What is block 5 of Falcon 9? Why throw non block 5's away?

Published on Mar 12, 2018
Block 5. The elusive final iteration of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket is finally almost here. Although we’ve known quite a bit about what’s going to be new with Block 5, the general public has had a very hard time understanding what, when, why, how, huh’s when it comes to block changes.
Well today, we’re going to try and untangle the confusion of block changes, revealing the history of the Falcon 9 and how its evolved into the fully and rapidly reusable rocket we hope to see with this new ultimate Block 5 Falcon 9.
We’re also going to do a side by side comparison of all versions of the Falcon 9 including Block 5 to show you just how much is changing before SpaceX commits to freezing the Falcon 9 so astronauts can finally ride on top.
And lastly we’re going to explain why SpaceX has been throwing away some of their older Falcon 9’s before they get into this new Block 5 booster.
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Thanks for the awesome footage of the landed Falcon 9 core by Talia Landman -us-tv.org/tv/video-C3ymPWY6Jrw.html&t=82s
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  • Music's good.

    • Yes and I really mean it, this music deserves better exposition, why not some clips with rockets videos on youtube instead of soundcloud? I really believe in its potential for success in itself rather than as a mere background music!

  • Where did you get the model rockets

  • Where did you get the model rockets?

  • I want to see the inside-out oreo fly. Go Falcon!

  • Maybe Block 5 is still not that 'reusable', but many parts of it could be reused:) Just look at how cheap the price SpaceX is offering... besides, as the video says, they are bringing people the very first fully preserved samples of used rocket engines.

  • When space elevators appear it will be boring

  • can you make a kids size everyday astronaut shirts (and mabye a FalCORN Shirt)

  • Why dont they land the Falcon 9 at the launch site?… just how they did with the 2 Boosters of the Falcon Heavy...

    • OK thanks :D

    • Falcon heavy lands at the same place as falcon 9, LZ-1 which is a few KM from SLC-40 or LC-39a. Falcon 9 lands there when it’s an easy enough mission for a “RTLS” or return to launch site landing. For instance CRS missions land there too

  • Why not call it Mark V instead?

  • I was wondering what is taking so long to get humans into space with spacex rockets, thanks for the good news!

  • Great video, thanks for that.

  • the truth is elon actually calls it falcon 9 2: electric boogaloo

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  • Why do they throw them away when you can reuse the aluminum and the engines

  • My Theory is as follows: Block 1: Falcon 9 v1.0 Block 2: Falcon 9 v1.1 Block 3: F9R Dev (Falcon 9 Reusable Development Vehicles) Block 4: Falcon 9 v1.2 (Full Thrust) Block 5: Well, Falcon 9 Block 5

  • SpaceX makes fun of their mistakes. They have a video about it named How NOT to land an orbital rocket booster

  • Perhaps Block 5 = B5 = a nod to a certain SF series?

  • how many engine nozzles does a falcon 9 block 5 have? i wanna make a stock version in ksp

  • Why didn't you talk about falcon heavy? Or did u?

  • Stop wearing that ridiculous outfit

  • I didn't know my new girlfriend was into rocketry. She has a purple Falcon 9 model in her nightstand drawer. When you turn it on you can hear the turbo pump running.

  • Did they give any reasoning for doing away with the entirely white paint scheme?

  • That black paint Falcon 9 looks amazing.

  • Ahhh... I have this video about prototype version of Reusable Falcon 9 Featuring Dragonrider (Prototype of Dragon 2.0) (us-tv.org/tv/video-BMTPIBB4XYs.html) and compare to the Falcon 9 Block 5... What's truly changed???

  • Music is a little loud, good video otherwise.

  • Extrely helphful!!! I was just thinking about this during school! Thx so much! :D

  • it's not necessarily Block 1,2,3,4,5. look at the F-16. Block 1,5, 10, 15, 20 for the A models, Block 25 for the first C models, and when they introduced the common engine bay it went to 30/32, 40/42, 50/52 etc for the P&W/GE engines, respectively. it's just a designation, they can apply it at their own discretion and doesn't need to make logical sense for outsiders other than to indicate a difference. See SLS Block 1, 1A, 1B for different mission profiles.

    • realized that, was already typing away. extra examples help imho. carry on the good stuff

    • That’s pretty much exactly what the consensus is at the end of the video 😉👌

  • Great job!

  • From the thumbnail i thought you 3D printed some Falcon 9s ... nope .. you're just a Ps pro

    • +Everyday Astronaut 🤦‍♂️ i'm an idiot, don't mind me ... 🤣🤣

    • Nope you’re wrong!!! Look at ANY VIDEO, I have those in real life right next to me in almost every video 😂

  • Your extensive coverage of the "nutty gritty" details and your sense of humour just earned a subscriber for you! Keep it up!

