VICE | Official Trailer

Published on Oct 3, 2018
VICE explores the epic story about how a bureaucratic Washington insider quietly became the most powerful man in the world as Vice-President to George W. Bush, reshaping the country and the globe in ways that we still feel today.
Cast: Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Steve Carrell, Sam Rockwell, Jesse Plemons, Alison Pill, Lily Rabe, Tyler Perry, Justin Kirk, LisaGay Hamilton, Shea Whigham and Eddie Marsan.
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VICE | Official Trailer

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  • I was not able to recognize Amy either. I thought she was a lady from SNL.

  • This Darth Vader standalone film looks great.

  • Love the stye of the trailer with that song from the Killers in the background!

  • I've spent more time repeatedly watching the trailer than i would probably spend watching the whole movie. Release it

  • Chevy Chase looks great in this!

  • This is how you cut a trailer!!!!

  • So much Bullshit Christian Bale got credited I didnt see him in the trailer.

  • is that Bill Richardson freals?

  • The killers!!!!!! The movie looks amazing and I love the song they choose by the killers!

  • Paused the trailer at :22 seconds... Am I about to hear The Killers?

  • seen on joe rogan

  • transformation is insane

  • I saw this trailer in an IMAX theater. Cheney's breathing filled the theater.

  • This is a really good trailer. Really makes you want to watch the movie :D Also Christian Bale... wtf, man.

  • I’m actually interested in seeing this

  • excited for this one, i wish Bale would have also done Enzo ferrari's role

  • Everybody is talking about how amazing Christian Bale is, and rightfully so, but holy crap is Sam Rockwell perfectly channeling Bush Jr.

  • Holy shit.. an actual original movie?!

  • He looks like indian actor boman irani

  • Christian Bale could play both Dick Cheney and George Bush.

  • He better get another bloody Oscar for this

  • It would be pretty awesome if Will Ferrell played George W Bush just like the old SNL days.

  • Batman meets Justin Hammer.

  • Bale is such a talent. The preparation that must go into a role like this - the guy must have watched hours and hours of Cheney footage.

  • I demand a post-credits scene of Cheney going hunting. (Unless it’s actually in the film proper idi)

  • I'm here because of the comments section on "The Man" by The Killers.

  • The Prequel to War Dogs

  • Hot Damn 🔥

  • Christian Bale has gone from Batman to Fatman lol

  • *He even changed his Voice.Good God is there anything he can't do*

  • Cannot wait to see this.

  • "Of course the orders still stand, have ya heard anything to the contrary ". Anyone else eagerly awaiting that scene ? 👀

  • What's that beat from in the first like 20 seconds of the trailer?

  • Everybody is talking about how Bale is transformed but can we all just be grateful that our boy Cheney is getting a movie

  • Just when you think that Christian Bale is done with his limits, he pushes himself a step further, raises the bar and comes back big with yet another transformation. He's rightly termed as one of the greatest actors of this era.

  • i love the background music

  • This dude would make a good tripple agent

  • Omg that cast wooooooooow

  • Some of the best times I had as an American traveling through other countries was during the Bush/Cheney years.

  • The last movie I saw in the theatre was "Master and Commander" a number of years ago. However, this movie *just* might tempt me... it looks that good. I mean, sh&#, the TRAILER should win an Oscar...

  • A..Ma...zing!

  • This is a really feckin cool trailer

  • I can not wait.

  • 1:27 He looks like Alex Jones now

  • Another amazing movie coming up already marked my calender.

  • This looks like a wild ride!! Can't wait!!

  • Say what you want about Bale as a person, he is a dedicated actor

  • I thought it was Jeff Daniels playing Cheyney!!!

  • amy adams and christian bale reunited from 'american hustle'

  • Christian Bale could play Batman, Joker, penguin & Catwomen all in the same movie.

  • So many great movies are coming this Christmas my wallet is going to be dry (plus Christmas shopping)

  • “It’s good to be the King.” Mel Brooks History of the World Part 1

  • And best actor Oscar goes to...

  • Bruh, I deadass thought that that was Alex Jones and not Christian Bale.

  • what is the song from 00:15 to 00:30 ?? I cannot find it online

  • Does Anyone Know the Song?

