What If You Never Ate Meat?

Published on Jun 7, 2018
Is meat necessary in your diet? What if you never ate it in the first place?
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acaai.org/allergies/types/food-allergies/types-food-allergy/meat-allergy (American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology)


  • My dad is actually allergic to meat. Made him incredibly sick when he was a child.

  • Yh vegetarians enjoy your tasteless foods

  • Vegans

  • So if there's no reason to eat meat as long as you are eating enough different stuff - why do we still eat it? I mean it's bad for our environment, unethical and mostly unhealthy. The only argument left is "it tastes good" which must be the saddest most narcissistic argument ever. Well I feel like shit now.

  • People say this is a carcinagin when everything can cause cancer

  • Just scrolling through comments to see war

  • I’m vegetarian, a month after I became vegetarian I got sick because my body was confused why I wasn’t eating meat, but after that I was fine I’m used to it now and I feel great. I’ve been a vegetarian for 4 months.

  • Dear vegans, I respect your choice. But being able to be vegan healthily is a MODERN ability. Due to the global trade of produce, you can get all of the nutrients you need from plants. (Thats at least what angry vegans tell me.) But back when you could only eat local goods, you couldnt find a vegan substitute for all meat-given nutrients. Now you can. So when you say people didn't evolve from eating meat, and with parts designed to help eat meat, you are dead wrong. In fact, everybody on planet earth has a diet reliant on global or national trade, we've become so accustomed to it that most people dont even know what things do and don't come from or originate from where they live.

  • Wut why

  • I already have cancer sadly


  • If there is no meat then I’m dead

  • You are a vegan

  • If you didn’t eat meat you would be vegan

  • So technically.. If you were a vegan.

  • Jest eat everything your body needs

  • Veggie niggas.

  • VEGAN FOOD SUCKS! Waiting for your hate comments...

  • I have a question about this topic: If you don’t eat meat, but you do eat fish, are the effects the same, less or aren’t there any effects?. I am a vegetarian, but because I’m not an adult yet, My parents and I decided that I have to eat fish for the proteins. I eat fish about 1 in 1 or 2 weeks, or even less.

  • An vegan episode. Wow.

  • But what about vegans and vegetarians

  • You're not talking about the drawbacks, like loosing teeth

  • Congratulations, you're an asskisser of vegans. No offense . Blocking me may only produce more problems, please learn from your mistakes.

  • i weigh 80kilograms and im 11 im on a diet eating kfc!


  • But soy can harm your production of male hormones and the production of sperm.

  • So chicken is glow in the dark? I thought Vitamin B12 was glow in the dark

  • me b4 clicking on the vid: you better watch out vegetarians -reverse card- oh shoot

  • *Veganism 100*

  • *3% vegetarian squad , where y’all at ? 🌝*

  • I am an omnivore . Both meat and vegetables are great. I think this is how everyone should eat

  • I am a vegetarian

  • *thanks chief but I'll pass on eating leaves and vegetables*

  • I'm a Vegan by choice, but I don't have any problem with people who eat meat.

  • I cant be a vegan because im highly alergic to soy

  • now i want pork


  • I don't eat neat

  • 1 fact we never evolved from apes

  • been a vegetarian since 2012 :)

  • Hi

  • Yep I’m a vegetarian and I do feel a lot more energized and healthier and just more clean in general

  • I eat metal because plants and animals are living beings too!

  • rip vegetarians

  • but people are made of meat🙃🙃🙃

  • if i dont eat meat im Vegetalian...

  • I'm a vegitarion Now and I'm really happy about it :)

  • #savethecows

  • y'all I have a Question can you still be a vegetarian and eat cheese??????????

  • I don't really eat meat because they used to be animals with feelings and they were just killed without being able to run

  • I've never ate meat

  • Actually... It depends on your blood type

  • #MeatIsNeat

  • Dose fish count as meat

  • I'm vegetarian and it's actually healthier not to eat meat

  • *Hahahahahaha I only eat steak and chicken.....*

  • Im the most athletic kid in my class and Im a vegitarian.

  • And hi life noggin!!! =D I love your videos!!! ❤😀😃☺😜😊

  • Reply to my comments please life noggin? 😘😊😉😀

  • It's called vegan xD

  • I am not a vegetarian I like pepperoni

  • I AM NOT A F###ING AMERICAN!!!11!!!!!1!!!

  • Sorry hippis but meat made us humans reason enough for me

  • YOU BETTER PICK ONE FOR UR LIFE it’s meat or vegetables

  • Aaaaaaand that's why I'm not vegan.

  • A V E G A N M A S T E R

  • I'm Vegan :DD

  • I’ve been a vegetarian for almost a year, and honestly I do miss the taste of meat, but I don’t think I’m ever going back. I’ve been a lot more healthy and productive.

  • Only 3% are vegetarian? I know a bunch of vegans

  • bullshit!

  • This is why you should either be veg or non veg, never consider veganism.

  • I'm gunna eat Chicken for Breakfast.

  • It would be a miss steak

  • I came to the comments to see angry vegetarians 🥦

  • What if we didn't have hair anywhere Including eyebrows lashes etc.

  • I’m a vegetarian and bish im FINE

  • I don't eat meat and vegetables and I'm still alive well only a little vegetables

  • Who else thought that the title said "What if you never ate metal"

  • I'm converting into a vegetarian. 😊

  • Yeah that's crazy! Vegans do that :)

  • My family is never going to be vegetarian for sure LOL 😂

  • You hear that vegans

  • And anyone who is vegan or vegetarian that eat eggs are technically eating meat even though it is considered a dairy, somehow also you know what has eggs in it cake, cupcakes ETC so if you eat cake or cupcakes then you eat eggs which are technically meat because they are underdeveloped chicks (baby chickens don’t turn this weird!)

  • I like meat because it tastes good I don’t care if they think it is wrong yeah they might be sentient but you think i care go drink gasoline oh yeah you can’t it is made of long dead animals but guess what there is plant matter in it too.

  • *WHAT ABOUT VEGIATERIANS* *MEAT EATERS ALREADY WON THIS WAR* wait... 25% off risk of heart disease...

  • Vegan

  • I would be sad, very sad..

  • Im a vegateren im so so sooo sorry i cant spell

  • triggered vegans

  • I'm not vegan but I try to avoid eating meat because I don't want to get any more chubbier & unhealthy. I love to mostly feast on few vegetables & especially sushi & sashimi.

  • I stopped eating meat for a year. When I ate meat a year later my stomach hurt immediately after it hit my stomach! It was crazy, the sound of my stomach was very audible and when I pooped it was rancid. I guess our bodies can only handle what we teach it to because I used to eat meat all the time.

  • Now I want to become a vegan

  • I’d be skinny

  • I think the human body needs a balanced diet but you should try to avoid processed meat,for example if you can find a local ranch that cuts and sells meat go for that instead of corporate,(of course this may just be around rural areas since my town is an hour away from Columbus and we’re surrounded by farms and ranches) :p

  • Just one more vid *stays up wondering why I was watching over 29 videos in a row*

  • P.s I am pestitarian so I know

  • Then your a VEGETARIAN

  • when you stop eating meat you evolve into t h e v e a g a n


  • i’ve never had meat b4

    • You should at least find some way to try chicken flavored food. Holy shit chicken is good