Vete | LGBT Short Film

Published on May 10, 2018

Maite, a Latina lesbian, struggles with coming out to her mother.

Director's Note:
First of all, I want to thank everyone who supported and helped create this short film. This short film was a no budget film that was shot in a span of two days. I could have not done everything without the help of my crew, my family, and my friends who supported this project from the beginning. That being said, this is my first short film that tackles issues that are important to me. My goal as a filmmaker has always been to shed light on issues that are important and to give a platform to people that are often underrepresented in films. I am extremely happy with this film and I could have not ask for a better support system. Thank you and enjoy!


  • Ha own mama would rather ha b dead den widda women🤦🏾‍♀️so sad

  • i clicked on this movie and it was exactly 7:10 were i live lol

  • This was such a beautifully filmed short. It says a lot about the struggles millions of teens go through everyday. Honestly speaking, I'm from India and in my country forced marriages and terrible anti-gay therapy sessions are pretty common to "heal" gay people (honor killing and corrective rapes, though uncommon, happen at times too). People have different opinions on coming out and facing the society and the family. In my personal opinion, I think there's no formula of coming out. Everyone lives in a unique environment. You know your surroundings and your parents better than anyone else. So don't get emotional or motivated by someone else to come out when you feel it's still not the time. Take your time, get financially independent and then come out. If your family and friends accept you then it's cool, even if they don't, atleast you would be the one to shut the door on their face instead of being kicked out of your house or forced to torturous therapies or getting no financial support from your folks during your teen years.

    • I need a girlfriend from india please...I'm freedom

    • Not just India.

    • That's true... India evovled but still it's not enough I came out to my friends but my folks they won't understand it em financial dependent on them so I tell them later but in this between I feel lonely alot and watching all queer TV series and all it triggers my loneliness....still em hoping for good

    • +Chasingmydreams Lgbtq I'm from West Bengal. I would say it's one of the most progressive states regarding the LGBT+ community, still it gets hard to cope up with generalised homophobia at times.

  • now get a hair cut,,,;)

  • So, Mamma was less than amused. Well...children rarely become what their parents want, they have to find their own lives.

  • You know what, no matter how hurt you going through. But, when ever you with your love one. All the pain will gone like wind.

  • Beautiful film... beautiful ladies...loved it!

  • I rather her be dead then with another women. That is so fucked up. I rather her be dead then to be judgemental like that.😒

  • Excellent! Excellent acting and excellent filming, even though it is a very sad subject with parents not being accepting and truly loving their own child.

  • Good one

  • This is exceptional - more, please!

  • Strict religious parents are kinda tough

    • no longer providing a roof over their head and food. Like physically and verbally abusive kinda. Lol.

  • Very sad.....everyone deserves to love and be loved without any prejudice, established social norms...

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  • Great movie would love to see more.

  • Never say anything until you move out of your parents house!

    • if you parents really loves you than is gay or straight the same pity that my daughter not a lesbian now has she too much trouble with ashhole of a man they fight for the children sorry for my english

    • +Katherine Voegtlin Yes, I agree with the thought of that, and I really admire both the parents and the child they raised. Unfortunately, most parents are not excepting change when it comes to their children. I'm glad you and your parents and me and my parents (after a period of time) except us as we are, and may God keep blessing you 😊.

    • that’s not really fair to say. there are many accepting and loving parents, and would love their child regardless. people should come out when they feel comfortable. what i personally think is that you should wait until you’re financially stable and independent if you have to move out, but if you are 100% sure the people would be accepting then maybe it would be okay. it honestly depends.

    • +vika Kirk You are an amazing person. Always be true to yourself and knowing yourself. Stay strong, healthy, and beautifully blessed always. 💕

    • Well let's see I came out as lesbian a day after my 18th, and my parents just want the best for me and they were worried. When I was about to turn 21 I had been contemplating my gender for over a year. A few weeks before I turned 21 I came out to my parents as a trans man, my dad didnt speak to me for 3 days. I am on testosterone and becoming who I really am daily. I dont think anyone should hide who they are, you can always find help somewhere. With time hopefully family will accept you for who you are, because in reality you are still you and nothing will change that.

  • amazing amazing amazing! definitely touched my heart.

  • Buen video ✌😌