What Makes Sleep Paralysis So Terrifying?

Published on May 7, 2018
What causes sleep paralysis, and do you need to be worried?
Watch more: Why Is It So Hard To Fall Asleep? ►► us-tv.org/tv/video-HL6ECWZ8G1s.html&index=31&t=0s&list=PL8L0MzSk_V6JtEDRfRMyb6rFd1acqYSlO
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  • Have you ever had sleep paralysis? Let us know your experience in the comments. Thank you to everyone who has shared their stories so far! It's not an easy thing to deal with sometimes. Wanna watch more? Why is it so hard to fall asleep?: us-tv.org/tv/video-HL6ECWZ8G1s.html

  • I had sleep paralysis at the age of 8 and it was horrible

  • I’ve just woke up from sleep paralysis like 10 minutes ago and it was fucking horrific.

  • Mines last long time

  • I had sleep paralysis one time and a saw an alien breaking it down at the foot of my bed XD

  • I have that condition happened a lot of time You actually can move but you'll feel very painful and that's actually why you can't move If you try to move during this condition as hard as possible the condition will end earlier but you'll feel very painful in exchange Sometimes you'll even can't open your eyes too It is boring staying on your bed can't do anything and if you move you'll feel the pain and staring at the roof while you your father didn't hear you said that you can't move a single muscle and closes the air con in a hot summer day

  • I had sleep paralysis it’s was so scary I imagined a really scary figure looking at me i was a my cousins house for a sleepover I sleeped in the floor I really COULD NOT MOVE it was around like 3 am in the morning then I woke up at four i did not wanna sleep again so I just went in my tablet

  • I experienced that a few time lol

  • I sleep with my blanket over my head... Sooo it gets pretty hot sometimes but yeah i just ignore it Idk why it started back in 2015. Plus i sleep on my side most of the times Do you do this? reply!

  • When i'm falling asleep i can feel i'm having sleep paralysis, because the body is asleep and it gets heavy then usual and... Idk.. I had that yesterday (someone was choking me, there was a dark shadow and it was loud) and this night it was only loud and i could feel when i Start to have the sleep paralysis. Its scary and i'm afraid to sleep

  • I heard somewhere that this can also be done through a form of lucid dreaming, called WILD, or Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming. It is a more intense form of lucid dreaming that has these same effects.

  • Hehehe that happened to me

  • I have all 3 high risk factors and I don't have sleep paralysis

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  • I know how to make luciré dreams happen...but can anyone teach me how to trigger sleep paralysis 👀

  • This happened to me for the first time ever yesterday😭

    • I had my first one about a month ago and another one the other day. I didnt see anything, but i couldn't move and when i tried to shout for help I couldn't. I fell asleep after a while though.

  • When I had a sleep paralysis a boy that is gray came close to me not a demon

  • Yeah I have a saw Howard the alien and I also saw despaseto playing

  • I'm a male/26 & healthy. I had this for the first time a couple of days ago. Probably the most frightening thing that has ever happened to me. I was viewing the people in my dream from a third person that didn't feel like me. The dream started out fine but then I felt something evil crawl into it - I can't explain it. I tried screaming, & heard myself trying to but it just sounded like a loud "UUUUHHH, UUUUHHHH, UUUUHHHH". I'm surprised my family members didn't come knocking on my door out of worry. When I woke up at 5am to get ready for work I had nonstop goodbumps & felt like something evil was with me. I hope I never experience that again. PS. I always sleep with my Himalayan salt rock lamp & I finally experienced why.

  • But it happens to me most of the time....And usually at day time.... And when it start then it happens 2 to 3 times in a sleep...

  • I’ve had multiple sleep paralysis before, but none were as scary as my most recent one. As I was sleeping, idk why but I had an evil laughter of an old lady in my head and I decided to open my eyes to wake up. But when I opened my eyes I couldn’t move my body and I still heard that laughter. I tried to say no but it was weak and to move my hands but only my finger tips could barely move. I pushed myself to move my body and when the laughter stopped I was finally able to move again

  • does anyone see the old lady smiling?

    • +T Elizabeth old hag

    • My brother has this. He says a old lady sits on him and watches him. He also sometimes gets a old man in the corner of the room which is equally terrifying.

  • That moment when my mind is literally awake but my eyes and body is not working. Then different kind of voices I've heard which is actually a whisper and it took 15-20 seconds before I have recovered. All in all, it was terrible.

