We Tried A Pain-Relieving “Tanning Bed”

Published on May 13, 2018
We tried the NOVOTHOR anti-aging “tanning bed” to see if this thing is worth the hype! (IT IS NOT AN ACTUAL TANNING BED IT JUST LOOKS LIKE ONE WE DO NOT ENDORSE TANNING BEDS AT ALL!!!)
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  • Hey everybody!! Would you try this crazy pod? Where’s the notification squad at!!

    • Infrared is heat. So it's the heat that relaxes you.

    • 💖💖u guys look so cute together

    • Michelle Khare no

    • Michelle Khare I'd definitely try this! I suffer from chronic pain, so if there's any chance it might help, I'd take it!

    • Michelle Khare yes I would very much try this and hope I can unlock my mutant power also want to retain the glow and slip into the Tron dimension at will ever after. Also... I'd like you to be there..in the bikini..that would be the greatest day in mankind's history.

  • gr8_

  • I do 5 min of sun daily works amazing ..

  • red light therapy...have done it several times where i live in japan. i dont feel like it does anything besides making me sweat lol.

  • Hey Michelle you should totally try it! Idk if u have already but it would be cool if you did!! :)

  • "my handsome---vERY HANDSOME AND SINGLE FRIEND" when you're the friend that sets up dates....

  • Whoever wakes up next to her is a lucky man!

  • 7:17 You have a typo.... "subsribe" :)

  • I love Michelle ❤️

  • This camera guy such a gay, here was a chance to see Michelle whole body because she’s hot ! He focused on the torso not the whole body, gay gay cameraman.

  • I'm so scared of tanning beds

  • 4:07 - wait what is that Harrison Ford

  • With how many good stuff you do to your skin and body you should live for ever

  • Michelle! You're so awesome! You should try a salt water float tank!

  • Michelle & Eduardo! You guys rock... Nice job . See you in the future

  • Red light is safer since it doesn’t make your pupils dilate (sorry if that’s the wrong word) like white light does, which I believe is what causes you to see white dots after you look at white light. I learned this from an astronomer and I guess this information was put to good use lol Please don’t comet (space pun hehe) me if I got any info wrong, I’m not a scientist

  • Is it just me or do they both seem high after

  • Not gonna say it doesnt work but surely it's like 75% placebo

  • You get that feeling in tanning beds. That's why so many people like them. Never in a million years would I go unprotected with my eyes though.

  • *QUESTION: Why 12 minutes? Why not longer?* Super interesting video.

  • Is he gay

  • I thought u guys were supposed to wear something on ur eyes

  • I ship it

  • hi

  • I go to Planet Fitness and for just $20 a month I can get something similar. They call it Total Body Enhancement. It’s a stand up machine, but it has a red light and they make some of the same claims. It also has a vibration setting that’s supposed to help your muscles.

  • Even tho she has dude shoulders--her indian skin complexion still makes my dick flinch;)

  • I'm so confused with Michelle's super frantic crazy worried reaction to this. And how she was referencing it to something from the future. It looks EXACTLY to a T like a tanning bed. And asking if he's okay? Lol, she's done crazier things! This one looks super normal

  • This reminds me of final destination.

  • Her body is to die for

  • I thought you were with David Franco...

  • Have you done ancestry dna test video yet?

  • Yay, double-standards. Objectification. Yay. 🙄

  • Clickbait.

  • Is Eduardo Gay?

  • I just recently subscribed and i love your videos! they actually motivate me to get out of bed

  • would love to use this for the relaxation :)

  • Michelle, u should try getting chiropracted 🤤🤤 it looks relaxing

  • Michelle, u should try getting chiropracted 🤤🤤 it looks relaxing

  • Many tanning places has red light therapy

  • My chiropractor uses this technology to reduce pain and inflammation in my back and neck, but like the guy said, with a handheld device. It's definitely a real thing.

  • It's the Transfer Transit clone pod from Dark Matter!!

  • There is more proof that sun exposure is beneficial than the opposite so dont be so quick to judge it! We are created to live under the sun and the deadliest skin cancers has no correlation to sun beds!

  • You guys should try water fasting next

  • I feel bad for participating in the fad but HOLY HELL I’d smash that (him) 😍😍😍

  • You should try the celebrity diet for a week where you basically go over your favorite celebrities diet and eat that for a week.

  • Yesss I would definitely try 'tis !!!

  • Are you still exercising and doing the diet?

  • I feel like I’d be miserable, because certain lights give me headaches and make me feel sick (so certain movies and video games make me sick), but it looks like a cool experience

  • He asked really good questions about the whole experience. I wish the video was longer so i could see his interviewing skills, for some reason I feel he’d be really good at it. Definitely subscribed to his channel.

