ONE WEEK OF MOM HACKS! Potty Training, Save Money, Organization, Car Trips & MORE!

Published on Jun 26, 2018
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  • Love how real you are

  • Those was really good... and not boring. You officially have a new SUBSCRIBER

  • Yes children getting bored in car makes them creative, they have to learn to entertain themselves x

  • The smoothie trick with the spinach is genius!

  • A lot of these I do already, but oh wow! The smoothie hack and the hair clips for eating and potty are AWESOME! Thank you so much! Your kiddos are cutie pies ♥️♥️♥️

  • We have squeeze-eze(spelt something like that 😉) and I would put smoothies to go and apple sauce to go. I don’t buy the on the go apple sauce or anything because like you said, it’s expensive!

  • You are AMAZING, mum!! 👏👏👏😘

  • This is awesome! I like the smoothie idea with the frozen spinach! I gotta try that with my 3 year old... she's the same way. LOVES broccoli, likes FRESH only green beans (hey, I prefer fresh too lol)... But at their age, leafy greens are much harder to get them to eat. My girl loves ALL fruit pretty much.. so the smoothie thing would be a great idea for her. I can get her to eat those expensive pre-made pouch yogurts that have veggies in them that they sell at the store, but you don't get very many in a package and they're just so expensive, not ideal for everyday. Frozen spinach however... so many good hacks here! I do the clip thing too! I always clip or tie back my daughter's hair before she eats BUT I usually have to hunt the clip down. Your kids are adorable! 💛

  • Loving these hacks because the struggle is real being home w kids and it’s nice to see other mamas feel the way I do! You are SO organized wow!

  • You’re my real life hero!!!

  • Would love to see what you & your kids easy I a day. And healthy snack ideas!

  • Love the cubes! Please post some toddler recipes! :-)

  • Good job Mama. Your children will grow up to be happy and well adjusted. I am a special needs teacher and I too followed many if your hacks. Schedules, routines, expectations and organization is so key.

  • Thanks for the shoutout that rewarding inappropriate behavior with candy isn't a hack. I immediately subscribed.

  • Can you do a tour of your house pleaseeeeeee lol I love you and your house seems so cute!!

  • At 1:30 was using her LEFT hand ti hold the colored pencil??? I am left handed, so I noticed when she picked the pencil up and put in her left hand. I she is still pretty young, so you may not be able to tell yet. It was just something I noticed. Then again, a few seconds later I think I saw her using her right hand to color too. 😄 I loved this video! I'm not a mom yet, but I am praying that I will get to be one some day in the future (be it through biological children, adotion, or foster care). I love your channel! I was just talking with my mom last night about my favorite people to watch on US-tv. Of course, your name came up many times. I specifically really appreciate the way you parent your children. You are doing a wonderful job! Praying for you! 😘❤❤

  • Certain essential oils are not baby/kid safe either. If you haven't already, I would research which ones are safe and which ones to avoid, and from an unbiased source.

  • Where did you get the messfree drawing pad? I wasn't sure what store you said. Thank you!

  • I really like that tv tray drawing station idea and making the baby food ahead of time

  • would it be weird to do the womens pads with a boy? i have a two year old ive been slacking to potty train but loved this idea.

  • Any advice on a house hold where the mom works too. I would love to live like this, but me and my husband both work.

  • I got the potty chart from you! We trained our girls at the same time! I watched your video when I was struggling to get my daughter to potty in public. She was fine at home. But wouldn’t go outside of our home. I got the chart idea from you and she immediately started going outside of our home!

  • You have got it together girl! A young mama who knows more than I did at your age! Luv ya! Hugs from Ontario!

  • OMG you need to get a grip on reality on life. Not everyone can/wants to be Heather homemaker.

  • LOVE THIS!! Please do more mom hack videos❤❤❤

  • LOVED THESE HACKS!!! Have you seen the 3 day potty method? I did it with my 2 kids. its pretty great and barely any accidents

  • I'm not even a mom. I just love watching your videos!

  • My favorite mom hack video!!!

  • I would definitely be a mum like u.. love the hacks.. Love from London UK 😍 Nadia

  • Hats of to you for this video...BIG THANK YOU. YOU ARE AMAZING

  • Thank you

  • Loved this Sarah!! Getting some helpful tips and inspiration 👌😃

  • Was this video sponsored by Ikea?

  • Best video I have ever seen 💕

  • Enjoyed the hair clip hack and now I’m gonna keep one on the chair and potty ❤️

  • Love the eye look on Friday!!

  • Love these!

  • "Honestly, I never buy them 'cause they're just not good for you". #sanctimommy.Ok sure...they just randomly ended up in your pantry even though you didn't buy them😂 Also, the "spinach isn't tasteful."Classic. I think you meant to say that you can't taste frozen spinach in your smoothies. litter urine and excrement and call that a hack? Unless you're out in the boons this there's absolutely no reason to bring a potty on the road much less empty it in the bushes.

