Published on May 14, 2018
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We got our hands on a PROTOTYPE video card from Intel. But does it actually do anything?...
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  • Hm... Sli CpuxGpu with cache memory?

  • Why so many Dislikes? He fucking tried!

  • I want one.

  • Try booting from a live Linux USB

  • My god you babble and babble and babble on dont you.....

  • BIOS Reset?!

  • You could just YOLO it YIKES that was cringe

  • Linus baiting me into watching another video.

  • but will it play Doom?

  • Linus, Linus. Intel740.

  • During the first 7 minutes he basically just describes what a CPU is...

  • intel be like *delete this linus*

  • Directx 12 will NOT run on Xeon Phi.

  • make it happen or give my 14 minutes 44 seconds back.......

  • but.. but.. can you mine ethereum/monero with it? test it plz!

  • Goddammit I hate those earrings.

  • Hi Linus pls review Nvidia Quadro GV100 with some GPU tenderer like redshift !

  • Oh nice...Nvidia wasn't expensive enough...

  • Install xeon phi drivers if it manages to boot. I have allso spoken with some folks over at intel and they said it shouldn’t be able to boot without the right drivers. Allso try to delete the bios of the card and install some sort of modified bios from the xeon phi. Someone who says is from intel told me that a modded bios from the phi might at least get a unstable boot of a couple minutes. I hope i was usefull enough :)))) Sry for my bad spelling...

  • Am I the only one thinking of a solid Blue and Yellow build? Or just Blue and White? XD

  • nvidia cpus next?

  • Most of the information about discrete GPUs in this video seems to be taken from 2008. Some of it is just outright ridiculous regardless of what time period we're talking about.

  • Have you ever tried using risers to lower the pci-e gen.

  • Great video, it was good seeing Linus getting really excited about this bit of tech and trying to make it work. I see a LOT of great suggestions in these comments, hope he gets the thing to work and we see a follow up video.

  • VEEEERY CAREFULLLL... my friend gets free engineering CPU samples all the time. Tiny pieces my ass.

  • I hate this guy

  • Interesting... Would be pretty sick if Intel comes out with their own actual graphics card.

  • Hey Linus, we are still waiting on your official acknowledgment and statement in regards to the eBay auction fiasco between a youtube user, you and your team, and the seller of this unit. I, for one, would personally like to know if you or anyone affiliated with your channel offered the seller a higher payment in order to secure the item after the fact of the completed auction because if that is the case you will receive an immediate unsub from me and I will no longer view any of your content nor will a reccomend it to anyone I know.


  • Nice video. Card doesn't work but... Will it blend?

  • Why not do windows update so it finds the drivers for you. I know a lot of you will say its a prototype and not possible.

  • so a driver update can just give this graphics card direct x 13 support

  • Try it with a server motherboard/CPU combo that supports Xeon PHI and see if you have different results. If I understand them right, they only work or work best with setups designed to support them. software.intel.com/en-us/articles/which-systems-support-the-intel-xeon-phi-coprocessor

  • What a shit product

  • Nice 1 April video :) but it isnt 1 April now .

  • I hate being a nerd. I did hear Intel was putting out a GPU. FML.

  • Xeon Phi is NOT an Intel prototype GPU. It is IN FACT Knights Corner and the 7120P specifically was based on the "manycore" Pentium P54C x86 core. It is also SOOOOOOO obsolete the best it can do is 1.2 Teraflops double precision. Later versions versions Knights Landing was based on the Intel Atom x86 core architecture hardly anything new. GPU HPC was already mature by the time Intel tried Xeon Phi. In fact GPUGPC and HPC was widespread by 2010. It also does not run Directx 12. Directx support stopped at Dx11.1 and it also does not run Vulkan. You would have been much better off spending your money on ANY new nVidia or Radeon AIB. Any Vega or GTX 1080 outperforms it easily. In fact Core i7‑8809G 8th Generation Core Processors with Radeon RX Vega M Graphics have a reported single precision performance of 3.8 Terabytes which would likely result in better than Xeon Phi 7120P 1.2 double precision Tflops for about 8% of the cost! This bit of kit is the Intel NUC NUC8i7HVK. These were also spinning the meter with 300 watts TDP on a 14nm process node. The reason these were so expensive was Intel was stepping 61 x86 cores on a single massive die and yields were appallingly low.

  • gpu mining rig us-tv.org/tv/video-xXepW5J9G70.html cars jumps over beamng drive

  • you dont even use the gpu until 11 minuets into the video

  • Wait so they put computer in a computer?

