Published on Jul 6, 2018
Today, I’m sharing what I am decluttering this month! From bags to bottles to books, I’m going to walk you through what I’m decluttering! These are all things that I no longer get value from and am ready to let go of! I always find doing a monthly declutter is an awesome way to help me maintain minimalism. What did you let go of this month? I’d love to hear about it, so let me know!
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  • What did you let go of this month? Did you declutter an area of your life? 🙃

    • As a minimalist, I have finally graduated to decluttering things that I do love... but which frankly add zero value to my life. (A sign that it's finally time for me to reevaluate old pictures, memorabilia, etc.) I just decluttered a sweater that I love, but no longer fits me like it used to, and it's also slightly itchy. Also, a tweed jacket that I LOVE (gives me joy to see hanging in my closet) and have owned for years but HELLO, never actually worn lol. So I tried it on the other day because I reeeeeeally wanted to keep it, but ended up laughing at myself in the mirror because I looked like a total hooker wearing it (seriously... who looks like a hooker in tweed?!). Someone will get some value out of those loved-but-underused items, and that makes me happy :)

    • I don’t remember ever buying something like that, but that could be what it’s for. At any rate I definitely don’t have enough make up brushes to warrant keeping it ☺️

    • Meg C. That’s what I thought as well

    • Could that be a makeup brush organizer? Did you maybe buy like an ELF make-up brush set? or one like that at one time...(?) I have a bag kind of like that to hold my make-up brushes.

  • I just dont get it..."im declutering this candle...i love it...hmm smells delicius...so i m letting it go"? Why dont you use it and enjoy it?

  • This little black bag with zippers (3:40) is for traveling - mostly to keep your documents like IDs or passports or flight/train/metro/bus tickets in one place as well as different currencies that you may happen to use when in given country. I also use to keep "small-talk" book in the language of the country I go (surprisingly around Europe not everybody speaks English) and/or a map if I drive by a car - phones can go off and then you find yourself stuck in the middle of... ya'll know. Also I keep my car documents and insurance there and 2nd pair of car keys when traveling. Always carry it in my backpack so I don't loose it or clash it inside the car mistakenly. I think it's pretty useful especially for minimalists - it also gives you ability to keep all you bullet travel plans with you without carrying whole notebook. I'd definitely keep this one :)

  • I went through my books and I am going to be donating them. I also went through my pantry and found things we just didn't need anymore. I have more areas,to go through as well. Nice to just get rid of some stuff.

  • I really like that you do decluttering videos every month. It really inspires me to do the same, and that is a good thing.

  • I love that you do this! Hearing you talk about why you got rid of things helps me think about why I should or shouldn't get rid of what.

  • the black case looks like travel organizer for electronics, cords, adapters and cables. I was looking to buy one recentely and this looks almost identical to some i've seen on amazon

  • Marketing as a minimalist.....interesting!!

  • Every Zero Waster would kill for that bottle, haha!

  • oh my god, i hate the poopourri smell too. thanks to you, im gonna finally get rid of it too haha

  • If you come across a White Barn candle that you love the jar for, I recommend popping it into the freezer once it's used up, scoop up the remaining wax bits, clean it out, and use it as a pretty storage container IF you need one. I've decided mine will replace a storage container I own because I like it much better and gives it another use. Good to know about the Vitamin E. We've gotten the Poop-or-ri stuff as gifts too and never use it. I think I ditched ours a while back. If you have a child in the family or family friends, they might like the bag for their Barbie-sized dolls. Early congrats on graduating! I'm an Advertising and Graphic Design major so that's cool. Even though I mostly do the GD now. I haven't decluttered much aside from obvious trash yet BUT I did get some donations out of the house and another few boxes put aside for a garage sale coming up. I am planning on going through more of my arts, crafts, and scrapbooking stuff before the end of the month. I went through it all a couple of months ago when I was organizing my space after moving but I'm thinking another round wouldn't kill me!

  • I’m pretty sure the black zipped bag is a travel bag for makeup/makeup brushes.

  • That bag is a travelling jewellery case I think.

  • I love these monthly declutter videos! I do this regularly. Recently, I've been zeroing in on my daughter's room. Ugh, kids collect everything! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Y’all should sharpen the knife! I keep one in my purse (which is also pretty minimal, though not as much as yours!) and since I got it I’m amazed how often i have a use for it.

  • 80 items gone!! Mostly clothes, bag from 18 years ago and a book. Iv tried to declutter for years without success but now I'm moving house so my mindset has totally changed.

    • Moving really does change your mindset when you realize how much you have to move.

    • Sweeeet! That’s so awesome ☺️

  • Oh my gosh I’m cracking up at the burlap because I just kept an entire roll and I’m like....I don’t ever use burlap why am I keeping this? 😂

  • Can the e-oil bottle be used for travelling?

    • Possibly, however I already have some bottles that fit the same purpose :)

  • I went through my papers, electronics, & makeup brushes...I had 35 or 40. I got down to about 12 and cleaned the ones I was passing along and gave them to a close friend that was starting to get into makeup and couldn't get brushes. I also gifted her some of my gently used makeup that I wasn't loving.

