What If You Never Ate Meat?

Published on Jun 7, 2018
Is meat necessary in your diet? What if you never ate it in the first place?
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acaai.org/allergies/types/food-allergies/types-food-allergy/meat-allergy (American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology)


  • You think eating meat is good for you and have many arguments for that claim. Sees this video: Not eating meat is better Me: My life ends now...

  • *you would die*

  • pure carnivorus monster

  • tempe is fermented white soy bean, it taste like tofu just harder and less wet.

  • no way I'm enjoying meat and loving it

  • It's called being vegetarian

  • Yk what I'm cutting off meat and sugar out my diet

  • I havnt eaten meat in 7 yrs

  • If you wanna see it tand was gonna you guys are you coming back home or not playing with you mommy mommy and daddy and you mommy and mommy mommy daddy mommy and daddy daddy got your message about your mom is that I cannot is a new year to get my hand out of the day and I wanna is the day we can go to the playoffs and I play it for the game so maybe you could play the game if I can get it back and I’ll get ya to go get some math hw is that good I just wanna see you mommy mommy daddy mommy mommy and I just realized you mommy and mommy are so sorry 😐

  • Tempe is an Indonesian food and that's all I know about Tempe sorry don't ask me more I'm only 12 years old people

  • You become a vegan easy said

  • If you never ate meat you would go around reminding everyone you don’t.

    • Yui i was just trying to making a stereotype joke I think being vegans good because meat production is bad for the environment I respect you’re choice sorry if you’re offended

    • No actually 😅 I'm a vegetarian and I blend in with anyone else. When people ask why I don't eat meat I simply say "I just don't really like it". It's not like I go around telling people there monsters for eating meat. I know someone else would have ate it anyways ssooooo 😅

  • I'm Canadian not american

  • Ate????

  • You would become a vegetarian

  • Arent we called Vegans then?

  • By vidaments a and e3

  • You forgot that meat gives more blood

  • That’s called vegan from birth

  • I eat tempe with steak yea its good

  • This Video represents a Vegan trying to tell everyone he´s Vegan.

  • Tempe is something like tofu, but you ferment it instead. How do I know this? I'm Indonesian :)

  • What if the earth had no axis?

  • Well... I have never had meat. I was born a Pescatarian sooo

  • Well PETA now what?

  • So when you don’t eat meat and you eat a pice of meat it’s dangerous?

  • i am vegetarian

  • If there was a vegan at a party everyone would know because they tell everyone in the first 5 minutes

  • answer we will be vEgAn

  • What if I told you the only vegetable I eat are lemmons

  • Simple answer You’d be vegetarian

  • *B E G O N E V E G A N*

    • *takes my vegetarian self somewhere else*

  • I’m gonna turn vegetarian when my body is fully devoloped so I cant effect me too much in the future

  • I am veg

  • I know someone how never ate meat

  • My sons never ate meat

  • Im a vegan

  • What would happen to you if you were vegan? Would it still be the same?

  • Burger is Thanos

  • HA vegetarians.

  • I'm vegan,I'm lactose intolerance and I don't like eating meat -_- I'm also allergic to chicken :V

  • ya i'm vegetarian and I feel exactly the same.

  • What if your vegan?

  • Some Hindus in India like me don't eat meat since birth as it is a tradition in the culture We dont feel different when around our non-vegetarian friends .. Love the vids bruv !! Keep up the good work

  • I do eat some meat not every single time usually I eat and drink water I do eat chicken nuggies maybe even fries spaghetti cookies maybe even some cheese and grilled cheese fry bologna that's meet too . And hamburgers and corn sometimes corn.

  • I wanna stop eating meat now. Not just because of the animals deaths, but because I wanna lose weight XD

  • Pescatarian, because being a vegan is gay. Well i lost weight and that was not my goal. My goal a.t.m. is to gain weight. So i went back to my seafood diet. You know i see food and i eat it? I cut off chicken meat off my diet. Ewwww.

