What Would REALLY Happen If You Cloned Yourself?

Published on Apr 9, 2018
What happens when we clone things? Is cloning people even possible?
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    • you can clone ur pet tho

  • wht bout animals that produce asexually

  • I know how to clone myself have a twin

  • That human clone looked alot like Mark Zuckerburg 🤔

  • Actually i dont wanna clone myself anymore.

  • Heck no

  • After I watched this video. I'm never cloning myself.

  • I still want to clone myself to do something with it...=)

  • Our technology just isn't there yet. It should be eventually possible to clone a mind and grow/print a fully-ready body for that mind, based on the DNA-data you want to use. You'd be able to have a full-grown healthy clone. Atleast that's why the goal should be at some point. One of those? A copy of me? Yes. I'd want atleast one copy, if not more.

  • No

  • There already are clones twins

  • No I Don't Want Another Ugly Me

  • I thout if i clone myself the clone woud be the same

  • No

  • I don't want to clone myself becouse is going to be sad for my clone....I mean after all is a human

  • *shadow clone jutsu!*


  • So clone troopers are stupid?

  • i DO NOT clone myself

  • yes i will

  • Easy Kagebunsin no jutsu

  • If you killed your clone, would you be charged for murder?

  • Whats the fkn point of cloning humans? It not the same person. Clone humans in machines and create them without souls so they're just shells that we can use to harvest its organs.

  • at the end with the doctor and the dinosaur it sounded really weird and would N.O which means no clone myself and don't wanna do dat(that)

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  • "There ain't no thing like me, 'cept me." - Rocket the Raccoon

  • I saw a really interesting movie on the Disney Channel back when I was in the 4th Grade. It was called "The Other Me" which starred Andy Lawrence from Brotherly Love as Will and Gil Browning. How weird was that? I'm thinking about cloning myself for a music video that I plan to film someday. Do you have any thoughts about it, Blocko?

  • If I could clone myself I would have sex with him 24/7

  • Damn...I woulnt mind having a Megan Fox clone as my gf..

  • If I'm already too much for my family, another me would bring home more stress. 🤣

  • Cloning is a very sad thing for your clone. Watch LoreMaster's slave army of the Republic video and you will cry... so sad... 😢

  • But twins are basically clones

  • Clone my subscribers please

  • Soooo, my clone would be an inhealthy stranger that looks nothing like me... My "clone" isn't doing its job right!

  • What about twins? Or triplets? Or quadruplets? Aren’t they a clone?

  • Just look at identical twins. Except twins grew up in similar environments and had the same upsetting

  • Do identical twins count as clones?

  • what if the earth stopped spinning

  • Selfcest.

  • You'd think that cloning would be something as easy as getting a bit of DNA (a bit of hair or saliva) and inserting it into a machine, then *P O O F* out comes a clone.

  • What if I wanted my clone to be a teen or adult right away and made in a huge tank or testube? That kind of advanced demand would take decades or centuries of developing?

  • I would clone money😊😀

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  • you can clone ur pet

  • I’d clone myself.

  • I'd start my own Castor and Leda project and just hope some clone starts revolting ...

  • I have a clone: my twin sister!

  • It is illegal to clone a human:)

  • Nah , just clone pizza

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  • No

  • So they can find out how to clone but they can’t find a cure for cancer

  • Do what would happen if you got a transplant please.

  • supper

  • I would just clone myself 1000 times and make an army

  • I’d clone myself and cut off their hands and feet and peel off the nails

  • Answer: I wouldn’t be lonely

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  • YUP

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  • Yes to go to school in stead of me

  • People are like "Im gonna make my clone do my chores!" "Im gonna make him do things for me" etc.🙄 If you dont wanna do it, your clone prolly won't do it for you because he/she also doesn't wanna do stuffs that you dont like☝️ ! Yeah✊!! Your clone will make YOU👉 do stuff and go outside to play around!

    • Honestly I’d would do the work sometimes if I had a clone.

  • If I had sex with my clone. Is it incest, or masturbation?

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  • U can't clone a soul.

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  • “Clones age faster” ah.. metal gear solid

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  • How do you know all this stuff

  • When it is daytime, what makes the sky go blue?

  • If I could clone myself and if it was the same as me I would make it do all the things I hate doing. Like tomorrow is my birthday and also school. If I had a clone rn, I would make it go to school for me so I could enjoy my birthday without school tomorrow lol

  • Why do humans get dizzy?

  • We already have human clones...they're called identical twins 🤔

  • Why we laugh when tickled

  • Hey can u pls do a video on horseshoe kidneys pls

  • How do phones and tablet screen move

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