We Wore Hoopskirts For A Day • Ladylike

Published on Apr 18, 2018
Let's get hooped!
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Fashion of nobility, Rococo era (c.1780), hand-colored woodcut, published c.1880
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Lady in hoop skirt, Rococo era, hand-colored woodcut, published c.1880
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1864 1870 1880 1900 LATE...
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Victorian ladies fashions of the 1860s, Crinolines and Hoopskirts
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Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I
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18th Century Fashion - Marquise
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faded paper with floral ornament
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Roast beef sandwich
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Abstract slow film burn. HD
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Number countdown on film leader
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  • Omigod is Devin Cho Chang?! I had no idea!

  • They do have pockets its just like another dress

  • We just gonna ignore that the designer June went to U of M (university of Michigan) ? 😂 like you go girl

  • Π Π 0 0 >🍩< this is bun bun She is selling doughnuts 1 like means 1dollar Comment if you like the doughnut

  • Sitting was easier because women sat on what we call ottomens. They would lift the skirt up a little and sit or they would sit on a lounger. If you did sit in a chair it did not have arms.

  • you could sneak someone into the movies under the hoop skirt

  • "Oh kristin you look like a fairy princess" *I look like a squid*

  • They peed in s bucket and threw it out their window I think

  • There’s no pockets! We’re going to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY!!!!!!!!!

  • “Do it hard like your ancestors”

  • I loved this hey had to use the disabled bathroom 🚽🤣🤣🤣

  • I don’t do dresses sooo...

  • Some Mary Poppins here (it really reminds me of her)

  • HI! My name is Mickey and I'm new to the channel! Even though I just got here I got inspired to get a hoopskirt and make a dress witch it. So I thank you good madame's on my wonderful inspiration I shall tell you when it is finished and give you sneak peaks on the design!

  • And we have to be in it all day and we have to dance its fun like a wedding

  • Did you know when mexicans have 15 they have a hoop skirts at the bottom the drees is heavey i am 11 and my sister wanted me to put her drees on it was very heavey

  • ..

  • I would love to try to wear the hole thing corset and the hoops

  • June worked together with Darren Criss😍

  • yeahhhh, your ancestors had it hard

  • Of course there were no pockets in your underthings. However, I‘ve seen huge historic pockets that were tied round the waist on top of the underskirts you were wearing and these could be accessed from slits in the side seam of the actual dress.

  • I love that they emerged from the skirts and casually said “Hi!” XDDDD

  • Christan had me weak the hold video

  • Please watch my video

  • I definitely want to wear a hoop skirt for prom.

  • I do reanting........ kids ripping off your skirt is more common than you whould think or hope

  • Hi

  • ‘’A different ballgame’’ That had to have been a pun right

  • That was the best episode ever

  • 3:26 idk why but Devan looked so cute when she sat down

  • Kristin I know you will never read this but I just wanted to let you know that I REALLY wish I was your friend irl! You seem so cheerful and funny, I wish I would give you a hug 🤗 Anyways I love you Kristin and Devon! ❤️

  • In the actual 1800's there were pockets in the skirts.

  • *man goes under skirt* That’s a mood when you have to sneak a guy in to the house lol 😂

  • Hoop skirts aren’t gone yet well at least not in Hispanic culture (quince dresses)

  • The went to the bathroom in chamber pots.

  • Kristen should wear the hoop skirt and the rest of the dress also. She would look fabulous.

  • try a bolivian "pollera"

  • I laughed so hard at this vid 😂😂😂

  • can we bring this style back? please?

  • Honestly if you had a report on the history of hoop skirts you could just watch this video

  • My name is june


  • Now I really want a Hoopskirt!!!😃

  • What is their job at work?

  • YAY me Name is June to 😌


  • What did i just watch....

