We Tried Stick-On Foot Pads To See If They Could Replace Shoes

Published on Oct 3, 2018
We put stick-on foot pads to the test. We were "barefoot" on the grass, in the streets, on the beach and more to see if they really work. They are waterproof and they protect your feet from the elements. Could these stickers replace your shoes?
See more on these hidden shoes here: bluecrate.com/products/hidden-shoes
#FootPads #StickOnShoes
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  • B Bu But But w But wh But why But wh But w But Bu B

  • When I frickin wear *flip flops* my feet get dirty

  • In the winter you could get frostbite or pneumonia from not having protection. Also, this has no arch support, which could really damage your foot.

  • Seeing her step on lego SHE IS AN IMMORTAL

  • Is this buzzfeed?

  • Hi Alex you would look so beautiful if you just put on a little weight, your face would be much softer ☺️

  • 1990: “i bet by 2018 we’ll have flying cars” 2018:

  • She reminds me of Meg

  • "Nothing hurts youe feet more than walking over legos" Have you ever been running through your house and gotten a sewing needle stuck halfway into your foot because when i was nine that happened to me

  • This can never replace gumboots or steel toe-cap boots. Also... 0:57 what does it even mean when a shoe is "waterproof" and then your feet still gets wet...?

  • City dwelling is,too dangerous for no protection.

  • Except for my bedroom,try getting past the pile of legos

  • Aha there’s my pads for my feet to stop bleeding when I step on rocks

  • The thing is there is a really bad limit on how much protection your feet get. Eg: if you have to step on a thumbtack or a needle even. All that you have is a thin piece of cotton and spandex that may stop blunt impact such as a Lego or a more rounded rock but up against a sharp object such as a thumbtack you have a better chance with flip flops. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of wastage these will produce , because these are not biodegradable and will stay on this earth for a lifetime to come ultimately damaging the environment and it doesn't last as long or work as well as a regular pair of shoes.😷

  • You know it's extreme when the first test on the list are legos

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  • You would save more money on a pair of $10 shoes that will last you longer

  • 4:42 they started to fall off at the beach, what you need it spray on shoes ala cloudy with a chance of meatballs.

  • uh... there is a thing called flip flop.

  • This is the dumbest shit I've ever seen

  • These are $15 EACH!!! and thats not including postage wtf

  • Her eyebrows look like ligit commas

  • This ain't it chief..

    • 4:43 they came off too easily, they trash

  • Why replace shoes... they are part of fashion...

  • What if something hits your foot from the top rip your foots, shoes are meant to protect your foot not just the base but all around your foot from dangers not just walking

  • i'd like to see her tied down on table and tickled tortured by dogs licking her feet soles

    • what's wrong with you

    • i'd like to see you disappear from existence

  • I need theeee

  • It's good until a piece of sharp metal or glass pierces through your "shoes"

  • What happens when something fall on your feet?

  • Who else found taking them off satisfying?

  • i wouldn’t wanna go to the toilet in these

  • And then you step on a piece of broken glass.

  • You can’t stub your toe with shoes on

  • oh nice toes

  • wtf

  • this is just a excuse to make youtube foot porn

  • Feet are overrated.

  • “I was ON my friend the internet.” XD

  • I’d still wear shoes.

  • how about A SANDAL

  • But shoes are nice a fresh pair of js always make an alright outfit amazing

  • *steps on nail*

  • Its useless

  • Have you tried eating

  • Nice! Some more plastic waste!!

  • I thought those were what sandles for

  • I feel like Quinton Tarantino might have invented these.


  • Those wold work so well for skateboarding

  • One of the dumbest inventions ever made.

  • They got a steel toe version?

  • Everyone keeps calling Lego Bricks, "Legos"

  • Nope! As a person in love with cholo fashion I like my sexy shiny leather boots and shoes! This would be a appearance nightmare!

  • Ummmmm...the toes don't get to spread.

  • Xeroshoes. Just Xeroshoes.

  • 3:43 is that a new backbling for fortnite lmao😂

  • I feel like they're a bit too small on her

  • What if people step on your toe?

  • they seam a bit wasteful being one use.

  • Love her voice

  • Waterproof? That doesn't make sence as long as your feet are exposed for at least 80%...

  • Lol if you walked around like that with no soles on your feet with in no time your feet harden. And you have to watch were you step but that’s to hard for most people. Grass sand tarmac lol ok stupid fad indeed

  • One-use-only shoes? :| Hell no!

  • Future are here. 😊

  • Wait..... u only get 1 chance to put them on? Well... then i geuss you need 365 of those for a year.... or not?

  • Yah good review. For sure I'd do her. Confirmed.

  • They're called Lego, not Legos!

  • Just imagine hitting the edge of a door or wall.... Or stepping on glass.

  • I bet their perfect for the snow

  • Next video socks will replace shoes

  • dude just go barefoot or don't

  • We need to get rid of all plastic straws because our disposable society is awe full and the worst thing in the world. Oh, disposable foot wear? I love it! It’s so cute!

  • Or you could just wear flip flops or sandals that wont have to be thrown away every time you wear them. Also she's not gonna mention how around her toes and heel still got dirty?

  • What about in snow

  • These might work except when you go somewhere where you need more protection

  • do it the easy way buy shoes

  • Yep. Definitely a waste of money

  • Stop buying foot pads. Buy a sandwich.

  • So One time use???

  • "Anything you can do with shoe on now you can do without shoes on" except go into stores

  • *steps on a nail*

  • This is quite morbid to ask, but is someone going to put those one and walk over stuff like broken glass, nails, or burning coal? Can these pads protect our feet from dangerous stuff like normal shoes do?


  • this is literally the worst for the environment like whyyy

  • Just weird...

  • What if there’s glass on the floor, or jagged rocks or something? That’s what I want to know

  • How much you spend your money each day only to buy different foot patch..shoes can protect your feet but that thing cant

  • Taetae come see this

  • Wait until you bang your foot into something.

  • Why not use scissors to separate the toes?

  • This is dumb.

  • Now: Louis vuttion stick on feet pads

  • Ok then you walk on glass.... Or a very sharp object of some sort..... I'm sorry but no

  • I actually bought a pair off Wish for a buck in July. I haven't tried them yet but now I know they actually stay on. Cool!

    • I just wished the pack came with at least two pair instead of just one.

  • Alex we don't need to see the dirt on your feet soles

  • Do they offer a steel toed option?

  • But your toes are still exposed 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • HOLD UP... are they reusable

    • No she states you only have one shot at applying them so that in it's self suggest they are a one wear thing.

  • Cloudy with a Chance of meatballs looking ass

  • ...Nope.