  • I had one I thought I was running so fast after a car then I thought why don’t I be flash and catch then I just woke up in my bedroom and couldn’t move then there was a dark figure moving twords me and I closed my eyes I was so scared

  • Your voice is the best! First video I ever did so don't judge or be jealous Of the editing job 🙄 us-tv.org/tv/video-V9i4-iXU8vQ.html

  • İ experience that you still can can talk lol

  • this,gave me serious anxiety

  • I experienced this last night for the first time I was super scared. I tried moving but I couldn’t no matter how hard I tried

  • Guys, all you have to do is realize you're in one of itachi's genjutsus... Works every time!

  • Oh crap I have sleep apnea AND narcolepsy AND I'M 12 Edit:I also have anxiety and sleep on my back

  • i think i just sort of experience it last night, I was like "oh crap, im laying on my back and i cant move my body, please tell its not sleep paralysis". I was freaking out and i just try to wiggle my feet around and close my eyes shut the entire time because i refuse to look whats infront of me. I wake up and then slap myself to see im awake.

  • I had it this morning!

  • I had experience once All I see is Howard the alien coming towards me with creepy "move"

  • Sleep paralysis isn't a thing. It's just your imagination

  • Interesting document, but that's not all there is to it. These are are just scientific hypothesis to explain this phenomenon, it doesn't mean they hit the bullseye, and as someone who experienced SP over 1000 times in the past 4 years, whats truly terrifying isn't you being unable to move, it is the scary presence you feel next to you.

  • A shadow figure with unnaturally long arms was my hallucination. He would circle my bed but then would leave as soon as I could move again.

  • Is it bad to have it like 4 times a night?

  • I had it ... I screamed for help like hell

  • Ive had several in the last 20 years, scares me for weeks after ive had one, like a huge weight on my chest pinning me to the bed, only move my fingers abit but its definitely a frightening experience.

  • Amygdala controls the fear of a human

  • Here’s a tip: Close your eyes while having sleep paralysis because you won’t be scared

  • Do sleep paralysis happen to everyone????

  • I have experiencing them for 8 years now.. once 2/3 days sometimes more then 2 times a night.. is it still normal? xD

  • It happened to me only once when I was 17, and the sound was terrifying, almost demonic sounding. I lived in a house at the time that had a lot of strange things happening. I just remember waking up one night to the loud sound of like a cat screeching and growling mixed with the sound of a train. That's the only way I can describe it. It went on for about 30 seconds, and I could see this weird black figure jumping over my head from one side of my pillow to the other side. I felt prickly things on my face and I was paralyzed. I finally was able to get up and run for the lamp. And the moment I turned on the lamp, the sound stopped. I've also dealt with sleep paralysis a few times. The most terrifying experience was in that same house only a month after that weird sound. Everyone was sleeping down in the basement (where my room was) because the air conditioner wasn't working upstairs. I was laying down next to my step sister (who was later caught doing witchcraft in the house a month later), and I woke up to the feeling of someone holding my hands and feet down. I was screaming and crying and everyone woke up and my mom started praying. Then I was able to get up and the next day I had strange marks on my wrists. It never happened again. Just a few more bouts of what's considered normal sleep paralysis years later. Although, one time our family decided to visit Gravity Hill in Michigan once, and we tried out the car trick where your car will go up the hill when in neutral. And yes, I know it's strictly scientific. Well, later that night we stayed in a hotel, and I woke up to the sound of something jumping up and down on the cooler next to me. I was able to move, I was not paralyzed. I turned in the dark to see a weird goblin looking figure, and when I screamed and my mom turned the light on, it disappeared. I can't explain any of those events and have just brushed it off to be scientific explanations. But throughout my lifetime, I've also had some other experiences that wasn't sleep paralysis or exploding head syndrome related. My very first experience was when I was 4. I woke up to the sound of someone whispering my name. Once again, I was not paralyzed, and I saw a shadow figure on my door. I stood up and screamed for my mom, and she came running. She began to pray, and it disappeared. I've also seen and heard weird things while awake in the daytime. But I haven't experienced much since we moved out of that one house where most of my experiences happened. That was 11 years ago. The only other weird experiences I've had were pretty minor to me. After my stepfather died of a fentanyl overdose on 12/13/14, for a whole year I was having these dark dreams about him not knowing he was dead. He kept coming to me and walking around and begging me to tell him what was happening because no one could see or hear him. I kept trying to tell him that he was dead, but he didn't believe me. Every night over that whole year, the dreams got brighter and brighter, and in the last dream I had about him about a year after his death, he told me in my dream that he now realized he was dead and needed to move on. Then I never dreamed about him again after that, about 3 years now. I realize that it was all probably because of anxiety over his death, but it still gives me goosebumps and makes me wonder sometimes. I have different beliefs from my mom, and she believes that I have a spiritual gift, but I don't really know what I believe. I'm an open-minded person, but I'm also a rational person. There are a lot of other experiences, but those are my most memorable ones.

