What Every State in the US is Best and Worst At

Published on Aug 12, 2018
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  • PSA guys. Being best or worst at something doesn’t mean it’s good or bad. That’s all

    • I live in Michigan and I'm like Yeah Michigan is going to hell unless it's already cold enough (Already got snow)

    • Yo there a company called bright light that basically stole your video

    • Montana may have the worst internet connection, but at least we still have it.

    • For NY why does it matter that we have the highest abortion rate?

  • Wow canada is really small

  • I rep Iowa ;]

  • 24.7 drink I’m surprised I’m not drinking

  • Don't feel bad anyone, my state has a bunch of golf courses

  • I’ll kill u and I’ll destroy u

  • "Just 22% obesity rate" that is appalling. Pull your socks up you fat americans

  • I live in new Hampshire. I was not aware of how much cocaine there is. I guess it's time to move to WEST VIRGINIA.

  • I knew my state would have tornados, and teacher salary. (Oklahoma) WE MISSED 2 WEEKS OF SCHOOL FOR A 4K PAY RAISE.

  • Oregon is the worst at being the worst at something.

  • Am I the only one who has no idea what Connecticut is?

  • "In West Virginia you will find" *Country roads*

  • Ohio is the most affordable state to live in

  • Having abortion is not something bad

  • Tenessee has the lowest number of dentists per capita, huh? Coming from somebody who used to have family out there, I'm not in the least surprised.

  • Yay Oregon!

  • 1:56 was there any good points about Florida?

  • Guess im smart

  • Mississippi sounds like a nice place

  • Highest job salary?! Hold my beer...

  • I’m happy I live in Oregon now

  • All the people saying Maine has a lower crime rate because of their whiteness, just know that more cops are where minorities are leading them to arrest more for minor crimes than they do whites leading to higher crime rates.

  • Maine' s human population is 94 % white is that good or bad?

  • 7:08 Why is this positive? Also yay Minnesota! I hope to move their to be with my partner. I... love the cold. I totally... don't stay inside and... get more depressed in winter... yaaaaayyy... But hey, at least my man does too, so... yay to being sad together? P.S. Looking at the comments was a mistake. Dude, I'm diagnosing this place with a severe outbreak of white supremacy.

  • Here in florida, we don't have snow days, We have HURRICANE DAYS!

  • Colorado is a great place to live but everyone is a really shitty driver

  • Oregon may be the best at anything, but It's also the worst with everything else, if you really think about it.

  • I’m from Minnesota and I can confirm that it is very cold here. Wish me luck

  • Lemme just scroll to my state and leave.

  • It doesn't matter, because they all are in the AMERICAN DREAM, AMERICA FUCK YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Ohio represent

  • Wonder which state has the most number of corolla owners.

  • Ummmmm I live in Michigan and 1 Theres no golf courses.......anywhere and 2 We DO NOT have an unstable government

  • Montana: highest graduation rate, worst internet access ... hmmmmmm.

  • Sounds right here in Pennsylvania we always hit deer idk why?🤔😂

  • Yay my state doesn't have many obese people!

  • Nothing positive to say about FL lol

    • Jason Ferrer lmao they have funny af headlines about crocodiles

  • California is the best at being the worst.

  • I‘d like to visit the us once.

  • You forgot to mention that North Dakota is the least visited state

  • Why am I happy about my state being the coldest lol

  • Florida is the best for high school football

  • Who can find out what Oregon is the worst at. Reply to this comment if you found out

  • But Wyoming has the lowest amount of escalators

  • Oregon has: -homeless people everywhere -opioid addictions -crappy art projects -suicide rates -literal riots almost monthly Take your pick.

  • Lol I’m disappointed in Arizona’s best and worst like seriously temperature isn’t something u can be good at

  • Lmao Missouri. >Lowest Gas Price >Bad Fact: Some disaster from 1983 What😂😂😂

  • With Maine, why was being the least diverse the “bad” fact? Is a state worse if it has more white people? Is it better if it has less white people? It shouldn’t matter lmao.

  • RealLifeLore! BRIGHT-SIDE has posted a complete copy of your video!

