We Style Each Other For Under $150 In Vegas

Published on Apr 4, 2018
We have $150 and 24 hours to go out in the ultimate Vegas look. Bring it on.
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  • The entire time I was like,”please give her crocs!”

  • 150 dollars can get you around 50 Happy meals XD

  • It was so strange to see jazz with long hair 😮

  • "What if i loose them?" "uhh, dont"

  • No crocs 😤

  • Lynsey looks like Taylor Swift

  • Lindsay and Jess is life yayyy

  • Didnt they date?

  • They got paid to buy clothes and go clubbing? I WANT THEIR JOB PLS!

  • wow damn i got the whole ddu-du ddu-du mv as an ad and i just wanna say i love my queens. 💋 p.s. jazz and linds look so good. 😩✊

  • Dbàñglajne

  • Look like Taylor swift

  • Lol it’s the same jumpsuit Sadie’s wore in one of her videos. 😂

  • Kinda like they dressed themselves tbh 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • “What if I lose my sunglasses?!” “Don’t.”

  • Omg i love your vibe jazz your my favourite sorry Linsay love you both your both amazing sending lotd of love form the uk

  • I live in Vegas

  • welp I live in Las Vegas and I wish I saw them but no I was being myself at home locked in my room listening to Fall Out Boy

  • I love jazz style so freaking cute 😍😍😍😍

  • Who else lives in Vegas? 🙋🏻‍♀️💕

  • Oh jazz, girl, the show thing is so relatable!!! I wear an 11 1/2 and i can never find shoes i hate it so much

  • 150 for one outfit..pfft my closet is worth less that one outfit

  • Can I have there life please, thanks

  • There needs to be a pt. 2

  • Where’s the red dress from?

  • I have all kinds of Crocs and I wear them every day, everyone makes fun of me for it but I'm still gonna wear em.

  • I'm not used to seeing Jazz with hair but I love it

  • Seeing the area i drive through every day but with flashy effects weirds me out

  • It wasn't under 150 ffs

  • No body con dresses. Immediately tries on plain red body con dress

  • Jazzymyne looks so pretty with long hair

  • The pants are James c

  • Omg the black pinstripe thing looked really gooooood

  • Did anyone else notice that the pants Lindsay was wearing was the same as sofiya's wish video pants

  • she called people worrying about hurting her feelings by wondering if it's gonna fit her "trauma"............what is 2018??

  • I have 3 more years til I can drink but everything’s fine when you have older brothers and sisters

  • Put these ladies in all the videos, I LOVE THEM!!!! Them, Quinta, Freddie, Jen, Kate, Kelsey, and the Try Guys are the best 🌟🌟🌟

  • 🤢🤢🤢 those outfits

  • Blonde is smoking hot

  • I totally want those thin 90s sunglasses! Where are they from?!

  • this video is a bit of a let down, i feel like you could get all of this in a forever 21 in LA.

  • Probably just me but wasn’t Linseys pants in saf’s fashionnova haul? Might just be me idk

  • They said that they can't bring clothes in a backpack. In my family, we pack enough clothes for a 5-7 day trip in a backpack with room to spare for airport things😂 Why pay for a bag when you can fit everything in a personal item.

  • Why y'all complaining about F21?? You already know it's the same stuff in LA as in Vegas... it's trash mostly

  • I feel like Lindsay's dress looked like something Dua Lipa would wear

  • “What if I lose them?” “.....don’t”

  • I love Lindsey and Jazz doing a video! They both have so much energy and are so fun and funny. I wish I was there enjoying that moment!

  • I live in Vegas and as long as your not on the strip or Fremont street on a weekend stuff is about the same price as any other state

  • I need Lindsays pants!!!! can't find them on the German forever21 :( both of you look bomb af

  • I'm not used to jazzmynes hair

  • these two together always makes my heart happy

  • jasmine makes everything she wears look expensive

  • I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! their styles and friendship are *goal*

  • I so wish that Jazz would style me. I am talk but skinny but i was picked on and bullied for being so skinny a few years back. And i feel just having Jazz style me would boost my confidence so much. Maybe its her comments and making everyone feel so confident. If she styled the most insecure person into her liking they would come out feeling confident. That needs to be a series. Jazz styling people, whether its her friends or random people! Am i right or am i right?

  • Wait, isn’t Lindsay wearing the SAME EXACT pants that Safia wore in her wearing fashion nova clothes for a week video?? Correct me if I’m wrong but I swear they look the same.

  • 8:02 major saorse ronan vibes

  • New hair I see jazzmyne I like it

  • Would love to Jazzmyne to give me a make over...she is style goals for this near futurely single mother of two.

  • Btw it was not under $150 it was above $150 buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzfeeeed think before you write

  • Lindsay: “What if I lose them???” Jazz: “Don’t” 😂😂😂

  • Check out my channel! Sub for sub :)

  • Can you give me the instargram of the bigger girl ??? . Omg i love her style so much ❤❤❤

  • No to both

  • Lindsay reminds me of Taylor Swift....

  • Why does no one go to Reno nv

  • I have that pastel rainbow crop top that Jazz holds up in the first 20 seconds. It's so cute I love it.

  • I style myself in Vegas all the time for under $30

  • You guys have the best life . I wish I could join . This sucks.

  • VEGAS!

  • “I want you to wear a red lip and I think maybe you’re sunglasses up” “What if I lose them?” “Don’t” Literally me 😂

  • No more short hair for jazz?? What??

  • I fell like you could of gone classier

  • Can I work at buzzfeed?

  • Omg Jazmyn really rocks the cornbraids she looks absolutely gorgeous 😍😍

  • Why not give that much money to charity??????

  • I’m SHOOKETH!!!!😂😂

  • jazzmyneee i love the new hair woww


  • what is this job title, like i fr want to do this when i get older!!

  • My cat died the day this video was posted

  • Jazz has a beautiful body

  • what is with buzz feed's obsession with forever21

  • I seriously want to do one of these stule offs with Jazzmyne. I love her style so much and would love to have her dress me.

  • They were always getting in, no matter what, because it's Buzzfeed. I'm all for standing out, but I don't know.

  • Did anyone else notice her pants at 5:45 we’re the pants Safia Nygaard has in one of her videos?

  • “We literally only have 6 hours” That’s more than enough time..😂




  • Am I the only one who liked the black jumpsuit better

  • More of these I love this ❤️💕🤙🏻

  • I like how buzzed makes it look like everything in Vegas is top notch and expensive lol

  • I'm size 12 too but dang she said it withiut a problem. I would've been like "um... A size"

  • I thought Jazz had short hair...?

  • I want to do this so badly

  • jazz has started sticking her tongue out sooooooo much and its kinda making me slightly cringe .I honestly dont mean it as a rude comment i just cant phrase thing right :/

  • I have watched this 123456789012345678901234567890 times

  • I love their style! I love the 90s style. Wish I wasn’t so broke tho

  • 2:30 Dang those shoes are on fiyah 🔥

  • Jazz looked like a potato sack and Lindsay looked amazing!