We Wore Hoopskirts For A Day • Ladylike

Published on Apr 18, 2018
Let's get hooped!
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Fashion of nobility, Rococo era (c.1780), hand-colored woodcut, published c.1880
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Lady in hoop skirt, Rococo era, hand-colored woodcut, published c.1880
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1864 1870 1880 1900 LATE...
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Victorian ladies fashions of the 1860s, Crinolines and Hoopskirts
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Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I
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18th Century Fashion - Marquise
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  • Be a 4 yr old with hair down to ur butt and go to the bathroom

  • I would love to see the hoop skirts and the corsets combined! Whole get up!

  • This video made me laugh so hard and I was watching it at 11:40 pm

  • Ya know what I want to see: the “grumpy” man teaching lady like how to dance for a full video and watching them dance at the end with him. It made him happy and that’s awesome

  • The hood skirt is good for pooping and peeing in public because it covers your private parts

  • i've never seen a land whale host a "ladylike" video before. sorry buzzfeed, ladies are meant to be sticks not thick.

  • Kevin(?) Dancing makes me heart melt. I love him

  • -to try in a hoop skirt you pull forward on the skirt and you stick your butt out - to use the bathroom you gather all of the over skirt in front then flip the back of your hoop over your head and hold then hold the hoop together with one hand -in Renaissance some skirts had pockets - to walk without walking over your skirt you just try and point your toes up as you walk and don’t lift your foot to much -don’t worry the skirts didn’t stay clean to often(it’s really hard to keep clean) This is all stuff you learn from being at lady in waiting in Renaissance fair lol

  • all quinceaneras know how this feels

  • I want to work at buzzfeed. Not only is crap fun, u legit get moneyy

  • Kristin is hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  • i kinda want to do this now

  • I l o o k l i k e a s q u i d

  • There were toilets

  • Oh my god devin was cho chang in avpm

  • Man, Dev really has Period Drama Feelz. The way she ran, limbs up, with horrified exclamations.

  • Kristen looks so pretty in this video tbh

  • the dancing looked so funnn

  • Hoopskirts are cool, but I see that Kristin's desk is still very tidy :D

  • I wore a hoop skirt for my quinceñera

  • when she said starkid I was fangirling and then she mentioned a very potter musical I lost it!

  • I love when mike is in these videos. He has a warm appearance

  • A group of squids should be called squad

  • Lowkey Candace Lowry at 12:00

  • This reminds me of when I was in folkorico you are hot looking good your feet hurt and you always fall over your skirt

  • You should do a head to toe Victorian makeovers

  • If I showed up to work wearing a hoop skirt and recording myself they would commit me

  • Cinderella = Old Poopskirt

  • There were pockets (more like bags inside the skirt).


  • I watched Kristin fall out of the chair like 50 times

  • 12:52 well seeing as the skirts are massive I bet you could just casually stand over the hole and poop without anyone noticing😏

  • for some reason i want one????!!! ;-;

  • I had to wear one in my musical as a stepsister and it was rough I couldn’t go through any doors properly 😂😂

  • Kristin looked like she belonged in beauty and the beast

  • Devine talks about farting alot

  • U of M I live in Minnesota

  • 9:58 how children hid from strangers around their mothers back then

  • Daisy Daisy, give me your answer true I will cycle over the love of you It won't be a stylish marige,I can't afford a carrige But you'll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two. Michal, Michal here's your answer true I won't cycle over the love of you If you can't afford a carrige call if the blueman marriage Because I'll be hitched if I'll be switched on a bicycle built for two ( entrance at 9:15 these are the lyrics for bicycle built for two)

  • For some reason I know alot on how poeople did stuff back in the day when there were hoop skirts and all the time during the video im screaming THATS NOT TURE or THAT NOT HOW THEY DID IT and my sister looking at me like im crazy -_-

  • They actually had pocket.... just not on the underskirt

  • The rich women who wore hoops skirts had maids and butlers so they didn’t need to do chores

  • At 7:16, It felt like they were best friends and Kristen farted in front of her crush so Devin hid her.

