What Makes Sleep Paralysis So Terrifying?

Published on May 7, 2018
What causes sleep paralysis, and do you need to be worried?
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  • Have you ever had sleep paralysis? Let us know your experience in the comments. Thank you to everyone who has shared their stories so far! It's not an easy thing to deal with sometimes. Wanna watch more? Why is it so hard to fall asleep?: us-tv.org/tv/video-HL6ECWZ8G1s.html

  • I've only experienced sleep paralysis once in my life and it started off scary but I remembered a few of my friends and family who told me about when they would get sleep paralysis, so I told myself it wasn't real so then I started thinking of happy/funny things and actually ended up laughing at my train of thoughts but I still couldn't move at all but inside I was laughing then, eventually I went back to sleep and woke up like normal later

  • Omg I experience this when i was 6 when we watch a horror movie cant remember it i was scream then i wake up and crying

  • MARA!!!!!!

  • I feel like I'm going to die one day from this crap... I just had this a 3 in the frickin morning. Lol

  • thank you so much now don't have to be scared

  • I have it every day...

  • HEY I HAVE THIS!!! (BTW this is not Baby Neil speaking im the producer and editor of Baby Neil)

  • I have sleep paralysis. A different type... I will be sleeping and I’ll wake up but my eyes and nothing on my body will be able to move. But while my eyes are closed, I’m awake, so I’ll get scared and I’ll try opening my eyes. It’s fairly scary

  • This happens to me when i sleep in Classes

  • I really like to go under sleep paralysis again and again like this if you want it to

  • hhh

  • I Woke up with my body bend because its how i know my position like even i cant see my whole body.. I cant move like something is behind my back and trying not to let me move. I tried to speak with my sisters name but no sound coming from mouth.. Its like electricity flowing all over your body.. This just last a seconds only. But, when i sleep, it happen again, but now theres someone standing right after me. Like hes watching me sleep and pointing his hand on me. it was clearly black and all i can see is his hand pointing at me and i cant move at all.. I Just pray this guy will not do anything to me. That just happen in one night .. One night scary memory😢

  • I had a nightmare that I had sleep paralysis. it was the scariest dream I've ever had and it wasn't even real

  • Now I know what happened to me last night

  • This happens when I'm extremely depressed

  • The hallucinations you might see during a sleep paralysis are not necessarly creepy. Actually, what you see is created by your brain, and is a kind of reflection of what happens in your head. Since you are pretty likely to be really freaked out, you are also pretty likely to see scary things. But if you don't panic and try to think (and visualise) about cool things, your sleep paralysis can become really more supportable. Else, sleep paralysis is the best way to enter a lucid dream (which is the most awesome thing ever). Good night then :)

  • It's so terrifying, happened to me a few times. When it happens, i try to move my feet and it helped me to fully awake.

  • I heard someone whispering while watching this vid

  • Every night I wake up I always have sleep. Paralysis And today I saw zombie hands, so that always happens to me so I am not that terrified.

  • Who would like sleep paryalis

  • Most people make sleep paralysis look scary with the stories told including demons and shadow people. I’m 15 and I had a sleep paralysis moment twice. The first time I was aware what was going on and had my eyes open looking at the ceiling. I wasn’t able to move anything until I calmed down and tried to move 3 times. The third time I was finally able to move my arm and woke up. The 2nd time I had something terrible happen in my family and was thinking about it. I was sleeping with headphones on and when I was about to go to sleep I felt my heart beat faster and it got loud the more I thought about the family situation. Again, I knew what was going on and I felt my heart beat fast. I was thinking to myself (yes you are aware when this is happening) that this was another “episode” and I calmed myself down. I wasn’t scared but it felt like the right thing to do. I tried to move again and I knew I had to try many times in order to finally wake up completely. I tried to punch the air and eventually did and woke up. People say not to fight it because it can cause fear but that’s only if you make it scary. Remember it’s technically a dream so if you’re imagining a frightening outcome then it will “come true.” Staying calm and realizing you’re in a sleep paralysis and that there’s nothing scary about it can get you out of it about 2 minutes.

  • I had this but I couldn't open my eyes 👀 There was an annoying sound repeating in my ear 👂

  • I remember having that in 2nd grade and ended up going to school at 10am

  • 1:30 *Smacks sleeps again*

  • The thumbnail answered the question

  • OMG I have all of those PTSD MDD(depression) and anxiety

  • I am a kid hope i dont get this

  • there was a night where it happened to me 3-4 times

  • it feels like a brick is on top of me.

