VAMPIRE HUNT! | Overwatch Custom Game

Published on Oct 25, 2017
The Vampire Hunt is on as Van Helsing McCree has to take down the two Vampire Brides to finally find and defeat Dracula in this Halloween themed Overwatch Custom Game!
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VAMPIRE HUNT! | Overwatch Custom Game


  • *Voted best Overwatch Soap Opera 2017* We actually just really enjoyed ourselves with this, it might be dumb but my gosh we had fun doing it!

  • This is like bad role play

  • Oh yeah yeah,this video is Nice!

  • so this is castlevania

  • One of my favorite overwatch and dream team vids 😂😂😂

  • Mei is bay

  • jashsjahuausjjshsujshshsh was a great person who has changed the password!

  • "I've got Onions~~~" FREAKIN A MAN XDDDD

  • Mei is a vampire

  • Top ten biggest plot twists in anime

  • I never noticed the Darksouls reference in this map or the fact that roadhog is breathing while laying there....huh

  • The immersion

  • Mei should have a Satan skin because she is a little slice of hell

  • The best response to, "What license you looking for is," would be, "I'm here for a license...a license to kill!" And then boom! Gunshots!

  • I hope this is goo my first vid

  • Top ten yaoi romances

  • I wanted to see the fight between the brides lol. Amazing video btw, I couldn't stop laughing xd

  • Make more evole

  • It should of been mercy instead of mei

  • I got a challenge for you you have to be genji and assinsin your target the genji must knife but the target has 3 bodygaurd the genji get 100 damage and health 500 the target gets 1000 health

  • Wierdest vampire movie ever 5 stars

  • Reaper x McCree fans are shitting themselves right now

  • MR FRUIT I HAVE A CHALLENGE FOR YOU start playing over watch again

  • MR FRUIT I HAVE A CHALLENGE FOR YOU start playing over watch again

  • boring

  • Fruit is no mere waifu he's best girl

  • Ultimate waifu

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  • Yasss daddy 😂

  • Mc Helsing with golden gun wow

  • Wtf just happened?

  • I love your vids

  • "It's like homer Simpson but in a Tim Burton movie" That part absolutely killed me XD

  • Mr fruit i have a challenge for you!! It is roadhogs hook party, you go in the map illios well (where there is the big hole in the center if the map) and there is all Roadhogs and no cool downs for hooks but no ultimate and no healing but also maximum health

  • 1st drac is gay

  • 420 COMMENT!!!!!! MLG

  • Why is Blue playing on Dork's account?

  • alert alert we have a gay vampire copy that we have a gay vampire

  • Do you think tracer is gay

  • The first isaw junkeinstein monster breath

  • Appreciate the editing here

  • I gave up on figuring out who’s who at 10:56

  • 8:37 sounds like Rick PIIIIIIICKLE RIIIIIIIIICK

  • Lmao enjoyed every bit of this! Loved drunk Dracula!

  • Maybe the true waifu is the husbandos we made along the way

  • 3 Spoopy 5 Me

  • Vampires aren't allergic to unions its GARLIC

  • The thingy in the middle is junkenstien's monster

  • Want the best strategy on 3v3 we call it satin strategy 1 mai 1 mercy 1 Lucio

  • This fell apart in Literally the best way possible xD I was laughing so hard! It was amazing to see how much you were all enjoying it too!

  • Mr Fruit! I got a challenge for ya! Oh Gawd. Tracer Delivery Service. 2 teams of 6 with Team 1 as 6 Tracers and Team 2 as 1 Roadhog and 5 other people who are not Mercy, Tracer or Pharah ('Cause Tracer changes & because Mercy & Pharah they can fly and it's impossible to catch them. You'll see why) Tracers have instant-ult and increased movement speed, cool downs are the decreased to 50%for more blinks while the Roadhog has Max health, no cool downs & increased movement speed. Play on a control map or zone off a big map 'cause this game is really meant for lots of rooms. The tracers are trying to do 2 things in this order: 1. They must find the hog and melee him while the hog is moving around the map, constantly moving and healing. He acts as a "post office" that the Tracers (the mailman) gets post (pulse bomb) from. 2. The Tracers must find the other five heroes, who also has max health, is constantly moving and who also has increased movement speed, and stick them with the bomb (for an easier version, just melee them if you want), hence delivering the mail to the recipients. (Now do you see why Pharah and Mercy are out?) The other team is trying NOT to get mail, and is trying to either run away from Tracer or stop her from getting mail a.k.a booping. NO KILLING THOUGH! (Hog is also running away from Tracers) However, there is an employee of the month award for the most mail delivered, and the Tracer who delivers the most wins! For extra fun, you can make it so that when the Roadhog uses ult (also increased ult charge), the Tracers has to completely throw away their mail and find Hog again. Please Like so Fruit sees this REALLY FUN game. I tried this with my friends and we had absolute HUGE amounts of fun at each other's poor aiming skills and the rage is really funny too! P.S Sombra is absolutely OP at running to hide so you might wanna disqualify her.

  • Well...that escalated quickly..😂😂

  • Mr. Fruit. I got a challenge for ya! HOOK BATTLE!!!

  • Christian VanFruitsing is on the hunt! Maybe he will find who stole the outro from this channel and took away all the Pokken videos but one! But what if he finds that himself did that atrocity? Will he be strong enough to handle all that weight and stand?

  • Omg this video was amazing. I love the echo affect and the amazing timeline!! This was one of my favorite fruit videos ever. Everyone had amazing lines omg.

