we had a Creator PARTY AT 368!!

Published on Sep 6, 2018
BROTHERS GREEN COOKING - us-tv.org/username-BrothersGreenEats
Intro song:
AllttA - AllttA (20syl & Mr. J. Medeiros) - soundcloud.com/alltta
other tunes;
Steve Caporal smarturl.it/SCSummerThrills
also check out; instagram.com/bikelife_danger/
and thank you instagram.com/minniestyle/?hl=en


  • Thanks for having us Casey, what a freaking honor to be the first to cook in the 368 kitchen! The team at 368 crushed it with the set up and I know this kitchen will be such a great incubator for tons of cooking channels for years to come. I think what Candice was craving with these tacos was a nice Michelada, I’ll keep that in mind for future taco nights...

    • Guys! i love your videos!...

    • Ahh you guys are awesome!! When do I get to come up and make some food with you guys :)

    • I cook Mr Neistat ... 🍲

  • Trips falls mask comes off child hood ruined

  • Casey Nutsack

  • Hi Casey, does Francine also know the real mouse? And the elephant? Just curious if you are going to give her the opportunity at least to take a look over the edge of the plate, there is a show that is called like that and many people in the world, like Americans would say, know that a mouse isn't like a big money making industry who don't care about child education.

  • Help me become a youtube please my first videos will be posted next week! please subscribe it would mean a lot!

  • @2:05 Nailed it! It's all about COMMUNITY. Keep it up Casey!

  • That really looked delicious!

  • Candice takes way too much xanax

  • Casey if you ever want an Aussie to do a cook up for one of your 'taco tuesdays' - I'd be keen. Im in New York for a few months checking out restaurants ( I'm a chef)

  • You need a gas kitchen

  • Francine is literally the Sara Bellum of the channel crop game on 1000

  • Yum! I like Tacos

  • you should have invited john hill...!! his office is also at 368 Broadway​

  • I noticed quite a few intros and graphics are missing from your videos... Need some help? I know you da mayne, but I also know you're busy in baby prego world and other work involving the set up of 368. I'd be more than willing to hook you up with something original and exactly what you want...

  • Love Brothers Green!

  • CASEY do you have a recommended wide angle lens that isn’t f4/higher

  • Hi I also was at NYFW, this venue looks to be located in upper Manhattan, I attended in the south lower Manhattan and Times Square area. Hope to see the upper part some day.btw Bryant Park is sooo beautiful, feel in love with it. Washington park had me at the arch but it is more quiet.

  • Name of tower in Background?? I will live there

  • Casey’s Teeth ????!!

  • shrouddddddd

  • 🎉🎉🎉✌️

  • yo thats dotan from piano around the world!!!

  • I can't wait to attend a Taco Tuesday. The food looked amazing, everyone looked liker they had a great time.

  • Please do more book reviews

  • That looked like a dope gathering.

  • If you doing a real taco night you have to have some mexican beer (or any kind of beer) corona, indio, negra modelo, behemia.

  • Love what I feel is happening at 368. Love where your heart is Casey. Love from South Africa. Siyaya!

  • Candace looks fantastic pregnant

  • I Miss Candice in the vlogs! shes too relatable

  • 1.03 transition is awesome. I had to watch it 3 times Something so simple yet so thought out. Perfect Casey!

  • favourite vid on this chanel!.. just gonna throw that out there into the void

  • I live in Queens and if I could actually post actually content with good timing I would love to take a train ride to one of those parties

  • Hey Casey, I love your idea of 368, and I have a similar idea to a creative space for people in my city who don't have the opportunity to be creative. Im not sure where to get started. I would love to get some advice from you on it.

  • I'm here because of your thumbnail!!! That is my favourite!!!

  • Does anyone else think that his intro sounds like gravity falls

  • Dude looks 60 trying to be 20

  • ♥️♥️

  • That girl at 7:23 with internet explorer earrings 😍

  • 7:23 who is she?

  • cool stuff

  • Casey You Got a new watchn on the yellow strap

  • The intro is sick....Can't stop watching it again and again and again.

  • youtubers think they are so cute eating and talking.. such a turn off. Like theres a thought process of not biting whatever it is untill your pointing a camera at yourself..

  • Can you say my name vitaly in next video love the channel just subscribed

  • ,hey casey I love that you tried to make that mexican ,and central america Culture go to the world , but those tacos are not well done. I live incentral America Nicaragua for 4 years , but I am peruvian yes I speak english spanish , and french

  • Casey write me on a list of some event please...


