpack kid meant school shooter lol

  • All these people are hating on him for dancing when you can't even get off the couch

    • Kai should do ASMR while drawing FINALLY

    • +BRF Musical How do you "event" a dance

    • He didn't even event the dance but claiming credit. I dont care avout the dancing but he is a fake and music career ended before it started

    • Kattibrie I know right

  • easy

  • looks like Casey Neistat hahah

  • He didn't make it some white girl with a black hoodie did!

  • He looks very gay

  • he didn't make the move up. JSTUSTUDIOS DID

  • "The floss" was a thing seven years ago at my school, we just didn't have a stupid name for it. This kid shouldn't of gone viral.

  • He look like machine with Same 💩

  • He is ugly

  • Man-bun, need I say more........

  • At least he isn’t problematic