  • Lol. What? This is a co-processor, not a GPU right? What am I missing here?

  • So obnoxious, could you please get actual computer geeks to actually review stuff?

  • Contact intel???

  • A pc on a PCI?

  • E-bae!

  • Hey stupid why not use nividia go

  • Forwarded and skipped that idiotic fucking ad


  • Xeon Phi requires MMIO > 4GB enabled in BiOS in order to function.

  • Linus, ты пиздабол!

  • "Wow this graphics card is crazy, it runs on software only, it update to DirectX 12 in a driver update *and it only achieves 25% of what a regular graphics card can* " Seems like a total piece of shit to me

  • that videocard looked like a PNY nivida gtx 9XX or 10XX gpu

  • this guys voice is absolutely the most annoying thing i’ve ever heard.

  • Linus, even though there are ports on the card. They could all be just dummy ports. The processor could act as an Parallel card towards your onboard graphics card. Example, I have an Omen by HP with the 1050 ti, the laptop still uses the intel on board video, but the 1050ti card is a parallel card that does all the processing and crunching before it sends it over to the onboard video . Without both drivers installed on my laptop? nothing will work correctly, i may get a screen but will be the standard low resolution. Try putting the card on a motherboard with an on board video chipset from intel HD, plug a monitor to the motherboard, (Not the card) and see what you can work with on there. Since this was a Canned project from intel, you might have to do some developing with drivers. Or better yet? windows might seek that card as an Co Processor, and intel may have had the cards hardware information written for Intel Phi drivers. Windows 10 may seek that as an video card, and try to look for drivers for it and just install analog video controller drivers.

  • if anyone does have drivers sell it to him only ,he is willing to walk over people on a legitimate sale to get this item so fuck him

  • It's still really cool the cards color matches my balls right now

  • your vids now are stupid bait for reason only money you stupid guy and channel

  • You gonna eat that blue thing Intel made? If you don't want to I got someone very eager to eat it staring at my monitor through my window.

  • Nice and early

  • "...I don't need shaders, just draw a ton of tiny lines" And how exactly are you going to tell the graphics card to do that without being able to pass any data to any of the shaders?

  • Just ask intel at www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/forms/corporate/corporate-questions-contact-us.html

  • en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larrabee_(microarchitecture)

  • On wikipedia it say that card is coprocessor. Thats why it can not boot. You have to insert nvidia gpu and then boot.

  • but can it run crysis?

  • why even post it FFS

  • almost 6 million

  • Why is there so many dislikes on a video with such a rare peace of hardware? --'

  • Have you tried older hardware?

  • I'm mad I watched this

  • He picks up the GPU with 2 fingers, fuck you linus.

  • dont give up your day job

  • This video has more filler than the entirety of Dragon Ball Z

  • 0:17, eksdee

  • you should try calling Intel’s tech support

  • But... Can it run Minecraft?

  • speak too much

  • sounds like it would run Euclideon real will.

  • Is it wrong that I enjoy watching Linus wave computer parts around flippantly with one hand?

  • Can you like, not talk with your hands while your holding things?

  • "Intel keeps very careful track of its internal engineering samples" haha ahahahaahhahaahhahahahahahahah try an ebay search for "es cpu"

  • Is it just me or do some of you guys also not totally understand what he's ranting about from 3:35 to 5:38

  • Fake?

  • Does it Minecraft at 16k??

  • Fuck you linus for wasting my time

  • I just watched a 14 minute video for your shit to not work, but the suspense was like totally worth it.

  • Quake? SOLD!

  • That’s what PC enthusiasm is all about child! It reminds me the days when I got in to computer repair.

  • WOW!!! Almost 10,000 dislikes in less than a week. Must be a new record. By the way I have an all Blue card too; but mine is Baby Blue and it's from MSI and it works. LOL

  • of course i am going to like this who else is going to bring you content like this. even though it didn't work right then don't give up you will get it.

  • It is jumbo jet

  • intel's gpu? has long way to go

  • I wonder will Intel made a GPU that performs by itself (doesn't need CPU power)

  • Yep, which is why amd has been preaching usung their apus igpu for regular tasks since its inception. Intel isn't unique or interesting in this idea

  • That Massdrop dude got his PC to post. Yeah!

  • i didn't knew intel was making -GPUs- thermal nuclear bombs.

  • Why does Linus keep touching his right pocket?? (He does it in every video)

  • Smooth sponsorship transition :O


  • intel always innovates. i still give it to them they tried atleast.r

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