What's At The End Of The Universe?

Published on Apr 23, 2018
The Big Bang Theory says the universe is expanding. But, what's at the very end of our universe?
Watch more: What Would A Parallel Universe Even Be Like? ►► us-tv.org/tv/video-snuKukJLXIs.html&list=PL8L0MzSk_V6JtEDRfRMyb6rFd1acqYSlO&index=115&t=0s
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  • I guess when you float around in the nothingness you discover some weird surprises! Sometimes we're left with more questions than answers, but that's why the universe is so cool! What do you think is at the end of the universe? Thanks for watching! Wanna watch more? Check out our video on parallel universes: us-tv.org/tv/video-snuKukJLXIs.html

  • There is no end because there is an ice wall called Antarctica and holds all the water on the earth.

  • At the end of universe is Minecraft World Border

  • No its white wall

  • The universe is at the end of the universe

  • Its the sloan great wall!

  • no one knows

  • At the end of the universe is just a huge gas station with everything in the universe for sale for about 12 dollars

  • big bang

  • Dear Blocko, what was the beginning of... well everything?

  • Ya know... God spoke and created everything from nothing

  • The end is god

  • Am I the only one who thinks that once you get to the end of the universe you start to exit it and see all the MASSIVE universes around you?

  • I would've thought that the leading theory was god..? Because most people (to my knowledge) are religious. Right..? Idk I'm just wondering...

  • it ends with space baubles!!!

  • The universe was built by god. Just like that.

  • the only alien to exist is blocko

  • At the end pf the univers you will see yoir dad

  • Bekar video

  • My comment may not make sence but God created Earth and all the planets but I also believe u too soo idk what to say next but what if God did a sertine thing and what you said about the atoms and stuff and earth and whatever you said well that's it for my comment again this might not make sence but I don't care

  • I think at the end of the universe will be more universes

  • I believe theres a 1d dimension and 2d dimension and 3d dimension aka our dimension and last 4d dimension

  • Is that my Dad?

  • outside the universe theres a multiverse which holds more universes that expand once they touch they blow up this is just a theory

  • Void. Just void.

  • Great and funny videos 😃keep making new videos

  • thats not your dad :-)

  • I think if you go 1 kilometer near your basically already 3 billion degrees hot and your by then ashes

  • U

  • I think of the end of the space us another earth with extinct ed animals on it *my opinion*

  • Universe is infinite

  • Nothing

  • Theres no end i guess

  • Universe is end on trillion year for now

  • God is said to be infinite..what else is infinite? THE YOU-NIVERSE .. HI GOD

  • Nothing

  • S͛U͛D͛D͛E͛N͛ D͛E͛A͛T͛H͛

  • Nathan

  • at the end of the universe.... *NASA UNIVERSE*

  • I did believe that there is an infinite number of universe ok Like if you agree if its infinite

  • I think you just fall forever

  • How are Adam an eve created

  • Da void

  • What are the benefits of soups

  • My theory is It is but tiny sub atomic particles until in just a few seconds galaxies and stars would speed past you like cars going past the speed limit and you have to be careful as you may get pulled in by a central black hole or star.

  • The ends of the universe is surrounded by a layer of plasma.The universe is contained within it and the plasma expanded as the universe size increases.

  • May be the god but in science was no god u should create a sound speed vehicle or if u can u do the light speed vehicle to launch in space and go to multiple universe and find the appropriate answer

  • There is KURSI AND ARSH of Allah After the seventh sky there is kursi. If kursi is the sahara desert then 7th sky is like a ring in your hand. And after kursi that is arsh. Kursi is like a ring in your hand compared to arsh, assuming arsh is a sahara desert.

  • umm yeah it's just blackness. untill you reach the universe next door. oh yeah did i mention *FUCKING MULTIVERSES ARE THE COLLECTIVE BELTS OF UNIVERSES*

  • at the end of the universe i like to call trump planet

  • Who are you

  • Nothing. #stopclickbait

  • 0:30 Nope, guys get out of here!

  • short anwser i dunno

  • Well, that was a waste of time kinda... All of this science talk and then you say we don't know. WOW!

  • ainsley harriot is what is at the end

  • I think it’s just total pitch black and there’s nothing, no life, no planets, no nothing. And no human could go there and come back alive.

