We Wore Hoopskirts For A Day • Ladylike

Published on Apr 18, 2018
Let's get hooped!
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Fashion of nobility, Rococo era (c.1780), hand-colored woodcut, published c.1880
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Lady in hoop skirt, Rococo era, hand-colored woodcut, published c.1880
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1864 1870 1880 1900 LATE...
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Victorian ladies fashions of the 1860s, Crinolines and Hoopskirts
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Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I
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18th Century Fashion - Marquise
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  • the would actually sew the pockets onto a thin quilted string and tie it to the waist

  • They only pooped in a hole in the medieval period in the Victorian had pots

  • 10:28 how Kristin walks is just.. I am dead. I am crying I am laughing straight 10 mins replying this moment 😂😂😂😂

  • They don't have pockets as these would be tied on separately

  • Anyone else reminded of the old Disney princess costumes that had little "hoops" at the bottom? 😂😂

  • I like how skirts went from getting bigger each era then there's just now- the tighter/ shorter the better... Oh god.

  • "they used holes in the ground i think" umm, i believe those are called outhouses

  • Oh my not her Pantaloons!

  • 6:47 I was laughing my head off about their fart ideas... also I love how it went from "English princess...if you fart in your hoopskirt..."

  • aka me when I wore a bumroll and an annoying 1900s dress for 6 days(a play): How did they live this way? Also, why didn't they wear a dress on top of it?! nvm with their tops it looks kind of pretty

  • Do you work for buzzfed

  • I would wear the actual skirt but I wouldn’t wear the hoop

  • Wanna hear the most random thing in the world? When they were hiding in the racks at the beginning and said "Hiiiiiiiii!" all weird, about two seconds later I had a fart that sounded exactly like that. You're welcome and have a nice day.

  • The historical inaccuracy is killing meeee

  • i just re-watched this just to see kevin mcshane dancing 😂

  • They had tie in pockets Hince she lost her pocket... (I forgot the rhyme) And for the bathroom situation they straddled the toilet (faced it instead of turning their back)

  • I cannot get over how beautiful Kristin is like jeez Louise

  • Noooooo waaaaaaay!!!! Devin was Cho Chang?!?!?!?

  • As I'm typing this it's getting longer than I thought it would. (I wrote a paper in history class on women's fashion, plus I run an antique fashion blog on tumblr.) They were referencing panniers, which were worn in most of the 1700s fashion plates shown in the first few seconds of the video. Kristin said it would make her hips look like a sub. The dresses worn with those were called mantuas. Look those up on google. They're insane. Hoops are 1850s-60s. Also called crinoline. (Yes, the rocking motion with hoops is how they kept cool) Bustles are 1870s-80s. One was called a lobster tail. Some bustle pads were made of horse hair. Pockets were inside, tied around the waist on top of the top petticoat. (You'd be wearing 2 or 3 even with the hoops.) There were holes in the skirt and top petticoat to get inside to the pocket. However, more than likely, women had purses or reticules. Pockets were more of an 1820s-30s thing, as well as the 1700s. Women did have a hard time getting into carriages. Sitting was actually difficult. Also they had toilets back then lmao. Even flushing toilets.

  • honestly I don't think I've mentioned enough how much I love devin and kristin XD

  • "get in sluts" oml I love devin


  • Before I even clicked the video I said “It’s LadyLike, and today we are wearing hoop skirt’s” I just love LadyLike 😍💕💕

  • Why don’t you girls try to dress like woman from the 18th hundred?

  • I have a hoop skirt myself

  • These two were basically just wearing underwear in public for a day. It would have been so much more interesting if they had worn a historically correct corset, bodice, overskirt, bustles, stockings, garters etc etc, and maybe had four of them doing different ages, Elizabethan, 17th, 18th and 19th c etc. Wearing a petticoat may be somewhat entertaining but this could have been so much more, plus the research was kinda shoddy. I really enjoy Ladylike but this was an opportunity missed.

  • I love how June just hopped up and down before her intro😂

  • I love kristen’s laugh.....

  • In hungary we wear this on prom

  • Crocs and a hoop.skirt is my dream

  • How do you sit in those

  • Wear a bullet bra


  • I died at the the part "like a ship taking on water" you are hilarious and gorgeous woman!!!

  • "Footage Missing"

  • Devon’s skirt reminds me of Maria the nun in the sound of music

  • Nope not a chance.

  • is it me or does devins skirt look like a ruffly lamp head

  • This is something I would never do in a million years But how do you sit down in hoop skirts?

