We Tried To Re-Create This Giant Cinnamon Roll

Published on May 12, 2018
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  • For some reason I love Andrew Like if you love him too

  • Measuring things by cats will still make more sense than the imperial system .

  • The cafe that makes them is in san Antonio tx yall need 2 try the original even do this looks so good

  • I love Rie 😊

  • My favorite line, “oh it’s so thick.” 😂😂

  • Computer

  • Can you change the painted wall color, it's really boring and makes it feel like they're in cold emotionless warehouse. Or at least add some decorations to the wall, anything really. It's just gray on white on gray.

  • andrew needs a better partner

  • He's so proud that he knows what divide and conquer means 😂😂

  • that is one sad looking giant cinnamon roll

  • Leave it to BuzzFeed to figure out a way to make content out of content you already did 😂

  • With Andrews girl friend!

  • I’ve made a cinnamon roll bigger than those

  • keep doing this

  • The girl's head always slunted in left side😂

  • Add some walnuts and ta da you get a classic (ish) walnut loaf from bakers delight

  • She is so not a happy cinnamon bun. Please bring back Nicki.

  • b i g b o i s

  • Annie has a cute face and smile

  • I rly like these 2 together for some reason

  • Reia Roasts them: Do you want to know hpw to rap properly (and giggles)

  • Rie is like a mother whose trying so hard to encourage her kids to cook well

  • Definitely can’t tell that laptop is a macbook

  • i really like Annie

  • that is not a giant cinnamon roll its a cinnamon block

  • 4:11 ohhhhhhhhhh yeaaaah boii

  • Niki is boy🤔

  • I wanna see Adam cook

  • What was the history podcast

  • I love the paper towel on the back of the computer that says “computer” lol

  • The main problem is that you should have proofed them in their own individual round pans with short walls to get the round sides and dome top.

  • That guy was the wrong pick to make this. He's so boring.

  • Annie is gorgeous

  • B****g 😬

  • We need to see more of Annie!

  • I don't prefer cream cheese icing on cinnamon rolls

  • The butter squelching sound though... [6:01]


  • Rie is literally the best😆😄 Love her soooo much 💞😫

  • I live in San Antonio where Lulu's is located and let me say...they are as good as they look!

  • Fyi, the dough flopped in the middle not1 only because you touched it too much, but also because it fermented for too long before going to the oven. The right timing for fermentation is important to make the dough stronger, which is usually 25% smaller than the final size.

  • It's the tilting tower of piza

  • If you cant soften stuff because you forgot, you can blend it to make it into a paste and it tends to work okay

  • I love Rie's expression whenever she's helping out. It's like: this is my job; I'm focused on helping them; I'm interested in the outcome of this. It's not like it's a fun little thing she's volunteered to help with (like it looks like with most people on screen). This is her job and she's serious about it.

  • Why would they try to recreate Adam

  • Computer

  • Dude the thing Andrew was watching on It’s a microwave

  • "mine looks like chicken wing" same gurl sameee ahahaha

  • Try wraping something solid around it so it would keep its shape.

  • everyone loves annie and i hope annie knows this 💕💖

  • I think everybody already knew what divide and conquer meant.

  • Nice shout out to "some guy"

  • Computer.

  • I just learnt what divide and conquer really means. I also just learnt the first thing I ever have from a BuzzFeed family video.

  • Stretch-tiddy

  • "computer" lmao

  • Wait... I thought literally everyone knew where Divide and Conquer came from??????? I'm shook.

  • its ok Andrew I'll eat anything you make. cause I love you!

  • I need to find a man that can do baking stuff with me. cause I'm horrible on my own. I can bake, but I lack motivation

  • Giant cinnamon ro-.. Cake

  • giant 3 lb cinnamon roll = 1/3 cats

  • Idk why but Annie reminds me of Annie Leonhart in Attack on Titan

  • Why make a giant cinnamon roll when you have one behind the camera anyway?

  • That girl need to look at the camera more...dont be shy, you’re in buzzfeed man

  • That’s a cats worth of flour That’s a damn cats worth of flour Andrew

  • I think we all know that Adam is the real cinnamon roll in this video.

  • so tasty recreated tasty recreating a giant cinnamon roll what a mind fuck.

  • I felt awkward and I’m not even there...

  • OMG THAT WAS MY SHOPPING LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Why is the butter so green looking?