What If You Never Ate Meat?

Published on Jun 7, 2018
Is meat necessary in your diet? What if you never ate it in the first place?
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acaai.org/allergies/types/food-allergies/types-food-allergy/meat-allergy (American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology)


  • Vegetarian I am vegetarian

  • im happy i don't eat meat

  • **Veggies has left the chat**

  • Never

  • Why are companies that produce carcinogenic processed meat allowed to operate!They should be shut down,it’s crazy how they continue to make poison.

  • I don't understand why buying and eating meat is considered bad by some people, the animal has already been killed you're not going to bring it back to life by not eating it...

  • So...what your telling me is that I shouldn’t eat meat?

  • then you would know you were a vegan.

  • I actually am a vegetarian, and I really don't feel different at all.

  • I never ate meat

  • I think I should be a vegetarian that eats meat once a blue moon every year.

  • well thats interesting, i will still eat meat, it's tasty

  • im both vegetarian and a meat eater

  • I’m a *vegetarian* no joke God this video was close to pushing off the edge ;-;

  • I love eating meat.

  • You would become a vegan.

  • Im neither im a chickvore

  • I only eat sunlight via photosynthesis becuase microorganisms lives matter

  • This is just called Muslims

  • Bye bye meat , for me 👋

  • wait so (9x4=36, so 36 weeks in a school year.....) I’ve been eating hot dogs (from the store) for about 2-3 years so......im dead?

  • Vegans is greece: i Will eat 1 gyros per week!

  • I never ate meat :/

  • Whats meat????

  • Im a vegetarian

  • And this is why i eat oxygen :/ I save both plants and animals

  • My teacher is a vegitareian

  • Im vegetarian and IDGAF of any of this and Im fully healthy

  • I’m vegan

  • But what about vegetarians??

  • I feel great because i am vegan and can live healthily and with a clear conscience.

  • I don’t eat meat and I’m fine

  • I eat fish I don't eat meat

  • 0:19 “tempeh” is a bit like uuh.. ok nevermind. But i believe its most common in indonesia. But thats just a little rumor

  • 1:06 Baldi

  • Beef/Lamb > Pork

  • pppfftttttt nope i eat like all meat and i am 63 pounds take that blocko

  • Well vegetarians

  • baldi is veggeterian?

  • Hi

  • I'm a vegan, who has never tried red meat. I feel great. I rarely take supplements that much. I eat a lot of protein from legumes, leafy greens, fortified milks, and meat substitutes. I only lost a little weight because I found a ton of vegan snacks 😅

  • IM A VEGETARIAN :DD (lol not rlly)

  • Hy

  • My sister is vegetarian

  • Im allergic only to beef

  • this is what vegans feel like

  • It is part of my religion that we don’t eat meat

  • Blocko....I’m sorry to say this but if you never eat meat you’re called a vegan

  • I

  • I'm from Canada 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

  • Protein and raw meat helped our brain grow? What psuedo bullshit is this? Cooked food is what made our brains grow.

  • Hey blocko I have sharp teeth and i think my diet is meat Sorry if people think im dumb i just want to know

  • My friend was bitten by that tick and I hope none of you do

  • *vegetarians are qUacKiNgGg1!1!1*

  • when i see vegetarians they seem to me like a zombies without a soul

  • Yo

  • ………………… wow😐😐😐🤣😐😐

  • I’ll never stop eating meat

  • If you never eat meat you are viegan

  • I personally will never touch another piece of meat ever again in my life. Burgers, bacon, any supposedly "tasty" meaty thing you can think of....gross throw it in the trash… I'll stick to liquids.

  • just try eating vegtables and fruits make smothees drinks sladas ect see how it goes

  • There us such things as vegans u know


  • Pfft Weaklings.... I eAt aiR

  • If you never eat meat well then eat yourself your a hugeeeee peace of meat.

  • I think that I just accidentally stop eating meat and I'm happer 😙😙

  • what would happen if you never ate meat? TODAY ON BORN VEGAN

  • Okay, i know the vegans or whatever might get mad at me for this, but oh well. Us humans need meat...And my Dad, who is top and over in science, has taught me this. When you don’t eat meat it can make you very pale, and quite sick. Yeah okay, you won’t die if you don’t eat meat but it’s so important. This video makes it seem bad, but...To be honest vegans and vegetarians don’t SHUT UP, they say wrong facts, try to get attention, they brag, they go on and on, they post things EVERYWHERE, they try to push people into it and...Just forget about endangered animals sometimes who are actually suffering. Cows, pigs, chickens, so on are made sure that there is a good amount numbers of them to still breed and keep healthy. Also, animals kill animals, like a orca might kill a dolphin or something, doesn’t seem nice does it? But it’s for protein, vitamins, and so on. Now, my Dad is extremely healthy and does half marathon runs and stuff, meat helps him out with that. Not eating meat can cause you to shake, not concertante as much, be pale and not as healthy as you should be. The tablets that give you everything has been proven by science that your body doesnt take most of it in, so you’re not getting the full protein. Now, I’m not asking you to eat a steak everyday or eat chicken for every meal, but still some meat a day can do a lot of good.

  • I’ve been vegetarian for 12 years I’m 18.

  • Without meat, my life would be a missteak! Get it? -I’m the best at puns!-

  • Im a vegetarian, and i get asked “Do u eat fish?” Ik some vegetarians eat fish, but i don’t

  • Rather you like it or not you have all had milk Even me and I HATE MILK #IhateMALK

  • Oh god, getting cancer? I’m definitely being a vegetarian now.

  • I wanna see what happens if we let vegans have their way until they see through their bullshit

  • I’m vegan :p

  • processed meat is not meat its processed meat should not be mentioned and used as much of argument

  • My dad´s vegetarian

  • I'ma veggies alot no meat just a vegetarian


  • Eating meat is the reason we evolved, that is fake pseudo science to keep the meat industry flowing

  • Pretty objective video. Im considering dropping meat since I"m in my mid 20s (I think its healthy to eat meat until you finish puberty just so that you can build up some muscle when developing) but after that...well, most of our ancestors were peasants that only grew wheat and ate almost nothing but bread and they lived. I just hope I dont start stuffing my face with bread and gain a lot of weight. Btw I heard that the only thing that you gain from meat that you can't really supplement is B12. But there are pills with it so I guess it's not a big deal

  • My

  • Plus I barely eat meat so I'm gud

  • Meat makes u FaT

  • Lets be real here, if we never ate meat, we would have to buy such wide coffins, if you get what I mean. ;)

  • I am a Veggitarian

  • just don’t eat too much meat, you don’t need meat with every meal

  • if you never ate meat, you would be vegetarian like me.

  • I’m a vegetarian and I feel good 👍 My friend is a vegan and he also feels good 👍 Thank you for attending my ted talk.

  • If some people never ate meat they'd never be so fat. If some people never ate meat then they'd never have heart disease and there risk of getting cancer will drop. It sounds cool.

  • I have a balanced diet so whatevs

  • He said humans started eating meat 2 million years ago is that true?? I thought humans evolved around thousands of years ago not Millions

  • So vegans will die if that's what your saying

  • What if I only eat a little bit of meat?

  • I don't eat anything that was once alive, plant OR animal. Instead I drink a LOT of chemicals.

  • If you didn't eat meat, you would be me.

  • Who wants to be a vegetarian, *but then you realize you hate all of the veggies ;-;*

  • 1:53

  • I am Vegetarian 😍😉😍

  • I would just eat Poop.