  • This was actually amazing lol

  • scripted

  • "Just like the movie" 😂😂😂😂

  • Vampire hunt 2.0 five hunters one of them buffed vs 3 brides weakest to strongest and Dracula ultimate and abilities cool down set to 1 second with 50000 health one of the hunters is a werewolf Reinhardt

  • Did anyone else notice how dorkshadow was in the intro but not in the video?

  • Mr. Fruit, I have a challenge for you Oh, god Just a reminder to do it next time

  • Moar plz

  • Blue is like Rick from rick and morty

  • We gotta have more quality mr fruit vids like this

  • 5:31 garlic not onions

  • I would pay millions to see this Van Helsing movie XD

  • Hilarious

  • So immersive

  • Actually, if you read the manga you will find that Vampire hunter supreme and Waifu #1 where actually siblings who where good friends with Dracula who they met at a Yu-Gi-Oh convention and used to play Yu-Gi-Oh together every weekend. But then Waifu #1 and Dracula got into Hearthstone without telling vampire hunter supreme (Top 10 anime betrayals) and they developed a relationship but then they turned out to be third cousins so it was incest but they stuck with it because they still loved each other. So then vampire hunter supreme got pretty pissed off with them and conducted a plan to separate the two. He hired waifu #2 to seduce Dracula so he would leave waifu #1 not realising that he would be capable of sustaining 2 waifus. But it turned out Dracula could handle the mental and physical strain of 2 waifus with ease so vampire hunter called waifu #2 to tell her she no longer had to be with him but she said she had secretly fallen in love with Dracula's cleaning lady so she would be staying there anyway. So vampire hunter got even more mad and decided to hunt them all down. He succeeded but then it turned out that what he killed wasn't actually Dracula but a clone of him that would pass the curse of being edgy and not being able to reload over to whoever was closest by and available and the fighting continued. So where is Dracula you might ask. Well, it turned out he was a bastard son from his father and a crow, granting him the power to turn into a crow at will. Remember vampire hunter shot a crow right before fighting waifu #1? Well, that was actually Dracula who faked his own death and now he roams the streets of Germany free to get any waifu he likes. It actually makes sense if you read the lore.

  • 5:34 Onions and steaks? Sounds more like a cooking show then a soap opera.

  • What's with the weird viewing mode? You can't see health or anything :(

  • Man, it really SUCKS when you have to play as McCree in this game. Wrong channel for puns.

  • I made my discord username Mrfruitybutthole.

  • You had to ruin the gun.

  • I know how to pin your own comment watch Pinned:

  • Dracula sounds like rick from Rick and morty

  • So when’s next season?

  • If we wanna reference the movie a lil more you can try an updated version where Dracula has his three brides On the red team we have Draculas wolf servant 100 hp as hanzo in the wolf skin is the first opponent the easiest (and the first to die was ) Marishka (200 hp ) which could be vampire mei, icicles only, ult charge is a lil fast so your against the clock, kill her before she kills you Verona second (set her HP to 300) which is dragon sym (or vamp sym) turrets and orbs only or you can make her beam do less damage, And Aleera the last surviving bride with 400 HP as mercy in the devil skin, where its basically a showdown, mercy has her ult as soon as you guys see each other fight! Mercy presses her Q and you have the option of either killing her during her ult or wait around until her ult has finished, she is slowed down of course but her ult generation is pretty fast so she can get it fairly quickly again And dracula himself 500 HP, On the blue team We have van helsing You can either choose to be pure van helsing (300 HP) slight cool down on his kit a lil more faster than regular mcree Or Wolf vanhelsing (after the bite) with 200 HP and more damage on his shots since the only thing that could kill a vampire is a wolf so if you have great aim itd be pretty easy wins Ana valerious (widow in the huntress skin) as a helper she is priority in the movie so if she ends up dying you have to start over, she does less damage and should have the same speed as vanhelsing (SMG and melee only) carl, (as zenyatta) he refreshes your health after every boss but not during battle, cannot discord, cannot fight , is out of sight during battle If you or ana die during battle you must start over, You can tweak this as much as you like until the battles feels just right I feel like giving the character more health makes the battles more intense and longer,

  • hi mr fruit I play on console in gold but I challenged myself to play with 5 tanks 1 healer and I almost got to plat I want to see if you will try it

  • I’d watch this anime. So many plot twists 😂😂😂

  • Did anyone else get an ad for the Amazon Fire stick with MatPat in it?

  • Husbandoo 2: Electric Boogaloo

  • im you're van hellsing, and he's van hellsing.....then who's flying the plane?!

  • Wrath of Reinhardt! (use his halloween epic skin if you have it) 2x Damage and 2x Health against Omnics like zenyatta and bastion etc. that have normal stats Like so Mr.Fruit sees this

  • This is amazing!

  • This was truly a master piece the way the movie should've been

  • This is more confusing than Castlevania 0o

  • 5:45 Gives me conniptions.

  • I have idea for game do the uncontrolld hogs when there 1 junkrat with aomw buff vs roadhogs

  • Van Helsing family tree:

  • Those no HUD moments though cough* better than Mr.Fruits usual accuracy cough* Huh? Wha?I didn't say anything XD

  • One question why do all vanpires have 2 firei g modes

  • Fruit was a sleeper agent all along

  • 1:50 well the brides were supposed to entrance men and make them fall asleep. You can see it at work as fruit stops

  • polyamory not polygamy, unless you're married and religious then its polygamy. Basically polyamory is the atheist version of polygamy.

  • The voice edit was dope


  • You should try fan the hammer Mccree only lower roll, no flash, no primary, and unlimited ammo

  • if u sub to my channle i will and i hit 100 subs i will delete my d2 305 titan

  • Lol this was great