What Every State in the US is Best and Worst At

Published on Aug 12, 2018
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  • PSA guys. Being best or worst at something doesn’t mean it’s good or bad. That’s all

  • Wow the best thing my state has is teeth And my teeth are yellow asf

  • 3:25 "Maine has the lowest crime rate." ... "Maine is the least diverse state with a 94% White population." (That's not a "Worst", btw.) The former is the result of the latter.

  • We got meth labs.................... BUT WE’RE GOOD AT BASKETBALL!!!

  • 4:19 almost watched with my grandma

  • Me in Kansas. Guy: grows th most wheat. Me:That's right you need us! Guy:But has a birth rate of -1% Me: Okay, I was expecting something bad and that's true Guy: And it has the ugliest scenery Me: Oh c'mon you didn't have to insult us. You already said are bad thing a now you're just making fun of us.😒😒😒

  • Of course Minnesota would spend the most on Recreation because we have so many lakes and what not

  • Hear that voice crack at 4:03

  • Great video!

  • *Oregon is to good and i live in it*

  • Mississippi... Omg😂😂😂

  • WTH is good about FL

  • Pfttt Minnesota isn’t that bad...

  • What was the negative part of Maine again?

  • New York has the best pizza

  • Bright side just copied your video

  • 7:40 *oh how fun.*

  • Does anyone else see a face directly to the left of Idaho at 2:24?

  • Georgia's highways at 7am is living hell

  • Alabama, home of cousin fuckin

  • kansas has great scenery and were more useful then the best wheat producer

  • Delaware is not boring if you live here it’s actually boring per capita

  • Oregon...best at protesting

  • The worst for New York isn’t a bad thing. 2% of women have had an abortion. That’s not positive nor negative, it’s just a fact.

  • Explain to me how there’s more people in Rhode Island than Wyoming wtf

  • Why did they only say positive things about Maine?


  • I live in Idaho. I think the people who like it here are sick. There's no attractions, no rain, so much hate, and the police suck. Well, at least the stupid people in Calofornia haven't all moved in yet, forcing us to destroy more of our land to build fucking houses and crashing us into more of an economic pit :(

  • The reason half of Louisiana’s residents are in jail is because no one pays child support, no one actually has a fishing license, and everyone drinks and drives (boats and lawnmowers mostly) this is all based on my point of view in the south

  • Least crime rate and and has the most whites. Anyone else catching a trend here?

  • They said @ 4:20 the State of Mississippi watches the most Porn? So you Bastards are watching us that is an Invasion of Privacy and may require a visit to my Attorney thanks for the info

  • Dang..where I was born at..Oklahoma..is...deadly..and..non-educational..

  • I live in Oregon

  • ...dang..my state..is just hot..

  • Proud Oregonian😂

  • Cheese is love cheese is life

  • Ok so where do you want me to live in?

  • South Carolina anyone??

  • 5:55 it should be "The most idiots on a construction site"

  • What you said about Mississippi was all bad

  • I didn't hear a positive for Florida...

  • What the fuck I live in Kansas and I can vouch for it that it has some of the most beautiful landscape in America.

  • The worst thing about Minnesota the weather. We get use to the negative blow snow storms.

  • 😜😜 glad to live in Oregon then!

  • Like coffee? Cool! I hope you also like cold rain! Welcome to Washington!

  • I agree with Arkansas. These guys don’t know how to stay loyal

  • West Virginia is best at making you buy bigger clothes once you move there.


  • I’m excuse you bitch have y’all seen Kansas sunsets then mfs is beautiful, but anyother time of day yea you right we ugly

  • Dude I thought you we’re gonna say Kentucky has like a high incest rate

  • california is the best at being california

  • you missed one bud

  • alabama 0:15 alaska 0:25 arizona 0:38 arkansas 0:48 california 0:56 colorado 1:17 connecticut 1:26 delaware 1:40 florida 1:56 georgia 2:05 hawaii 2:14 idaho 2:23 illinois 2:30 indiana 2:39 iowa 2:45 kansas 2:50 kentucky 3:02 louisiana 3:09 maine 3:25 maryland 3:33 massachusetts 3:43 michigan 3:53 minnesota 4:03 mississippi 4:18 missouri 4:36 montana 4:43 nebraska 4:49 nevada 4:55 new hampshire 5:04 new jersey 5:15 new mexico 5:20 new york 5:42 north carolina 5:55 north dakota 6:00 ohio 6:11 oklahoma 6:20 oregon 6:35 pennsylvania 6:42 rhode island 6:51 south carolina 6:58 south dakota 7:04 tennessee 7:13 texas 7:18 utah 7:33 vermont 7:43 virginia 7:50 washington 7:59 west virginia 8:05 wisconsin 8:23 wyoming 8:34

