What's on my original iPhone?

Published on Aug 8, 2018
How I got my original iPhone to work AND what's on it!
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  • did anyone else here that when she was freaking out about the phone working the music in the background was "I need a hero! I'm holding out for a hero till the end of the night!" the song from shrek.. I was dying

  • I have my original iPhone but only the device and it DOES work, how much is it worth?


  • I was born in 2007 and i got my first phone in 2017 5c and in 2018 i got the i phone 6 and now i cant hold my old phone because it is tiny

  • Haha, she raped the internet browser on this phone with HTML5.

  • Look at this homescreen man

  • Who’s watching in 200000004567465!

  • Cool, my first iPhone was iPhone 6 and now I have iPhone xs

  • You took it to the apple store

  • Omg 0:55 videoclip is made in my birthday ❤️

  • Oyyyyu

  • Omg I remember so much about that phone and US-tv and photo gallery I remember soo much

  • She shoulda looked for vine in the App Store.

  • This phone was slow when it came out too, it was all looks

  • You should of checked the emojis

  • omg in 2007 u kinda looked like quinn from glee

  • i loved the iphone 4 it was the first i had {not the one she’s using}

  • im sorry but this girl is crying over an iphone... an iphone.... ffs lmao

  • awww so cute when u almost started crying....so much love :) hello from australia

  • August 13,2007 I wasn’t born yet lol but same year and one day I will think my phone I have right now the 7+ is tiny lol

  • I have a I phone 5s in 2019

  • Maybe You can’t call because you don’t have a simcard in it?

  • I just got an old iPod shuffle and it came with the old charger and everything I really love it lol

  • ARKANSAS!!!!

  • *The phone is an overall good phone it looks>>>**ur2.pl/1254** and feels great in your hand exceptional performance had to restart twice in one week but other then that all the other features are pretty superior compared to competing devices*

  • I’m from Arkansas 😁

  • She is to dramatic and over exaggerating

  • ...she's 34.

  • is she from bfvsgf pranks

  • She was paying that bill on my birthday! 😂

  • Wow you've been making videos since I was born and I found you years later love you. P.S Sorry this is a really late comment.

  • Look howw happy she is with iphone.

  • My birthday is August 13 I’m was born 2008 tho

  • iPhones and Justine both had a glo up

  • ive been with you since 2.5 million subs

  • my dad had an Iphone 1 until 2017 or 2018 oml 😂😂 but I cant complain bc I dont even have a phone I had to copy and paste mah emojis

  • Im the literal age of the iPhone

  • Can u get fortnite on it lol😅😆

  • I love arkansas

  • Only OGs remember the iPod shuffle

  • I Justine your 36 year old

  • You kind of look like Jessi Smiles

  • im from arkansas

  • Me I from Arkansas

  • That phone came out the year I was born

  • I was a year old when that thing came out.

  • Well i got 2 iphone 1s

  • High key looking like Nicole arbour

  • Can I have the original iphone please

  • Anyone used to play that game on IPod touch where you can kill ants or what ever with the flamethrower, hammer and more

  • no video on first iphone...omg hahahaha

  • I love yu je taime

  • This iPhone is my age Anyone else?

  • That phone bill video was posted when I was only a few months old!😂🤣😂

  • I was not born in 2007 I was born in 2009

  • Hey ijustine watching this on a iPhone 4 I'm so surprised because this is the oldest apple product I have

  • Do a whole phone collection video

  • I have these iphone

  • Кто тут русский

  • At 7:36 you can see on maps “Springfield” SIMPSONS IS THAT U??

  • She litarly soo dramatic

  • OMG IM FROM ARKANSAS!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • I remember US-tv when the tv logo Was there I was a user since i was 5 but made my channel When i was 10 Good times. And the yellow sub button

  • It’s a old shit phone what’s so excited about that lol go get a nokia and cry more lol

  • IT HAD 8 GB ok I would have only had like YT and just pics and social media


  • You do know you can make it work with Two Step Authentication right? Just use the same installation instructions as Android or Outlook. You will get a specific password that will work! So not your nomall password!

  • Omg this is so cool. My aunt used to have the iPhone 3G and she deactivated it and gave it to me when I was little. I remember trying to make calls and text but I could only play games like Talking Tom 😂

  • Those eyebrow are on fleek in 2007

  • i understand.

  • im from arkansas

  • I think my mom owned the first iPhone in 2007 when she got a new one it turned into my new toy lol I would wake up early just to play on it and type a diary in the notes and I would mess around with the voice memos it was so fun!!! Ps I am just as big a iPhone fan as you Justine!! Love you Justine!!! You are awesome 😎

  • I have the original iPhone

  • She shouted out me I live in Arkansas

  • People stop ✋🏻 hating if you don’t want to watch then get of this channel 💁🏻‍♀️

  • Yep I have the first iPhone and that's what I'm watching it on.

  • Isheep

  • it’s crazy to me to look at you viewing a photo of the new apple store and looking at all the new tech on the apple website..but on the first iphone...it’s like viewing the future within the past... idk just something about it feels crazy to me

  • Lol I’m from Arkansas I got a shoutout yay! Lol 🥳

  • justine you are such an inspiration

  • Justine you actually can authenticate your emails, just put in your password and then go to a newer device or your main device and it will tell you that a device is trying to connect and the you allow it, then lmao this is long but then you put your password and add the pin it gives you to your password

  • www.youtube.com.ijane

  • Best part is that she just carried the og iPhone around at all times

  • I was able to get my two factor authentication Apple ID to work on a 4S with iOS 6.1.3, you just put in the code that it gives you at the end of the password. Ex: pass: password321. Code: 361289 Pass: password321361289 I’m pretty sure that’s what worked for me

  • The iPhone bill video was made 2 days before I was born. How crazy is that?

  • I honestly wish i had an iphone 8 plus. I currently have an android! I wish i could get my parents and other three siblings one too, im just too broke lol! I will say for being 14 i want to do a lot for others to help in any way!!

  • Is it weird that I remember this version of ios so well? Wow I’ve really been using apple for a long time!!

  • Is this yours still?

  • I am from mexico and i really love your video's

  • I actually have that phone

  • can i please have it and heres my youtube channle Brandi altick i have no phone and i need one in case of an a marshe f i have to call 911

  • There’s no way you are 34

  • It's crazy how a phone can get people more excited than basically everything else.

  • I remember I was in 7th grade and when my uncle from LA would come over I wanted it so bad!! So I understand how she feels!

  • That’s my birthday Aug 13 07

  • Godworks in mysterious ways

  • You Can sign in to Icloud with 2 step authentication if you type the code at the end of the password I did this on ios 6.1.4 and it worked for me but try it anyway good luck :)

  • *love her black nails!*

  • I actually like the original iPhone!!! It has this magical quality that the first iPhone would have just because it’s the first from 2007👌🏽

  • Your US-tv account is older than me