Testing Flex Glue - As Seen On TV

Published on Feb 21, 2018
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  • What if u get it on your fingers

  • Phil swift is always right

  • someone will drive down the street and go to take those, theyll go to pick them up and go “why heck, these must be flex glued together!”

  • Flex Glue ain't strong, Taras you're strong.

  • I think he put too much glue for the third one to have it stay instantly

  • Phil swift never lies

  • He stronk

  • Is this... Russian Phil?

  • I just got a pornhub add I didn’t even know they existed especially on US-tv



  • imagine putting it on your lips

  • In the commercial, the “pro formula” is the thing that lifts the cinderblocks. Maybe that’s why it didn’t fully work.

  • slop it

  • In soviet russia, flex tape slaps you

  • Anybody notice there is a grave yard behind him

  • You look like my coach at swimming


  • @5:01 hahahahahahahahahaha

  • Nouu wueyyyy it does wouk


  • Flex tape cures my depression

  • Formerciall

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  • Instant grub

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  • You're crazy Russian hacker

  • 5:00 NO WAY!! oh wait nvm

  • 5:02 woo no way ! nope THAT ALOT OF DAAMMMAGE

  • The real test will be how well it holds things together once the glue sets.

  • just remember. you witnessed him pull the bricks apart with his bare hands.

  • Build a small shed out of flex glue and concrete bricks

  • Instant garab

  • They say that Flex Glue becomes stronger and stronger the more it dries. Is this true? Or does it crystallize and become brittle like Super-glue does? You want the product to be reliable over long periods of time, or building repairs will all too quickly become unsafe!!!

  • They say that Flex Glue bonds stronger and stronger as it dries. Is that true? Or does it get brittle and crusty like super glue???

  • Instint Gwab, Best glue! Luv this guy

  • Great demo bro.

  • Phil Swift doesn’t lie

  • In America, you glue bricks, In Soviet Russia, bricks glue you!

  • Coocumbar

  • when your friend comes and says why are you flexing so much then he replies oh sorry i just bought flex glue

  • "You want concrete block? I have 1,000 concrete blocks. All gray. Best color. I give you 100...good price."

  • Flex products aren't strong, Phil is strong.

  • Use flex glue to repair this video

  • Ur english

  • can you put a paper on a stone?

  • Forbidden icing

  • Your the same guy as crazy russsian hacker

  • This guy looks a lot like The Crazy Russian Hacker...

  • Prink grip is better

  • what happen to BOOM

  • to show you the power of flex tape, I'm going to saw this russian in half.

  • Amazing

  • never underestimate the power of Flex Glue

  • I'd have liked to see some tests after the glue had actually dried. Stress tests in heat and cold would have been welcome. Or like, do the bricks glued in water actually cure or does the glue breakdown because water is a solvent?

  • I N S T A N T. G R A B

  • This stuff reminds me of Titebond Ultimate MP which is cheaper prices and better product.


  • _actually_

  • -actually-

  • *actually*

  • Were u born in Moscow, Russia

  • *Now that’s a lot of damage!!!*

  • Oops flex seal

  • Or flex spray

  • How about flex tape

  • "Flakes Gloo"...btw great video...

  • Any caulking glue will do that for way cheaper like 4 bucks an entire tube

  • No boat is safe

  • god dammit I love his reaction

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  • you have speaking problems.

  • If only he didn't saw Titanic in half!

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  • "The 3rd one kinda holds then falls off" 😐😐


  • Who else was waiting for the bricks to fall?

  • *_I sawed a boat in half!_*

  • To be honest imma prolly buy me some flex glue today

  • the commercial says it can lift 1000 lbs

  • Why is he so dense lol

  • “It even works underwater!” “I Sawed this boat in half”

  • It’s also great to sniff

  • can je beliv it



  • How dare he underestimate the power of flex glue

  • It's only suction that's holding them together...

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  • I want to eat it....

  • russian FaZe Banks?


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  • You better SAW A BOAT IN HALF!

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  • Phil swift tells the truth

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  • something kept breaking off on my coach's shelf so i pulled up a flex glue picture and announced it as phil swift did

  • phil swift holding a gun and nodding slowly behind the camera

  • am i the only one who got anxiety when he picked the bricks up