Rocket Slammer Pt. 1

Published on Apr 13, 2018
Today we're showing you how we build the Fortnite Rocket Slammer!
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  • Abortnite*

  • Collab with the hacksmith

  • can you make D.j.-Yonder's Fortnite pic-axe

  • Wow a kinda dope version of Reinhardt's rocket hammerr

  • Honestly thought this was supposed to be Reinhardt’s hammer from Overwatch

  • PLZ PLZ PLZ do a collab with The Hacksmith

  • "Form"

  • Why didn't you use the styro slicer?

  • The rocket slammer is a harvesting tool not weapon do you even play fortnite?

    • hey man, 2019 here, just telling you that do you even play fortnite?

  • I can make vindertech slammers

  • I... Thought that was rienharts hammer.. oh

  • Make the Apreture sciense hand hel portal device! Or the portal gun!!!!!

  • Its a Vindertech slammer

  • What would happen if you mixed hiragan oxide with liquid nitrogen

  • Do Q&A with Grant,Have you or Grant ever got injered?

  • I have that weapon in fortnite stw

  • have you seen overwatch reinhardt's rocket hammer

  • Scar

  • Omg 😱. The soccer ball he used is the same one mine is.

  • I wonder what powers the rocket if the ENERGY MODULES don't do anything

  • I thought it war reinhardt's hammer

  • I just ate a sandwich

  • This is pretty cool you should do some more things like this!

  • Please make reinhardts rocket hammer from overwa... oh wait you’re already doing that (sort of)

  • This is awesomely random!

  • It’s actually called the vindertech rocketslege but it’s super cool it’s so accurate

  • Discount Reinhardt rocket hammer

  • The things people will do for that 10 minute mark

  • hi

  • Awesome Vid. Keep It up.Nice Shirt Too.

  • Where can I find a sheet of EVA foam like the one you used?

  • I got a add for fortnite before this video who else?

  • Make something in pubg

  • I already liked KOR but this makes it even more awesome

  • You should do it from br

  • Do some kind of Battle Royale pickaxe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • this is how the king of random makes

  • I wish the fortnight meme would die already...

  • Where is king of random

  • anyone else think that he should have filled the inside with something? lol

  • You should make the inferno from how to train your dragon please

  • Do the scar please

  • Gimme it

  • Please don't do fortnite anymore, it is cool but way overdone


  • Can you make a scar or a guided missile

  • This item is from save the world

  • Deep Nat voice sounds like Grand

  • Nice. With all the EVA foam I'm wondering if you've been checking out Punished Props. Also, did you bother making patterns while you were making this? It would make replicating it easier.

  • Do more Fortnite

  • I took 3 hours to do this hammer

  • do the vindertech axe!

  • That is great!

  • ive never played fort nite

  • Hey, im just wondering what will happen to a 1000°C iron ball when put in a liquid nitrogen

  • Still not Grant😳

  • I thought this vid was about overwatch

  • Mack more vids

  • Xbox one Mast3rHunt3r 86 victorys add up :) best of best

  • What contact cement are you using?

  • 6 Year Olds who only play Battle Royale: *lOL tHAT ISnT IN THE GAME dUMMY!*

  • Dammm I wonder how many of you guys actually make these projects ??like who has all these tools lying around at home ?🤔🙄🤷🏽‍♂️

  • What if you put silicone on a plant and cast it in metal - use plastic plants


  • Could've filled it with spray foam for a little heft

  • Hlw brother

  • Aka rein hart hammer and that is from save the world

  • Most of the people on this video are most likely cosplayers wondering how too make this weapon for a costume


  • put stuff in the center to make it stronger

  • Bruh I still don't know wtf fortnite is tbh

  • How about a gun that seized the means of production so we can all live in a happy little Utopian Commune and all win all our games of Fortnite and live Happily Ever After?

  • You obviously haven’t played the game😂

  • Build a Fortnite Port-A-Fort water feature.

  • Where tf is the actual king of random? Am I right?

  • What about PUBG 😥

  • Uhhh... nobody knows what that is because that is from save the world

  • This is literally Reignhearts hammer from Overwatch. First they copy off of PUBG now Overwatch. *Fortnite has SO MUCH originality*

    • No I has a totally original design I play overwatch as well and I assure you they are totally different

  • Can you sell this hammer as merch?

  • Hhhh hhh

  • So the hammer is filled with shield potion? That might be why it is super effective.

  • Suprised no one’s said anything about Reinhardt

  • something from minecraft

  • Could you perhaps include measurements for people who want to build it?

  • No please

  • Add me on psn kascnef82

  • Everyone is triggered bc it’s from save the world

  • *Hello there, dudes :3* How it's going? Wanna try to build it


  • Hacksmith did it first

  • His fingers are like octopus tentacles

  • So... every roll of tape is the same size

  • Shoulda filled it up wid expanding foam

  • He's a future in cosplay. Get after it my guy!

  • I WANT IT!

  • Collab with Codys Lab again please.

  • Collab with Codys Lab again please

  • Collab with Codys Lab again please

  • Please make more fortnite things

  • you should make the nocturno from stw