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Victor Oladipo's Most Athletic Plays This Season

Published on Apr 20, 2018
Check out Victor Oladipo's impressive athletic plays from his first season with the Indiana Pacers!
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  • He's similar to pre-prime D.Rose except he's been in the weight room, which was Derrick's big issue.

  • come on NBA, what is wrong with this quality

  • The Cavs are crying now :V

  • Lance Stephenson has improved too

  • Damn.... All of his plays coming out of nowhere lol BTW to think that his first ever rival was carter-williams is mind blowing

  • Told yaaa!! GOATladipoooo!! 🐐

  • Why is 360p the highest quality???

  • The jelly

  • vibranium i guess! lol nice insight by the commentator!

  • I was watching his highlights from last season today and he is like a completely new person, way more athletic and in much better shape, he definitely put a lot of work in during the offseason. Imagine if the thunder had somehow kept him!

  • The Completeness this season of Oladipo of Defense, offense rebounds, clutchness, swagger blocks,passing lanes poster dunks, shot creating, His acrobatic Layups, Leadership & entertainment all reminds me of the 2008-2009 Dwyane Wade.

  • Future MVP

  • He plays like derrick rose in his prime

    • Nope Less speedy and sharp crossover But more elevation and strenght

    • noooooo this guy is more athletic

  • Lol Why he look like a chimp in the Thumbnail 😂😂

  • MIP of the year. Wished Orlando would've kept him

  • lesss gooo! been looking for this dude

  • Change the quality‼️

  • This kid is a problem in the future!

  • Always underrated as fuck. Glad my man Dipo finally getting the recognition he deserves.

  • They should do a Derrick Rose one

  • Subscribe to me

  • I apologize to Oladipo I been sleeping on him definitely one of the most athletic guards In the game right now

  • Oladipo “fans” coming out of no where

    • Jayfish5 the g.e why wouldnt u And that actually hypotethically asking Im a lakers anyway i just knew about him since his magic days

    • Eric Augusto you’re so triggered I almost don’t believe you.

    • Well... I've been wathing this guys since magic (and that ROTY race with MCW) Does it make me a bandwagon?

    • LegendaryStatus must not understand my emphasis on “fans”

    • Been a fan since beginning of college, I live in Indy and I’ve grown up here. I’ve always been here

  • Paul George is a diva....pacers need one more guy next year pacers in 2019

  • Элита смотрит в 360!

  • So many no-called and one

  • bad quality video

  • Has one of the baddest girlfriends in the league

  • Let's go pacer nation! we got this tonight!

    • PG13 obviously I’m not surprised over here

    • We won yayy

  • 360p X_X

  • What is Vic nickname?

  • The black panther neva freeze

  • Held back by westbrick

    • Has a bigger role and only shoots 3 more shots than he did at okc

    • Hes in way better shape this year

    • David Ayo He learned a lot from Russ, he even said it himself. He needed that one year of learning in Russ' shadow and he needed the trade to show what he is now able to do.. Gotta love his playstyle. Good defender, strong inside game offensively, very good shooter and the hustle and mentality of a true star. Sky's the limit

  • Playoffs mvp

  • Plz stay w the pacers

    • Don't worry this is his city

  • My boy v killing

  • Westbrook didn't hold him back he was always a beast he just had less help on the Pacers and had to pick up the scoring load

  • The best SG in the league #FuckHarden

  • 2018 Most Improved Player

  • if one of you guys could check out my Donavan Mitchell vs Ben SImmons Rookie of the Year mix and drop a like on it, it'd mean the world to me

  • That 360 dunk was clean af

  • Most Improved player of the year

  • Easily the leagues most improved player this season! Went from being a role player to a star/franchise player in a flash.

  • What a beast

    • TheRealYoshi easy, getting our first ring too

    • Victor Goatladipo #indyismycity time to take it farther and lead the Pacers all time and lead them in Points and steals

  • Give this man the M.I.P. now please


  • You're road you know!

  • Goatladipo is a man of tricks, he steals and shoots #KeepOnSleeping #GoodRiddancePG13

  • wow these plays are legendery! good work making videos

  • 5th

  • hi mum

  • N0.0ne

  • go pacers

  • Man got hops

  • 1st