  • That was an awesome presentation, I'm sure all the Umans understood everything,... Hats Off, too You,... Oh, wait, We Aliens don't wear Hats.

  • Are you going to do crs-15

  • What is the falcon 9's small replicas in the begining? I GOTTA HAVE ONE

  • I thought you said “We’re going to try and untangle the confusion of blockchain” and was unhappy for a moment. The idea of landing it wasn’t so crazy to me, in KSP I had made a vertically launched SSTO to cheaply rescue kerbals from orbit in career mode and it landed on legs, but my version touched down on its side using a “spine” of parachutes. I’m not sure it would still work in current versions if KSP, I don’t think engine bells still function as magic heat shields. Maybe I’m misremembering and it used a fair amount of fuel decelerating prior to the major heating. In any case, I thought flying it back and landing it propulsively was making a rod for their own back.

  • Hey, buddy, thanks for your job =)

  • Why didn't they keep the Block 4's for the missions that are too far out to land, or can Block 5 land from GTO, now?

    • Genius! Cheers pal!

    • The idea is if it’s too heavy to reuse with a block 5 to then use a reusable Falcon Heavy 👍

  • why is there written, that you pronounce "block" like "bläck" in german you pronounce "bläck" like "black" and in english the ä doesnt exist

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  • I feel much like product versions the names don't really mean anything, but we still have them.

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  • Now, imagine where we would be if NASA had recovered just three of the Apollo boosters.

  • beacause of everyday astronaunot i love space

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  • Why the smeg would SpaceX want to put people on their rockets? That's what Blue Origin is for and they are far more advanced and superior with their technology and rockets as far as that goes. SpaceX should content itself with being what it is, a delivery truck driver for astronaut diapers.

    • Wait... so you think SpaceX stole the idea and technology for landing?!?! WHAT? This is a novel concept. This goes back to the 60's. So did Blue Origin steal it from the DC-X Delta clipper? SpaceX has been working on propulsive landings since before anyone had heard a peep about New Shepard... how could they steal it? The entire US launch industry takes from NASA. Everything NASA does is public domain. Every study gets published. All research is accessible. To assert the Blue Origin doesn't pull from the same exact knowledge pool that SpaceX has and does is nieve. It's the smart thing to do and has nothing to do with "stealing." Again, NASA hired SpaceX to launch humans from the start. The WHOLE REASON the Falcon 9 exists is to eventually carry humans. That's been SpaceX's plans, that's been NASA's plans for the booster. So to infer SpaceX hasn't been planning on launching humans is misguided. Don't forget this video from November 4th, 2010, showing SpaceX's plans to launch humans to the ISS - us-tv.org/tv/video-DxjJgGn-7EU.html So don't act like they're just now thinking about this. Yes, SpaceX has had a few failures but one of them was a brand new failure that no one had ever in the course of human history witnessed... so it's not like they're doing things super reckless. They're just breaking new ground. I too think Blue Origin is amazing and will do amazing things. But don't discredit the work SpaceX has already done. That's being very tribalistic of you to think it's Blue Origin OR SpaceX. They're both leaders. They're both great.

    • Also dont forget thefact that blue origin has from the start, been developing human rated craft. Thats what their 'suborbital' New Shepherd was designed to do from the start. They were developing their passenger capsules before spacex was even founded back in 2000. Spacex has yet to even design a crew capsule short of a cardboard mockup, so realize they are years behind blue origin when it comes to putting people on the top of thei rockets.

    • Everyday Astronaut nonsense. Most of what spacex has done has been to study or steal what others did before them. They freely admit that all their rocket engine technology came from reading the tech manuals from nasa during the space race. The problem with spacex is that they cut corners and are racing as fast as they can to put stuff up. The only reason BO is still suborbital is because they are the ONLY private company that is taking it slowly and learning exponentially as they go forward. Soacex stole the idea and the technology for landing its boosters for reuse directly from BO itself for crying out loud and they proydly admit it. Most experts currently believe that BO is taking off at an exponential rate which is just now starting to ramp up, whereas spacex is a runaway train that has ignored the safety, testing, and learning curve for too long and are inevitably heading for massive disasters. This parallels what took place in the space race between the usa and ussr where America started out behind but was learning from its mistakes and making a better product which eventually reached such a rate of progress that nobody could compete, leave ussr/spacex to keep tossing up stuff into the lanch pad only to watch it blow up over and over again. New Glenn is just around the corner which will dwarf anything spacex can launch and for much cheaper too. Spacex has until 2020 then BO should bury them financially with their superior rockets, organization, technology, and safety.

