What Would REALLY Happen If You Cloned Yourself?

Published on Apr 9, 2018
What happens when we clone things? Is cloning people even possible?
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  • Ronbus says hello, actually, he just did this cool head nod thing and then faded away! I think Triangle Bob is getting jealous. Thanks for watching! Wanna watch more?: us-tv.org/tv/video-8oLhvD9mNso.html

    • Life Noggin it means he’ll have 4.6M subs in total combined with his clone

    • Life Noggin hi

    • Thenonkiller, nothing's impossible

    • Life Noggin, at my school, my teacher said that we are the highest type of animals (learned it at grade 4). Some say we are not. But I know we are *not* born as monkeys. So, are we the highest type of animals?

    • *rhombus

  • Would a clone of yourself be a brother or son to you???

  • If Incest is wrong. How would Selfcest or Oncest be like? *Curb Your Enthusiasm theme plays*

  • So this explain clone have a soul

  • Greetings from Simplicissimus.

  • #SmellyCloneParty

  • I would clone for the body, and transfer my head

  • If you clone yourself it will kill you because THERE CAN ONLY BE 1.💯💯

  • Order 66 would happen.

  • Cloning sounds super messed up in my opinion.

  • Try it from Amber a stone that has a masedo inside, and that way we can bring a dinosaur back to life.

  • Is it possible to clone opposite genders with clones

  • No I don’t wanna clone myself any more. Scary

  • Never ever

  • If you cloned a clone the cloned clone would be the same as the clone.

  • in b4 I cloned my pants!!!

  • well ur clone won't apparently be "you" even with same genes cuz identical twins are separate people too so yeah it'd be just a clone and perhaps a separate person if ensouled at all

  • no i dont whant to see my "brother" dye som yea

  • No

  • what if I want to clone myself but I want my clone to be a girl? (im a boy BTW just so you know)

    • Gay insults listen Drake that would make me a brother so that is not being gay So Y O U G O T T H E 🅱️ ℹ️ G G A Y

    • Anguirusfan 1955 you´re gay af

  • cloning is Wrong!

  • I would think that those differences you've discussed wouldn't nessaserally be a problem With the advancement in technology but then again there is no way to tell if it would ever be perfected

  • So clones have to start as babies, this whole business of just creating another fully grown copy of someone is impossible

  • if i cloned my self i will have problems using my tablet

  • Dolly died ;-; she is in a better place now ;-; r.i.p Dolly r.i.p

  • I want to clone myself. The only change would be gender.

  • Metal Gear

  • I'm just glad that block of has not opened the door to clickbait!😂😂😂

  • I would clone myself and murder him and sell his organs :)

  • They already clone humans. Look at your celebrities!

  • After learning that I would not want to be cloned. The reason being with the clone have all those health problems and aging faster their life probally wouldn't be that great. I would never want to purposly make it where another human was going to suffer with those things.

  • They need to stop playing God and leave the human race alone

  • I want to be cloned after I'm gone (Even though I don't believe in death) And they don't have to look just like me I'll allow genetic engineering to make a anthropogenic cat out of me

  • Does all of this science talk have to be done only with the females and during their pregnancy?

  • i will amke a clone so i don't have to go to school

  • This is the rise of the Antichrist. We are all created in the image and likeness of God. (Body Spirit and Soul = Triune being) A cloned person will have no conscience. Which basically means that person would be 2/3 (Body and Spirit) 2/3=.666 which is the mark of the beast. It means this is the method satan would use to TOTALLY inhabit that body. (John 10:1 Truly, truly, I say to you, He that enters not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbs up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.) Cloning offers another way to enter this world.

    • Hudson Roebuck God doesn't exist stop believing in a book that's been manuplated and change over the years, I bet you religion nut job's would bend over backwards and take it up the ass if your god told you to

  • Nope

  • my friend is fine just by one of her

  • ANSWER>>> www.quora.com/Have-human-clones-been-integrated-into-our-society-without-us-knowing & www.quora.com/How-can-human-clones-go-to-heaven-or-hell-when-they-die-if-they-have-no-souls-Or-do-they

  • I wouldn't clone myself because I saw the movie "The Island"

  • DAMN dont we all love rohmbus?