  • I get these every night

  • I think the reason why this happened to me because I haven’t sleep for a long time, spent most of my time on my ps4

  • I still see your shadows in my room

  • This is actually true. My dad sometimes has it but this mostly happens when someone sleeps in there back

  • But why the demon figures appear?

  • while closing Ur eyes during this effect... it makes u feel something terrible is going on ur surrounding.... just like evil spirit

  • I literally just had sleep paralysis trying to Fall asleep and now I'm gonna stay up all night researching

  • I always get sleep paralysis when falling asleep so if any one is bothered by it, play relaxing sounds like waves and you will get to sleep.

  • I was in 12th grade when the first paralysis happend. My house burned later moved to another town. Within one month in our new house my brother and i shared a room; a silhouette was standing next to him and. It raised its right hand which turned into an axe and began chopping him.. scary moment

  • Shut up pray to jesus

  • I suffer from anxiety and hallucinations. When i have sleep paralysis, I can hear voices in my head.

  • I have once,felt that my energy level was zero

  • Lol i get it like everyday

  • My brother had this. He said that there was a strange black figure applying pressure to his chest while saying, “It will be over soon”

  • It’s 5:40 am. I just went through a sleep paralysis and now I can’t sleep. This is helping me calm down a bit

  • This has happened to me three times... and I don’t like it... at all.

  • Dont sleep.

  • Well, now I'm scared to sleep.

  • its jinns

  • Oh god im only 8 and 2 more years till im 10

  • this was happening to me since 5 days continuously it is really horrible

  • I just had it two times in a day now what are my chances

    • the same as they were before, for me it can happen once a week, though i can feel when it is about to happen and i can wake myself up a couple of seconds before it actually happens

  • It was awful I felt like someone was next to me and I could not move....

  • It happened to me 3 times in a row The first time a shadow boy was counting up to ten then started saying girbberish things (He was behind me whispering and getting louder) The second time was when I was under my blanket, It was dark and a little girl kept screaming then I started to sweat really badly The third time was when a clown came in my room and started laughing while staring at me... *I only tried to Lucid dream...*

  • Lmao, that 20% might actually be psychotic

  • I don’t HALucinate cause i keep my eye closed.

  • I’ve been through it so many times that I just have a straight face the whole time.

  • to much smart words

  • Lmfao I sleep sideways

    • yea i do too but i had it happen like 5 or 6 times, and it can happen once every week or even more, but now i know when it is about to happen

  • I dreamt I was in bed sleeping then I woke up and found the cabinet door moving and a grim reaper was laughing and I kept screaming, is that sleep paralysis?

  • I got sleep paralysis many times when I was little, but for some reason I don’t get them anymore. I remember the first time I got it I was 3 or 4. I was in my brother room watching some cartoon, when all of a sudden A cartoon character showed up on the screen. He look like a scarecrow or something, and then he said something. I don’t really remember what it said, but I knew it was talking to me. After it said that I couldn’t move at all. Then the character came out behind the drawer, which the tv was on. And not being able to move or do anything, he slowly came up to me and touched my hand. It really hurt. I kinda forget what happen after but all I know is that I was crying and my dad came into the room and took me out of the room to our kitchen. And that’s all I can remember what happen after it happen. Anyways after this I was always so scared to be in a room all by my self, thinking that he was there watching me. I had sleep paralysis many times after the first time. I would get it every few months or so. And every month or so I would get nightmares about him and his sidekick which was a horse. Anyways I got my last sleep paralysis when I was 9. And no longer dream about him. Also thanks for reading And sorry this was so long. Have a great day!😁

  • I never had one but I literally couldn’t do anything

  • This is weird cause in my experience, I kept hearing voices and people literally yelling

  • Can you at least close your eyes?😂 if this happend to me I will be scared and confused at the same time XD

    • ye you can, if you have it happen you know its sleep paralysis, close your eyes until its done, if it happens after the first time you might aswell have your eyes open to see what you will see

  • This maked me laugh hard I dunno why 🤣


  • the kind of sleep paralisis i have is when i cannot move, and i have to breathe hard to stay awake, if i stop breating heavily, i will fall asleep immediatley, but if i have a BIG breath i wake up, and that is scary for me

  • I had it a week ago and wanted to research it. It feels like a real life nightmare. When I had it, I thought I was going to die

  • I hate sleep paralysis, sometimes I wake up with my head under the blanket and I can't breathe for whatever reason and when I am kind of close to suffocation I can then move.

