What is block 5 of Falcon 9? Why throw non block 5's away?

Published on Mar 12, 2018
Block 5. The elusive final iteration of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket is finally almost here. Although we’ve known quite a bit about what’s going to be new with Block 5, the general public has had a very hard time understanding what, when, why, how, huh’s when it comes to block changes.
Well today, we’re going to try and untangle the confusion of block changes, revealing the history of the Falcon 9 and how its evolved into the fully and rapidly reusable rocket we hope to see with this new ultimate Block 5 Falcon 9.
We’re also going to do a side by side comparison of all versions of the Falcon 9 including Block 5 to show you just how much is changing before SpaceX commits to freezing the Falcon 9 so astronauts can finally ride on top.
And lastly we’re going to explain why SpaceX has been throwing away some of their older Falcon 9’s before they get into this new Block 5 booster.
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Thanks for the awesome footage of the landed Falcon 9 core by Talia Landman -us-tv.org/tv/video-C3ymPWY6Jrw.html&t=82s
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  • I've never understood how a controlled landing using rockets could be less expensive than parachutes? It looks cool but you'd think a combination of speed brakes, a drogue chute and a set of big main parachutes would weigh less and cost less.

  • Interesting video, but I really don't understand why we progress to keep using Rockets to go into space? I watched a documentary where scientists built a force field made up of layers of hot and cold plasma's. So in theory, if you remove the atmosphere from in front of an object you don't need to use huge amounts of thrust. Therefore one could fly something like an Airbus A380 into space! SpaceX needs to think more outside the box. Do a search for a Boeing Patent dated 2015 its number is: US8981261

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    • The suit has a long history, and it started as an art project on Instagram. The images have gone viral with millions of views, dozens of front page Reddit posts, and countless news outlets covering the project. So when I started doing US-tv last year, I continued with the suit since it’s been my brand and identity online. The suit is awful and I despise it, but it’s sort of the bane of my existence. I have done a few polls and the overwhelming majority think I should keep the suit, so I do. If you need to know more about it I have a video titled - How a space suit almost killed me us-tv.org/tv/video-B3s7BjU6sDg.html

  • What are the chances of refuelling a stage 1 on the barge and then flying it back to Cape rather than towing it back using a tug.

    • Zero. The barge is already coming back... so fueling it up is just wasted money, besides additional pointless risk.

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  • It makes perfect sense to use the earlier block models for extreme testing. As you said, those are data points that can provide a list of options in the event something really weird happens on a critical launch. They could even do things like having a grid fin break off during the re-entry burn to see if it is controllable with only three fins. Maybe tumble the booster and see if the attitude jets can recover from a tumble or a spin. Fail more than one engine in an asymmetrical pattern to see how the system adapts.

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  • And the first Falcon 9 did what is probably the most terrifying roll program in history. Most rockets like to be more than 5 feet off the ground before rolling 90 degrees.

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