Published on May 14, 2018
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We got our hands on a PROTOTYPE video card from Intel. But does it actually do anything?...
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  • Can't wait for Intel to make some keyboards and mice

  • You talk way too much, am getting ready to change and go to another channel!

  • 2:17 WRONG (edit time fix) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel740

  • Any update on this intel card since this video was released?

  • I wonder how many of LRB co-workers are watching this video? 360 Boat cruise anyone? ;-)

  • Click bait garbage

  • put it on Linux the kernel can run anything

  • So linus, any update on that??

  • First? What about the Intel740 AGP card.

  • you speak a lot.

  • It's a good presentation, but the presenter takes too much time trying to explain the concept of software. It's ok, we know what software is.

  • Bro this info is soo amazing

  • Sponsors have to talk to Colton, is that because nobody wants to talk to him?

  • I swear like every vid they make is sponsored

  • i know you shouldn't trust intel ....lost 15 min of my time

  • But can it run crysis?

  • Intel hd graphics just got real

  • cant win them all linus,better luck next time

  • 2:20 Dedotated gwaphics card?

    • Dodotated, it's extinct.

  • intel and linus are now no friends

  • I used to dumpster dive my companies R&D dumpster and got every thing from dc motors to laptops to Quadro cards, occasionally I came up with some jewels, like once in 97 I found a couple of single board computers with win95 on chip, at the time that was amazing. I really was hoping your card would work, sorry.

  • The real value of this video are the comments.

  • The drivers are in Al Capone's tomb.

  • Where do you get your "Intel"?

  • The hardware and software is pretty cool but I just really want that awesome looking cooler

  • waiting the whole video for him to turn on the card an show its performance.. then it doesn't work.. great video though.! as always very sophisticated information that you have to listen to twice to understand it!

  • 20 years to catch up. long way to go.

  • 12:40

  • what if intel made an N64 emulator from the ground up for this card

  • We need more vids like this :)

  • Look at linus trying to grab but misses 0:16

    • I bet he was as good as I was at baseball. No hand eye coordination.

  • blah, blah, blah! blah, blah! blah, blah, blah blah!

  • The FBI wants to know your location.

  • Anyone else watch Linus swinging around the prototype waiting for him to drop it?

  • Nvidia wants to know your location.

  • The Larrabee wont boot correctly if it does not have the correct bios regardless of the version of the the card. After that it is best to install the drivers before you install the card with these things, or if you can, before turning the power enable switch inside the card on (a jumper pin and the only one in there just remove the jumper while installing the driver then replace while powering on and running) other wise running power through the core architecture on a Larrabee Card has the potential to cause physical damage to the card and possibly also your computer or the power supply in your building I read this on the Intel website, I a few years ago, I do not know what Bios version you need, I would question weather a card like that requires Hardware Virtualization Enabled or Disabled in the Bios. This was all information I got of an FTP server on Intel I hope it helps, I could not make any sense out of it.

  • can you tell me the price of it

  • 7:06 i like how he can just pull a random rgb keyboard & mouse out of nowhere "This isn't working, lemme go grab a dvi monitor."

  • This is Dope as Fuck!!

  • Bet it uses a core i7 3200g so put it into your amd4 ryzen

  • I really like the coloring of that gpu

  • i740 was first, I had it in 1998. It was awful.

  • Video auto set to 1440p on mobile and was so laggy on my pixel 🤦‍♂️

  • We are all illuminati

  • 0:24 linus, please drop it.

  • RIP Nvidia

  • Any update on the card?

  • Nice. He just bought stolen goods off ebay. Waiting for Police raid at any moment

  • They are actually looking into making a gaming gpu in 2020

  • Why don't you try booting it on a board with onboard video so it can run secondary and you can at least have access to the device through device manager maybe.

  • Intel wants to know your location

  • i know what you can't buy from e-bay none scam 1 TB micro SD card for 30 USD.