  • Came to take away my doubts about sleeping without a blanket... Now I sleep with two blankets.

  • Am 11 i had it and made a vid about it

  • I woke up to turn off my alarm,then i saw a dark figure crawling to my bed,but i thought it just nothing,after that i got sleep paralysis..it is like something sitting on me and choke me,i was so scared i just close my eyes...later that,it is gone..i was so glad..this is my scary moment in my life😥😥

  • It’s not that bad just close you eyes and the hallucinations will go away

    • Yeah but you can still HEAR and FEEL them...it's best just to try and wake yourself up.

  • I had my first experience with it last night!!! I was sleeping on my side and woke up and couldn't move but it felt like someone was violently squeezing my hand and laying behind me and it was TERRIFYING I hope I never experience that again 😭

  • I have that

  • I experienced it like 4 time already..

  • ive never had this

  • I have been before like 5 times in a year but one part of it is that I'm on my stomach so I dont see anything but my pillow and bed. So I don't see anything scary. I did have it in a car once,I had my hood on so I couldn't see anything scary. But I did see my sister reach for my hood, like I could see through the hood like bad fabric or whatever.

  • It felt like getting possessed

  • Guys don’t think I’m weird, but I actually like when this happens. I just like that chill going down my spine. Ok I’m weird!

  • I usto have this for hours. It was horrible seeing something that's gonna hurt me for hours without moving

  • I had this sometimes And right now that I'm typing this I just woke up from sleep paralysis

  • I have experienced sleep paralysis before and it is not pleasant I tried to scream for help but I couldn't talk

  • i usually on the weekends messup my body clock and stay up late and im 12 so how the hell have i never experienced it?maybe its something else.

  • I'm 10

  • Who else here tried to relax and not fight back to sleep paralysis???does it work?whats the feeling?

    • k so basically i had it happen like 5 or 6 times before falling asleep, its literally right before you fall asleep and my sleeping is really bad sometimes and i can be awake until the point i fall asleep and at this point i can feel when sleep paralysis is about to happen like 4-7 seconds before it starts so i can wake myself up, you basically feel like you are in a bodytight suit and your shaking really badly and you feel it in your whole body, best thing is to close your eyes, its more detailed but thats the basics, couple days ago and i had sleep paralysis (though this time it may have been in a dream) and i tried moving my hands really badly to make it end and i started seeing some figure flash in my room and some weird sound becoming louder and louder so i stopped, closed my eyes and stood still until i woke up, its pretty werid

  • This is my story I woke up one night a couple months ago in my bed to find that I could only move my eyes around. I tried so hard to move but I couldn't, it was pitch black even tho I have a small lamp that I usually keep on at night. I couldn't see the details in my room so I was freaking out wondering if I was still in my house. And then I saw a light coming towards me, it kept getting closer and closer. When it got really close I saw a shadow in it. It wasn't moving just standing there. Then it went dark and I sat up really fast laying in a puddle of sweat. I was absolutely terrified. Yea, that's my story XD I hope that never EVER happens again! It's freaking scary!!

  • I don't hallucinate

  • Watch Mom

  • Am i weird if i have never had sleep paralysis and it's common?


  • I always get a sleep paralysis so many times that when it happened, I just relax and cool.

  • Just had sleep paralysis right now, so i came to comment on this video, so i woke up not being able to move, several seconds later, i could move, then i close my eyes for 5 seconds, and i get caught up in the sleep paralysis again, lesson learned, when you're in a sleep paralysis, and it goes away, don't ever close your eyes even for a few seconds.

  • my experience was crazy. I woke up and couldn't move. it was hard to breathe and then my door opened. it slowly creaked open and what appeared horrified me. it was my rent paper except it was 5 feet tall. it had legs and arms and walked over to my wallet and took all my money. little did I know this was a premonition not a night mare

  • I should have never watched this now I'm paranoid to sleep on my back

  • omg. I remember how i’d have nightmares where my screams where silent- but i could still move..

  • I've experienced sleep paralysis a lot when I was a kid and it made breathing hard whenever I wake up

  • I always have sleep paralysis and I hate it cuz I see weird things like I see fast moving things and I feel like I’m going to die

  • Both times I had sleep paralysis I wake up laying on my side in a fetal position and my ears start ringing. My fore arms also get sore and tighten up.

  • Everything was grey when it happened.