We Made The World’s Largest Gummy Pizza!

Published on Jul 28, 2018
The Gigantic Gummy Pizza Slice is 28 pounds of fruity gummy.
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When we finished making the Gigantic Gummy Pizza, we knew we had created something amazing (and tasty). So like a Greek hero returning elixir to his village, we’ve brought this candy magic to share with the world.
The Gigantic Gummy Pizza Slice is 28 pounds of solid gummy beautifully handcrafted into a wedge of everyone's favorite food. The colorful colossus features five fruit flavors representing different parts of the pizza: orange (crust), strawberry-banana (cheese), mango (banana peppers), green apple (olives), and cherry (pepperoni). Gnaw off a hunk of your favorite flavor or open wide to enjoy a whole fruit gummy buffet in one bite!
Measuring three feet long and over two feet wide, this sweet slice is enough to feed an entire pizza party.
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  • Which of our gummy products should we supersize next?!

  • *Nothing brings the office together like eating a giant gummy pizza with 3 people on one slice* Wait...what?

  • How to get diabetes 101 Step one: work at Vat19

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  • *Vat19.Com* ! Lmao amazing guys.

  • I bet 10$ that normal 225lb pizza will be yummy like that

  • *after finishing one slice* They got diabetes

  • This is practically impossible....... But not (somehow) cuz VAT19 DID IT BOIIIIIIIII!!

  • That’s sick

  • im challenge you to make giant oreo

  • (Gummy)Pizza Party

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  • A think you get guines

  • Did You Made a Jill E. Cheese's Pizza

  • 1:15 *just slabber some fondo*

  • Diabetes here i come

  • i want gummys no im gonna eat my vitamins gummy

  • The gummy pizza here (Scotland) are just bad cheap gummies mixed together

  • 4:27 ITS PIZZA NIGHT!!!

  • This makes me hungry so Iput pizza in the oven to bake

  • What. 1k dollas?,, yeah no ty I can buy 10 mil pizzas with that


  • now all we need is Matt Stonie and there we go

  • I’m eating a gummy pizza right now... but it’s a slice and about 12 in

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  • Make a bugger

  • Yum

  • 1:17

  • tbh it would have looked better if the cheese gummy was yellow no white, still amazing though

  • I got triggered by the peoples in this video who didn't help to make that giant pizza though.

  • i would be the person that just takes like two slices and eats them while i’m working

  • ---Diabetes---

  • This is how you get diabetes 😂

  • To much stuff I stick real one u forgot to put it in the oven haahahahahhahahha

  • Can you make a giant gummy brain

  • *_we share sometimes....for example this pizza slice_*

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  • This guys a genius

  • Umm can i order the big pizza from your web because small + me =😫😖☹️ big +me=😍

  • Just one word Diabetes

  • Watching this gave me a stomach ache

  • Vat 19.com plz gummy sour gummy bear

  • *yeah i think ill just stick to normal pizza*

  • I’m ready to get diabetes don’t worry it’s a joke

  • More like 225 LBs of diabetes

  • I eat pizza last night ☺

  • Mom: you can have just one slice alright? Me:

  • What if I diabetic

  • I'll stick to a normal size pizza

  • All I have to say is the gummy bear guy deserves the eating sense of the whole hard work

  • You should make a giant gummy burger🍔🤪😜

  • Man I wish I worked there

  • To bad we don’t get to eat it but it’s surger it’s bad for your teeth but it looks yummy

  • Discontinued, RIP

  • You are good

  • If I had the pizza box, I would use it as a bed.

  • Working at vat19 looks lit i want to join

  • The only thing I saw was them eating it nodding and smiling

  • Worlds largest pizza do you mean worlds largest diabetes

  • you tok 21 days to do this wow and 4'000 survengs for the hole thing wooooooooooow 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴

  • holy between 96 to 98 hours just to make that

  • This is actually quite amazing

  • here send me a slice and ill help ya out with it.


  • Diabetes would like to know you location

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  • and u might also get the the world largest calories eaten

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  • You are the best

  • Already ,5 month s old

  • This is the only time you will see people sharing a slice of pizza


  • they could use the peperoni as a patty for a worlds largest hamburger 9001 iq idea like if you want vat19 to make a gummy hamburger

  • Do a giant gummy house

  • Diabetes in a box

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  • Not a slight touch of wood at all

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  • Who else thought it was pretty crappy to have a to buy a 10000000 freaking gummy worm

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  • Now in stores! Gummified diabetes.

  • I like it

  • Vat19 Is always living that amazing life of gummy


  • You should make a giant real pizza

  • I make this one time

  • Who else saw unspeakable gaming get this on his vlog channel

  • Vat19's Secret : They Need Money To Be A Millionare In HollyWood!

  • You guys should make a larger gummy soda

  • That is so big

  • Why not just make a life size gummy pizza

  • Is he and architect or a cook?

  • Who doesn't want diababieties? Me... like if u agree

  • how come theres no black people at this place?