We Did 100 Push-Ups Every Day For 30 Days

Published on Aug 19, 2017
Two not-so-strong men embarked on a month-long journey to change their bodies. This is their story.
Credits: www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/23412
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  • They aren’t even doing a real push up. Your chest has to touch the ground on each one.

  • No duh they increased the amount they can do.Theyre body got used to it.Doesnt mean they got stronger.If they tried to curl a dumbbell it’s still gonna be just as hard as before

  • Literally nothing changed...

  • 1 like=1 pushup

  • I will do 100 push-ups for 5 days

  • Im 13 and I do 100 push ups a day as many pull ups as I can boxing and more if I can be bothered

  • 100 push ups? Thats not hard at all.

  • Does Logan have something up with his spine? His shoulders and hips are uneven- one sits significantly higher than the other. Next time he's involved in a workout challenge, they need to address that. Continuing bad posture while strengthening certain muscles can make the problem worse.

  • You need to hit the posterior chain of muscles with pullups and rows

  • Push ups are a great exercise to build long lean muscles and endurance . I'm an ex fire fighter and worked out doing push ups and dead press dips . I didnt get the bulk like other fire fighters and could not lift a wet mattress like I seen one do . Heres the deal though , those bulky muscles requires lots of oxygen and they would go through an air bottle faster than I . When mine would finally run out , I would go outside to switch out for a new one but the body builders were finished . They would be standing around with their coats off hoping someone would snap their picture or trying to impress the girls , while the endurance guys finished the job . Do those push ups . A lot of women prefer the look of long lean muscles over the bulky ones . Long and lean is more athletic looking.

  • It’s funny how they leave glasses on, have bright lights to stop shadows, make them not smile and and a bad posture but in the after photos they do a dull light to emphasise there ‘curves’ of NEW MUSCLES, remove glasses to look new, smile and have a great posture.... JUST TO CREATE A GREATER EFFECT (just be honest people)

  • i need to use a knee D:

  • I did 126 push-ups is a day

  • Im a real boy

  • 1:21 is it clashing adda

  • Their arms are too far apart!

  • 10 pushups for each like

  • i ve done this 11 day now :=) Lets go 30 days! :) I hope this works for real

  • I Like How BuzzFeed Wrote In The Description "This Is Their Story" As If This Was A Breakthrough In History And Will Engrave In Youth Minds For The Years To Come.

  • i’ve been doing this for 4 months and i still don’t see a difference in my chest. it has not definition, it’s just stayed the same and idk what to do. i’ve been eating good for 4 months too

  • I can do more than 60 push ups and I am 10

  • THEY DID 3000 pushups

  • 1 like=1 push-up for me

  • I can do straight 130 push ups.😎😎 100 push ups anyone????

  • i do 5 sets of 20

  • can't really see the difference, though I believe there is

  • I turned twelve yesterday I'm 135 pounds and I can do 40 pushups and I can run 3.25 miles in 27 minutes is that good

  • I bet the people who said they will do one push per like did not even do a pushup

  • Im 13.I did this for a month and got extreme muscles it's easy 25reps 4sets.

  • Look at that fucking form

  • Their push-up technique can use improvement

  • Punched my phone in the face 1:21

  • i did 100 pushups for a year straight

  • 1like = 1 push up

  • 5:54 Great way to injure your shoulders and end up with shoulder pain

  • I can only do 30 without trying to kill my self

  • 100 in a row?or just doing 100 regardless?

  • Looks the same

  • Their push ups are too fast so they don’t count

  • Bullshite, it's not real unless you have same background and lighting.

  • Nice video bro, I finished the 100 push up challenge for 30 days, 1 week ago. that's work for me, if you want see the result, check my video

  • Now i do 200 per day 1 like = 1 day

  • Look. I did this in a week and can see myself have about the same gains as these people. I even saw a 6 pack squeezing my stomach. Yes yes yes.. it was not the most visible but I could see it allot more than before just gotta say that I did eat very healthy during this time sooo.. yeah


  • 100 push ups would do that.

  • They are doing the push ups wrong.

  • I can do 25 in a row and it's day 3 for me and my goal is to boost that up to 50 in a row

  • Most of the ones on US-tv are fake because they just use really old photos and the just don’t do push ups only but this one is real

  • One the thing participants didn't notice is that their necks were slight thicker making them look more masculine and their voices were slightly lower. It is a reality that strength training in men causes an increase in testosterone naturally - which evidently impacts the deepness of their voices.

