We Did 100 Push-Ups Every Day For 30 Days

Published on Aug 19, 2017
Two not-so-strong men embarked on a month-long journey to change their bodies. This is their story.
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  • 1like=1sit up

  • Guys just to let you know there was no change they just edited the last picture with different lighting, so don't get fooled, you do have to do more than just push ups and be on a healthy diet

  • Who is watching this on the day 2

  • I have been doing the most pushups I can in 5 minutes and it is way better then 100 a day

  • The after results only looked more defined because there was way less lighting, so you could actually see the shadows and contrast of the muscles on their backs.

  • My name is logan just like the person in the vid

  • Amir ain't skiny😂😂

  • 100 pushups is not gonna change your body. You need to do like at least 400 per day 5 days a week. It's also important to do different types of pushups.

  • One sub 5 push-ups.. I accept that challenge

  • I mean i would but i can do 1 pushup so i think I'm a pro

  • You both have bad posture

  • both of them have scoliosis at stage 1, lmao

  • For every like I’ll do a push-up For every comment I’ll do 5 P.S. this isn’t a scheme to get likes, I just want a challenge

  • interesting premise, but buzzfeed though :/

  • Literally what soldiers have to do? What kind of challenge is this if it's the basic training that hundreds of thousands of soldiers have to do?

  • Am I the only one triggered by the additional contrast the darker background provides

  • Isn’t it dangerous if you don’t have rest days ?

  • this is so inspiring i will do 200 tomorrow

  • I’m day 3 of a 30 day abc challenge and I’m so motivated to gain some muscle because, aha, you know, u gotta get them girls when u at the beach

  • maybe it works,but the Compare photos looks so different just becouse using different lighting effects

  • Go to 8:35 to see the difference (before vs after) to save time

  • 0,0,0

  • What time u do it on a day?

  • I'm doing this at the moment im ten days in feel like it should be like 200 a day or something .is that healthy or just over doing it?

  • 8:43 After 1 month he lost her glasses haha

  • Just call them cheat push ups, not cheater. The "er:" is superfluous and any child at the age of seven in the rest of the English speaking world stops using it and grows up enough to stop sounding like an uneducated little moron..

  • I’ll do 10 push-ups for each like btw you don’t have too I don’t want too beg.

  • *lighting setup changes* Him: "Ouh that's a big improvement"

  • Nice

  • Never easy push ups for beginners anyway I'm starting to do push ups eventually if you do it everyday you can do more push ups each day as it goes on

  • Wow is all I have too say.

  • 1 like= 1 plank for 30 secs😏

  • I usually am not that guy but... that form is less than adequate lol

  • I’m doing this when I go to the gym tonight 10 on each one I’ve been drinking a lot of water lately and eating healthy.

  • can i have a subscriber plz

  • I'm on 20 in a row after 2 months its getting easier I could do 100 a day but doing them all in a row is HAF.

  • Push up should be at least 200-300 a day. 100 doesnt do much for push ups. 100 pull up will coz it more difficult

  • 8:34 thank me later

  • Look at how the lighting is different the lighting is aiming up so you see more shadows or better definition so not much change

  • This boy did 17 my highest one is 20

  • Keep you elbows in or your not doing them right.

  • Are there rest days?

  • That Video has my bring to Start the Challenge too :)

  • The amount of likes I get is the amount of push ups I will do.

  • A couple of femboys here.

  • Eating a lot is actually good to give you more energy and build that muscle (protein). That being said, stick to healthy foods and try to cook it yourself so you know exactly what’s going into your meal!

  • I can do 4 I AINT BLUFFING MAN!!!

  • If you want to know the truth 100 push-ups a day for 30 days won’t do squat 100 push ups everyday for 100 days won’t even do much this is something that should be accompanied by working out at the gym regularly it is a supplement

  • Even if this a fake video it’s good vibe👌🏿

  • *I can't do 1 push up. Uh? Any tips?? Please 😂*

  • >so weird seeing you do strength training cuz you're like skinny. Remember that when the fatty goes on a diet again.

  • The white guy just needs situps now

  • Doesn’t them look bigger but it does make them stronger which is a benefit. Then you can go and work on defining you muscles. Push ups doesn’t strongly define them more but it does help. So doing this would benefit

  • Ok but why were they struggling after 5 push ups? I’m a petite, chain smoking, couch potato and I do like 30 straight before getting tired. Something’s telling me this can’t be real.

  • I will do a 100 push ups for every subscriber I get!

  • My god, seeing this betas hurts my soul

  • Sorry but I don't see a difference

  • I gotta 100 push ups for every sub

  • 3:29 love it

  • Lets go

  • 1:12 starts

  • 1 like = 30 push ups for me.

  • They are doing it wrong

  • 4:37 The cringe factor is real

  • I started to take this challenge January 01,2019. Day 1- I did 4 sets of 25 reps Day 2-Day 2- 5 sets of 20 reps Day 3- 4 sets of 30-25-20-25... I feel like my back muscles is improving as well...

  • They just changed the lighting

  • Buzzfeed soy boys will never be able to gain muscle

  • Be nice if they did the pushups properly

  • You guys got terrible form.

  • If I gain 100 subs I’ll try this and upload to channel

  • How come your hair and beard never changed in 30 days?

  • I did this and used a supplement called pro-gainer, I’m really skinny and gained 30 pounds within a damn year! I’m 14 years old and it’s 30 pounds of good weight not fat

  • They legit don’t know how to properly do a push up

  • Nothing happened to me

  • 100 burpees a day for a month

  • I’m 12 and I can do more than the dude wiv the glasses at the start

  • I do 20 or 30 push ups a day im 10 yrs old wanna be strong

  • i will record me doing 10 pushups for every subscriber i get edit: and post it obviously

  • This is the effects of soy and political activism all day.

  • "Deceptively" weak ... nah

  • I can only do 3-4 push-ups

    • Me too but I'll try to do more everyday this January

  • 1:09 dangggggggg those are done muscular arms

  • good job 100 push ups a day takes the doc away

  • I'm in week 2 of this experiment, and I'm an old dude. Started out doing 5 sets of 20. Moved up to 30+30+20+20 this week. Will target 40+30+30 next week. My goal is to get to 50+50 by week 4. Soreness was really only an issue after day 3. Got better after that (knock on wood).

  • Peks

  • They are so over dramatic 100 push-ups a day is easy asf

  • 100 in row ?

  • *Gibby is this you?*

  • I can do 3 and call it a fucking month

  • At 9:33 when I was watching my sister was reading a email and she got accepted into a collage she was soo happy

  • this is so embarrassing that this is even a challenge, our ancestors are ashamed of how weak and soft we have become.

  • go to gym “ chickens”

  • The brown dude is gay

  • i'm about one week in and feeling good about it so far

  • It's really not hard, I was 13 when I did this

  • 15 max

  • I got 28 push ups in gym class at school and at the beginning, the guy in the glasses only did 17 😂

  • white man did the girliest push ups lol, was working out his arms instead of his chest that's why it was so easy for him.

  • That indian man got a fucking nice round eye ball #nohomo

  • Poor amir