  • I don't know what devin's all about with the pockets because hoop skirts totally had pockets, it just that you would sew it on the inside of the skirt and they probably weren't allowed to since those weren't theirs completely.

  • They had hoopful dreams with how well they thought it would go

  • Kings and queens would pee on the hallways

  • !!

  • 7:10. Oh Devin.

  • I love Ladylike.

  • Did anyone else think of Hamilton?

  • Wasn’t hoop skirts reserved for the luxurious and therefore they would have chamber pots instead of toilets? And do their business in their own room because they didn’t have to do work

  • I really want to work at buzz feed

  • *tehe tehe teheeee*

  • Christian I think is her name the one who was trying on the blue skirt Looks like the fairy godmother xD

  • Well those are one way to keep people out of your personal space lol


  • I would not wear hoop skirts

  • A very potter musical. If thats what she said she worked/meet darren cris

  • Kristin’s lipstick matches Devin’s shirt almost perfectly.

  • 90% of these comments are just about pockets.

  • Imagine how many snacks you could sneak into a movie theater, this is revolutionary.

  • They all look beautiful . *Like always*❤️

  • no there was not a tolite there was a special cup that the ladies would hold under themselves. Women would do this at dinner partys or anywear.They would then put the cup on the tabel or on the groundafter they were finnished. Yes the women would also do a #2 in the cup aswell.if you relly wanted to use one of the cups antiqu shops sell them.Atleast all of the ones that ive been to.

    • they were called chamber pots I for got to add.

  • you both looked lovely

  • I really really wanna dress like women in the 1800s the dresses were just beautiful like omg i think would fine with most of the challenges because i was obsessed with being a princess as a child and wore HUGE dresses when i had the chance

  • I would use a hoop skirt as a tent

  • Don't judge me I want to where hoop scirts or a day or week do you guys?!cumint!!!!


  • Hoopaplousa

  • i wish they would have worn a corsage or something to make the look a little more .... like... complete? :D that would have been awesome!

  • My name is Keira lol

  • At 1:36 one of the names for the music in creative is Darren Criss. He was also Harry Potter

  • Oh like you really have to wear a bra...….Oh you are forced too ??? Oh throw it away like a good feminist

  • Why does Kristen put the phone so close to her face.like i love Kristen so much but,the phone is so close.

  • they did have pockets.... but you guys arent wearing the layers that cover the tie on pockets XD

  • How do u use the bathroom

  • Bless friends What friends

  • If jen wore one i think she would of died.

  • Our ancestors used to do it harder.... YEAH!!!

  • Who else was shocked when they saw jazmine with long hair

  • Someone likes devin

  • i feel like kristen is like a drunk old person

  • Kristen is just like my hyperactive best friend.. Dear lord I love you kristennnn

  • Im pretty sure they removed it before poop

  • Kristin 👸🏽 and Devin 👸🏼are amazing 👑💍🏰

  • ummm you were in a musical with DARREN CRISS?!!?!??

    • Yeah. In Starkids A Very Potter Musical Darren played Hary Potter and Devin played Cho Chang


  • When that dance it’s like Cinderella 😂

  • No lie, the best part of this video was the guy that lit up while dancing. Heck yes!

  • Kristin the office chair isn't hooked up yet

  • Hunch n bunch

  • U of M? Like University of Manitoba?

  • "swabbin the deck" 😂😂😂

  • scoop de whoop poop de hoop

  • Kristen's laugh makes me laugh also 😂😂

  • Remember June from ladylike makes their own clothes

  • Please see priorattire to get some ideas about real clothing, moving and toilet hacks. This ... pained me, lots of times.

  • I hate the historical inaccuracy, but I love the video! I would 10/10 wear a hoop skirt one day

  • They did have pockets. You just didn't get them to go with your hoops.

  • Did anyone else release that Devin played cho chang

  • "Wait. My pantieloons?!!"

  • as someone who loves historical fashion; I LOVE when I get an opportunity to break out my hoops. the problem is that modern/post-modern architecture, decorating/furniture, transportation, etc no longer accommodates them. otherwise I would wear all my Victorian fanciness a LOT more often.

  • Kristin is in basically in every video

  • Oh what?? They didn't do the whole outfit, corset, wood panel, and all?? Lame. It's not a challenge then. Hoop skirts by themselves are easy and fun. It's the corset and the sitting properly that wears you down. Also I was hoping for 1700s but I guess it was less of a Hoop then.