  • “I did, like, the hunch ‘N’ bunch was just like swabbing the deck”

  • 1:22 I need to do that

  • I am so jelly right now

  • Those hoops were invented by a sadist and are my idea of punishment thank God we're not living back in those times. Bless you 2 brave souls

  • 🥚

  • Pls give Kevin many dances ;-;

  • I accidentally subscribed on purpose

  • I just subbed xx

  • Omg omg i heard zombie in the bathroom scene lol my fav song idc how old it is and how young i am lol

  • hoopskirts are nice because they hold the shape up, but I prefer normal petticoat because it's so comfortable; it's basically just layers. It deflates in a couple of months if used daily and not taken care of properly but of boy I love the cupcake shape for lolita jumperskirts

  • In these old times, women would subtly squat and just release, removing the inconvenience of using a toilet. Ya, they just crapped and pissed all over the ground standing up.

  • Hey wait , I know this is completely random , but. If Harry Potter broke his glasses . People kept asking why didn’t he use magic to fix his glasses . But how o see it , why do t Harry Potter just use magic to fix his eyes?

  • Awhh 7:03 was so adorable, deven was so caring for Kristin😂😭

  • All I have to say is pageants

  • Not to be nitpicky but they did have pockets. They were basically bags that would tie around the waist underneath the skirts.

  • Well hoop skirts were a signal of how wealthy you are. If you had a bigger hoop skirt that meant you couldn’t do as many things, so assistants had to do that for you. Woman didn’t do the stuff that y’all did today.


  • I love Freddy

  • You could like store stuff under there

  • Bum roll PLEASE!!!!!!!


  • Fuckin love superstore


  • Was Devin Cho in starkid?

  • Girls, girls, girls, hoop skirts are way better than corsets, trust me

  • Cinderella's original, Grimm name was 'Ashputtle' which was just a nickname for 'toilet cleaner'

  • i wonder how they would use a toilet?

  • I want the hoop dress. Where did you get it?

  • I remember i had a hoopskirt... i threw it away thinking i didn't need it... i see this video and i want it backkkkk

  • 10:20 now I know how mother ginger hid her kids in the nutcracker. She used a giant hoop skirt.

  • “Light steel cages” Whatever maniacs in every generation keep trying to put metal in women’s undergarments

  • Stop talking about feminism for one second

  • My name is June am I going to be a fashion designerj

  • Native American ancestors worked way harder than white ancestors lol what are you talking about?

  • Hoopskirts are why women go to the restroom in groups.

  • They talk about hoop skirts then show pictures of fashions where the silhouette is shaped by a pannier which is different.

  • does anyone else hear my favorite song zombie in the backround!

  • Depending on your social class, you might have just squatted in the corner of the room to use the bathroom

  • 4:28 nightmares are coming tonight😭😭😭

  • This is wonderful! I'm going to be making a cosplay and I'll have to wear a hoopskirt for this ballgown dress. I'm going to die, but it'll be fun.

  • most awkward hi i’ve ever wayched

  • Kristen's laugh is my favourite

  • Careful you might attract a seabear

  • I would so love to do this but with the whole package, the corset and dress and the hoop skirt. Also they didnt just go to the bathroom in a hole in the ground they had chamber pots. Which was basically a pot that they went to the bathroom in and then emptied out the window

  • AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH I really wanna try on the whole dress for a day lol!

  • for a second i thought one of you said ‘poop skirts’

  • Goofing in A girls skirt, totally normal

  • Omg but how am I gonna walk

  • Omg I need one for medieval day


  • Hahahaha😂 no if you were rich enouph to have servants a chamber maid would go under your skirts and hold a pot for you to pee in.

  • Why are ALL the reference pictures of 18th (17 hundreds ) century gowns, but hoop skirts/crinolines weren’t invented until the 1850s

  • Am I like the only one who has actually, like WORN a hoop skirt? I'm a civil war reenactor and i do this often. Also, the only real danger is fires and doors. They basically just make your dress skirt poofy! They are super fun to wear! Edit: It's funny to watch you guys struggle with these