  • no way!

  • There is some problem with cloning. If everyone would clone themselves. Would there be enough food for all of us? Will there be enough space? How polluted would the Earth be? These questions should be answered by sophisticated people. Such as you, Life Noggin. But you have failed my expectation. But hey! Nobody is perfect. Seriously. Nobody.

  • the real question is; (ignoring any current relationships) would you share an apartment with a perfect copy of yourself?

  • Why would I clone myself, I already have a twin, which is close to a clone

  • Can u clone a POTATO??

  • Is it weird that I want a clone of me for a child

  • Wow your smart!

  • Ctrl + V

  • A paradox

  • Clone me...

  • Clone me a girlfriend

  • There is only 1 explanation for this. Shadow Clone Jutsu

  • i wanted to clone myself so i could have myself as a baby because i was cute as hell nvm

  • Cloned myself but a girl versions if u know what i mean *wink* *wink*

  • personally as a Christ follower I don't believe in cloning since I see it as people playing God.

  • i would not clone myself i dont want my clone to suffer from all the disorders blocko talked about

  • ofcourse like why do you even ask

  • My clone and I would probably work out a schedule to evenly distribute chores, as to avoid rebellion from either party. You have to remember, your clone is you. Would you like to be enslaved?

  • No

  • My family says Cuba found the cure to Cancer (I’m cuban I don’t know if it’s true ;-;)

  • No!!!!

  • Life Noggin So who are twins

  • *insert Spider Man looking at Spider Man here*

  • can you do a video on what would happen if there was a zombie apocalypse?

  • Sosig

  • 🅆🄾🅆

  • Or you could just use a Double Cherry

  • What if I learned shadow clone jutsu?

  • this is on my b day !!!! 9 apr lol

  • Yes I would want to clone myself how cool would it be to raise yourself you could Encourage Yourself to go in the sports or into modeling or become a doctor or scientist also you wouldn't be a jackass or an a****** to yourself like your parents were.!

  • I would the other Me carry my stuff and do my chores

  • If I have a chance why not lol

  • If human can clone too its really really big problem because when me and my clone at the same house were gonna fight each other for food

  • That's cool

  • i love life noggin

  • If i see a clone of myself i’ll fight myself ion give af i cant beat myself

  • I would still clone my self but slap him every time he doesn’t act like me

  • Year 2018: "what year are you born? Year 7213: "what year are you cloned?

    • HORIZON it is

    • Nice, a copy of a comment I saw on another video

  • yes

  • It's baffling to that people twins or triplets are clones. That's far from the truth. Although identical twins share a lot of similarities, they have their own personalities, performances, and some have looks that slightly differ from their siblings. In terms of cloning. A clone is the complete copy of the host. Every genetic makeup is the same (ideally). The idea of a clone is a duplicate.

  • 1:01 *cough cough* Shadow clone jutsu.

  • Can we clone bees??? Just so they don’t die And we will too (Grammar is impossible) Btw I love you life noggin :D

  • Metal Gear Solid brought me here

  • law says we cant clone human

  • Yes i like! And I have clone myself!

  • Yes

  • Another reason why Rhombus is the best: he looks like a plumbob Don't ask me what that is

  • Orphan black

  • How to clone yourself: Have a twin brother or sister.

  • I would have sex with myself

  • my clone would be the only person i would talk to ;-;

  • exited to learn new concept

  • Some twins can clone themselves, they already did.they would be healthy, they would look the same, you can tell your twin to act like you, so if you have a twin, she or he is your clone

  • Hi ✋

  • found this out and still don't wanna clone mehself

  • No

  • With all this being said, I would never ever wanna clone myself.

  • I would clone myself just to see what i could have done (E.G Make him only eat twice a day etc)

  • I don't know, what WOULD happen if I cloned myself?