Published on May 14, 2018
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We got our hands on a PROTOTYPE video card from Intel. But does it actually do anything?...
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  • Hay Linus, if you ever get fed up of any 4 GB midrange Graphics card and decide to through it away, you can throw it on my face, I won't mind. Just let me know, ill send you my address.

  • you should send the card to Buildzoid @Actually Hardcore Overclocking (or at the very least a high rez photo of the PCB front and back) to see if it looks legit and/or interesting (and if there's a chance to resurrect it!)

  • you pair with intel proc 486 ,,,,pubg will 200fps


  • Why all the dislikes? This video is actually quite informative and interesting

  • Linus, you disappoint me.. Intel had first dedicated GPU back in 1998 and it was even released and sold. Look up Intel740 and stop spreading misinformation ;)

  • :'(

  • Short version : Doesn't work. :D

  • Makes $500 for Pip Pin not seem quite so bad now huh?

  • looks cool if only it worked.

  • That sadness in Linuses voice. I felt sad as well.

  • Hmmm what happened with this?

  • Finds a super ultra rare one of a kind GPU unlike any other, swings it around and shakes it violently in excitement

  • they probably threw it in the dumpster knowing someone would pick it up and get them free publicity. or the seller made up the story and sold it per ebay's instructions. when investigating a crime or something always ask: who's to gain?

  • Neat

  • Got scammed by ebay

  • Any chance its an early version of www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=2MN-000A-00003

  • Bull shit

  • cLiCkBait

  • is there a following video of this?

  • It is just FPGA, come on, no need to be that excited.

  • When will Intel AMD and Nvidia become good friends and work together?

  • that mouse is horrible dont buy it i had it so bad

  • ps you need a Xeon CPU to run it just like the ones that did launch

  • Just get a pair of studio head phones and a blue yetti mic much better

  • Hmmm, I wouldn't be surprised if we see that kind of tech resurfacing sometime in the future.

  • but can it run CRYSIS?

  • Why did they make it so ugly though

  • Driver nooooooo!!!!

  • Hopefully they’ll make a working one

  • 0:00 - 5:32 of the video, saying trash 5:33 this is where i want to see of the entire video

  • is this a joke?

  • Bro why linus keep looking away from cam this shot scripted I want answers!

  • 14 minutes to find out it doesn't even POST. That's time I'll literally never get back. Thanks.

  • Hey Linus, I have those drivers. Not a virus I swear

  • Someone get this man his drivers!

  • Now I don't like Massdrop. Not enough energy in the ad....

  • What was that impression? Reminded me of Trump.

  • Amd= Red, Nvidia= green, intel= blue??? Rgb is illuminati confirmed.

    • change ... intel=yellow.... ..... red gred yellow (trafic llight) ... it means intel on panic mode...haha

    • 🔺♻️🔷

  • lol, why on earth did you expect it to run? the only cards that will run on any computer are cards that have been made to run on them. most likely intel had motherboards and BIOS catered to go with this card. it was never about drivers. the fact is that the boards dont even know what it is or why its there. (because it doesnt exist) and thus couldnt be accounted for by motherboard makers. your best bet would be to boot the pc with a normal gpu and then try to see if you can access the hardware within windows somehow. but most likely because of lack of drivers that wont work either. but if your "really" lucky some of the drivers of their descendant cards might work on it and it might function as a CPU card. just not a GPU card.

  • I wish he could speak just a little less you kinda loose a bit of interest in the end

  • Lol this is funny I used to work in the embedded graphics debug lab next to the performance group testing these from 2008 to 2009.. By the way the reason you can't boot it is there are changes that need to be configured in the video bios before you can boot the system with that card.. Then there are specific drivers you need to make it work... I think I have intel's Bios modification program to edit the vbios and merge it with the system bios. Have to dig through my Google drive

  • Open it up bitch


  • Intel is basicallt shitting themseves rn

  • talk too much

  • Such an anti climax! I'm still surprised that Intel don't make consumer GPUs. I guess they're making enough from their CPUs that it isn't worth their time... But, you know, Consoles... They should really try and get in on that action!

  • OMG Linus, I feel your pain, man! But... you got a sub and a like... Actually really a fantastic find on ebay. Keep on keepin' on :)

  • Weird Al said it best: "I bought it on eeeeBaaaaay" :D

  • U talk to much man

  • so like, i have a couple Xeon Phi cards. i dont know if they work, i dont have a clue what to do with them and it isint worth my time to sell them. but if anyone from LMG wants to HMU id happily send them.