  • Fuck you

  • the down fall to you having a prototype intel gpu is most aftermarket motherboards will not support it due to the insruction set not being in the bios. you most definetly need a engineering board from intel to run that card. some samples will run on a non engineering rig but that card will not. because most slots are alligned to nvidia or ati.

  • 2019 anyone ?

  • Wow. Finally have reason to down vote a Linus video.

  • At 2:20 you state that it was Intel's first and only dedicated graphics card. Not true. Ever hear of the i740? We briefly sold some of those, and they were laughingly called a graphics decelerator. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel740

  • Is this the card that some guy got duped on eBay by you

  • rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?51769-First-boot&country=&status= i think fix for D6

    • gyazo.com/f8486dca3dde2c5279ac18429a392774

  • ouch 13k dislaikes

  • damn sucks I wanted to see it's performance

  • The eye of horus

  • A truly valiant effort young man

  • My god do you have chronic verbal diarrhoea you tend to go off on a tangent and ramble a lot like...oww my brain....

  • Was expecting to see some benchmarks but ok.

  • A pretty blue paperweight.

  • Benchmarks???

  • oh i bought that mouse it broke a day later an is now probably at the dump

  • Linus cried himself to sleep this night. Press "F" to pay respects.

  • Drivers for linux!!! Drivers for linux!!! Drivers for linux!!! Drivers for linux!!! Drivers for linux!!! Drivers for linux!!! Drivers for linux!!! Drivers for linux!!! Drivers for linux!!! Drivers for linux!!! Drivers for linux!!! Drivers for linux!!! Drivers for linux!!! Drivers for linux!!!

  • why is not work: pci-e version good to him

  • yada yada pointless

  • intel The Graphics Card Inside

  • Why is he talking like a retard addressing retards?

  • Wife walked in and heard this video and said "You watching Rachel Maddow?" Nice voice Linus...bwahahahahahaha

  • Linus, be careful if a couple of men in black suits knock your door…

  • 0:34 WTF did you even just say?

  • Still beats amd any day

  • very interesting evolution of gpu concept...

  • It's like Gerardo opening a safe on love TV.... And it was empty. Great buildup there.

    • As I posted earlier. That's where the drivers are buried . Make Linus sing New York, New York. or call in Lara Croft to help.

  • You are the worst actor I've ever seen...

  • I feel ya Linus, I'm really disappointed it didn't boot, too :(

  • It's storytime with Linus.

  • So advanced it uses 'telnet'

  • Put the video on 1.25x speed. You're welcome

  • u cnt buy love in ebay

  • What a fugly card.

  • People still watch this crap? Geez....

  • Intel is not evolving no more

    • So you're saying that Intel is evolving again?

  • us-tv.org/tv/video-ud5aJxdMJNo.html

  • I felt pain when you shook the card... please stop... :'(

  • from where you got this

  • Linus if I had someone did have the drivers for your Xeon Phi Coprocessor, where would you like us to send it?

  • damm, I watched till the end in hope of that it would work.... :(

  • Aaaaaw, I was expecting you to use the card to run some game...

  • Such abysmal handling of hardware.

  • WAT? One and only? Seems I've got the other one and only INTEL i740! AGP version, even. Duh.

  • What if nvidia came out with integrated cpu graphic cards so you didn’t need a cpu

  • www.pcper.com/news/Graphics-Cards/IDF-2011-Knights-Ferry-Shown-8-Deep-Running-Ray-Tracing

  • Quick note, Intel had a dedicated graphics card way back in the late 90's, just around the time that the 3DFX cards were around. I believe it was the I740 and it was competing with some of the other vendors like Diamond, Matrox and 3DFX to an extent as it used Intel's new AGP technology. I think there was a follow up, like an I920 or something like that but they weren't around long.

    • I was going to mention that to. I had one of those cards. Performance was pretty good but it was no 3dfx and was left in the dust. I think I used it for 6 months. Back in those days a green parts every 3 to 9 months was more of the norm. As of today. My main keyboard from 1995. My computer is about 5-2 years old and still does everything I need.