Published on Sep 9, 2018
Matt and Thomas thought it would be a good idea to walk across a country without a map...
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Editors: Ryan Thiesen, Thomas Brag, Thomas Dajer
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  • Watch until the end for a little hidden message... :)

    • +notwillp Hi. I think their first one or the one they use most. :)

    • this is going on my bucket list

    • you could have just seen sun and know which side is east or west !

    • Why Jk

    • What was the message?

  • You guys should try out a proper mountain hiking with a kitchen, bedroom and a toilet on your back.

  • It was pretty dumb to not even have a compass

  • Absolutely fantastic! I also love that woman who gave you water.

  • Malta would have been easier...

  • This is the most stressful thing I’ve ever watched 😂😂

  • I’m going to walk to Germany from Ireland let’s go

  • Anyone else screaming to look at the fucking sun at their screen when they were trying to find out which way east was

  • 9:37 why does Matt sound so hot saying Thomas' name? Holy shit

  • they never made it to germany remich is still in luxembourg

  • Cool! Last summer i walked from Helsinki(Finlands capital) from Savonlinna(city in Finland) it was about 250 kilometers. Of course i slept and had breaks but that was the hardest thing in my whole life

  • Omg I live theree

  • I finnaly found it!! Yes theorys thumbnail/pucture on youtube says NO map

  • Would love to do this

  • I loved this episode.

  • I’m leaving today and following the train tracks to wherever it takes me , wish me luck I’m gonna lay on top the train track roof and as it rides I’m state at the night sky

  • 5:56 uhhh... that was a map😬😬

  • I will buy y’all a compass

  • Try walking around Scotland next. We're just hills and even just walking around Edinburgh kills your legs.

  • I even saw you guys we were driving past you 😭

  • WTF how many languages do you guys speak?

  • Border to border : 40km In Canada, 40km barely takes you to the next town. :D

  • next time you‘re in luxembourg, you could visit me

  • These guys have clearly never done the Duke of Edinburgh award

  • Love this channel so much

  • Well it was 14 hours journey but i still didn't feel any change in the daylight. How it that possible

  • hell yeah the man with the city shirt

  • Due to you guys I got 2 of my friends to agree to walk the whole length of Luxembourg for charity on 30th March. The route we are taking is 79.6 miles in total. Spread the word of the Yes Theory. www.gofundme.com/the-luxembourg-hike?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=fb_dn_cpgnsharebartop_r&fbclid=IwAR3bjCXsCXZCJwK6WP-m9PkzlDOmUAPSSU-awOL0WQetIO08TCGTJ2grVq8

  • You guys should have ran it!

  • I'm tired just from watching it.

  • A real challenge would be getting a millennial and getting them to travel with a real map. (they aren't allowed to use Google Maps)


  • How many languages does Matt speak?!?!?

  • 6:14 MCFC OK!

  • They could have used a compass.

  • As soon as i move to the Netherrlands for uni you fuckers step in my country and right by my school?????

  • why can't i have this kind of idiot friend in my life accompany me doing all this thing ?

  • Yes theory challenge: Overcome my depression

  • And i thought walking to the kitchen was hard

  • Yes theory you guys inspire me everyday to better myself and to challenge myself and I would just like to thank you

  • You should walk the Four Days Marches Nijmegen. You'll walk 50 km for four days with 40.000 strangers

  • Yo i cracked at the spongebob part

  • 3:01 I use to do that back in Africa when I was walking to go to school. Attach my umbrella to my backpacks

  • You could go walk along the border of liechtenstein its a really small country. And it would be a really cool challenge Excuse my english i am from austria

  • I thought it was 'no fap'..

  • do you think they got all their steps in

  • do ur feet hurt

  • 8:51 "We are not going to use our phones, they will be turned off"

  • am i the only one read caption as "no fap" ?

  • 5:56 is that a... MAP!!?

  • isn't that like a marthon?

  • 11:37 I don't know why, but I imagined him getting run over by a car ;-;

  • Use a globe

  • How many languages does Matt speak?!?!

  • You go into the city and nobody even knows which way is East or West, you go out of the city and people can tell you the roads to Germany

  • Did anyone read Sandweiler as Sandwich at first?

  • Sprechen sie Deutsch?

  • Green super car at 4:24

  • I live in Bermuda it’s 21square miles long u can walk across here just a suggestion not like I want to meet u or anything yeah totally

  • you speak fluent FRENCH???????

  • I dare you to try Russia next time

  • 8:51 was that a phone .__. 😂 *i don’t actually know if it is but I love ur channel either way lol*

  • They looked at a map at 5:50

  • Love Matt! Such a level-headed, positive guy!

  • You could've gone to Vatican City and walked across the country in like 20 minutes.

  • Just use the Sun for a compass

  • You guys are most definitely not lazy :)

  • Do you guys sometimes speak french to each other? 😂

  • Shout out to the guy with the blue car around 3:05 with the boot on it.

  • 03.39 he is singing in to his phone use maps u fuck up

  • I also have walked for like 43 km in Belgium from Scherpenheuvel to Tienen with a few times being lost and it's very hard.

  • wow they used there phone for entertainment

  • This sounds stupid, LETS DO IT!

  • 5:58 is that a map i see?

  • I love that song papa ou té

  • Weak asses. You walked a marathon. Made it seem so dramatic but that country is the distance of a marathon 😂😂

  • I can’t even walk to my kitchen

  • Did you guys really finish it all the way? Remich is still luxembourg and the hotel you guys showed is 1 km away from the border... Also you only showed the Germany 2km sign...

  • Y’all should walk across the USA

  • papoutai!!

  • You should do this again but walk through Israel completely

  • u guys need to do the camino de santiago ! that would be hilarious

  • Yeah I’ll just walk through Vatican city

  • I recently heard families would walk from the Netherlands to Austria and stay there for a bit and then walk back again. It took them 2 weeks to go back and forth. Of course, that was back when travel was really not affordable.

  • EASY! Do what James Charles can't do.... Walk in a straight line... Follow his/her mistake...

  • 6:02 No matter where in the world you are, there will always be a Brazilian there!

  • How is everyones English so fluent..?

  • 11:55 That camera position and room looks exactly like the one where Roman Atwood pranked her girlfriend Britney.

  • 10:45 did you say “Nancy Pelosi”?

  • I wonder... what if they got dropped in the middle of the ocean and try to look for land with no satnav? 🤔😂

  • I get lost with a map!!!😂😂

  • HAhha walked 27 Km with 30 kg extra weight having to navigate our way, it feels okay in the beginning, hard in the middle and after a while you just keep going because you wanna reach the goal, and oh hadn't aten for 28 hours only a piece of carrot x:) xD

  • was that a phone I just saw??? 8:51

  • You guys should come to india

  • You should go to Lebanon

  • next time first get a hiking rucksack! xD better for your back

  • 7:40 this is basically my team and I's feeling in the Duke of Edinburgh International Award

  • You should try the Biblimum track in Western Australia, If you want to get to the camp spot before dark you have to do 40 kilometers in 7 hours including breaks

  • Back when they didn't have phones...they had compasses. A compass mightttt have been helpful? Great video as always

  • 5:34 cute couple