What Would REALLY Happen If You Cloned Yourself?

Published on Apr 9, 2018
What happens when we clone things? Is cloning people even possible?
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  • Ronbus says hello, actually, he just did this cool head nod thing and then faded away! I think Triangle Bob is getting jealous. Thanks for watching! Wanna watch more?: us-tv.org/tv/video-8oLhvD9mNso.html

    • Life Noggin wh'ere all clones

    • Life Noggin it is possible but it’s illegal in the US to clone a human

    • I thought it was Rhombus lol

    • Life Noggin it means he’ll have 4.6M subs in total combined with his clone

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  • Anywhere here because of that kid buu's instagram live clone?

  • Bring back some dinosaurs

  • I would create a legion of myself and run for MP in every contingency in the uk and create a UK parliament that wouldn't need a Prime Minister because we'd always agree.

  • nah i don't now edit 1: like finn and fern from adventure time actually

  • nope

  • Yes!!!!.

  • Can you clone my mom? Y’know when she says “what do you think? There isn’t 2 me’s running around!” Then I could just take out her clone and be like “Yes there are.”

  • I'm here cause of Kidd buu

  • I would love to clone myself, but my clones personality traits will be different. I'm a enthusiastic person, friendly, creative, and just very friendly. But I don't think my clone would survive for a year or two so I want to make the best out of it.

  • Yes

  • Cloning is the cause of 12 paradoxes, I mean the si-fi version

  • I will make thousand of clones and do rasengan

  • Clone dinosaurs...

  • What if we clone an egg

  • I wonder what that would be like with my teen self duh jeans but still

  • Who else watches naruto and wants to clone him self

  • Logic smacked cloning in the face


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  • Guys get Morrison on the phone we need those clones

  • “Clone your best friend, or yourself” What’s the difference?

  • We are already clones all of us are the same!

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  • Theres one thing certain, you wont be alone :D

  • If i fucked my clone would it be incest? Lmao

  • I ask my mom did we evolved form apes ???? She said no and I wanted to ask u is that true??????

  • What if they put the egg into a pregnant mother and she gave birth to two identical twins. And they grew up together. Would that work?

  • That gonna be trouble for the clone not me

  • We can make armies and send them off to war like in star wars!

    • Unlikely, clones mature and develop at the same rate as normal people. Even if they were altered they would have free will like normal people.

  • What it feels like to clone yourself bit your other clone is the genderbend of you then fall in love? It's not incest?

  • Guys, guys, if you were to clone someone the clone would be unique, like you and me. I mean the *LOOKS* may be the same, but the clone would be a completely different person, completely different personality, and completely different likes and dislikes than the original one. So it's not really worth it unless we were to bring back the population if we somehow became endangered. That's my opinion. *Just say'in.* 🤔🤔🤔

  • Um no 3:12

  • is anyone here from fox goodmans video

  • When we talk about cloning we mean an exact copy of out self including MEMORIES .wtf? ??!!! Are you talking abou?!

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  • I don't wanna clone myself anymore. An older sister is as close as I'll get to a twin.

  • Guy we have brought back a extinct animal the Iberian ibex

  • I might sound real stupid asking this but if the first clone dies can you like 😂😂 transfer *pfffff* to the oTheR oNe😂

  • No cloning for me cuz you only live once. YOLO!

  • If I had a clone that was... like, just another me, then yeah. We could get SO much stuff done. Like, SO much. Now, a somatic clone like in the video... ehhhh, something about that seems ethically dubious.

  • I never want to clone my self

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  • And here i am wondering how it works

  • my thought is converting sperm into egg or the other way around then putting it in

  • Just go to the Ninja Academy like everyone else

  • Well it's not a clone if it doesn't look or have the same personality as Me Like srsly

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  • I would like to have a clone who has a connection to my brain, so I can control my clone. Like my clone goes to school and I play games. So it's like I would learn new lessons while I play computer games. XD

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  • Is it possible to clone yourself as your own age, having your brain therefore having all of your experiences in that brain, and to look exactly like you? Basically a complete copy of you.

  • This looks like star wars

  • If you think no human has been cloned yet then you probably believe still that trump isn't president

  • If we could clone humans then we could clone a human with animalistic powers, like creating a cloned human with abilities from other animals

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  • I’m just using this information to make a dinosaur

  • I wouldn't cus that would just be insane not to mention clones aren't really people (now that's like saying a robot is not a person) I just feel like some sort of riot would happen with people not knowing who's who or maybe I'm overreacting

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  • This video explains why Bitch Stewie and Bitch Brian turned out the way they did.

  • I don't support this at all let's stop human cloning now.I even found a site that sells the shirt with the design "#stophumancloning tinyurl.com/y8upv2a9 and i am going to get one.

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  • Identical twins are basically clones of each other,so what if the egg duplicated,and what if you put more than one egg.Oh dear,where is the epidural.

  • Hell yeah I'd still clone myself! I don't care if it's not exactly like me. Wait, does your clone count as your son/daughter?

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  • No do not clone anything!!! If a person would be cloned, the clone would have no soul. No purpose in life. Isnt that sad???

  • My problem is I never go outside to play with anyone. If I had a clone, I would learn to fight with it, get stronger, and with more clones.....fight the terrorists!!!!!!

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  • Research the unacknowledged special access programs, MKULTRA project, operation mockingbird, project monarch, trauma-based mind control, advanced electrogravitic technology, WW2 advanced biological cloning and consciousness transfer, biological immortality, soul transfer, temporal distortion, electrogravitic craft, holographic consciousness, holofractal consciousness virus manipulation, psychotronic warfare, spiritual technology. Your choice. Start slow. Maintain steady equilibrium of self-awareness.

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