  • Damn 3 movie references in like 2 minutes and I understood all of them aha

  • This reminds me of the total body pods at Planet Fitness minus the shaking.

  • You should do Tom Holland's Workout! I t's up on superherojacked.com

  • I just woke up and I had this idea! Michelle should train like a K-pop star for a week! 😃

  • ALL The lads felt bad for the guy at 0:26 with that friend zoning

  • #michellesquad

  • Your videos are always so creative and not repetitive you deserve more recognition

  • It looks like instant cancer

  • Tanning beds are illegal in Australia. Just saying

  • try to do a juice cleanse (from "fat, sick and nearly dead", that joe cross tried)

  • Wasn’t the original title “we tried an anti-aging tanning bed” or something??? Why did you change it?

  • mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell!!!

  • Why is Michelle different in personality than what i remember, its weird don't like it

  • Did she change the title?

  • Try taking a class at movement lifestyle in LA

  • I don't know if this works but I've got some good videos on my channel check it out

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  • After watching this now I'm happy I subscribed. U gonna hit a million subs in no time.

  • Oh single? Hi 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • Your outfit reminds me of Kim Possible, which is not a bad thing lol

  • Michelle your outfit is giving me Kim Possible vibes!

  • He's hairy as fuck.

  • I like how he explained it by just saying “oh yeah it um fixes your cells and shit” but didn’t have any proof.

  • but aren't tanning beds worse than tanning in the sun? and even if they were doing it to make them "happier" just get some vitamin d and go outside w sunscreen

    • kayla katanik it's not a tanning bed though....

  • didn't deadpool use one of these your definitely gonna need antiaging cream with that thing I have some if you don't

  • I’ve done cold laser therapy which is basically the localized light therapy they were talking about in the video! It’s amazing and I would love to try one of these if I could find it!

  • final destination 3 anyone 😂😂😂

  • Hey! Love your videos, but you might want to inform yourself about the science before you advertise something like this. The "facts" at the beginning are completely unlegitimate. Looking forward to your next video though!

    • Voydskar how you gonna debunk something by calling it "unlegitimate" tho?

  • Thank you Michelle for adding that handsome fella in this video 😍😍😍

  • Getting major Kim Possible vibes from Michelle's outfit and I'm loving it!

  • I would totally try this at least once 😎

  • Final destination

  • I’m getting flirty vibes from Michelle

  • So. Is there any actual scientific evidence this does anything?

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  • Eduardo is homosexual im sure ladies, calm down lol.

    • Douja Douja lol to be fair it seems michelle was also caught by surprise of that...she knew hes single but missed that hes gay.. interestingly many straight guys might be completely undeterred by a gal says lesbian. Certsinly still enjoying the view..but here I wonder: do gals find a guy suddenly less physically attractive if they learn he's into gay? Seems like most/many are sexually repulsed by male who is sexual with other males. Are there others who, like many guys for a lesbian, just focus on the fact that: gay or not he's single and therefore fair game 😓 I'll just stay tuned.😂 Oof it turns out u r right, but in retrospect there is a distinct impression that he for that moment legit regret or had doubts about being gay when he's there with michelle..if any gal can make a gayed man look twice, I think Michelle would be such a one 😂😍😘 I bet that happens more than people admit. Fem attraction power is strong af, Why ever deny it?😮 At any rate I bet there are lots that don't doubt their gay life, but still enjoy a quiet attraction to beautiful women..and if they indulge they get called bi. ...Or he just decided to prank her, as he realized she didn't know, to see how long it would take her to notice...I bet some people do that too...that's actually seems kinda more likely. Though his adoration for her seems really sincere..how confusing..maybe he felt bi that day

  • That seems very dangerous for your eyes

  • Huh... Thought she was into the lesbians... But she clearly into this dude...

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  • God (Michelle) has blessed us with this incredibly handsome gift. Thank you. 🙏

  • Nice shoutout to Marvel's Runaways! Great show!

  • Your body looks so good!!👏🏻

  • Call it out for what it is, in my opinion this appears to similar to the old ‘snake oil’ product.

  • Btw - tanning beds are banned in Australia because they claim a direct link to cancer! I would be very careful of these devices, even if they aren’t strictly called ‘tanning beds’.

    • NovoThor beds don't produce any harmful ultraviolet rays according to info on their website.

  • That s a great video 👏👏👏

  • Not that it matters or is particularly pertinent to this video, but can we acknowledge that post Victoria's Secret model challenge, Michelle still out here lookin' slim-thicc!?