What's Inside These Cans?

Published on Sep 9, 2017
How many times do I say CAN in this video? CAN you count them all?
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PO BOX #2263
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  • Christmas ornaments! Yesssss!

  • lol

  • The colorful screen on TV is still a thing, it happens to some channels when using an antenna in my room super late. I wake up to it a lot

  • This Cans Where Based On The Canimals Lost Episode called The supermarket Shopping They can be Seen in The background

  • Your eye makeup is always amazing Bunny. Can you please do mine?

  • I love hearing how the cans open

  • I want to get myself one of those bananas because that album is hella good. I have a camera just like that 16:48

  • Super cool! I hope you reuse the cans.

  • I once saw bread in a can at stop n shop, it got closed down.

  • Oh the pain of seeing you open this box ! The box is awesome on its own!

  • 3/48 is not that much rarer than 2/24 = 4/48

  • My daughter : what's bunny gonna do with those.

  • Thanks so much for offering this!!!

  • Be quiet

  • The coloured screen happened at the end of VCRS.

  • Andy is 6.25 percent out of 48

  • 2018 anyone? I came here after her newer video.

  • Hey bunny I LOVE your channel,where did you find those cans?????????

  • Oml do those dolls creep you out😬❤️?

  • In my Home town , there is a store Named Lucky Lius that sells Andy Warhol everything! along with Vintage candy and Retro everything

  • The color of the year is purple

  • The colour of the year in 2017 was green

  • when i was five i had that TV and when it went statikly i would touch it and it would shalk me and when it went ofbair i cried now im nine

  • I know I'm a year late but I have to say that I'm loving Andy Warhol at the minute. only because I watched this video and when I go into my art and design lesson my teacher gave us the chance to chose the artist we did a study on, so I thought I would give Andy a shot and I have to say I love his work. Thank you for introducing and to me.

  • I love The Velvet Underground!!

  • Have your tried the Andy Warhol perfume? It just smells like baby powder but I like it lol

  • The plush soup cans are giving me life I love them so much and I love you Bunny ❤️

  • My names Ande owo

  • Do a video about how many dolls you have please

  • Bunny can you plead do a burger video with you avatar silicon babby

  • Please open more!!!!!

  • Almost useless stuff

  • female cows can have horns to

  • I LOVE YOU BUNNY. *fan girl screech*😍

  • How do you find this stuff???

  • Old video spree!!!!

  • The tv plush means standby

  • Yas I love these unboxings! 13:16 btw if something is every 1 out of 24 it's more rare than the 3 out of 48 because the 1 out of 24 is equal to 2 out of 48 and every 2 out of 24 isn't that much rarer than 3 out of 48

  • *number eight its gonna be great*

  • bunny just came up w her own word lol

  • Sorry but i dont like the creepy dolls in the back round

  • give the bananas to beeeeyyyynnnn

  • And our first item is... a soup can inside of a soup can. Wonderful!

  • I think you are my soul sister. Watching you seems very similar to me in ways. I think we're so funny..

  • where can i buy it !!???

  • Pause at 7:25 and look at her face

  • Love you bunny

  • I have that old style tv lmao

  • Where do you get these cans???

  • She's soooo funny but god....that voice...

  • Those are sooo AWESOME!! 💖

  • At first I was like “ugh why does Andy Warhol sound so familiar to me” and then I remembered I did a full essay about him for one of my classes and that I love his art hahah I hate myself 😂😂

  • 3:15 that beautiful face


  • Sipping the tea with the sassy bun

  • I’m about to open you lol

  • Eww they do have canned bananas 🍌 🤮

  • Where you get dose???

  • Cut the bottom of the cans out and put them on a strand of lights! 🇺🇸💋

  • If I remember correctly the message that was on the TV plush happened when there was a breaking news thing that occurred.

  • Soda!

  • This guy hates these cans! ;)

    • PS - I agree that Velvet Underground is wonderful.

  • i u guys her the heres jonney

  • Can u please make a video about or a tour on ur background about the dolls? Like if u agree

  • Love the new style

  • Love the fat back tv💓💓💓

  • Please do something like this again 😍👍

  • U need to.do more of these

  • This reminds me of the book Canned. Basically this boy found an unopened can because it was so mysterious(?) And started collecting them. Spoiler He finds a finger in one

  • is that a green screen behind you with all the dolls????????

  • C A N N E D B R E A D


  • I love this, I didn't know these existed omg. Also the velvet underground is one of my favs too! Loaded is like the best album evrrr

  • i do it every time i open a can

  • 2:14 favorite moment

  • she said can 50 times •^•

  • I have a friend named Campbell

  • The so sassy song in the start is my mood this morning. I'd like it to be the mood for the rest of my life

  • At 7:11 did anyone else here noises in the background they sounded like voices

  • "whats inside these cans" drinking game: take a shot when bunny: says "oh my gosh you guys..." says "oh another vinyl" says "Andy warhol" mentions the velvet underground says "how cute is this" says "oh no another repeat" says "shelf" says "can" says "plush"

  • Where did you get that big box of them

  • 6:59 bwahahahahaha

  • I dont know how she sleeps knowing those dolls are in that room... like i would have to move tf out. 😂

  • Oh wow I thought I was the only andy warhol freak out there. buT SERIOUSLY WHERE DID YOU GET THESE edit: wait no nevermind I'm pretty sure the link is in the description

  • Creepy room

  • The silver pillows look like Metallic pizza pocket

  • 2:13 has my dying of laughter

  • Andy i love himmm

  • Graveyardgirl should do an asmr😃

  • 8:07 mark just a little bit back a weird noise is under your voice

  • Yes I tap the can too

  • Aww the little video camera awwww so cute

  • If you ever come to Pittsburgh I'll take you too the warhol museum and his gave is not too far away from downtown fun times fun times 😀😀😀😀 oh btw I love the video ....that be a cool video mylong road trip to see Andy warhol

  • The cans are inverse color of the regular campbells cans!!!

  • The dolls behind you are so creepy 😱🙈

  • I love u bunny you make the best US-tv videos on US-tv live u bunny

  • I really would want the green and orange can because they are my boyfriends favorite colors!

  • Love your vids 😝

  • The dolls??

  • Kinda coolish I wouldn't walk off with it

  • 5:35 got me DEAD 😂😂😂😂