What Are The Odds That You Exist?

Published on Mar 28, 2016
Your life is incredibly precious, so what had to happen for you to be here?
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  • Okay I'm sorry but I'm drunk and googled "why am i lucky enough to have been born in the US" (because I realize that, though the US has its issues, its a very well off nation compared to some other regions, and I understand my privilege being born here.) So I came upon this video, and man it has me fucked up. From a person who struggles constantly with depression, I'm really thinking about how slim the odds were that I would come to be a living human specimen (and maybe it's stupid,) but perhaps there's a reason I'm here because of that. Like I said, I've had a little to drink. Sorry "the internet"Tm lol. But perhaps someone else out there is thinking the same thing. None of us really truly understand this thing called "life", lol, but we're all sorta searching for the point of it, ya know? Interesting video for sure.


  • so that means My family tree is a never ending cycle and Fish are my family too wow!

  • Ahhh...the strong anthropic principal...i love it!

  • I clicked on the vid and the first thing the add said was “mistakes happen”

  • #Dearblocko why do we have to go to school?

  • I get it so you’re going to the past😃😂😊

  • I'm happy in alive

  • K

  • i grateful for air water food a house and my phone

  • I’m a failed abortion tho my mom told me

  • i’m so grateful for my memes

  • Im glad to be alive and im glad my parents are to and there parents and there parents is parents and there parents is parents is parents and uhhh this is too long but you get what i mean....😃😃😃😃

  • Damn i didn't now that im so lucky.

  • I'm getting a new *laptop* in 2 days

  • I always have a major problem with this. This video doesn't even explain it well enough. The probability any of us exist is virtually zero.

  • im greatful for everything

  • My soul that's what I'm grateful for

  • Woahhhh.... I wish I was never born I’m not grateful

  • Dallek yay Doctor who easter egg

  • I am greatfull for NOTHING!!!! Life's a BITCH. Seriously....why are there....no painless ways to die??????? I could be an easy way out of this Motherfucking life. I really wish I was dead.

  • I don want to live. It sucks...but there are no painless ways to die.

  • Right idea, wrong number. It's infinitely much worst than this. It doesn't account for why you are the thing that has the experience that you and no one else has, and that an infinitesimal offset from whatever that thing is, in any dimension time, space, etc... might have caused it to be someone else existing in place of yourself, such that you never existed. It is a very unsettling fact.

  • I’m just glad that I have an infinite amount of squishies and millions of dollars.

  • This makes me feel bad for the sibling I lost before he or she was born 😰

  • Sometimes I wonder why I wasn’t born a animal

  • I am grateful for having a family, and food, and water, and a home. AND ALSO FOR WIFI!!

  • I'm grateful for chicken

  • what am i gratefull for Wifi and internet

  • I commented "First" when I entered my mother

  • About like two seven billionths of the world think I'm the Illuminati Which is a low chance of me being thought the Illuminati

  • I’m 15 😂😜

  • The numbers are so large.. I'm probably the only significant lifeform for billions of light-years

  • life is simple dont make it complicated

  • Still want to kill myself? I mean still want to kill yourself?

  • *So i did got 1st Victory Royale* :)


  • Life

  • you were born a winner, YOU WHERE THE FASTEST SPERM, OUT OF BILLIONS

  • I was just thinking, “ Man, why am I sad. Look at the chances of me being born! I should be happy! Wait a minute, look at the odds, but look what I’m doing. Nothing.”

  • Hmm it seems like the Astro spiritual looks for a way to obtain to continue the addiction of the feelings of temporary life and experience different life until New host is available?

  • Well at least I did something right

  • So basically 1in a 10000000000000000000?

  • The title is terrible. 'What are the Odds That You Exist?, well obviously 100% as I demonstrably do exist. I think you should have written 'What WERE the Odds that I would exist?'

  • But why me tho.

  • Having a birth defect is even more rare. I HAVE ONE! I feel better about my Microtia now!

  • I was the fastest 😎

  • ;-; gross....

  • I feel special

  • This makes me want to cry like if you agree😥😥😩😭😭😵

  • And yet every Christian thinks it's likely they just happened to be born into the "right" religion

  • Bananas.

