What Happens If You Drink Mercury?

Published on Jun 18, 2018
Mercury poisoning can have some devastating effects on your body!
Watch more: How this 50-year-old NASA invention could kill cancer ►► us-tv.org/tv/video-yh6ZSQytxbU.html
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  • Mercury is used for thermometer and you mustn't drink mercury because it's dangerous and Mercury may kill blood cells.

  • When you drink mercury you die

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  • So you are telling me to call 911

  • Mercury is put in high fructose corn syrup FYI

  • So if a termometer breaks i can just drink it fast so i wont inhale it right? :)) (Im joking)

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  • What if you had two fluorescent tubes shatter above you on someone elses "accident" (ie, carelessness)? How much mercury dose was that? Was it that dangerous? They're those long garage ones, if that makes a difference, and only part of the two broke.

  • What happens if you were drinking stone

  • What happens when you breathe in carbon monoxide?

  • Not as toxic as some of my replies...

  • can you do a vid about spd?

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  • Nice job sweeping this under the rug like its not real important. Call 911? When? In 1969 / 1970 when I was playing with mercury, or NOW? A little late now. We never drank this liquid metal as kids - nobody would (except for idiot millenials on the internet) - but we were fascinated by this liquid metal. After all, what harm could it do? It was the same stuff that my dentist used to fix my cavities! Harmless.

  • Yo i was messing with mercury in my schools lab... and i got up close... I hope I don’t die

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  • Vaccines cause Autism. 1:00 shows how it can happen.

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  • i didnt realise it was mecury when my thermonitor dropped when i was young..

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  • But what if your not in the USA, you cant just call 911 for help every contry in the wworld has its own emergency help line.

  • I heated thermometer and it blasted near my body when I was in class 7 (2012). I'll die soon? (⊙.⊙)

  • We dont need this video No one is stupid enough to drink mercury Unless you're a kid

    • Zen Animations im a kid and I know chem and science so not all kids are stupid

    • Zen Animations I know a grown ass woman who drinks mercury every day ... For health reasons I think, my gosh she is turning blue or green I'm not sure which one. It depends on which way I look at her, I think. I been looking at the hazzards of drinking mercury on-line and said to her sister-in-law does she know it will kill her??? Her sister-in- law said we've tried to tell her. Oh my gosh you'd freak out if you could see her color. . I think she's nuts. ..

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