  • the only difference was the angle and the lighting of the picture lol. no hate but if you really wanna see results you gotta hit the gym

  • i started this 3 months ago but instead of 100 i did 150 as well as 75 sit ups a day and now, while i still have a while to go, i can safely say i look a hell of a lot better than i did. :))))

  • Not a single pushup was done those days

  • I do 4 sets of 25 every day its the easiest way for me

  • I like how in the thumbnail you got way tanner than when you started, by doing pushups.

  • ive been doing 100 push ups a day for the last month and im already getting my swole back

  • They were so cute at the end

  • They used a darker background and lighting for the after shots, darker areas makes your body look more toned than that of a lighter one

  • What's with the Nike shoes in the background!!! Is this vedio even real ?

  • The 2 Mr Olympia 6😂😂😂

  • Let's try this challenge. 💪💪

  • us-tv.org/tv/video-iy-CdzgJhPY.html How is this my 200 pushups ???

  • There’s literally no change 🤣🤣😩

  • He had fluffer push ups 🤣🤣 he did 40 neck ups

  • Am going to do this challenge and I'll upload it if I get some support

  • Every like is a push-up and Russian twist for me everyday

  • Yo fellas Smash this like button 1 like = 1 Plank, Push-up, Sit-up, or Pull-up

  • do army push ups

  • I'll start with 10 of 10

  • Video starts at 8:34

  • I do boxing and my whole gym have been slacking on their push ups. We fully noticed when today no one could do a pull up. I'm doing 100 push ups after i go home from boxing to see if i get a difference. Ill update this if i remember.

  • Bruh I get that it’s 100 push-ups every day but like that’s all they’re doing the entire day...I tried this and it wasn’t too hard

  • For each like i will do a Push Up Max to 2k

  • Why not 100 push ups for 3 days LOL

  • Thanks, from now on I Will do 101 pushups. That's how Savage I am

    • Caleb_ The_Skater I can tell ur like 10 years old

  • Tomuch talking

  • I used Lightroom to decrease highlights and whites in the white guy's picture and he looks even better at the "before" photo.... but hey, it's BuzzFeed....

  • I will eat 1 'Mozzarella Onion Ring' for each like?

  • I am 10 and I can do 30 pushups in a row

  • All I hear is complaining 😂

  • It's scary how the grinch knows wait I'm watching

  • 29 and 40 in a row. After 30 days of doing 100 pushups a day. That's rather pathetic.

  • #inspired

  • I am doing this until the end of November. Need to quit smoking cigs, not be lazy and outta shape and I guess why not. I hope you guys have continued doing this from this video a year ago until current times. 100 push ups is hard an I was at 500 total as a teenager and I just want to look and feel better and gain some self needed confidence.

  • They dieted and went to the gym. They barely even changed at all

  • Fake

  • "I'm deceptively weak". Not really that deceptive buddy...

  • even 20 sets of 5 is ok folks until you develop form and stamina. Likewise, you can do 10x10 and then 5x20 (or some variant) and so on. Yes, rest. 1-2 days days depending upon intensity. Listen to your body. Rest is as important as pushing yourself. Onward upward.

  • I'm currently 8 days into Saitama's training regimen except on sundays Sundays everything +50% Also I've replaced that 10k run with shitton of other leg exercises

  • If people are going to do 100 pushups in a day then do 20 every hour or 2, then you won't rush the pushups and it won't feel so boring to do. I did this as after 50 all I wanted to do is get it done and the form goes out the window, next day go for run, you will loose weight doing this as I did and it was not to hard on the body. When I did pushups I planked at the end for 1 minute too

  • You should have done....100 PUSHUPS 100 SITUPS 100 SQUATS AND A 10 KM RUN! EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

  • I can't even do more than 10

  • I can tell you right now, I weight 210 pounds (no, I’m not unbelievably fat, I’m 6’2, I do have fat, but not a whole lot.) it isn’t easy pushing 210 pounds up and down. I did it 10 times, and failed. But I’m starting now, and I’m sure I will have results in a month or two. I’m trying at least >~>

  • My god the white guys form is abysmal

  • 1 like - 1 push-up

  • just do 20 push ups every hour until 100 everyday and get sleep a lot and your sholders won't hurt

  • 9:46 he clearly lost his glasses in a month.

  • 9:05 all he lost are his glasses.

  • I am a 11 year old i did 100 push i split it to 20/10/10/10/10/10/10/10/10 and its very hard

  • I did 100 push ups a day for 30 days, and I lost strength and muscle....lol

  • omg i hate the indian guy, sorry. but he's so gay. damn