What Happens If You Drink Mercury?

Published on Jun 18, 2018
Mercury poisoning can have some devastating effects on your body!
Watch more: How this 50-year-old NASA invention could kill cancer ►► us-tv.org/tv/video-yh6ZSQytxbU.html
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Written by Sophie Bakoledis



  • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. I wonder what it TASTES like

  • How about Crohn’s?

  • 0:55 - 1:01 And Ligma

  • If you drink mercury your stupid and then you die

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  • Drink mercury? Do you mean drink liquid mercury sand?

  • But what if your not in the USA, you cant just call 911 for help every contry in the wworld has its own emergency help line.

  • I heated thermometer and it blasted near my body when I was in class 7 (2012). I'll die soon? (⊙.⊙)

  • We dont need this video No one is stupid enough to drink mercury Unless you're a kid

  • *pulls kidney out of ass* your kidneys!

  • 1:12 *T H I C C H E A R T*

  • I was holding mercury themomiter as i watched

  • What’s happens? Well you’re DED

  • Can you speculate what happened to a person’s mind before he drank the mercury? Like, why and how would they think that.

  • Not sponsoredbe mercury drugs and not sponsored by 911

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  • Is it Possible to drink mercury lol

  • Well simply ask this to yourself, what happens when you swallow a planet huh

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  • So you live in a realistic Minecraft

  • If someone made a drink mercury challenge then they’re retarded

  • I believe you die

  • Then Venus would be first planet

  • What happens if you drink Mars?

  • just don't doo this ok just don't

  • Two years ago, when I was 12, my physics teacher allowed the class to use mercury thermometers. I was very interested in mercury at the time, so I stole one, brought it home, and harvested the mercury. I still have it in a small jar in my room today...

  • What if you smell Uranus?

  • So basically.... *YOU DEAD*

  • Silly blocko! Everyone knows you can’t drink a planet!

  • What about vaccines (ik its safe plus i just got vaccinated)

  • You will be a planet.

  • We have been drinking Mercury all day for years .... (Mercury fillings )...... Thank you dentist ...

  • Let’s do What happens when you drink Venus?

  • You could I've just said you die and there you a 10 second long video

  • OMG I touch Mercury from broken thermometer

  • if you drink mercury, uranus will hurt.

  • what about drinking moon ?

  • 0:30 when a popular people walked in a town

  • Cool

  • Didn’t know you can drink some kind of planet can I drink earth though 💭 🤔

    • Mercury has 2 meanings Meaning 1. A planet Meaning 2.A liquid metal And he's talk in' about the second meaning

  • well... that's not very good...

  • I once had a seizure

  • Number 1 reason to replace all your CFL (swirly) light bulbs with LEDs, I know someone who went crazy and dumb from cleaning up broken CFLs and tube lights, these things are full of mercury vapor.

  • Lol mercury is a planet and a element

  • Can we talk about how long it would take to put your dna together? Is it reaches the moon ar what??

  • wowq

  • I'm pretty sure that the mad hatter's name came from the phrase mad as a hatter when hatters were exposed to mercury

  • YOU'D DIE.

  • i was going to expect drinking some water in mercury. lol

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  • He included the Jurassic Park tour vehicle 🤣🤣

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  • I think I learned somewhere​ that a Chinese or Mongolian leader drank mercury because in the religion they believed that if you drink this, you will live forever.

  • Let's just say mercury is like Despacito. Deadly.

  • It's been said that if you drink hot fluids like tea and coffee the fillings in your mouth let off mercury vapors as well . You have cavities look for different option even if it's expensive .

  • Yet they use this in fillings when you go to the dentist. But they say very low percentage. Ask any staff in the field if they use it on there kids or themselves 🤔 What a sick world we live in

  • Video: what happens when you drink mercury? Me: you die. One does not simply drink mercury.

  • What happens if i drink earth?

    • You mean if you blend up the Earth and drink it?

  • what if any planet in our solar system crashes into the sun?

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  • Well I drunk some gas does that count

  • But how cancer? Cancer is not a disease it is a deficiency of vitamin B17

  • 🤦 blocko, what did you do... Did you look this up because you drank mercury? You know you are only allowed to drink saturn!

  • 2:29 Triangle Bob drank it, slides through his whole digestive system and exits through the anal. Is he immune that mercury just get out after seconds of drinking it?

  • High Fructose Corn Syrup???

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  • Is this a horror channel?

  • When I looked at the title: When you don’t have anymore ideas left

  • Came here from the music video of "Happy Now-by Zedd"

  • Hey, Blocko? Aren't thermometers filled with alcohol these days?

  • what about metho-mercury it is one of the most powerful toxin on the planet

  • It maked you have the same voice as freddy mercury. DUh

  • Thanks, Blocko. Now I know the 4 ways I can consume mercury. why would I need to know that...

  • So the silver merry safe just slips throughout Mom can u get me some silver merry 2 drink

  • Pls add subtitles

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  • now i realised how many fluorescent tubes i smashed... still not a huge quantity of mercury

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  • Cell VS Atom

  • Okay this minecraft not realistic

  • you will be dead. saved 3 mins

  • He mean liquid

  • I look at the date this was made because he said summer was approaching and it was published on June 18 2018... Anyone who knows what I mean gets it.

  • You die destructively and painfully..........

  • My god, I used to touching mercury and remember breaking countless thermometers when I was a child, good ole days. Always fascinated by the separation of one mercury to two.

  • I didn't regret how I experimented on mercury and accidentally ate it when I was a kid.

  • Blocko, I'm British, so if someone does those harmful things I should call 999 because I'm British and Your American

  • May I know how did you do this animation & what software which you using...

  • What is the meaning mercury planet or drug store??