We Tried Stick-On Foot Pads To See If They Could Replace Shoes

Published on Oct 3, 2018
We put stick-on foot pads to the test. We were "barefoot" on the grass, in the streets, on the beach and more to see if they really work. They are waterproof and they protect your feet from the elements. Could these stickers replace your shoes?
See more on these hidden shoes here: bluecrate.com/products/hidden-shoes
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  • I couldn’t use these because I constantly cross my toes when ever i wear shoes

  • Creates useless waste, doesn't protect from half the things shoes would, you'd get kicked out of resturants, and they're more expensive. So WHY

  • have fun stubbing ur toe lady...

  • The hell with the product I love her feet !!!

  • On grass ?, um, i think my foot would be too itchy, and i wouldn't want my foot shown out in public because, it would make me uncomfortable and it would feel weird (my opinion).main issue: Too weird to be out in public and wear these.

  • It just kinda looks like you have an infection on the bottom of your foot..

  • It is not “LEGOs” it is LEGO peace’s

  • I will succ ur toes

  • I hate being barefoot

  • You can’t go in a kitchen because you know... KNIVES

  • These won’t last as long as shoes, making more waste. A clever way to sell them but maybe not so great for the planet. Just get some actual shoes.

  • What's the problem with wearing elegant leather shoes, like women did in the 20th century? Why wear these stupid things?

  • Wouldn't it be waste full

  • Wow

  • Omg u sound like jo jo Siwa ima die like how 😵😵😵

  • Is it me or does she sound like jo jo Swia

  • People with foot fetishes are enjoying this

  • I got a barefoot shoe ad

  • What her name this girl

  • Welcome to Utah, where stickers and thorns are *everywhere* Have fun stabbing your foot a bunch here while using these.

  • 3:14 look at her left hand🤣💥

  • Hey Alex, send me your used Stick-on foot pads when you are ready to discard them.

  • Are these sold in Canada and how much are they

  • What is up with ur eyebrows

  • Shoes support you're foot, PROTECT your toes and feet from all kinds of stuff, and keep you're feet warm in the winter or when it's chilly. What do these do? Make sure your feet don't get dirty

  • What about stubbing your toe?

  • When i clicked this video, i got an ad for Why You Should Wear Shoes😂

  • I think it would make more sense if these were made of a more durable material than cotton or spandex. Then you could keep them for a much longer time, but I'm not sure how they'd maintain their stickiness.

  • These only make sense in places where you would normally be barefoot. Other than your home, I mean. Because there are other things that shoes provide that these don't. Here's a list of reasons shoes are better: Arch support. I have high arches, and if I walk around barefoot, even just around my house, my arches start to hurt really badly. Even plain canvas shoes like converse or vans with no arch support whatsoever are better than walking around barefoot. Protection for the top of your feet- Shoes can protect you from stubbing your toes or being stepped on. Keeping your feet dry and clean. Even when you wear sandals, your feet get really dirty, and if its raining or you step in a puddle, these things will come off your feet. Reuse & longevity. These things are single use. I have a pair of foam flip flops that I bought about 2 years ago that I still use. The soles are getting thin, but they still work. Most shoes will last many years, and can be worn hundreds, maybe even thousands of times. Cost effectiveness: Something that's reusable will always be more worth the money. I don't know how much these cost as they are not being sold anymore at the link provided (I guess that makes this entire comment a moot point), but I'm going to guess they are about $20 a piece since that was the average price of stuff still being sold. My flip flops that I still have from 2017 were about $5. And they're just about as effective as these are. Fashion. As I said, these only make sense in places you would go barefoot. Shoes are good for certain situations, most of which these cannot be used for. Cushioning. Walking around in shoes without cushioning is uncomfortable, just as walking around barefoot. These things are made of cotton and spandex, and they look pretty thin. I imagine there's not much cushioning. Size range: These things come in 3 sizes. (or at least that is what we are shown) if you have large, small, or wide feet, you will not be able to use these. Now obviously, not everything on this list applies to every style of shoe. But the one thing that can apply to every single shoe other than these is that they can be reused, which is not true of these. So not only are they impractical, but they are also wasteful. And I'm certainly not immune to society's fixation with consumerism, but I do believe in buying clothing that is versatile and that can be used in more than one situation, and that you'll wear more than once. I have one set of formal wear which I have worn to concerts, scholarship interviews, community service, school presentations, and a funeral. Not only that, but the individual pieces can be worn on their own in casual situations. So, yeah. Very versatile, well worth the money spent. Unlike these. What I'm trying to say, is that these things are just a waste of money. In every situation that you could wear these it would be more practical to either go completely barefoot or just wear flip flops, which serve the same purpose as these with the added benefit of being reusable

  • *Gets cold feet*

  • Link does not work.

