What If You Didn't Sleep For A Week? ft. TheOdd1sOut

Published on Mar 19, 2018
We all know sleep is important, but what if you just.... stopped doing it?
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  • Could someone set my computer to sleep mode!? Thanks for watching and thank you to TheOdd1sOut for guest hosting this episode! Wanna watch more? Check out his channel: us-tv.org/tv/video-sRz0WRaQwmw.html

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    • Life Noggin you're the best US-tvr I've ever seen keep up the good work never stop making US-tv videos it's amazing I like your other channels the super cool you're amazing this is this is why I made a US-tv channel

    • *500th reply!*

    • Gimme ur computer I will turn it to sleep mode

    • My two favourite youtubers Love you stay cool

  • I'v stayed a wake one day

  • I've stayed up until 6:30 for more than 3 days (not in a row)

  • Umm don't judge but once I stayed up until well 8:00

  • Who is watching this during a siecne fair

  • Who is here because of theodd1sout?

  • Wow my 2 favorite youtubers in the same video

  • When I was 6 I stayed up till 8:00 man

  • 3 days and 23 hours and 15 minutes

  • Oh yeah yeah

  • The longest I have stayed up is like 12 hours I think from 4 am to 1 am the next day

  • I have stayed up almost 1 week.. I say almost bc i fell asleep 45 sec before it hit 1 week 😂😭😂😭

  • I have literally no problem sleeping According to many family members I can sleep within 5 seconds 😅😅😅😅

  • I one time stayed up for 7 days and was wide awake the whole time but the weird thing is I tried to sleep and it did not work. My brother also had 4 days of it on the last 4 days I had it

  • 40 hours

  • 3days, 3 whole days. playing wii. i'm embarrassed of my decision as a 8 year old.

  • I never sleep but I end up sleeping but I don't get any nightmares or dreams r.i.p

  • only 2 days

  • im watching this again after doing a all nighter

  • my brother had exploding head syndrome he told me I think idk if its true or not

  • Who’s else is just here because the title had theodd1sout in it

  • Theodd1sout: I’m lookin’ sharp Both: AYYY Me: ........ ......wut

  • I've only staid up for a day :/

  • Oh no no no

  • Do jaiden next

  • 2 days

  • 2 days

  • You will be attacked by 100 armies of phantoms on the last day.

  • I was watching this at 10:05 at night

  • My was 6 day and i slept 2 day i was really tired

  • Each time I stay up for 5 hours but total 46 or more

  • I stay 6 hours not sliping

  • 38 hours

  • 1 day

  • Hes *edgy*

  • i just realised even if i sleep 10 hours actually i never sleep lmao where is my award?

  • an old man is like 80 to 90 yrs old and hasnt slept for like 45 yrs

  • i've had sleep problems, where i end up getting at least 2 hours of sleep and obviously you shouldn't do this, because its really bad for your health you can experience headaches, lack of energy (duh), not being able to do anything, and it can get hard to breathe, Anyway you should always get 18 hours of sleep or at least 6 hours.

  • 3 days

  • Well now james is a scientist now WITH A COLLAB

  • I'm a simple woman, I see James, I click.

  • A day and a half

  • I don’t remember the last time I slept

  • I was watching this video instead of sleeping That makes sense 😑

  • I've once been awake for 48 hours but then had to skip a day of school. BUT I have a friend who literally stayed up almost an ENTIRE WEEK! I yelled at her and told her to get sleep.

  • I'v stayed awake for 4 days

  • Let's see how many dislikes we can get on this comment

  • 1 million days is my sleep time

  • I stayed up all night

  • Aaaay I watch James

  • *watching this while sleep deprived for 2 days* Me: ...hmm intresting

  • I staid up for 12 hours

  • 26 hours 10 hours were usefully used on Destiny 2 lmfao

  • dammmmmmmmmmm

  • Watching this video while I’m sleeping like if you are too

  • I stayed up for 3 days before although after that my body gave out and I hit my head on cement

  • Why am I watching this right before I sleep?

  • It call callage.

  • What I learned: James can scream high pitched 4:25

  • *N o f a i r a n i m a t o r w h y d o e s h e g e t f a c e*

  • What happens if you never move?

  • 48h

  • How long have I? About long enough

  • we will take control

  • James

  • Only till 1 am bc i was running!

  • 5 minutes is my record!

  • I have insomnia

  • How about for a year?

  • That is not real or true exploding head syndrome

  • why do we have dreams

  • subscribe and like

  • The longest ive stayed up is 32 and a half hours I couldve stayed up more but I didnt there was nothing wrong with me just I never slept and it was boring and I was like how do I sleeep?? Then I searched on YT how to sleep and finally I slept just 4 hours seriously?

  • I stayed up until 7:00 Am

  • Why did I watch this at 3:57 Am

  • *Life Nugget*

  • I’ve stayed up for 1 second

  • I have

  • 8 days straight playing pokemon had to get them shiny starters now in lets go i feel like all my time was wasted...

  • I once stayed up for 48 hours

  • *watches video at 3 am*

  • Whelp... Gunight

  • Oh Yeah Yeah

  • Oh Yeah Yeah

  • I stayed up for a week once

  • I’m awake at 1:39 am.

  • Thanks

  • 12:30

  • 800pm 90,0am

  • One day i stayed up the whole night

  • 2 days

  • A week but day 36

  • Why I’m watching this and an sleeping ad pops up before this 😂😂🤔💯

  • 72 hours

  • Till 6 pm

  • Cringe intensifies.


  • 4:00

  • My record for staying up is 71 hours

  • *sees oh yeah yeah music video as a hallucination*