  • please wear a helmet.

  • hello Mr.Neistat where did you buy that t-shity machine? ty

  • Dood, wheres like my 10million tee?!?! - ordered and PAID!!! have they been sent yet? 😢

  • The music is super!

  • fucking love Candice

  • Hey Casey, we would love to come to the opening, if possible. We are from Germany - so if you do any announcements in advance ... :-* Send a lot Love to Candice. She looks awesome. BTW: What great music is this? Usually you tag the artist ??

  • Casey you kind of remind me of Walt Disney! How your working sooo hard to build your business! You have so much ambition in you! Keep being creative!!! I know that in the future your company is going to blow up!!!!!

  • you should REALLY invite "French Guy Cooking" to 368! he is the Casey Neistat of cooking man! Its kind of the same style but not at all ripped off. check him out!

  • How does 368 make money to sustain itself?

  • The pregnant lady said there wasnt enough booze. LOL

  • What is that machine called that he used to print onto the shirt and those peoples arms?

  • Great camera work!

  • Casey, your kitchen, can I make a suggestion? Add some powerful overhead LED panel video lights, you may add some scrims / diffusers to make it soft. Then rigs for your top shots. You get instant sexy food videos!

  • 能显示中文吗

  • dope bro I'm tryna reach a 100..thts all

  • 7:23 Does this lady wear freaking internet explorer earrings?

  • ピュレグミうまいやろー😋

  • You have a baby at home and you're not wearing a helmet? I love you, but that's being a selfish idiot. It's not "taking a bite out of life" or "being Manly" to skate in the City without a helmet. It's just acting like a teenager. Please Casey, wear a helmet--my cousin fell in a skate park (he was good)--now he's in a wheelchair--forever. It could be a whole new thing for you--neat designs, the Neistat line of board helmets, good example for folks, etc, etc.

  • 1.) Like the comment. 2.) Subscribe 3.) Type “DONE” I’ll do the exact same❤️

  • Thumbnail ????? There is no confused emoji

  • I am an artist / muralist / youtuber from Vancouver BC. I sent you a package (not sure if you got it) I am in town for a bit, wondering if I could come to a taco tuesday event or do a mural for 368 or even snag a tee shirt. THX

  • Candace is funny. If you have ever been pregnant , than you would know the struggle of being at a party where there’s alcohol served.

  • destroyers of culture party

  • Congrats on everything man

  • Casey I realy love the incubator idea. I ,and I'm sure others, would love a series of you picking someone at random (like an apprentice) and developing them over a period of time. Excited to see that happen. :)

  • Love this! Keep up the amazing work

  • Absolutely precious clips with mini and Francine.

  • Wait, how were those t shirts made?

  • Casey I love to take photos and try to make them has beautiful has possible you inspire me to do this

  • OH man Last time we came to New York was in 2012. We really hope that the next time we come to NYC we get to meet you. One of the biggest wish of ours.

  • Waite margaritas are too hard but tequila is okay? lol beer definitely though it's the right middle adult beverage for a get together.

  • Amazing clouth :D 5:11

  • I was not invited to the 368 event :/

  • hässliche hackfresse zum reinschlagen

  • *It's 10 kinds of ironic, that I wasn't invited to a "Creator Party"; I'll make up for it by throwing a "Destroyer Party"...*

  • 7:22 Is that an Internet Explorer earring?

  • Where can I find the black pubg hat that sam is wearing?

  • I had those candies in the screen shot in Japan

  • Adorable, kids really are so much fun when they’re that age. Sadly, they inevitably grow up and become teenagers, at which point your life as a parent morphs into massive never ending struggle.


  • How do people like this shit

  • I don’t get why this guy is so popular

  • I’m glad you love Pure Gumi!

  • I LOVE BROTHERS GREEN EATS been subbed since 30k

  • That part with Minnie and Fran made me laugh just thinking of how my daughter was too- thank you for sharing that!

  • Why is this guy still clogging my suggested list. I thought he works for CNN now? Did they realize how content is shit and dropped him?

  • 🌸🌸

  • No Karlie during this fashion event, guess she was on a runway somewhere

  • 368 is in its awkward teenage years rn

  • I love Josh’s shirt !

  • Hey Casey! Will you construct a music studio in 368?

  • Record the police? Okay

  • Nice party. *(seriously, I'll try to come up with better comments)*