  • Oh GoD, I have bad anxiety and I can't sleep so I watched this, BuT iT DiDnT wOrK

  • So I’ve hade sleep paralysis but nothing happened I didn’t see anything but I could feel something there it was a weird feeling

  • I never wanna go through that wtf

  • i remember when i was like 4 and i had a dream that i was surfing and i fell of the board in the ocean i woke up and i was out óf my bed lmaoooo

  • Im those 20%

  • When I had sleep paralysis, an octopus was strangling me and I couldn’t breathe

  • I have a sleep paralysis but i dont see a dark figure or a monster, i just have these feeling am going backwards or going down stairs and then i fall down, then i just jump out from my sleep.

  • i have sleep paralysis everydayy

  • I don’t wake that fast I have to go through it for like hours

  • I'm also having the same issue. sometimes I feel like someone standing in by bed side while sleep, unable to move or wake up or scream. Sometimes it's last very long that I have to put my whole energy to move or wake up forcefully. Most of the time I can see my room and everything , sometimes hallucinations like I really wake up but actually I didn't or still in the same place without opening my eyes. It's a hell scary moment, i have gone through several times that I can't do nothing. I just wanted to say to people with similar experiences just stay calm and relax and try to open your eyes. Try to move your head slowly. But if you are seeing visuals like you are awaken,you can't do nothing much. Reply me someone having the similar issue. ✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋

  • I had it last night for the first time ): I was so scared and didn’t know what to do

  • this has happened to me before i remember it felt like my legs were stone and it was extremely hard to walk and i was having a nightmare so that dosent help

  • It happened to me. My grandma was there I tried to yell but I couldn't talk. Then I could

  • Happens to me after I could move I screamed and ran

  • Whenever it happens with me i feel like ghost trying to come over on my body ..i lost my all control i tried to shout for help but i couldn't do it ...


  • 0:31 I'm one of the 8% and it's so terrifying dude

  • It's a demon! For sure. The spirit world is much real...

  • I literally had sleep paralysis and the figure i saw moved my cover away from my face i was so fucking scared


  • I loathe sleep paralysis, most of the time, i fall.asleep fast and if i any part of my body outside of covers, i immediately go into rem sleep, the voices get louder, the sensations r real and i know im dreaming so i constantly try to wake myself up. It feels like it last for eternity and its terrifying cuz im in paralysis mode. I can feel my body jolting, jerking, trying to force any body part to move so i can finally wake up, reposition myself , and hav a hopefully decent nights rest without falling bak into a night terror. :-(... it sucks! 1 reason i hate sleeping.

  • I got my first sleep paralysis and I would say it could not have been any worse. When the buzzing sensation came to and I felt a havy presure on my chest and head, I even felt my teeth were gonna get crushed to dust I new I got SP. What happened was when I "woke up" I realized I couldt move, I was sleeping on my side facing the wall and arm resting on the wall in front of my eyes. By the second that went by I saw my hand turn into a hairy big clawed arm with rotten skin. I began breathing heavily, after a few seconds it faded away and i jumped from my bed holding my arm and checking if it really was a werewolve's arm. After that i went back to bed and it felt like I could drift off back to sleep since I was really tired but the fear kept me up the whole night reading and watching videos about SP. If you read my story I thank and hope you never experience it in your life.

  • I get this like 70% of times. I'm only 21, and it still kinda freaks me out.

  • THIS HAPPEN TO ME LAST NIGHT IT WAS MY 3RD TIME EXPERIENCE IT, I SAW A CLOWN VERY TALL one saying hi, I try to call my dad but I couldn't talk I try to breathe but that was very hard

  • It's mad to get, it's fun

  • As crazy as this sounds, I once had a dream (maybe it was a dream idk) where literally I stood up and I could see my body on the bed still sleeping but I was standing in my room, I could go downstairs and do whatever aside from eating and drinking everything was black and white (kind of like a horror video game thing) still to this day I wonder if it was a dream or if i was dead XD

  • I have no mouth, and I must scream. (Book reference)

  • This happens to me when i drink to much alkohol like 2 ot 3 days in a Row.

  • Does anyone else wiggle their foot while in sleep paralysis until they can move and wake up?

  • What I do when I get sleep paralysis is just tell my self to relax and Wait for it to go away. The only thing I’m in control of is my breathing. Then my foot starts shaking and I wake up with my heart beating fast.

  • I'm 15 year old and i had it on time and i felt like somebody grabbing my hands and i heard whispers or some creepy shit and i wake up worst sleep of my life.