    • What?!?! What are you on about? Blue origin is doing great things, of course, but they’re only doing sub orbital hops next year while spacex has had to design their entire orbital rocket from the ground up to the most stringent certifications NASA has ever come up with for human flight. Block 5 is over engineered like crazy and their dragon capsule also has gone through quite the crazy certification program

  • Why do you play music over your voice? This behavior has become a horrible trend on youtube and ruined many videos for no reason. All of the weird things people are doing to their videos are taking away from the main purpose of sharing information. A teacher doesn't teach with background music, the same should apply here. Most people watch videos like this to learn.....I like what you're doing here. I love to see passionate people do what they do.

  • Block 5 looks sexy

  • All rockets can land. The Saturn 5 landed every time. You just couldn't re-use it.

  • Pre block5 boosters were not designed to be recovered and so n opportunittty to get one for a museum - understandable. Imagine now a block 5 at the the end of its lifespan, landing near an interested museum anywhere on the globe after its last mission (next available airfield). =) THAT would be awesome

  • Can you do a feature on the Gateway Foundation and their Gateway Spaceport?

  • Very informative. Noted an error with the statement that titanium grid fins were the largest forged titanium in the world. I saw forged Ti airplane landing gears at VSMPO Titanium in Russia. These are many times more massive than the the Falcon 9 V1.2 Ti grid fins. VSMPO has massive multiple stories tall forging presses anchored in bedrock to forge these. Regardless, the Falcon V1.2 is a spectacular success and the booster landings are a marvelous achievement and just a thing of beauty.

  • I'm curious if they are still making changes to the block 5 rocket. tweaks and upgrades.

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  • rip the cat us-tv.org/tv/video-X9A1Ny6B310.html?t=458

  • us-tv.org/tv/video-Y7eHHz9VJy0.html

  • in one of their launches, "block" was referred as "wall", not "variant" or "version", you may want to look into it

  • You are a good spokesman for SpackX. I give SpaceX a hard time in comment sections cuz I'm a space troll but SpaceX should hire you, you present the subject matter very well and you have a much better personality than those guys at the command center, for sure. I dig you helmet too, even though I sometimes make fun of it. Not many people own their own space helmet and suit, do you get claustrophobic wearing the helmet and closing the front visor?

    • Hey thanks! That means a lot! Oh god. The helmet is the actual worst. I cannot stand it, that and the neck ring are so claustrophobic!

  • Musk doesn't bother about failures...... because it's not HIS money he's wasting when things blow up.

  • Instead of throwing them away, why don’t they donate them to the food bank? Kids would love eating a falcon, right?

  • Very encouraging to see a plan come together. Can't wait for manned flight!

  • How many Block 5 units are being or have been produced during the NASA freeze period?

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  • Would be nice it they just came out and stated the obvious; You don't throw away rockets unless they cost more to refurbish than to build new.

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  • I've never understood how a controlled landing using rockets could be less expensive than parachutes? It looks cool but you'd think a combination of speed brakes, a drogue chute and a set of big main parachutes would weigh less and cost less.

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    • The suit has a long history, and it started as an art project on Instagram. The images have gone viral with millions of views, dozens of front page Reddit posts, and countless news outlets covering the project. So when I started doing US-tv last year, I continued with the suit since it’s been my brand and identity online. The suit is awful and I despise it, but it’s sort of the bane of my existence. I have done a few polls and the overwhelming majority think I should keep the suit, so I do. If you need to know more about it I have a video titled - How a space suit almost killed me us-tv.org/tv/video-B3s7BjU6sDg.html

  • What are the chances of refuelling a stage 1 on the barge and then flying it back to Cape rather than towing it back using a tug.

    • Zero. The barge is already coming back... so fueling it up is just wasted money, besides additional pointless risk.

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  • so so good....I came here after the launch, and I salute your attention to detail!

  • Thanks for the great video. For the first time Rocket science is being done at maximum efficiency. Looking forward to Block 5 human launches and the heart stopping amazing BFR, the first big paradigm shift in human space flight.

  • Also think I recognize that astronaut head shot behind you as Clayton Anderson? I got to meet him and host him at my school when I was in high school. He is awesome and signed my copy of his book!

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  • Block 5 launch and landing test successful!

  • I know spacex loads fuel and lox just before liftoff, and you can see the venting. I understand the density of the lox dissipates quickly, but what's the danger of the residual combusting?

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