We Tried To Re-Create This Giant Cinnamon Roll

Published on May 12, 2018
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Lulus Cafe


  • they should have put them in round cake pans to back and hold shape

  • computer 😂


  • Lmao homemade "computer"

  • 2 sticks of butter = 1 cup

  • I really have started loving your channel!😍😍😍

  • "want some milk?" "im lactose intolerant" *drinks anyway* this is every lactose intolerant person i know

  • Why does Annie look like Hwasa from Mamamoo?

  • 🤠

  • i legit am drinking choco milk right now XD

  • on steroids

  • "Is that a blanket?" Lol

  • diabetics worst nightmare

  • Me: sees title Me: ...phil lester?

  • bruh scott _is_ a cinnamon roll

  • Cinnamon=contour=makeup=beauty=edible=❤️

  • Andrew: “This place is pretty warm, right?” *feels air* 😂😂😂😂

  • Yes Lulu's! Shout out to San Antonio, Tx.❤ love my home town. 😍

  • Why is the girl in the video like a female version of Eugene

  • Top of the morning chocolate milk❤️

  • Its 12 am and now i crave cinnamon rolls, thanks tasty Fun fact: i only tried cinnamon rolls with cream cheese on the other day

  • They probably couldve maintained the round shape better in a cake pan.

  • *Do you want to learn how to wrap properly?* RIE MY HEART 😭💕

  • Try to make butterscotch cinnamon pie

  • rieeee❤

  • whats the name of the background instrumental sound called in 1:23 till 1:39 ?

  • Cinnamon roll bread xD

  • Did anyone else hear the noise the melted butter made at 6:02

  • Andrew just goes like "what"

  • Andrew is so done with buttering things up😂😂

  • *big boys*

  • why annie look so BoxBox?

  • "Do you like chocolate milk?" "I'm lactose intolerant.." Me too but I dont listen and regret it later

  • She kinda looks like Young K from day6..

  • I never knew Japanese people only measure things in cats. As expected of a country with the reputation of being Neko-loving. Oh the things you learn with US-tv.

  • I have tried the cinnamon rolls from Texas because I live there they are so good

  • Should have left it on the original pan and not moved them

  • When Tie for Tie said it looks like a chicken wing I was eating chicken wings how weird🤔

  • Not to be racist but I laughed when they were like theres gonna be alot of math then the Asian lady said aren't you excited

  • I love how the computer is labeled “computer”

  • make a labneh, Doritos, and hotdog sandwich with Chico milk BEST SANDWICH EVER

  • "Looks a little scary, but, looks good." -Hesitates to touch cinnamon rolls -

  • That ended up being more like a king cake lol love it

  • Cinnamon roll without apple that's my favorite

  • “do you measure things by cats in japan ?” LMFAOOO

  • annie's hair is fab!!!!

  • Werent theg supposed to use brown sugar for the filling?

  • "It's so hot inside" that's what he said

  • I weigh 9 cats

  • "Do u measure things by cats in japan?"😂😂😂

  • You guys have to keep making these videos. Seeing trial and error is the most satisfying thing for curiosity and avoiding everyone’s mistakes at attempting this

  • To all filipino out there, did u notice that the plastic wrap has "tite" in it?


  • Cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk

  • Rie: it looks kinda scary but it looks good all i can think is this is me when im trying new clothes standing infront of the mirror

  • Ugh i hate that Americans put that white glacé on top of cinnamon rolls. You ruining this Swedish delicacy! And yes Americans, cinnamon rolls are Swedish 🇸🇪

    • Madde O co. Ya so it's America s take on it and have you tried it with the glaze

  • It didn’t even have the proper shot of how to properly wrap with the plastic :/

  • Is Adam eating the cinnamon roll cannibalism?

  • yes I knew what divide and conquer is thanks

  • I love Japanese girls

  • You shouldve put it in a cake pan

  • I want to marry rie

  • I like how the laptop says computer on the back

  • looks so ew

  • Shi lemme get a job at BuzzFeed

  • I Loooooooooove Andrews, can he replace Siri,

  • Anyone else notice the "Computer" sign taped over the computer?

  • Adam saying history facts is my kink.

  • Just stick the lumpy cream cheese in a mixer, it'll get rid of the lumps in no time - no need to start over!

  • she has no personality and is so boring to watch.

  • You guys are great, I enjoyed the video

  • Nikki can be my fucking mom I LOVE HERRRR

  • Idk why but i think she has a crush on him.. i dont blame her.. would fuck him too

  • Why do people want more of Annie?She has 0 personality and said practically nothing the whole episode.Andrew could have done this ep on his own.She should stay behind the camera

  • Annie is beautiful


  • I'm lactose intolerant too. But do I drink tea and coffee anyways? Hell yes. Should I be doing that? Probably not. Do I care though? Not one bit.

  • should have used a cake pan

  • I live in Texas

  • How does she so look like YoungK from DAY6?????

  • So boring.

  • annie is hot

  • Bună ce faci ieșit bine șanț ieu Gabriela locuiesc lângă casa ta.

  • Actually that would be 2 or 3 really FAT cattos of flour

  • I thought it was less sugar!!! I'm just obsessed with sugary, chocolatey and sweet stuff lol!!!

  • so, andrew and adam left worth it?

  • okay but when i noticed the "computer" on the laptop i started laughing so hard i scared my puppy

  • *Dey look like chicken wings* Rie - 2018


  • Looks good mmm

  • Ah, I never knew his full name was Adam Bianchi. Does he have any relation to Kenneth Bianchi? 👀👀👀

  • 2:11 i swear i heard jewish

  • Yah I love Lulu's! They got good buns😝

  • Umm I suggest you just use a circular container to cook the cinnamon roll so it doesn’t lose its shape

  • Totally in love with the channel, wish I could work with you guys.

  • Its not a Cinnamon roll its a Cinnamon square😂

  • I've been to Lulu's, it's in San Antonio. I like sweets, taste wise at best, its okay. But its one of those thing that you just get for the experience more than flavor

  • you can make a giant 🍕 pizza

  • A bit inconsiderate of him to say they're going with the cream cheese frosting when Annie is lactose intolerant :(

  • Annie is beautiful