  • I had it last night for the first time and it was the worst experience I ever had! Like my eyes opened but i couldn’t breath and i saw figures in my room I thought it was pinning me down. It was only for a couple of minutes while I was on my back and I tried to sit up. I also have been having trouble sleeping so I guess I should fix that😴 I’m scared of going to sleep right now so I wanted to watch some US-tv videos about sleep paralysis and I feel better knowing it’s nothing serious🤔

  • I had a sleep paralysis when a tiger what walking on my body

  • I've had sleep paralysis 4 times that I can remember, first time as a child of about 7. But I never experienced a "presence" or anything scary. I just couldn't move. I was frustrated rather than scared. My eyes were open each time - I still remember watching the wallpaper the first time it happened! I've not experienced it for over 10 years now.

  • THe old hag and hatman have been visiting me all my life. . science has no explanation it's real. take the hat off the man's head or talk to the old witch tell her she can stay with you and they will protect you

  • Ahaha I don’t dream about someone coming to me, I just can’t move or control breathing.

  • Like it? NO. The first time I had it I thought I was dying because a demon was dragging me down the hallway. I knew what what happening when I woke up because I had been searching about sleep paralysis for a long time and I wanted to have it. Now that I have had it, I dread it.

  • Fudge, if I get this I will murder myself, cuz I'm in between ten and twenty five I also have a bit of depression and a lot of sleep deprivation

  • lol i actually like sleep paralysis. last night I was stuck in my kitchen and the lights were flickering and the background noise became distorted. it was 3:40 am after i woke up it felt like i was thrown back in bed. and 5 min later I was in bed every little noise became louder and distorted ( i dont know how to explain) but i couldnt feel the bed on my back its like you're floating on water then a bat flew in from who knows where hovering above me i wanted to laugh because how tf did a bat get in my room and woke up i thought a bat was in my room so i spent 10 min looking for a bat that wasn't there :))

  • Thalamus?...

  • Back then when I haven't experienced it yet I searched it because I saw a post on facebook saying "You don't know fear till you experience sleep paralysis" I really got curious about it so I looked it up on youtube. Then got familiar to it. By the time I experienced it. I woke up and then suddenly I cant move. Then I knew I'm in paralysis. I opened my eyes. I see nothing. And I got back to sleep by ignoring it. Since then I got used to it. I always PUBG overnight and sleep 7 in the morning so I experience it 2 to 3 times a month. But I never got scared and I keep on ignoring it. It kinda annoys you tho cause you really feel that weird vibrating feeling while on Sleep paralysis and that makes it hard for me to sleep again. So what I do is I move my fingers on my foot. YES! I know you cant move a muscle while in SP. But YOU CAN! Only the fingers on your feet. Slowly, you can move them then that will make it easier for you to escape paralysis and wake up fully.

  • It happened to me once but it wasn't dangerous


  • Mine was different. I was awake but I couldn't open my eyes. And I heard a loud roaring sound.. felt like something was holding me down. Terrifying

  • I am a lucid dreamer and sometimes I can lose control and recently I was thinking of a horror movie and I lost control and began to have a nightmare and I was thinking of this demon and I was attacked and woke up only to have sleep paralysis and in front of me was that same demon I was thinking about just watching me for like 10 min probably the scariest moment of my life 😂

  • Is this like the opposite of sleepwalking

  • I get it often and it's always the same ....I wake and try to scream but can't , I already know that it's in the room with me and it is the most evil presence that I could ever comprehend, it then always comes towards me being very slow and deliberate ....It knows it has complete control of whatever reality or dimension we're in.....then it hovers above me about 2 metres high and moves closed and closer ....it goes all the way so it's almost touching my face and it feels like we are there for hours , I get it 5-10times more often in the current place I'm living and I believe it to be a devil or demon of some form but whatever it is its very very strong ....then I wake up and jerk off in 30seconds ....WHY???? because I'm sick and sick people like to do sick things because they're sick.

  • us-tv.org/tv/video-6HTwVr91bMs.html checkout this video on sleep paralysis do subscribe

  • the scaries part is when I couldn’t move and I heard a chainsaw behind me and people screaming, this scared me so muccch. I hate thissss

  • I got it but without dark figure

  • I’m 10

  • Yea this just happend to me last night

  • I usually feel like something is pushing my shoulders down but I can’t move any of my body and it’s terrifying. And it also feels like it’s slowly climbing off me and it feel so real and i see a black shadow. I’ve had this twice in the last month is that normal?

  • Man I just watched fucking Mara. I ain’t ready for this shit. There nightmares lasted for about 5 minuets 😟. I feel tired 😭

  • I just experienced it for the first time last night and I was shitting my pants

  • Is it bad to have 2 sleep paralyzes, one at 6 and another at 12 with possibly more to come? (atypical teen with depression)