  • Talk to me I wanna lick ur feet ummy very amazing feet

  • If they replace them with shoes you will Get bullied Get weird looks Everyone is gonna talk behind your back

  • How long do they LAST? So cool...

  • I love being barefoot , I have stick toes THIS IS FOR ME

  • The top of you feet is expose heart it but I think improve on the product. However I wear in my house.

  • Its like a future slippers

  • But what if you stub your toe or trip and fall, you thought it hurt with shoes on imagine how painful it would be without them.

  • White people

  • They make your feet stink to high heavens ! Its really bad !

  • Practical or not those are super sexy! I would certainly enjoy seeing these worn by my girl👍

  • just wear flip flops

  • SPONSORED. ...

  • It's all fun and games till someone walks on a cactus or mesquite branch.

  • A pebble something sharp...it over!

  • One reusable alternative........*crocs*

  • Cool stuff

  • Um what about shoes being used for warmth??

  • 2:53 how tf is that lady standing on the- ummm.. thingy? With high heels on?

  • Walking on Legos I nothing compared to walking on a plug

  • But..... what about the sides of your feet tho? 🤔

  • 1. They probably last 1 day 2.You’re feet are going to be freezing if it’s cold 3. And if doesn’t solve anything as you will still want to take these things off as all matter of diseases and all manners of shit on the bottom of these things and walking in your house will bring all this muck in.

  • At the park *sees this woman* mom: stay away from her honey child: ITS BURNING MY EYES SHE IS SCARY

  • Its not environmentally friendly thou

  • A good recommendation if you want to be treated like a homeless person

  • actually its cute till you step on a thorn

  • Heh we go barefoot in Australia sometimes

  • Well, I mean not everything you can do with these. Like hiking and climbing cause shoes are also to protect the top of your foot from tall rocks, sticks, snake bites, etc. But I could see these being useful for just walking around.

  • Would happen you stub ur toes lol

  • Well only in the summer

  • @INSIDER great idea and she’s amazing and she has perfect feet

  • *an ad for why you should wear shoes popped up during this video💀*

  • It just protects the bottom of your feet from heated concrete floors and asphalt wtf -.-

  • Sooooooo what happens when its freezing cold below degree what ya gonna make stick on boots 😂😂😅🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Yeah,if u bump your toes against the table,god know how pain it is

  • I can't see them catching on

  • Doesn't protect anything .

  • все ко мне про foot fetish go

  • “Test 1: The Literal Streets” Oh thank god. For a second there I thought she was gonna do the figurative streets. It would’ve been a catastrophe if the streets were figurative.

  • If only we had a version of these that were reusable. and for protection, they could cover the whole foot, ad instead of being uncomfortably held on with adhesive we could use pieces of string or straps of interlocking fibers! That way, we could also choose how tight they are and we could wear socks with them!

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  • its all fun and games untill a 80 year old man following you and looking at your feet the whole time.

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  • in the winter they are useless

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  • Look, make them reusable and I'll think about it. Until then there a waist of money and killing our planet.

  • All fun and games until someone steps on your toes

  • Who the heck would buy this?

  • She's definitely going to have a page on wiki feet now 😂😂😂

  • For the beach okay but out in the open I don't think any one would like to see my feet

  • 2:58 *loud ass truck goes by* “I hear A LOT of whispers”

  • Beside the video there's an ad and it's titled ''Why you should wear shoes..." by Aetrex Worldwide Inc. xD

  • Who would wear this in public, everyone would look at you all day 😂👀

  • Imagine having to peel open a container and stick these on your feet.. This post was made by: *THE SHOE GANG*

  • Since when did shoes Become a problem? Ya'll Just Lazy SMH.

  • What happens when someone steps on your toes?

  • Put on some shoes no one wants to see your crustasiuns

  • .... couldn’t you just wear flip flops?

  • Ok fighting the elements on the bottom of your feet, but what about the top of your feet? Or someone stepping on or something falling on your foot?

  • cold feet

  • If you really like to go barefoot your feet will grow callouses that I personally guarantee are better than this things

  • I don't want to be barefoot...

  • Ok but what about people who don't have arches in their foot 👀☕

  • _When you realize your feet look like you’ve been kicking rocks so you wear socks instead_

  • Try running through the woods and see how that works out 👏🏼

  • The girl at 2:54 like omfg