  • I don't know

  • 0:10 calling all flat earthers

  • ALL GET OUT MOMENTS 0:28 1:28

  • Request: Could Donald Trump END The Universe? ft. Me And, every time you or I say "Big Bang Theory" Some characters from the show in your pixelated style show up and you tell them to get out.

  • I think there are more universes at the end

  • I've always had this belief that maybe the universe will later become very dense and compress onto itself, creating a singular object which then becomes very unstable, imploding on itself creating the universe once more. Maybe there were multiple Big Bangs if so. *For the last time, we aren't talking about you guys*

  • Maybe another universe

  • Infinite black space with no galaxies.

  • There's no end to it

  • No it didn’t god created it

  • noice face reveal

  • What if two big bangs happened? What if they’re just trying to merge into a really big universe? I have no facts or anything to back up my bullshit but a guy can dream....

  • Maybe theres a planet forming right now

  • Alins

  • What I think is that at a giant black hole

  • 0:28 I see watchu did there (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Is no end

  • But the Big Bang is not true I have lots of proof

  • Triangle bob is the Illuminati

  • Noggin waiting us out there

  • THe end of universe is another universe

  • Stop talking about big bang!!! Explain Dark matters or Dark Energy.

  • this is the 3 minute version of "lmao i dunno"

  • The heaven

  • So Subzero big banged my mom?

  • If the universe is expanding faster than the speed of light, then the speed of light is not the cosmic speed limit..

  • Hi there. This is actually mentioned in The Quran, the Final Revelation from God to Mankind, about more than 1400 years ago (In a time Mankind didn't have the Scientific tools to know about this), in: [51 : 47]. In Arabic: "وَالسَّمَاءَ بَنَيْنَاهَا بِأَيْدٍ وَإِنَّا لَمُوسِعُونَ (47)". Which the English Translation of The meanings gives: "And the heaven We constructed with strength, and indeed, We are [its] expander (47)". (Translation by: Saheeh International).

  • Wouldn’t it grow faster than you can travel there? Theoretically.

  • Bbt..also equal to big bunch of turd..not better that god explanation..you know there is evidence of different explosion like the one you mention..all very different but strong..so big bangs happen...it is a common thing in cosmic times...they are not just one big event but several..i think everything is just falling in an endless space in all directions and the aparent ingravity is just a perception misunderstanding...gravity has not been explain we only know it help clusters of stuff stick together following a spiral model..so things not just fall straight...they fall spining around the closer most massive celestial body...multiple prpoulsing explosion cause some of the pieces to fly against the direction we thinks as the most common..what we call asteroids..a beautiful dance of implosion..explosions..gravity and free fall...a disturbing beauty if you think about the size of the space if the fall hasbeen going on for millions of year..an certainly counter intuitive cause hour terrestrial admiration for gravity tell us things always fall down.

  • Well you I'll tell you lad 'not Irish' if God exists then you would find a super mega universe that's amazing and god but if you went to a special realm only evil people and demons live in you'll start to burn as the place gets hotter by 1trillon degrees each day and you would die

  • We are nothing but part of a microscopic cell.

  • There’s a lot of dead memes

  • Black abiss


  • At the end, there is the beginning

  • My guess is when we reach the end of the universe you see yourself different in like a big mirror, if you go trough it, you will go to another universe! (Were earth is probably flat) and who knows? Universe is SO interesting that when we see one video about it (like this one) we get 1 answer... and 9999999999999999999 questions! That s why universe is SO interesting!

  • The big bang is fake! God made everything

  • At the end of the universe is a TESCO Extra Store.. it’s open 24/7 so no rush.

  • it is other universes

  • i think there is another universe at the end of our universe. in other words, if we did happen to finally get past the universe then we would enter the multiverse and travel into another universe just like ours with solar systems, black holes, stars, planets, etc.

  • There is an endless space out there and the universe is constantly expanding into that space.

  • Multiverses Yocktoverses Gigaverses Hyperverses Alf Nol +1 Lowaverses Omega Omega +1 Omniverses Alfverses Godverses Outverse Outside The Heaven Infinity

  • W Wt Wtf Wt W