  • The moment you realize Brad Pitt and Will Ferrell are producing this but neither are in it

  • American Psycho is still his best movie. Excuse me while I return some video tapes.

  • Looks great, would have never guessed that was Bale and Rockwell.... Two great actors.

  • I like his glasses. 😐

  • Oscar worthy film with the incredible cast they have!

  • EPIC trailer! Maybe the best since Social Network, or even There Will Be Blood


  • That eye movement in the last shot is awesome!

  • Christian Bale is alongside Gary Oldman, Daniel Day-Lewis, Sean Penn, Joaquin Phoenix, and Guy Pearce as the most chameleon-like actor of all time.

    • I agree with most of these, except Phoenix and Pearce. Don't get me wrong - both brilliant actors, but not chameleon- like. Their acting is top level, but they cannot change totally, to a the same degree as Bale, Day-Lewis and Oldman can.

  • Is Christian Bale character all makeup or did pack on weight?

  • Damn that’s some epic transformation we see here 👏👏👏👏

  • Fatman Begins

  • Jesus.. Christian bale . No fucking words.. Ths is next level shit

  • Song is The Man by The Killers

  • I hope Bale never gets the lead role in 'The Oscar Pistorious story'.

  • Why amy adam always take a small role (supporting role) when she has a star power to be a main protagonist

    • seleraSAMPAH loads of great actors tend to stick to supporting roles for whatever reason... Sam Rockwell for example

    • She recently took the lead role in both Arrival and Nocturnal Animals and was also recently the lead in one of the most critically acclaimed shows of all time Sharp Objects. She would have taken this supporting role because if it's by Adam McKay it's presumably well written and with the time jumping it should be a challenge for Adams as an actor. Also she's been given second billing to Christian Bale here. She could very well be the co-lead.

  • He shouls eat some Christian Kale

  • The dark knight was amazing not just because heath ledger, but because Christian bale was always a method actor that lost himself in his roles and is just always been amazing and physically, mentally, and even vocally transforming, I guess he just didn’t have the bad luck of losing his mind like ledger, but ledger was already styling ally of demons, problems and drug addictions while doing amazing acting

  • Pleasantly surprised to hear the Killers here!

  • "If you have power, people will always try to take it from you" "That won't happen" "Why?" "BECAUSE I'M BATMAN!"


  • Song?

  • house of cards: "who are you" vice: "i'm you, but stronger"

  • Bale and Rockwell.... oh my, oh my... Two great actors in one movie. I just can't wait! :)

  • Bale=young Gary Oldman. Another damn chameleon of an actor

  • Holy shit, they really mirrored the looks for all the characters! Not to mention, whoever edited this trailer deserves an award for drawing me into a movie I never thought I'd want to watch.

  • Wow, both Christian Bale & Sam Rockwell just disappear into their characters! Had to look hard and read the cast roll to guess who they were.

  • Dick Cheney is going to be the new batman..

  • Fatman

  • Question: at 1:34 is it the real dick cheney or Bale?

  • This looks like one big SNL skit

  • How long do you think that makeup takes for Bale? 6 hours?

  • He should get buff again so he can reprise his role as batman and then put on the pounds so he can play penguin in the same movie.

  • That was Christian Bale under all that... Wow!

  • it is clear from this song/music video (watch it if you didn't) that they are ridiculing "inflated" masculinity here. All the poses, the disguise - cowboy, etc., and the ending - it's a satire and the movie will also be smth like this. They used this song brilliantly. Vice will be a critique of the dark side of power and a satire. Something like Big Short. I can't wait.

  • So Christian Bale has now played Batman, and now the Penguin. Amazing.

  • Would've preferred David O. Russell directing

  • Damn Christian bale is the ultimate chameleon.... Well almost cause I picked it straight away but I love how he can look so drastically different in any role. Great makeup job too.

  • 0.17 to 0.25 can anyone plz tell me the name of the music guyz

  • From playing Batman to playing "The Penguin"...Christian Bale can do it all...

  • christian bale loses weight like i used to lose my pencils in childhood

  • He's getting that fucking Oscar for best actor!

  • Christian Bale is a phenomenal actor- the way he transforms himself for the role is unbelievable. Throw Amy Adams, Steve Carell, and Sam Rockwell into the mix and you've got an absolute ripper of a movie!

  • The Big Short: Prequel