What Every State in the US is Best and Worst At

Published on Aug 12, 2018
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  • PSA guys. Being best or worst at something doesn’t mean it’s good or bad. That’s all

    • Fuck you, Mississippi is the birthplace of America’s music

    • Stop assuming😠😠😠😠

    • Being bad is bad no thin line

    • RealLifeLore I didn’t think about that. Ohio is very affordable compared to many states... and I’m still poor.

  • Coming from Alabama I can tell you that no one walks to work as there are no sidewalks usually, or if there are they're in terrible condition, and the way people around here drive your likely to get ran over

  • Well Arkansas has a public diamond mine The only one in America

  • Anyone just come to see their state?

  • 1:14 not to mention the most spoiled and uncool population

  • Even if you don't usually have allergies you will in ohio

  • Servere winter? Come now! Snow? Hah! You cant even sled with real snow!

  • We had 3 governors convicted in Illinois. Rod Blagojevich, Otto Kerner Jr. and George Ryan. So I think that’s the other worst thing about that state. I live there and I remember when Blagojevich was convicted. It really hurt a lot of people to.

  • rhode island is my home i luv it here are roads may be the worst but were really friendly people

  • Oregon... worst at not helping youtubers make content.

  • Lol I live in Oregon

  • I feel like everybody watches this for their own state

  • Who the fuck banned Happy Hour?

  • I love how the worst thing about Minnesota is the cold. Sounds about right.

  • Virginians need to stop littering :/

  • So what are you the best at? FL: uh..being really really flat

  • OOF. A big oof for Missouri. I mean, the cheapest gas prices are correct, but I had no idea about the dioxin disaster that happened in 1983. WELP.

  • Nobody ever include us, Washington, DC.... I know we aren't a state but we we matter too!!!!

  • bruh this dude has the most slick transitions on planet earth

  • God, West Virginia is really a stain on the U.S. Anything good in West Virginia isn't there long.

  • I get so fucking tired hearing Climate Change..

  • Oof I live in Oregon I'm the worse at nothing

  • So on average my state is worse at math than Wyoming?????? But football😎😎

  • I thought washington was the best at video games XD.

  • note to john denver: NO ONE BELONGS IN WEST VIRGINIA

  • Delaware beaches are lit so the lack of movie theaters are worth it

  • Texas has 1000 people moving to it everyday Boy I wonder what country Texas is near

  • live in Nebraska, i dare you actually dont. were socially awkward.

  • Great one thing that's good for wisconsin you dont live there so you dont know what's best there

  • Ok my state is Pennsylvania and idk about the mushroom thing but the deer thing is totally true. My family has hit or almost hit a deer like 50 times in my life. Almost totaling my uncle’s car. T w i c e


  • Tis true Rhode Island roads and bridges are the worst I spill ice cream because of bad road many pot holes I'm pretty sure my mom hits the same 2 pot holes on the way to my school and I one part of providence (the state capital) has many crime and probably the worst roads so bumpy

  • You did not say anything good about Mississippi

  • I’m from Washington and I never see any snail before 🥴🤨🧐

  • Maine has the lowest crime rate, but coincidentally has a 94% white population? Makes you think...

  • I don't care Minnesota is my home I go out side when there is a blizzard and it feels good mall of America , Minnesota Vikings , Minnesota wild , Minnesota timber wolf's , Minnesota twins

  • Oregon is the worst at being bad

  • 90% of men move to Mississippi

  • What did they said about Idaho? I didn't understand anything...

  • Oregonians where you at

  • Michigan anyone?

  • Do the states look streched ore is it just me

  • Idaho where you at

  • I’m from Oregon and this made me happy

  • literally Maine's problem is that it's to white,

  • At least Arizona has sooubway

  • Connecticut: Best broadband access, worst economic inequality Hmmm...

  • I live in North Carolina and the thing about preschools might be right but they’re EXPENSIVE as in 300-600 a month for any school you go to even if it’s a run down school I will also confirm that we have a VERY limited library system and the best books for kids you find in a school will probably not be in a library

  • Best thing about Mississippi: people watch porn a lot

  • I live in NEW YORK

  • *Drives all the way to missouri to get gas* *Drives back home* *Goes back to missouri*

  • I was kind of scared about what you would say for Indiana. I burst out laughing when you said we had a lot of meth labs. Good ol' Indiana.

  • hell yeah montana still is the most bland


  • I kept on clapping whenever i heard each good news and then get sad and stop clapping in disapointment once i heard the bad news

  • Where Oregon at on this video?


  • I can understand why Maine has such a low crime rate. It's 94 percent white.

  • 1:13 California is my state

  • Who else thinks Maryland is shaped like a Nambu pistol?

  • Michigan had the most coastline of all the states- including California.

  • New Hampshire: Lowest poverty rate, highest cocaine use among young adults...hmm... sounds about right Wyoming has the smallest population in the US yet it's 10x bigger than New Hampshire and we have a little over 1M people 🤷‍♂️

  • does that mean that new jersey is best?

  • if you're best trait is high school basketball and your worst is meth labs, you aren't doing great

  • Stop coming to Texas! Stay out! Lol

  • *skips to Michigan*

  • *squints at Mississippi*

  • "New Jersey has the lowest suicide rate." Why are we here, just to suffer?

  • 6:34 I live in Oregon and was glad / surprised when he said that we weren’t the worst at anything! 😂

  • Look. Its weird to me that Maine being the least diverse state is on the same level of most obesity. Its not like we can control where people live either. Besides, when Idaho has the most hate groups per capita maybe its not because of Maine's people. Please minimize the hate.


  • For Mississippi, you only named bad things

  • Me live in North Dakota

  • *my state* *has lowest asthma rate* *also has most polluted air* love that for Virginia.

  • Why does so much of this music sound like it cam straight from Plink by DinahMoe Labs?

  • Who came here just to see their state?

  • Excuse me, but I'm pretty sure Wyoming doesn't exist

  • You forgot to say a bad thing about Maine...

  • Whats a Oklahoma


  • Chicago????

  • Here in Indiana, umm, well..... Nothing very interesting here..... Like or reply if you live in Indiana!! (The state of two infamous crimes, Sylvia Likens, and April Tinsley) THAT I KNOW OF, IF YOU HAVE ANY MORE, REPLY ;)

  • *WHERES ILLINOIS !?!?!?*

  • So not being divers is bad

  • We in Indiana are all ABOUT those meth labs, you already know vro

  • Connecticut BeSt BrOAdBaNd cOnnEctI0n

  • I know where I want to live,Better buy a parka.

  • Is California being overpopulated a good thing??

  • Roll Tide baby

  • Oregon is the best

  • Mississippi... Okay then...

  • *_mississippi you are my state_* *_I used to think that you were great_* *_now I know how I was born* *_both my parents were watching porn_*

  • Get your shit together mississippi

  • Y’all forgot about ky

  • You forgot Washington DC tho

  • Michigan roads bad but weather great among other things. Bad government too but largest bridge in America and cleanest commercial island in the world.

  • Aye, fuck you for shitting on Mississippi like that, we’re the birthplace of America’s music

  • Oh No! The Oil From Oklahoma Was Not The First Usa State That Was Found! *ARE LIFE IS A LIE!*

  • Sat on edge waiting for something interesting for my state.... All I got is golf courses...

  • anyone else from Washington state?