  • "Minnesota has the most severe winters in the country." *Looks at snow on the ground out of window* You're not wrong

  • Oregon has Portland, enough said

  • rhode island: the rhodes and bridges suck lol

  • i feel so bad for mississippi residents watching this vid lol luckily i'm in ohio

  • ohio: its affordable seriously come here its not just corn

    • TSwany ohio is kind of affordable but kentucky is so so affordable. at least where i lived. you could get a family home (3-5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms) for 200,000 or less.

  • Ok I saw Washington, I'm leaving

  • And ohio has jake paul but it has alternate history hub

  • Anybody else moving to oregon?

  • I am hurt, I live in Kansas, and it is a BEAUTIFUL state.....just overlooked by the rest of the US. I guess we'll stop producing wheat for all yall. Starve, find other stuff.

  • Better Con for Maine: We are one of the oldest states, and we are a dying one. For the past few years, we have no not been having enough babies to boost the population, and obviously the few people we do have are getting old. This results in a negative population growth, and is becoming a bit of a problem. That, and it's super boring here. Having a mostly old, white population results in most of the stuff you can do here being old white people things.

  • Actually, Oregon has the highest homeless population


  • West Virginins are extremely smart. College is a rip off and a waist of time. Vo tech is where the monies at. You also don't need a college degree to own your own business. Avoid the debt trap that is college.

    • Amanda Johnson yeah I could have proofread read my comment. Maybe if you had a smart phone you would know that they have a function called "auto-correct" and they change words even when spelled correctly. Also I did go to college, which is how I learned the hard way that it's a scam.

    • tick tack maybe if you went to college you’d know how to spell waste properly. 😂

  • lmao where my oregonians at haha We the best

  • I'm Californian, I agree we have bad air pollution But my state is very diverse and unique! Did you know California produces more peaches than the peach state, Georgia.

  • California anyone??😂💖 Many people live there so I hope to see a lot of people supporting us!😂👋🏼

  • The transition into the ad-read tho

  • Kansas is beautiful

  • Maryland is so true

  • In Pennsylvania 3 driving people in my family brother hit 1 deer, dad hit none, and my mom who drives the most has hit 4+ Pretty sure its more than 1/63

  • Alabama is also the best at incest feller

  • Don’t know about the rest of the state but southwest Louisiana doesn’t have much crime

  • Its hard to wrap my mind around the fact that in the US a lot of your states are bigger than where I'm from ( Ireland ) and have a higher population.

  • I live in Ohio and am suffering heavily from allergies :).

  • Indiana have so much Meth labs? Noooooooooooooooo!! also I'm a US State So WHere's Me??!!

  • When I see California in the race for independence dang it there winning We will get back Texas will come back

  • 3:32 LOL ok so how is that a bad thing to be undiverse i dont care if it was black people or latino people i would comment this either way

  • I felt that CT one. Love me a good Dentist visit but I live directly between Bridgeport and Fairfield.

  • 1:50 Ecscuse me asshole?Say that again you offending a Delaware person asshole.

  • Bright Side copied this vid. All they did was organize it by region

  • Welp time to move to Wyoming so I do not have to see as many people see you Indiana

  • I live in Kansas

  • Ohio claims 8 presidents: William Henry Harrison, Ulysses Grant, Rutherford Hayes, James Garfield, Benjamin Harrison, William McKinley, William Taft and Warren Harding.

  • Texas should be electing the worst congressmen in the country. How do you elect Bush, Perry, and Cruz.

  • No wonder Montana kids are so successful they don’t use internet

  • Hears Indiana has the most meth labs *salutes*

  • Mississippi is nice, I see

  • I was born in Delaware and lived there for 9 years. wE havE lOts oF mOvIe tHeTrEs!1!1!1


  • I’m from New Mexico. Honestly if ur car gets stolen here it’s your fault. Literally no one locks their damn cars it’s so dumb

  • Maryland: Lots of money...but no money.

  • Bright Side COMPLETELY copied this video 😑

  • I don't think Minnesota has that kind of temperatures but I would agree on bad weather! Also bright side copied this video!

  • They should all be white

  • god dammit idaho

  • Yo bright side completely copied this this video

  • Bright Side copied this video too...

  • tfw Oklahoma Teachers make more than the teacher of my Canadian Province of New Brunswick. $51,072 CAD ($39017.48 US)

  • Dude Bright Side copied you

  • Maine didn’t have any cons?

  • Wtf Bright Side has the same video?