  • 4 out of the top ten cities in the US for worst Air Pollution are located in Oregon. So there's that.

  • I have the best bicycles and the worst snails. But I have lived here in Washington my whole life and I have only seen like 2 snails.

  • Who lives in maine?

  • Minnesota does not have below sixty winters it’s only about 15 below on the coldest days

  • Ohio probably sounds like the best to love in. Lucky for me.

  • Yoshi doesn’t live in Delaware, obviously.

  • Arizona anybody?

  • Arizona also has the worst education. Yaaaaaaaaaaaah. Don’t come here if you want a good education.

  • Every state in the country is best at Getting mad or happy when he said something about them

  • No wonder I have crap teeth

  • Oklahoma were teachers don’t get paid

  • Man there’s a lot of meth labs in my state. I didn’t really realize.

  • Mississippi SUCKs according to hom

  • Comment your state I’m Tennessee

  • I live in Pennsylvania and almost everyone I know has at least hit a deer once for example my neighbor is a car enthusiast and has a really nice corvette and I think just yesterday he hit a deer and has to pay a lot of money in damages.

  • I knew the worst thing of Oklahoma was gonna be tornados lol

  • Oof I wanna live in nebraska

  • I guess im fine with having the most motorcycle accidents... GO COLORADO!!!!

  • 3:35 hmmmmmmm trueeeeee

  • Utah have most skin cancer...well I have dry skin...soo I will try not to have skin cancer

  • lol they made West Virginia from take me home country roads a real thing

  • Minnesota squad🤪

  • I'm offended by the Kansas one. To me, Kansas is BEAUTIFUL >:c

  • oregon is the worst at self serve gas

  • Wyoming is good at not existing and bad at being a thing

  • Georgia has the worst traffic? oh yes. I live in the state and every morning i always see a wreck going to school/work

  • PFFFT.. Nvm is not the worst state to raise a family in. Most of the kids here are the most respectful people ever. You have to live here to know what it’s like not just visit. Same goes for a lot of other states and country’s.

  • Wisconsin is such a boring ass state.

  • You forgot Alabama

  • Florida’s best thing is that it’s the flattest? Sad

  • How is having a state that is 94% white bad?


  • You forgot that Oregon has this weird uncle that has a tourist attraction and this little triangle dude ;) If you get the reference then type “GF4L”

  • I will not lie. I live in Delaware and the things to do are better to in spring and summer and even fall but it’s still cold


  • Kansas has a negative growth rate among young people because we are getting the HECK out of Dodge!! (we literally have Dodge City as a town) and I cannot wait until I move next year!!

  • 6:66

  • music?

  • Where the Ohio bros at?

  • And California is the worst country for how much SJWs there are

  • West Virginia needs to get its act together

  • i live in az

  • No one is gonna talk about Illinois

  • Who else watch this just to see their state

  • WV resident commentator: obesity and drugs are repetitive critical facts. It’s also a fact we have developed programs to give more opportunity for healthy living styles. Research shows it’s typically harder to seek positives when negatives are obvious but I believe each state to its own has something positive to provide. In WV many of us enjoy exploring nature as approximately 75% of our state is covered in forestry(% will change based on building development and other factors). Many of us enjoy activities such as white water rafting/kayaking/canoeing, hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, snowboarding/skiing/sled riding, touring historic caves, riding steam engines through the hills via scheduled tours, crafts such as handmade furniture from trees in our state, learning to play a variety of instruments with bluegrass types being most popular, attending festivals/fairs/events such as Bridge Day and a Hot Air Balloon Festival. Cheers to you and your state:)

  • What is pornojfy

  • when ur an adult, live in Kentucky, and have asthma>>>>>