We Guess Where These Cheeses Are From • Ladylike

Published on Feb 9, 2019
I tragically burned my tongue...on some cheese
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  • Hi Ladies, why not commenting on relevant issues like global warming, deforestation or anti discrimination? This channel is an offense to women's brains. It's outdated and boring.

  • Uuummmm blue Stilton is amazing I don’t know what they’re thinking😏

  • Haha, I am dutch and I don't know what the f smoked cheese is, maybe we call it differently??

  • What’s the end credits song called?

  • I hate blue cheese

  • Kristin knows the cheese

  • Haha I love how everything was from Trader Joe’s. I work there and I love all of the cheeses, so I think I would ace this 😁

  • 'Oh did you study in the U.K?' Ireland. And. The. U.K. Aren't. The. Same. Thing.

  • First it was spoon but now it is pickle!!!

  • Kristin saying "A Roquefort or a Stilton.." and Jen replying with "A Rockefeller?" is so relatable.

  • My favorite cheeses are mozzarella and Parmesan

  • "Look at this milk loaf" XD

  • First it was spoon now it’s PICKLE PICKLE PICKLE

  • Kristin: the dill is overpowering. It's just like pickle PICKLE P i C k L e


  • and cut...the cheese?

  • “Pickle! Pickle! Pickle!” Is the new “SPOON!” For Kristin

  • Just watching this video gave my tummy a little rumble. Smh. 😁

  • Milk Loaf!!! Ugh lmao!!

  • .....your crotch?

  • I would love this challenge besides being lactose intolerant and being allergic to bleu cheese 🤠🤠

  • [ About Trader Joes ] Jen: oh we know him Kristen: Yeah we know that guy Jen: Had a terrible threesome with him *sips tea* Kristen: *chokes*

  • smells like her dirty vagina!!

  • Mike killed me 😂😂

  • Manchego cheese is so good! Especially with some red wine! Yum! 🧀🍷❤

  • I love the editing in this video lmaooo *le smack*

  • Cheese is basically like spoiled milk lol so either way youre kinda eating mold

  • Did LadyLike just step up their "video editing" game or something???

  • "Had a terrible threesome with him" lol

  • So funny houw amaricans says gouda

  • I will now refer to my cheese as milk loaf😂

  • I hope they all know that cheese is made with mold

  • "look at this milk loaf"

  • Yess Chantel I LOVE your shirt

  • So there's a town in Wisconsin that has Cheese days, and the mascot's name is Wedgie!

  • I want Chantel’s shirt!

  • mike should make asmr

  • Ok but like I got wayyy too excited when the Dubliner cheese came out bc I love it so much

  • Mike needs to create an ASMR channel dear lord

  • What they hear “cheese’s” What my caption hears “Jesus”

  • Why are you on your phone? I'm trying to tell you my love of cheese.. millennials

  • *Gets* *another* *samsung* *add* *SKSKKSKSKSKSKSK*

  • These are the rubbish American versions of cheese.

  • American Cheddar is so different to Cheddar everywhere else

  • can we get wine testing?

  • Chantel hates asian foods. Saaad!!

  • So you guys won't be pooping for awhile.

  • This video is my worst nightmare lol. I hate cheese

  • Hahaha how you say Gouda is really funny😂 it’s not g o da or something like that. It’s like gauda. Idk if this is right but ye

  • *crying in french*

  • TILLAMOOK does not rhyme with TOOT, SCOOP or ROOF. It's TILL-uh-muk like BOOK, LOOK, SHOOK.

  • Ok, I hate -whoever this person is- the editor of this video goddamn, make them stop

  • damn taking that editing up a scale guys!

  • Cat lady like

  • *whisper* Chantel...all cheese is mold

  • Where’s your merch? Sold out?

  • Some of this A N N O Y S me

  • Yay Jen !

  • Kitchen&Jorn and Freed&Chant

  • So...what happened to fashion and beauty related content? We're not doing that anymore? Y'all might want to check your numbers when you did...

  • And the two girls that got the Wisconsin cheese right are my favorite because they got the Wisconsin part and I’m from Wisconsin so it’s like hello you know it but I love all of you

  • content???

  • “Why are you on your phone? I’m telling you about my love of CHEESE”

  • Whoever told Kristin that her hair looked fine, it doesn’t. Stop using so much dry shampoo 🙄 waaaaash yourself.

  • The lack of brie makes me sad

  • This is like they've run out of original content and are just copying GMM... 🤷‍♀️

  • Trader Joe's has an apricot stilton that is amazing!

  • Everyone upset about gouda not being made in Gouda needs to do some research; also why does everyone assume the gouda American's get doesn't come from the Netherlands??? www.liveeatlearn.com/gouda-cheese/

  • Why does Kristen know so much about cheese? lol


  • I loved that they used Wisconsin cheddar because no one ever talks about Wisconsin ever!!!!!!🤣

  • Where's Devin?? I miss when they did videos with all of them in it. 🙁

  • Milk loaves...yes.

  • “Manchengo Cheese” 😂😂 it’s Manchego (no second ‘n), just ya know...read

  • Ireland isn't in the UK, but go off I guess.

  • As a Dutch person it's very funny to hear how you say gouda XD

  • KRISTIN your glasses suit you! LOVE THEM!! 🤓🤓🤓

  • Milk loaf 😂😂😂😂 I’m never calling it cheese again

  • I love this especially the jingle at the end??

  • Jen and her haircut 😩😍

  • I’m hungry now😂

  • I can’t stop watching this show!

  • God I hate gruyere

  • What is the diff. between as is and ladylike

  • This look on Kristen is B-E-A-utiful!!! Red is SO your color!

  • Why do these ladies know so much about cheese or I know so little?

  • THE NETHERLANDS. Holland is not a country

  • Milk loaf is the only way I'm referring to cheese from now on.

  • *whew, CHILE...*

  • This is such a fun idea for a video! I probably wouldn’t do much better with guessing what cheeses were though LOL!

  • Stilton with honey is 👌🏻

  • It's been a really long time since all of them have been on camera at the same time... I'm starting to wonder if something is wrong..

  • The edits are on point

  • I wonder if somebody new edited this video? I noticed the addition of a lot more cutaway images/ effects than usual.

  • Do wine next!!!

  • I enjoy watching you girls so much! Lady tested

  • If you are reading this, you are loved. You are beautiful You are wonderful You have purpose You have dreams too follow them. From a New Lifestyle You tuber who loves to inspire faith hope and love!✨✨Let's grow together! ✨✨

  • love that new zealand is mentioned 😍 hello all the way from nz 😊

  • I love the way they did blue Stilton to represent England when they could of done Red Leicester what would of blown American chedda cheese away.

  • Ten? 😂 By the way ( no Holland) The Netherlands 👍🏾 and yes we have the best cheese😋