    • Dude, that’s a huge improvement! Way to go!!! 💙

  • This month my husband and I have decluttered many things around the house, such as clothing, shoes, stationary, kitchen utensils, tools, books, linens and pet supplies. Such a wonderful relief! We consider our home clutter-free now, but as you said, we do need to reevaluate periodically all areas of our lives in order to keep everything on track! Greetings from Brazil!

    • It is for sure!

    • That’s fantastic! And it sounds like we’re in the same place, it’s helpful to evaluate everything occasionally :)

  • I got rid of paper and envelops, and it feels really good!!! Thank you SO much for your videos. They really help ❤😊❤

  • Nice. I get inspired to declutter. And downsize my daily use belongings. 👍

  • Fancy straw sun hats and negligees.

  • Your skin and your hair look so healthy 😍 congrats on graduating btw 😁

  • Yay, decluttering video, thank you Ashlynne.

  • Love your videos. If been slowly decluttering all the excess ornaments I have. Some are beautiful but they really stressing me out as just lying about and not functional.....

  • Really loving your hair in this video! Love these kinds of videos!

    • So glad you liked it 💙 more to come I’m the future!

  • Great haul.

  • Really excited I've lost some weight and fit in some "skinny clothes" I'd held on to (I was losing weight so I knew I shouldn't declutter them yet). Since I'm hoping not to need my "chubby clothes" I sold the largest size clothes I did keep a few things in the next size up just in case I gain some weight but I decluttered a lot! Feels good.

    • Meg C. Congratulations on your weight loss I'm proud of you!🙆

    • That’s so awesome!!! 💙

  • I need you at my house! I'm throwing out whole week and still is tooooo muuuuuch!

  • That black case...I feel you! I am a sucker for keeping bags and cases and pouches but struggling to find uses for them. 😆 In my giveaway pile for this month so far are a couple pieces of clothing, a throw pillow, a plastic bin, placemats, and some old craft/school supplies. Just when I start to think we’ve gotten rid of all the extraneous things, I find more lol! Always trying to keep in mind to stop bringing new things in 😅 Thanks for sharing!

    • Love this! Totally agree that it always feels like there’s more, but I think that’s just life happening to a certain extent ☺️

  • I always enjoy your videos because there super fun.

  • Omg I decluttered my sisters bags but I did ask her my dad and sister like to hold on to things.And I'm more the person that let's go because if it's sitting there why not give it to a new home with love♡.

    • I think you and me think more alike on that front ☺️ i’d rather somebody else get value from it then Iit justlie around my house collecting dust!

  • Always inspired by your videos! My master closet is my July project. The clothes are not the problem (they were pared down a couple of years ago and I continue to edit regularly) -- it's everything else taking up space. Books, papers, magazines, kids' artwork, boxes full of photos, etc. are taking over, so it's time to regain control of the space.

    • I used to have a closet that was bursting at the seams with stuff so I totally get it. Good luck, I hope it goes well!! 💙

  • Oh wow, I didn't know you were studying marketing. Don't you think it goes a little bit against your believes? (I am not being judgemental or bitchy, I am genuinely curious and interested in what you think about it)

    • I'm an Advertising and Graphic Design major and it's definitely possible to be Minimalist and into Marketing. You just market the things that inspire value. Plenty of organizations in which this could be done. It doesn't have to be about consumerism at all. I focus more on Graphic Design for my work but it's all about quality vs quantity.

    • Sara D I am a marketeer to and in my work I make it my job to make sure the products are (only) found by people that can find true happiness and value in the products. I think it was a long time ago marketing was about trying to stuff useless stuff through anyones troath.

    • It's a super smart degree choice, a lot of companies would consider a marketing major in non-marketing roles . I think marketing, business, and communications are all smart degree choices because you won't ever be stuck in one type of role if you find yourself unhappy.

    • There's all kinds of marketing, I work in hospice and we have a marketer just to get our name out there. There's a lot of hospice companies here so each has a marketer. I think Ashlynne would be a great marketer in the medical industry because of her caring personality. I've also worked in other medical offices and theres marketers for medical equipment and prosthetics (limb replacement), etc.

    • Hey guys I get that question a decent amount. I guess for me marketing is As good or bad as you make it. I strive to market in a way that connects people to something that will add value to them, and do it in a non-spamy way. I I love working with nonprofits though and my dream job would be to help a really worthy one get their message out to the world!

  • I am focusing on college books and paper decluttering. I want to donate my books to a local college since they are too old to sell back, and declutter and digitize paper stuff like poetry and stories I wrote a long time ago. That's my project for the month!

    • Ashlynne Eaton thanks! I hope so too. It's amazing how papers and books collect over time.

    • Love that goal so much!! Hope it goes well 💙💙💙

  • Ear infections are not fun! I hope you are feeling much better.

  • Love decluttering videos!! I parted with a lot of books that I bought while I was into certain authors/genres that I have moved on from. I hung onto them for SO long and finally realized, I don't WANT to read these at all.

    • Haha love this ☺️ it’s so true that sometimes if we hold on to something long enough will realize there’s no chance we’ll ever use it!