  • My little brother has gotten sick three times this month he is a very unhealthy meat eater I’ve decided that I at the very least want to be vegetarian and hopefully one day can fully transition into being vegan. There’s a lot of disgusting harmful things in meat that we put in our bodies that hurt us and I am sick of it. you don’t have to be an animal lover to be vegan or vegetarian all you have to do is want to live a full happy life I can already tell that I’m less fatigue💝

  • I have a condition called Phenileketonuria and my body can't digest protein; therefore I can't eat meat or I will get brain damage and most likely die at a young age

  • I am a vegetarian, i dont like eating meat at all, i want all the animals that have meat inside them to live and not get slaughtered for meat.

  • i'm eating meat rn while watchin the vid lol

  • Vegan has joined the chat

  • Vegans r lozers

  • Vegetarians and vegans are stupid


  • Hmmmm Wow, It's like Vegetarans and Vegans never exsisted

  • Hey i eat tempe it is delicious make sure you fried it wit flour

  • I don't believe humans evolved from monkeys it your opinion tho just leave it for me

  • That's a vegetarian, thank you.

  • I'm looking at you, vegans


  • *the definition of vegetarian *

  • Humans are omnivorously developed animals,we have oral and digestive structure which is specially for the meat eating ability.Human lived thousands of years without edible vegetation in ice age and totally survived by eating meat.We are meat eating organisms.Dont think meat is a dead animal,it's a necessity.We should save vegetation and eat meat!More than 3/4 population of the world is non veg! #thanks meat*

  • *vegans have left the chat*

  • I knew hotdogs caused cancer

  • 💝M veg n m guilt free💖...."when ever my eyes meets with animals eyes"💕...that's enough for me 💞💗💟

  • 1.3k vegans disliked this video

  • *Big smoke joins the chat*

  • I wonder if the lone star tick is from the lone star state

  • 2:50 So spider mans vegan?

  • What about vegans

  • We *MEAT* again

  • I never eat meat

  • Vegans can drink milk because cows are vegetarian and they drink milk too. (Why did I do this?)

  • Ok Vegan

  • vegitarians are better than vegans someone: is anyone here able to complete this task? vegan: IM A VEGAN vegitarian: I can complete this task meat eater person: I can help comeplete this task

  • If you never ate meat, you are vegan

  • The only reason I'm vegetarian is because I don't like the taste of meat lol

    • Same

  • *_I Will _**_-died-Eat Veg and -Meat-_**_ wait in not meat its fruits_*


  • When you eat sausages, ham, chicken patties, and still feel like you haven't eaten meat.

  • >Be me >Dont eat meat >exist perfectly fine and healthy

  • Indian vegetarian cuisine is full of nutrients no need of meat here

  • Jokes on you vegetarians

  • I'm a vegetarian and I love it

  • Bloco dude how do u know all this

  • I know it's a late video, but i wanted to write this comment as my friend has meat allergy

  • How did this asshole get into US-tv rewind but not Pewdiepie


  • Is it the same with being a pescatarian?

  • I’m vegetarian.

  • Everything causes cancer

  • I couldn’t survive menstruation without meat.

  • 1:46 americans: say that again but in the freedom language

  • No hate but did you know that your animals eats meat? You will make them vegetarians, right? Also what about the wild, they still murder other animals, or else they would have nothing to eat because they aren't made to eat plants. For an example, wolves KILLSs sheeps, deers, rabbits and more. Why they can't stop eating meat? That's same as if we eated sheeps and everything. And that must be even more painful for the sheep. She gets tortured with their sharp teeth. I respect vegetarians, but some of the take it way out of control. Like, we are born to eat meat, plants, fish and even bugs. So uhm, I don't think that it helps if you would eat meat. Now the cons for meat: Some animals are brutally killed, I think they should kill them asap, not cutting their skin and fur off first, that's just brutal because they feel pain. And they should let the cow or sheep live a good life until it's enough. That just cruel. And they need to stop doing experiments on animals, that's just GROSS. So as I said, no hate, no bad words and respect every single person in the world. Oh wait, I think I forgot something! You vegetarians, stop hating on meat people because it's their decision and their life. Same with you meat peeps, be glad that they live. Ok, I gotta stop now, bye!

  • this video includes dairy, vegans

  • I would die without Bacon 🥓

  • Don’t be a vegan

  • Next question What happens if you never beat your meat

  • I don't eat meat and i'm fine