What's At The End Of The Universe?

Published on Apr 23, 2018
The Big Bang Theory says the universe is expanding. But, what's at the very end of our universe?
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  • I guess when you float around in the nothingness you discover some weird surprises! Sometimes we're left with more questions than answers, but that's why the universe is so cool! What do you think is at the end of the universe? Thanks for watching! Wanna watch more? Check out our video on parallel universes: us-tv.org/tv/video-snuKukJLXIs.html

    • I think your world is at the end of it or maybe at the end of the multiverse but the multiverse is a theory

    • Other universes that are movies, shows and games we created

    • Life Noggin iii

    • I think there is no end of universe i know its hard to think about it but i think our universe is infinity.

    • +Starlight Autumn Gacha studio yessssssssss you are so right

  • Maybe heaven and hell.

  • i think its has no end?

  • Is god real

  • Self esteem and confidence though it’ll be long till we reach that anywho hows your day?

  • A big giraffe is at the end of the universe

  • A void

  • Answer: Nothing, because thanos snapped his fingers and 50% of the universe was gone..

  • This is the question in my brain when I was still a kid that cannot be answered but using only theory..

  • If you touch the end of the universe doesn’t it exist now?

  • The question is, *what is AFTER the end of the universe*

  • There is no end

  • End universe thanos

  • We need a ship that has unlimited fuel, rations, and a speed of 1000×9999m light-year per second.

  • What if galaxies orbit each other and that has been misinterpreted as expanding universe? The speed at which galaxies will orbit other galaxies will be far tremendous than Sun orbiting other Sun or galactic center.

  • Minecraft

  • Hi

  • I say that there is a cosmic wall and as the universe tries to expand, but can't pressure builds and the universe eventually explodes.

  • Video's Purpose - *What's at the end of Universe?* Conclusion - *Let me know in the comment section.*

  • At the end of the universe u can see more universes

  • The big bang is the most stupid theory out there. That big bang compressed dot can fit in a cup. Well the cup is bigger. The table is bigger then the cup that it sits on. And so on and so... There's no ending and no beginning. All that expanding matter is expanding into spaces that's already there.

  • You will find thanos

  • Nothing

  • I think there is nothing at the end of the universe because the universe just ends

  • well it’s interesting but we’ll all be dead by time they find out where the universe goes... maybe... unless they freeze all of us in chambers then wake us up

  • Pixelated version of CMB looks koooool

  • Other universes

  • Here's the question, how did the "start" begin if there couldn't possibly be any thing to start this "start"?

  • "Wait is that my Dad"

  • 0:54 yyuh its rewind time

  • Thinking about what’s at the end of the universe is like trying to figure a new color. The human brain cannot understand such a thing

  • God created the universe, and science can’t prove that because it’s way beyond science.

  • I thought it was Endless

  • The void

  • Nufon

  • It's probably where Shaggy lives

  • I think that the edge of our universe it just loops around so there so edge of it

  • i’m high af jus looking for answers

  • Past the universe is ThE vOiD

  • Heaven, obviously

  • I think theres more universe

  • The Big Bang theory is actually a hypothesis and wrong on many levels. It's also been disproved multiple times. Not that you'd ever hear of it though. "Scientists" are always sabotaging anything that disproves what they think.

  • My theory is that if the universe was expanding it would probably be really hot and if we even could reach the end it would melt away due to kinetic forces and radiation combining and therefore melting anything it comes into contact with

  • The reason the other galaxies are moving away from us is because the milky way is the kid no one likes on the playground

  • Nothing

  • Why didn't you just say, "I don't know". You wasted my time.

  • Nothing

  • The end is another version of our universe like dragon ball super

  • Thanos is at the end of the universe waiting for the population to rise again

  • The universe is expanding? Splatoon2 is expanding thanks to Octo Expansion

  • Love ur vids and btw ur voice is cool:)

  • God

  • “ But that’s just a theory “

  • THe UniVeRSe It’s InfIniTy 🤦🏻‍♀️🐰

  • This is absolutely incredible. I actually thought there was this white, blank space. Super cool to see.😎

  • Title: what's the end of the universe The answer in the video: we don't know 😑🖕

  • Ok but where did the small universe came from anyway ? Where did what's nitrogen and oxygen and other things came from ? That's not the beginning so they were already existed before

  • OMG you pissed me off in my religion Steve from Minecraft made the universe then had a fight with Trevor from GTA 5 then made planets and made batman kill super man and everyone die and humans came out of nowere

  • The Point, Circle, Sphere and Spin were at the beginning and they will be at the end. Circles are special geometric forms that are Eternal. People tend to think of Circles as simple shapes rather than the force that drives all things in our Universe, which it is. The Point, Circle, Spin and Sphere are fundamental to everything and their ratios are encoded with all the information needed for everything in our Universe or any physical Universe for that matter.

  • Minecraft highlands

  • More dank memes

  • What about the Universe Not Created but Being Created?

  • Why is the grammar so bad here? You sound like a cat stepped on your keyboard

  • its the farlands obviously

  • Big chungus

  • I think there is pure white

  • Ok, if time doesn’t end, space doesn’t end

  • The universe we can see is called the "Observable Universe" its like a cell in a human the size of all humans combined into each other and the universe is infinite so we can eventually go out of the observable universe

  • Something with no beginning and no end and there was only one big bang?

  • I think that my mom is at the end of space

  • My dad looks like my dad XD

  • Useless

  • The Universe is flat not round

  • At the end of the universe... *THERE'S VERY STRONG WIFI!*

  • DC comic fan: source wall

  • dont now what is the end of the universe

  • God Created Earth, nuff said

  • This is a waste of time😂

  • It better be a universe where the wii shop channel is still alive

  • Their is too many univirses and we cannot get to them but according to nasa their is

  • When I die . After reaching heaven that first that I would ask to god is that what Is at the end of universe, and what was there before big bang, and where is this space expanding........

  • Another universe duh

  • At the end of the universe there will be half life 3

  • What's at the end of our universe? Well, if you theoretically had an infinitely-fast spaceship and flew as fast as possible in one direction of the universe hoping to find the end, the answer is that you would.. come right back to where you started. Just like if you were trying to fly across the Earth and find an "end", you would just come back to where you started. Our 3/4-Dimensional universe is curved in a higher-dimensional space, making it so that if the universe was a balloon, we would not be inside it, but rather, on the surface of it. The space inside the balloon would be the higher-dimensional, 5D space that is causing our universe to expand. THERE IS NO END to the universe.

  • I know what is in the end... The end

  • The Universe end,s here

  • *-At the end of the universe is Gamora-*

  • I think at the the end of the universe is an another universe

  • I think that its just space without stars so its just black and very cold 🥶

  • Singularity

  • the end of the universe well I think its just going to be black and void no stars no planets and other stuff

  • I think at the end of the universe is just enternal darkness

  • I think that on the end of the universe is total blackness

  • And the universe was made by god

  • In my religion its already said there are 7 heavens and that's the end part of universe.

  • I think ur mom is at the end of the universe.

  • So... if the universe is constantly expanding, then the space around the universe must go on and on and on and on. ...Forever.

  • space grows 2481 miles every day

  • Gnomes

  • *Half life 3*