  • You have a 0.001% chance of living..! Feel rare yet :D

  • The odds that I exist are very high because im watching this video right now Unless I'm *dead*

  • 1:19 Yes and yes 😅😂

  • I am rare

  • 0:56 the dad's talking about a dalek ( Does Life Noggin watch Doctor who? If he does the I promise I will subscribe)

  • This is deep...

  • Your wrong its 7.5billion people

  • For you to be born, the exact sperm had to fertilise the exact egg. Considering a sperm has a lifespan of 5 days, that gives a 5 day window in your parents life to conceive you. But the chances that this exact sperm would reach the egg is unfathomably small. Not to be overly crude, if your father had ejaculated even a few seconds later, a different sperm might have reached the egg. Essentially, your parents had to have sex at that one precise moment. Even the slightest most trivial change in their life history could have stopped you being born. For you to be born, every single detail of your parents life history would have to be exactly what it was. Then consider that applies to your grand parents, great grand parents and so on. Not just them, but all the people they interacted with in life. Then think back through all the stages of evolution that gave rise to humans. Also, the stars that had to explode their elements into space in order for a planet like Earth to form. The tiniest change in any event in the history of the universe would have incalculable repercussions that would echo down through time, altering history in unimaginable ways. Basically, the entire history of the universe has to have been exactly what it was in order for you to be born. If you ever feel suicidal, just think about that. You are indescribably lucky to even be here.

  • Aw yea I'm awesome

  • What would happen we didn't have space

  • wow I'm lucky

  • So I am super YAY XD

  • I'm grateful to have life

  • Suicide rate drops to 0%

  • I'm Grateful For Having The Ability To Be Grateful.

  • Its really odd you had loads of other sperms and you beat them

  • Wen i askt my dad he said that my mom had carrot orange hair and i was like daaaaaaaaam mom and wen i askt my mom did you have carrot orange hair she said yes i was like in my minde daaaaaaaaaaaaaaam mom why and now she is like i dint have carrot oringe hair life nogin plz halp ho do i belive mom vs dad

  • Why did it have to be meeee? :(

  • Against the odds, no odds figures were given in the video.

  • so then how rare are twins

  • My life

  • I'm greatful for blocko!! XD for telling us things

  • Damn you roasting me

  • I had a near 0 chance of existing but somehow I came to be! That is fucked up! I feel like I won a punishment instead of a reward. The world is a nasty place.

  • I am grateful for the doctors saving my life when I was born i had a brain tumour that was causing tons of stuff that I can’t get into they removed tons of it some still in my brain since it’s too risky to remove it but without the doctors I wouldn’t be alive right now :)


  • I’m grateful for US-tv

  • Im grateful for being one of the only people who answered.

  • *travels to the past and sneezes on my great great grandma, nolonger exists, paradox in progress*

  • I plugged in my charger at the end and it said "forget, to keep on thinkin'"

  • He is saying there’s only two genders?

  • Oh, so _that's_ why people hate abortions...

  • So Your Saying I'm rare, but there's like over 70,000 People on earth ( if there's more ) That is...Meh

  • My thoughts on the toilet yet to be solved:even if u weren't alive would u be a different person did I think if that before was I here before and didn't know it did I die and forgot is heaven real what's death like can people live for 300 years will humanity be dogs and cats in the future what if I died right now? *don't ask*

  • Gdosbsggx cool

  • All my sisters have different a dad... Mine died from a brain tumor...

  • and that's just the chances of you being born. think about the town and state you were born in, how you were raised, and where you are right this second. I bet the chances of you ending up how people recognize you, both looks and personality, are also pretty slim

  • I feel special

  • Makes me think why I sometimes don't like my life.

  • This is kinda dirty my virginity

  • OoO

  • I was conceived on Valentine's day....

  • I do not need to know how babies are made!

  • *suicide rate drops to 0%*

  • I bet the chances of jojo siwa fixing that balding,bearing hairline of hers is even *LOWER*

  • homo sapian thats a dumb word for world conceurs

  • I didn't even realize I was so unique before this!

  • I was adopted