  • Some say linus is still sitting in that exact spot trying to get that dang screen to light up.

  • your stupid ads kill your show bit u only care about the $ so It's whatever i guess

    • You should pay his light bill so he can stop those ads. And you can be happy!

  • Well if its a graphics card from intel its garbage

  • Still intel graphics suck

  • Babble, babble, babble... yadda, yadda, yadda. /This_Video

  • does this video have screen tearing or is it just me?

  • Soo, a FPGA programmed to work as a gpu?

  • This video is shit and you are shit. you need to kill your self.

  • How many Gigs is that GPU?

  • CEO an idiot, could have made Intel BILLIONS because of the Bitcoin mining and the booming videocard market, not to mention the other booming industry of PC gaming!

  • ****misgrabs box****

  • That's a collector's item

  • So.. People happened and they all fought against each other. We humans suck at times. Poor Larrabee.

  • you are awesome... keep doing great stuff like this

  • make it work and do a follow up video linus!

  • Yeah no, I740 was a great GPU.

  • Now we can get new intel gpu with same 14nm finfet for ten years!!

  • If it helps I bought a GTX470 SC off of Ebay to play GTAV.......Its works just fine :)

  • y would u leak unwanted leaks?

  • Nvidia and Amd are watching this video, and they going to raid his house tonight

    • iMuhammad Siam Nvidia bought Linus's company already, so if anyone is raiding his house, it's Nvidia

  • i think i know why it did not work linus dropped it. CURSE YOU LINUS

  • 그놈 말만 더럽게 많네. 요점만 간략히 이야기 하면 안되니? 뭐 보여준것도 없으면서 입만 털다가 끝나네... O.M.G. Too much talking and No working the card.....

  • If I were you (and I am just a hobbyist not a pro) I would try all of Intel’s HD graphic drivers that were up around that time, because I would assume that they use their existing platform as a base to work on. Might be worth a try?

  • my laptp has intel graphics

  • Hey LTT social media consultant.. (insert correct title here) I like weird hardware like this!! Is Linus interested in selling it??

  • I need this

  • i Have the drivers for the card

  • So. It doesn't run Crysis?

  • Did this ever get followed up on?

  • make a follow up video and try running it with a known good graphics card in the system as a display output and see if windows even detects the card as a basic video adapter

  • Did you try FreeDOS?

  • Why does Linus constantly reach down to something on his belt? He seems to be constantly reaching down every 20 - 30 seconds

  • Well, was nice story to hear and open my chakras for intel


  • Come on Intel! Take it back onboard!

  • I recommend using a xeon system and booting into Windows with a guaranteed working graphics card like a AMD or nividia card to see if the intel card shows up in device manager

  • Are you going to keep trying with that what ever it is

  • FeelsBadMan

  • It's gonna be HUUUGE!

  • I wait for dedicate Intel Card many years : ), wow I can wait.. . Full computer Intel destroy @ll.

  • how does he talk so much? I would just say "heheh found this graphics card by nvidia well subscribe or whatvever"

  • Intel 740 was a dedicated graphics card back in 99 so it's not the first

  • Linus.. LESSON #1 Do your homework before getting on video and looking like a complete Dutch bag or illiterate moron.

  • You have to load the OS with an actual GPU and enable that card within the OS. Since you do not have the BOARD that was designed to per load drivers for that card it will never boot until the OS can load drivers and then you could use the card but sadly I couldn't see this doing shit until you load the OS and run either generic or proper drivers to fire it up.

  • anyone willing to donate their old gpu to me?

  • holly shit

  • How are you so slick with sneaking in your advertisers? xD

  • likely this wont work because, it would need a uefi driver to work without an os loaded and driver loaded, as others have said, use another card to boot and see if it detects, then move on from there, you might get lucky and get an intel insider to toss you the software, and more of this shits out there then people realize, its just that much of it is in the hands of people who either still work for intel, or who took it because they wanted to keep it, not to sell it, i know a few former intel employees who have beta/test hardware that never went public thats either fully functional or as close as intel ever got, even a system they where developing with hp that was pentium-d xeons with HT enabled, also has some p4 chips that have final revision intel 64bit instructions onboard, but, nothing uses them because amd's became standard, and from what he says, amd's solution is better, not intium based :P

  • m.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=coprocessor&_sacat=0&LH_Auction=1&_sop=1 This looks like its in the same class of Hardware check it out