  • You’re such a good mom!! I know someone who is really going to benefit from this video, including myself

  • You are seriously the best Mama ❤ I've already watched this twice. SO helpful! Would love to see more kiddo related videos

  • My favorite video you have made!!!

  • I died at your comment about giving your kid a sucker just being a way to teach them to continue the behavior! I’m a kindergarten teacher and it’s so true! You’d be surprised how many kiddos I get in my class whose parents, you can tell, do this at home! Thank you for not doing things like this!

  • Sarah this video is so amazing and encouraging! Love these hacks 😄

  • Can you link the craft table you have for ivy

  • Thank you so much for this video! I found it really helpful (even though I‘m not a mum yet :‘D)

  • Very useful hacks! Thanks!❤

  • Amazing hacks😁

  • The car hacks are the best thank you

  • I thought that you shouldn't use essential oils with kids ? Anyway, thanks for sharing your hacks. Your kids are so cute :)

  • Brazil loves you :*

  • yes blonde! Loved these hacks!

  • Thank you for your insights! You’re so legit!

  • Love this I started potty training at 10 months my daughter will be 2 in August and is full potty trained!

  • That bin in the car is legit one of the best hacks I’ve ever come across!! Now that I’ve seen it I don’t know how I didn’t think of it! We always have toys that end up everywhere in the car and it looks so messy. I have two little ones as well so this will work perfect for us! Thank you so much Xx

  • Maybe you'll do a video with "how to make baby food". I am not a mamma but I am curious

  • Such a great video! thanks for all your hard work

  • Hello Sarah!!! I'm from Poland 🇵🇱 Do you know where is it? I love your hacks 😍 I have a small apartment and tiny kitchen so I have to be organized 😁 but you motivated me to organize it better 😂thank you for that 😘 😘 😘 hugs and kisses

  • Love it!! More videoes like this!!😍

  • The sign language hack for potty training in so smart😂

  • I just wanna say that I love this video! [I'm also glad it's longer so I can listen while doing stuff and don't have to constantly find new videos to keep me company.]

  • Loved this! So helpful! ❤️ Please do more video’s on meal planning ❤️

  • these are amazing and smart hacks! thanks for sharing!

  • Oh my gosh the subscribe was to cute!!!!!

  • The pad idea is genius!

  • This is so helpful!!!!!!

  • SO helpful! Thank you!

  • I just discovered your channel, and I love it. It feels like I’m taking advice from a friend !! Thank you

  • I loved it all!!! Do more ! Thanks !

  • Awesome video! Thank you!

  • I really admire how you parent Ivy and Calvin. I talk to my husband all the time about what you do with your kids and we would like to do the same for ours one day. I love how you encourage them to be independent but they still get to be kids. Loved the video! 🙂

  • Very helpful video 👍👍 thanks

  • O don't have children but I live independently and these hacks are GOLD!! plus I REALLY ADMIRE YOUR DISCIPLINE!! Sometimes I come up with rules for myself but I give them up after a couple of months or I forget them haha. This was so useful ❤️

  • Love this❤️👍

  • Sarah is so inspiring! I love how organized and put together she is! 32wks with my first and I am so happy to have found her vlog, so many great tips!

  • Kids need to learn how to self soothe and boredom is so important! This is especially true in the current microwave society we live in!

  • my glove box is always full of snacks!

  • Those suckers keep me sane, that's what works for me so that's what I'll keep doing, especially when your kids are being loud in a store, kids are just kids it's ok to give in once in awhile

  • I forgot to say: Your friday makeup was gorgeous!! You really should wear color on your eyes more often!!

  • I don't have kids and I don't plan on having but I really love all your videos! You and your family is so cute!! kisses from Brazil

  • I looove the hacks!!!and they are actually helpful and realistic girl thank you!!!

  • YES to blonde! A shadow root would make it look more natural too, and would allow time between touch-ups (i.e. root growth won't disturb the overall look), which is amazing for busy moms! :)

  • Your such a good mom!

  • Your vlogs are my favorite!

  • Congratz...Very good hacks👏🏼👏🏼

  • I'm not even a mom and I loved this video! Go Sarah!!! Amazing young mom

  • Loooved this video!! Thank you so much for the tips! Keep them coming if you have more please 🤗

  • My daughter works out with me and loves lifting her little 5lb weight. I don't have a baby but if I did I would put he or she in the jumper and that way you can workout longer is needed. Our glovebox is filled with snacks. Also chores! I used some popsicle sticks with chores on them. She has to do 5 a day which she loves. She would vacuum all day if I let her.

  • Sarah, you’re amazing!!!!!. You’re so organised and an amazing mummy. Please, please could you do a video on how you food prep cals meals please?. I’m hopeless at knowing what can be frozen (I’d never know you could freeze and reheat rice) and how to reheat it. Understand if you can’t though. Lots of 💗 xxxx

  • Your daughter looks like your sister💗

  • I would love to see what your kids eat. Like those videos "what I eat in a day", but for your kids 😃 Btw this video is great and so helpful ❤️

  • Love your hacks! Definitely plan to implement a lot of them into our routine. :)

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