Vlogmas | It's Christmas!!!!

Published on Dec 27, 2017
I hope everyone enjoyed this holiday season with their loved ones!
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  • Dying over that beautiful wrapping paper with the christmas trees!!!

  • Kara's adorable when she's asleep. And I love your Christmas jumper.

  • Merry Christmas!

  • thats so funny because i HATE merry and love happy

  • Where does cammie lives in the usa


  • Cara must be from some rich background lol

  • What does cara do for a living ? Just curious ! Merry Christmas 🎄

  • is anyone else getting betty cooper vibes???

  • Who is kara to cammie ?

  • She's so cute the way she jumped on her bed and said its Christmas

  • Have a shot every time when you hear word vegan 😂😂😂

  • Thank-you Cams, Kara, Family & Mates making ya Vlogmas so enjoyable to watch! xx

  • No, Cammie... it's Happy Christmas ;D but Merry Christmas works too.

  • HAHAHAHAHA! Merry Christmas licks from Keegan and Linc ^_^

  • great video

  • What are your favorite characters from the originals

  • Can we see what you and Kara got each other for christmas?

  • You look more pretier with your jingle my shirt.

  • merry Christmas cammie🎄🎄

  • I stopped watching for about a month and now sHE HAS A GF?? WHAT???

    • have they been dating for over a year already?? How do you know?

    • Cat Webb thank you, yeah maybe more than a month but I'm sure it hasn't been a year?? I'm really surprised 😂

    • Cammie started dating Kara in Oct 2016 @sajida so maybe bit longer than a month or so hahaha

  • My dad had to go to work on first and second day of christmas so it was kinda sad but I ended up spending the whole time with my brother wich I haven't seen in a really long time so it wasn't that bad after all 😁

  • You should have brought Keegan, he’s part of the family, too 😇

  • I was so afraid this would be the last vlog, so I'm excited for tomorrow. But it's kinda crazy how often you two fly to London and back, do you have any plans, how this will work in the future? It seems kinda exhausting to me this way :/

  • You're the best ❤

  • So glad you had a good Christmas!

  • Thank you Cammie for the amazing vlogs ! I love you soo muchh ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Succes with your period☺

  • Omaigad kara is so cute😍😍

  • I sincerely enjoy watching all of your vlogs

  • I want both of these sweaters😍 Oh, and happy holidays to you guys!

  • Kara farted exposed

  • Aww how sweet zero thumbs down coz its Christmas. Cara is one of those persons who still looks cute even if they just woke up. With or without make up. Cute. Cammie, well cammie’s cammie lol she’s stunning, maybe not when she just woke up but the eyes makes up for it. I really wanted to know what u got ur mom, that super big thing the man carried inside ur house even wd a narrow snowy pathway. He didn’t slip, what could be in there.

  • When you watch your old videos on your computer and your vlogmas on your phone. NOTIFICATION SQUAD.

  • #WCE

  • Lol the pitbull head tilt

  • Hi.....I am from Perú

  • Merry Christmas!

  • Lincoln was so cute in his elf costume. You two are the sweetest and cutest couple. Merry Christmas!

  • Safe travels and try to stay warm.❤✌

  • Hahaha I got my dog the same exact toy and it lasted approximately 2 seconds!!! Silly dogs

  • I feel like you look different 🤔

  • I know Kara meant no harm, but it made me sad when she was chasing Lincoln with the paper bag. He seemed a little distressed. But I dunno, I love dogs and I just hate seeing them freaked out. ☺ (No hate, these girls are awesome)

  • honestly lincoln is a cutie. those blues though 👌🏽

  • * every new shot of Cammie during vlogmas * me - "omg she's so pretty."

  • Cammie's ear ring annoyed me the whole time... one was down ( the way its meant to be) and the other was up

    • _louisianna 😁

    • wow ya so easy to annoy them, I for one didn't even notice it hahaha

    • Garfield AteLasagna i officially announced to myself that i have ocd and i actually think its got worse

    • April May Yeah

    • _louisianna ocd much? 😂

  • This was my favorite Vlogmas series to watch this year! Thanks for making my December so great! Love you Cam!

  • Cammie looking like Ralphie in a Christmas Story in that bunny suit lol

  • Ahh you're in NY????!!!

  • Cuteness overload 😍

  • Hope you had a good Christmas! ❤

  • Merry Christmas, Cammie!

  • I hope you ladies(Cammie & Kara) have/had a lovely Christmas and celebrated it with loved ones and friends !

  • I love you and miss you! Let’s change that (the missing not loving)


  • Was waiting for this😍


  • It's 3am in UK #yikes but Notification Squad where you atttt???? 🤗

  • Ur**

  • An amazing vlog right before bed. Yay😍 Love U Cammie 😘🇵🇹

  • I was waiting for this. Merry Christmas hugs from Puerto Rico ❤️

  • Or so pretty

  • Merry christmas you guys! Love you💜

  • I love u

  • cute💚

  • Omg the into, I’m already dead.... 😂❤️

  • First x