Unearthing a Prehistoric Turtle!

Published on Sep 21, 2018
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On this episode of Beyond Dinosaurs, Coyote and the crew head to Hill City, South Dakota, and team up with renowned paleontologist Peter Larson to explore the Badlands by hunting for fossils at a top-secret dig location! And amongst other fossils, the team even discovers a prehistoric turtle shell?!
Get ready to go on a fossil hunt adventure… and find out if Coyote unearths a PREHISTORIC TURTLE!

HUGE thanks to the Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, Peter Larson and his team, and Reiss Hozak! Make sure to visit the Black Hills Institute website for more information: www.bhigr.com
Archive footage/media Courtesy of Black Hills Institute.
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  • His narrating gets annoying...still a great video though

  • I have a pet turtle so umm...yeah?

  • I thought Peter was gonna bite Coyote at the end

  • There's a game called Badlands._.

  • I once found a goat skull and loads of bones 🦴

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  • Archestega

  • I would pay a fortune for that shell I would give up my soul I love dinosaurs I can probably name mor than 20 dinosaurs right off the bat I want so desperately want to be a paleontologist or a paleobotanist

    • And to prove it Stygimolach Utah raptor Ovirapter Micro raptor Velociraptor Archaeopteryx Parasairoliphes Pachysephelosourus T. rex Edmontisourus Mosasour Ankylosaur Edmontoia Brontosaurus Titana boa Titanosaur spinosaur Iritator Baryonix Allosaurus Albertosaurus And you can fact check me all those dinosaurs are real



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  • 9:08 so trippy

  • are those turtles real

  • if it is that visible and there is people surching often it would have already been found lmao

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  • I want to be fossil hunter too But i dont know how to be a fossil hunter😢

  • Does any one know any places like this because I would like to go with my family on a hoilday

  • Dinsors are not real

  • Don't get how people can dislike these videos

    • Many religious people don't believe Dinosaurs existed, or that the Earth is billions of years old.

  • Try to find a full t.rex

  • How do you know what its like to be roasted in an oven >~>

  • I love Coyote's enthusiasm

  • That is cool

  • Isn't it crazy to think of just all the species lets say of cats they have been alive throughout history since the dinosaurs. There's probably 1000 different kinds of big cats that have existed before.

  • Could this count for Dragontales too?

  • Like the name beyond dinosaurs

  • 6:30 is where they started

  • the smaller turtle is upside down

  • Coyote: keyword yet. Me: so your gonna dig up some dinosaur fossils soon?

  • Not gonna like the "wanna see my impression of a turtle" line got me xD

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  • Sad, it didn't tell us how to dig and excavate it, only faintly. :(

  • "Gently chipping away at the rock" *is smashing rock around turtle fossil with a pickaxe*

  • Why cant you go to the Niobara formation? theres tons of mosasaurs like Tylosaurus,sharks like Cretoxyrhina etc.

  • I think you may have forgotten 1 letter 'O' in "Palentologist."

  • 1:26 top secret digging location, uploading on yt 1.6 million views.

  • 9:08 flat earth confirmed lol

  • what’s blurred out at 3:19 and why?

  • Haha he said turtel and tortoise. It can only be one of them😂 i think its a tortoise by the way

  • oi its a torti

  • I use to want to be a paleontologist but I wanted to study real animals so I want to become a zoologist

  • Top secret digging location? Not anymore

  • ""gently removing the dust and fragments" *smashs intensive the gravel away*

  • wow "top secret" great job coyote

  • you spelt paleontologist wrong

  • I was hoping we would get to see the fossils all cleaned up at the end!

  • Are you able to travel to this site publicly?

  • *thats a rock* I'm Joking

  • Next video, walk on a beach FULL of jellyfish.

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  • You should go look for old shark teeth. You can find megalodon teeth which is old 5-10 million years.

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  • Probably prepped that location months before to make an episode. B.S.

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  • Coyote : uhh I think I could find it (tooth cat) Mark : uhh *ur not going to find it* yeah lets give a try (Ur not going to find it was wat I thought he might say)

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  • Million Year Hahaha???

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  • My favorite side-series ever!!!!

  • I love this channel but one of my pet peeves is using the term "prehistoric" in this context, it's meaningless. "Prehistoric" means the time before written records, so it varies from place to place and can be as little as 200 years ago or as old as 8,000 years ago. But it's a silly word to use to describe fossils from millions of years ago. All modern turtles living today date back to prehistoric times.

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  • I'm only eight and I know who what animals because of you and you are the best person in the world

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  • 9:05 The date on the turtle is my birthday, although almost four decades earlier.

  • not click bait but more on being a moron on looking for fossil that bird is not fossilized it look like died resently

  • Hi

  • I wish I had the money to go and do this stuff, always been an admirer of dinosaurs since I can remember. My life would be enlightened to be where coyote goes in these!

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