  • You guys should wear mermaid tails for a day You can get them at finfunmermaid.com If this video dream of mine comes true than praise It’d be cool for them to kinda just swim around and do challenges in the water


  • Kevin!😍😍😍so much joy😊cute🕺🕺

  • "oh my god im a princess!!!" to "oh my god im stuck in a patriarchy like a princess!!" real quick HAHAHAHA

  • sounds like a lot of *hoopla*

  • Kristen is so funny

  • I love how bitter and blunt Devin is and how cheery and positive Kristen tries to be about it in the intro

  • They're actually pretty comfortable once you get used to them. I wear them all the time during civil war reenactments. I also made mine by myself.

  • This is my childhood Dream

  • “swabbin’ the deck this way” IM DEAD

  • I’m done

  • Devin played cho Chang

  • Holy

  • Kirsten and Devin are my two favourite people in the whole of BuzzFeed. They're just so real and hilarious 😂

  • Whenever my dance studio puts on the Nutcracker, we do this one number that involves 7+ children under a hoop skirt

  • im jelly 😣😣

  • Wait are we not going to talk about the fact that Darren Criss played Harry Potter when they showed the cast list at the beginning?!

  • I tried a hoopskirt when I was 2-3 years old Edit I laughed so hard in 7:06 - 7:09 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Devin: Kristin you look like a fairy princess! Kristin: I look like a squid! Lmao😂

  • The dancing was beautiful 💜

  • Lol, “I’m on a lot of DayQuil guys.” Literally me All. The. Time.😂😂

  • Where do I put my phone? There’s no pockets in these! Yes, because people had phones in the Victoria times.

  • It’s odvisly a holahop for your butty 👍🏼ya

  • Devin was waaaaaaaaaaay too excited about the grumpy guy Kevin.

  • Back then they just used to pee on themselves No joke.

  • Devin is giving me the siund of music vibes with her skirt

  • Okay, Kristen looks particularly GORGEOUS in this video

  • "At first i was like, 'Oh my god im a princess!' But then i was like 'oh my god in stuck in thr patriarchy like a princess!!'"

  • Their finally mentioning Starkid!!!!

  • That starkid rep tho

  • Superstore!!!

  • This is the first time I realized that Devin was Cho Chang in AVPM! OMG!

  • Why did Devin change her shirt? The green one matched the skirt so much better. Great video guys! ❤

  • May we judt acknowledge that kristen is wearing C R O C S

  • I know some skirts back in the day had pockets, but I don't think they were part of the skirt, they were attached to a separate string that was tied around the waist. I am not an expert, take this with a grain of salt.

  • The try guys have to do this

  • 2:42 😂😂😂

  • 7:14! I DIED 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • This reminds me of quinceañera dress shopping vibes all over again lol

  • Nciwmndomdn kdjenw Kim d. Kowkwmdd emmdmwpkwmeks. Mcdehhelloeendjjdw Lmao my cat jumped on my computor

  • As a curator of antique clothing... I’ve never found “poop on people’s skirts”... but menstrual blood... you bet. Those poor women were doing the best they could. Commercial sanitary products didn’t really hit the market until the 1920s. Before that, our biological needs were considered “too taboo” to acknowledge.

  • Can we bring those skirts back?

  • I remember I was on a school trip and some students from my class had to try on the clothing from the Victorian times and I had to wear a hoop skirt.......😐

  • Thats How dresses look so flowy

  • From experience, I know that you cannot drive in a hoop skirt. It is very hard to use the restroom. It is also not easy to move around without knocking over things... Stools are easier to sit on than chairs, especially those with arms. Seems like they had fun though. ^_^

  • This is funny but it doesn't proove anything, during the 1850's women who wore those hoopskirts were not working in office or driving cars.

  • And I thought going to the restroom in a regular dress is hard... but I wanna try.

  • "Tee hee tee hee tee hee" 😂

  • Great!!

  • "everyone wants to go under my skirt" XD


  • When I’m older I need to find this place so I can dress like Elizabeth Schuyler :3 and hopefully have enough money for a con so I can cosplay as her! :3

  • It reminded me instantly of the sound of music and when she was singing in the mountain every time they twirled around! That must have been so hard I can only imagine what it would be like if you had to wear a corset with that too. Also did anyone else get some pirates of the Caribbean vibes! I wish I could try and with the fancy little hand fan, haha I can only imagine.

  • Why did Kristin start to adapt a Canadian accent like halfway through the video lol


  • Correction: no, they did not have toilets, but they would use a chamber pot. (So basically you would do your business in a pot)

  • I'm a reenactor of the French and Indian war and the American Revolution.... I'm used to this!